“I Don’t Like Children, I Don’t Want Kids” Let’s Solve That

“I Don’t Like Children, I Don’t Want Kids” Let’s Solve That: There are several reasons to not like children or don’t feel comfortable around them. However, these reasons do not make you an abuser, a monster, or a neglectful adult.

Look, everyone is unique. We are not the same. We have different personalities.

People struggle with all kinds of different things (like some people hate holidays) and that’s where Life Falcon comes in.

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So with that out of the way, we have divided this post into 2 portions, first, you need to understand why you don’t like/don’t want kids.

Children indeed are individuals with a range of different priorities, temperaments, preferences, and personalities.

If you can’t get along with the distinct behaviors of the kids, it is totally fine and acceptable.

It is a growing phenomenon, especially among young adults that they don’t like children.

If you label children universally as annoying, monstrous, and greedy; you are cruel, biased, and hateful.

However, there are certain reasons which make it incredibly challenging to get along with children.

In many ways, kids are fundamentally different than adults. It makes it a lot harder to interact with them for several cultural, emotional, and psychological reasons.

Why you think “I don’t like Children/I don’t want kids”?

Why Kids are Annoying?

Parental Responsibilities At a Young Age

When a child is thrown into parental responsibilities at a very young age, this may result in hating or at least not liking children.

For instance, taking care of young siblings is no way an easy job especially for a young child.

This may not end well as they will remind them of their parental negligence and the future childcare responsibility may feel hard and suffocating.

In the future, they may not like children because they would have met their lifetime limit of childcare.

Bad Experiences of Our Childhood

Often our own bad memories of childhood last longer than our expectations and they remain fresh in our mind.

Our own experiences of the past stop us from bringing up a child to the world.

We recall the neglected behaviors of our own parents that they exhibited towards us.

This traumatizing fear of our pasts leads to reluctance towards becoming a parent and further results in hating children.

Similarly, it is understandable and acceptable to back away when your relative handovers you a cooing baby.

Doubting One Own Ability As a Caregiver

Sometimes we doubt our caregiving abilities.

We feel that it is a huge responsibility to take proper care of newborn babies and fulfill whatever they need.

Likewise, our society is highly suspicious about the parental capabilities of all those who are not well-educated, wealthy, or privileged.

If you have been told all your life that you are not trusted to be responsible, kind, and caring, you may blench when finally you are given a chance.

Mental Disability or Disorder

If someone has an abusive history, mental disability, addiction, or a developmental disorder, they might fear that they would harm a child in their care.

This unknown fear stays in the back of their mind and ultimately they withdraw from producing a child.

Instead of becoming a parent and taking responsibility, they consider it too hard a job and prefer to stay childless.

They run away from getting married.

Children are Dependent

Growing of children is indeed a difficult task.

They need constant care and attention.

You have to look after them, you have to feed them, and you have to clan them.

You have to buy pack n play for them.

In their infancy, the mothers are bound to work with one hand as the other hand is occupied by the child.

At times it becomes very difficult to leave them alone because you just can’t trust them.

They will do what exactly you don’t want.

They have a natural tendency to do things that are annoying and awkward.

Besides, children create unwanted noise which could spoil your peace and sleep.

Children Are Messy

Frankly speaking, children just don’t like peace and order.

They don’t like a clean house or if you have one, they won’t leave it clean.

Similarly, they are unpredictable and you can expect the unexpected.

A lot of people cannot bear mess and they somehow develop a phobia from children too.

This is not a very healthy reason for banning children from life.

However, many people have this issue as well.

You Can’t Have Peaceful Conversations in the Presence of Children

In the presence of children, you cannot have peaceful and serious conversations.

They will create noise by hitting the ball into the wall, throwing keys to the floor, or create noise with their toys.

They will find everything you want to hide.

They love to crawl to every corner of the home.

This will not allow you to focus on the serious discussion, and in between, you have to run after them to stop them from something they are intending to do.

The funny part is that they know what is wrong and what annoys you.

They will smile at you and will continue the wrongdoings.

Children Are Annoying

Children are indeed annoying and will surely irritate you.

If you think you can’t be irritated, I guess you have not spent time with the children.

If you try to stop them from something, they will do it repeatedly.

If you don’t like something, it is guaranteed that they will discover it and would make it their favorite hobby.

Furthermore, they can sleep whenever they want, but when it comes to your sleep time, they will be up like nocturnal.

So, sleepless nights and irregular sleep routine is pretty much common with children.

Children Need Attention

Raising children demands a lot of hard work, dedication, and complete attention.

All the time you have to keep an eye on them.

They need consistent supervision, guidance, and care.

You just can’t leave them alone even for a few minutes, otherwise, they would have colored your room’s bedsheet with absurd paintings.

Similarly, if you are engaged in a serious discussion on the phone, you can’t rule out that they will try to grab your phone.

Children Spoil Your Trip’s Fun

New parents often struggle to have a joyful trip with their kids.

Children require constant care and you find little time to enjoy the beauty of the place you are visiting.

Children are energetic, they always find some sort of activity which is often annoying and disturbing.

They always need something, whether they will demand something that is not possible at that very moment.

If you didn’t fulfill their demand, they insist and cry, again which is irritating.

Dressing them, and changing their diapers leaves little time for their parents especially mothers to enjoy themselves.

How to Overcome this “Disliking” for Children?

How to overcome disliking kids?

Many often find it difficult to understand or get along with children.

Many individuals are naturally good to get along with children.

Contrastingly, others feel uncomfortable around children.

At times, understanding your own children could be challenging especially when they are passing through a complex developmental stage like puberty.

Getting along with children demands patience, care, dedication, and understanding the challenges they are facing.

Below are some of the useful tips that can actually help you to stop hating children.

Understanding the Child’s Perspective

It is difficult to understand children as they have unusual preferences and priorities, but nonetheless, they are humans.

They are in a constant struggle of learning new things and understanding the ways of life.

Instead of thinking them as a mere annoyance, try to spend time with them and be sympathetic.

This will help you to understand their perspective.

Show Some Flexibility

Children may sound irrational and illogical.

But here you have to be rational. Think rationally.

They love to live from moment to moment instead of following strict preplanned routines and schedules, they are spontaneous and unpredictable.

If you expect that children all the time will behave rationally, this might lead to disappointment and frustration. Instead of forcing and convincing them to follow a rigid routine, try to do something different.

For instance, take them to the nearby park or just simply play with them in their familiar environment.

Children are often keen to follow unstructured activities.

Indulge in Conversations with them

This is not a bad idea to involve in a conversation with children especially if you are not experienced to deal with them.

Try to leave your wit, rigidity, and seriousness behind, and come down to their level.

You shouldn’t worry whether they understand your discussion or not because children are not hesitant to ask for clarifications.

This will help you to understand the interests of the children.

Be Ready for their Disgusting Behavior

Most of the times adults expect that children will behave like mature individuals, however, that’s not always the case. Drooling, nose-picking, burping, and other similar hard to watch behaviors are their normal routine.

After all, it is an essential developmental stage of the children.

Besides, think of your own childhood, it is something common with children and perhaps we displayed even more disgusting behaviors in our childhood.

How to Prepare Yourself for Parenthood?

Everyone agrees that no one can perfectly prepare themselves for parenthood, however, several ways can help you to be a good parent.

If you want a smooth transition to happy parents, we recommend you to practice the following steps that will make it a lot easier for you to cope with the coming challenges effectively.

Think of Becoming Foster Parents

This may sound pathetic but actually is not as bad. Several foster parenting programs help you to prepare for parenthood both mentally and practically.

Before giving birth to a child, you will have a great idea that how it feels to be a parent and how to manage children.

This program offers financial assistance to the foster parents, as a result, everyone benefits.

You will get a priceless experience while the child care system burden will be slightly lightened.

This will enable you to make a more informed decision about your own kids. Besides, you will realize some amazing traits of your personality that were never displayed before.

Manage Your Expectations

Mental preparedness is one vital aspect of parenting preparation.

You will have to expect that early months or even a year would require a lot of patience and hard work to raise the child.

You might be overwhelmed by the idea of being a parent but it is recommended to lower your expectations as the path will not be a rosy one.

There will be many emotional, mental, and physical challenges in this process.

The arrival of a baby changes everything and your life will not be the same.

In this process, you may have sleepless nights and busy days. Therefore, it is critical to know the challenges and mentally adjust yourself accordingly.

Make Yourself Emotionally Strong

Parenting might not be as easy as you think- ask someone who has children. Parenthood is a long journey filled with many pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

At times it will be fun, other times it may be filled with sorrows and hard times. In all this process, you will observe a new version of yourself that you have never experienced before.

You have to make yourself emotionally so strong that you can cope with any possible situation effectively.

For the first few months, you will experience some of the hardest times in your life.

In this journey, there will be unexpected happenings for which you should be ready.

You might experience restless hard nights.

Therefore, it is extremely important to train your mind that everything can happen in this process and you are emotionally strong that you can tackle the situation in the best possible way.

Financial Stability

One of the most important steps in preparing for parenthood is your financial stability.

As we all know that parenthood is expensive. So to stay away from any kind of inconvenience in the future, you need to calculate the expenditure well before the child is born.

Everyone desires that their kids get the best treatment and best education and that needs money.

In this long process of parenthood, you will need to spend a huge chunk of money for quite some time. It is better to make the arrangements before the arrival of the child.

After all, it is not easy to save money when you are a parent.

Quit Bad Habits & Focus on Your Health

It may sound like a piece of generic advice but you might have no idea how helpful this is in the parenting preparation.

If you are thinking to quit smoking and binge drinking for quite some time, this is the best time and opportunity to materialize your ideas.

Apart from that, it is also vital to lose weight and get in shape as when you become a parent, you will have little time for self-care.

Besides, it is in the best interest of you as well as your new baby that you have a strong temperament and health.

At the end of the day, healthy you will be in a better position to fulfill the requirements of the newly arrived child.

If you are mentally and physically healthy, this will have the following advantages.

  • You will experience an easier birth and the kids will be healthy.
  • You will be in a better position to cope with sleepless nights.
  • Children follow the footsteps of their parents. If you develop good habits, your kids will mimic them.
  • Your kids will be physically and mentally healthy.


Look “I don’t like children” is totally different from “I don’t want kids”. And we hear ya.

There are several valid reasons to not like children.

First of all, they are not mature enough and are not compatible with adults.

They are highly energetic and always seek to utilize their energy, if you don’t utilize their energy properly, they will turn the home upside down in no time.

They have different personalities, they have unusual preferences, they often sound irrational, they are messy, and they disturb the peace of the house.

They do not understand the fragility and seriousness of the situation and they create noise.

Their demands are often unique and insist until they are fulfilled.

These are some of the valid reasons which make them unlikeable.

And maybe you also have a lone wolf personality.

Despite all these reasons, there are multiple reasons to love kids.

Children are cute, adorable, innocent, and honest.

They give a sense of fulfillment and you forget the sorrows of your life when you join their company. If you are planning to become a parent, there are several tips that can help you in the preparation of parenthood.

You should consider foster parenthood, lower your expectations, and make yourself emotionally strong.

There will be hard times in your journey you need to be strong enough to tackle the situations effectively.

You should also be financially stable to fulfill the requirements of children.

This will enable you to become a happy parent and your children will be a reason for happiness and fulfillment for you.

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