8 Type C Personality Traits | Are you One?

Knowing your personality type can help you tackle weaknesses associated with your personality type hence it is always good to do a self-assessment of your personality. If you are a Type C personality, you are acutely interesting and thoughtful.

We have all taken personality quizzes at some point in our lives. They pop up on our Facebook newsfeeds with references to TV shows, movies, books, etc. but they always keep you wondering if you have a type c personality, or a lone wolf personality or even a reserved personality.

Humans are eager to understand and identify their personalities.

Categorizing people through their personalities can provide a better understanding of their relationships with people.

You are not alone if you find it fun to learn about your traits.

This interest is not only limited to psychology students.

Broadly, there are 4 main types of personality we are aware of; Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D.

A B C D Personalities

Humans have borrowed personality traits from all four of these to shape their own personality.

People who claim to be Type A personality are the ones who want to stay in control whereas people who claim to be Type B personality are less competitive and calm.

Types D on the other hand are distressed.

You are probably now trying to figure out the personality traits and characteristics of Type C Personality. Right?

People with Type C personality have difficulties in talking about their emotions and they face difficulties in being expressive.

There is also a higher chance that people who are introverts are Type-C personalities. They are consistent with their work and extremely hard-working. C-personalities are devoted to their goals.

C-personalities are suppressive when it comes to emotions and thoughts however there is no doubt when it is said that Type C personalities are acutely thoughtful as well.

It seems like these two traits clash, but they do not. They are thoughtful and consistent, yet they do not express those thoughts like an extrovert would do.

Type C personalities also tend to have a great focus. They can sit to think and work for hours if the ambiance is comfortable and intrusive. This proves that Type C personalities are introverts and inclusive.

Moreover, Type C personalities cannot think and concentrate while sitting between crowds of people. Since they are introverts, their thinking ability will only work when they are alone in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Type C personalities also prefer working in controlled environments. Their personality traits resemble those of Monica in FRIENDS – no jokes.

This article is a compilation of facts and characteristics of a Type C personality along with some examples and comparisons between Type C and the other three personality types.

How to confirm if you are a Type C personality?

How to confirm if you are a Type C personality

Now almost every introvert or a thoughtful person reading this article is trying to figure out if they are Type C personality or not.

It makes sense because personalities are complex, and trying to figure your personality type can be tricky.

Below mentioned are a few points and traits that a Type C personality definitely has.

If you resonate with all of most of them, you can classify yourself as a Type C personality.

  1. If you lose self-control when you are stressed or upset.
  2. If you get an impulse of controlling the environment and people around you.
  3. If you work really hard to get perfection when it comes to working.
  4. Can you call yourself a perfectionist?
  5. Do you prefer working alone in your comfort zone rather than working around people in crowds?
  6. Do you go overboard with helping and making things easier for others even when it is compromising on your own peace?
  7. If you work really hard and strive for a peaceful environment and atmosphere with an optimistic vibe.
  8. Do you tend to struggle more than required to ensure that relationships and people stay intact with each other?
  9. Are you on good terms with everyone but you still prefer staying in alone in your comfort zone?
  10. Do you get a lot of interesting and creative thoughts and ideas, yet you find it difficult to express them out?

Identifying your personality as Type C is beyond these 10 statements, but they broadly help an individual clear quite a few thoughts regarding their personality.

However, if you can resonate with most or all of these statements accurately, there is a high chance that you are a Type C personality.

Positive traits of a person with a Type C personality:

Positive traits of a person with a Type C personality

Like any other personality and behavior, Type C personality has certain positive and negative traits.

Below mentioned are a few positive traits a Type C personality might have:

  1. They are perfectionists:

This might be considered a negative trait by a few, but if we think logically, this is a positive trait in a number of ways.

If an individual does their work with perfection and with the intention of making it flawless, their work will stand out and that will also boost their self-esteem.

Their desire to do better in life will aid them in achieving success and reaching their desired destinations.

Being a perfectionist also means that they will be solely dedicated to what they do. This means they will stay firm and strive for their goals until the end.

  1. They are organized:

Type C personalities tend to be pre-planners and are super organized when it comes to their lives. This is similar to what an OCD patient does apart from the fact that OCD is way too extreme.

Type C personalities are prepared beforehand for any circumstance to arise. It is already claimed that they are thoughtful and this point backs up that claim.

This is also linked to the fact that Type C personalities are perfectionists. In order to gain success in life, an individual needs to be preplanned and prepared for any unwanted circumstance that can arise.

People who are Type C personalities are prone to analyze everything. They assess situations with their benefits and cons. They also tend to plan future plans to stay organized and on-track.

  1. They empathize more:

People who are Type C personalities also have an increased ability to empathize and sympathize.

They tend to care about the emotions and feelings of other individuals more than usual because of this ability to empathize.

Another trait that makes it clear if you are a Type C personality or not is if you tend to care about others to an extent that your emotional or physical wellbeing is harmed.

Hence Type C personalities naturally have the instinct to be a peacemaker and to mend relationships and ties.

This trait is a clear indication of an optimistic personality and this ultimately contributes to healthy mental wellbeing. However, it should be noted that anything done in excess is toxic.

  1. The impulse for harmony:

It is not an overstatement when it is said that Type C personalities are peacemakers. They have an internal urge to make everything around them peaceful.

This is a positive trait for many reasons. The foremost is that this encourages a positive mindset which is considered to be healthy for an individual’s mental health.

Moreover, this will also boost their self-esteem since doing well for others is an automatic boost of self-esteem.

Hence if you are a Type C personality and you like fixing everything that is wrong, you are playing your role to have a positive and healthy environment.

Negative traits of a person with a Type C personality:

Negative traits of a person with a Type C personality

We all carry some negative traits; these are a part of our personalities. Similarly, Type C personalities have a few negative traits as well.

Below mentioned are a couple of negative traits a Type C personality might have:

  1. They do not prioritize themselves:

Type C personalities are so indulged in striving for harmony that they start letting themselves down.

Buddha once said,

“Everything excess in life is poison.”

 We all agree with this quote in some point of our life.

This is the case for Type C personalities as well since they are so busy striving for harmony and peace that they forget to prioritize themselves.

It is appreciated that they want others to think good of them, but in this process, they forget to speak for themselves.

They do not speak about their needs and wants and tend to cooperate more than it is required.

  1. They are perfectionists:

You must be thinking that you read this trait in the positive section as well, that is because this personality trait has two sides to it.

Being a perfectionist is good, but at the same time, it can also be toxic and reduce self-esteem and confidence.

Type C personalities are perfectionists, but logically speaking, attaining perfectionism in every aspect and situation of life is very difficult.

We are humans and we have flaws.

When a Type C personality fails to attain perfectionism in something, their self-esteem and confidence decreases because of their high expectations and goals.

Moreover, Type C personalities tend to spend too much time on perfecting things. In this process of perfection, they miss significant opportunities and events.

  1. They face difficulties in expressing their emotions:

One of the biggest negative traits of Type C personalities is that they are emotionally repressive.

They face trouble when it comes to being expressive about anything; their emotions, feelings, needs, requirements, etc.

This can create problems in multiple ways. Firstly, piling up feelings and emotions inside their heads can be toxic for their mental health as it leads to frustration and anger.

Secondly, when individuals suppress their needs and requirements, they miss out on opportunities.

This trait is linked with the one that claims Type C personalities to be selfless.

Moreover, lack of emotional expression can also be harmful to relationships since this leads to unsaid conversations which can be the starting point of problems to arise in the future.

  1. They can be slightly negative:

It should be noted that I have mentioned “slightly” in the heading.

This is because Type C personalities are mostly positive yet a few factors can bring about an element of negativity and pessimism.

Since Type C personalities tend to preplan and over-think unlikely situations, it can create an element of negativity in their lives.

This is because constantly thinking and planning about an unpleasant situation that hasn’t even happened can mold our thought processes towards pessimism.

It is great to be preplanned for such situations however, over-thinking and over-analyzing them can be extremely toxic for an individual’s mental and physical well-being.

Comparison of Type C personalities with the other three:

Type C personality Comparison

An individual’s personality is usually a mixture of the four types of personalities; Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D.

They are also known as the director, social bee, thinker, and supporter.

Type C personality has some things similar to a Type A personality.

Such as Type C and Type A both are determined and dedicated to their work and goals.

There are differences between the details, however broadly the dedication and determination are seen as similar.

Type C personalities are very detailed oriented, and they do not let emotions come in their way.

They are interested in objectivity and logic, and this cannot be attained if a person is emotionally expressive.

Type b personalities are receptive to emotions of all sorts and are generally calmer and easy-going.

Unlike Type C personalities, they have a better emotional balance.

This contributes to better mental health as well since Type C personalities are more likely to pile up emotions in their head which can lead to mental health problems.

Type C personalities and their physical health:

Type C Personality health

Almost every physical disease has a couple of psychological factors contributing to it in som

e way or another.

It is said that the Type C personality has a direct and indirect effect on the development of Cancer in an individual. People diagnosed with cancer often show personality traits of a Type C personality.

It is still researched if Type C personality is more cancer-prone than the rest. There is still no direct link between having cancer and Type C personality however some characteristics of a Type C personality can indirectly be the reason for the development of cancer in some cases.

Moreover, people with Type C personality usually have a low-immunity because they are emotionally suppressive.

Low-immunity itself can be a root problem for many other diseases and their development.

Type C personalities and their mental health:

Type C personality mental health

Type C personalities face issues while managing their stress and emotions.

This can adversely affect their mental health since they have emotional imbalances.

When people do not let out their emotions, they start piling up in there had which can be a reason for depression.

Releasing emotions and having a healthy emotional balance is necessary for the mental well-being of an individual.

Not being able to talk about emotions and feelings can also contribute to a build-up of frustration and certain mood disorders.

This can adversely affect a person’s everyday functioning and behavior.

Frustration and mood disorders can also be the reason for hopelessness and despair. The inability of expressing yourself can often destruct relationships which cause a feeling of despair and depression in people.

Moreover, over-analyzing and over-thinking is not good for mental health.

Type C personalities tend to over-analyze situations which in return affect their mental health negatively.

Career options for Type C personalities:

Career options for Type C personalities

Type C personalities have certain characteristics that make normal functioning difficult. This creates problems for them in terms of career options and jobs.

Overall, they need to look for jobs for people with anxiety.

Below mentioned are a few jobs and career options for Type C personalities. These jobs will hopefully not be a trigger for their weaknesses.

Type C personalities are blessed with a natural tendency of being detail-oriented and thoughtful.

There are quite a few jobs which can benefit them because of their inbuilt feature of thinking.

They include job opportunities like being a writer, researcher, lawyer, and teachers.

These jobs require skills that are found in a Type C personality.

Type C personalities are driven by logic, objectivity, and facts. They do not let emotions come in their way hence they can make use out of this in a career. This point can benefit a lawyer since the legal system requires objectivity and facts.

They can also become a writer since they are already blessed with the ability to over-analyze and think!

Becoming a writer can be a cherry on top since they can work in their comfort zone without becoming a part of crowds.


There is no doubt that personalities play a huge role in determining our life. This is proven by several aspects and situations.

However, personalities alone cannot be blamed for the functioning of our life. There are several other factors that affect our functioning as well.

Type C personalities, like any other personality, have characteristics that are negative as well as positive.  We are doing well as long as we are not letting our negative traits become obstacles on our way to success and happiness.

Moreover, we can regulate our mental well-being even if we are a Type C personality.

All that is required from us is lots of dedication and a strong-willed spirit.

Type C personalities are surely interesting in a number of ways. They are all about facts and logic, yet they are creative at the same time.

Type C personalities also pour their soul into something they have started working on.

For this reason, they are called perfectionists. Being a perfectionist has its pros and cons however, broadly speaking this shows our dedication and determination towards something.

There are multiple Psychological online personality tests available on the internet you can take those to inquire more about your personality type.