Reasons Why a Virgo Man Is Pulling Away from You

What has happened to your Virgo man, why is he acting so cold? If nothing unusual happened and suddenly your Virgo man has started to pull away from you then obviously there would be a genuine reason behind this behavior.

If you are not sure about what happened then let’s figure it out, together.

From the possibility that he has lost interest in you, thinks you are insincere with him, or have made him uncomfortable at an instance, to him wanting to take a breath away from the responsibility and commitment that comes with a relationship- there are various reasons why a Virgo man may start pulling away from you.

Reasons Behind This Behavior of a Virgo Man

There are various reasons behind this behavior and it all depends on the personality and signs shown by your man.

Does He Still Like You?

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Sadly, the most expected reason why Virgo man pulling away is that he has lost interest in you.

At the beginning of the relationship, he might have found you attractive though with time he has spotted someone else and you are no more appealing to him.

Or you may have done something which he did not like so due to this he lost interest in you.

If he stills love you then he will take care of your feelings and will always remember the things which you mentioned in front of him.

If you do not find these traits in your Virgo man then he might don’t love you and is no more interested in you.

You Are Expecting More Than The Limits

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Another reason can be that you are asking too much from your Virgo man.

You want him to do this, you want him to do that and he might not be comfortable in fulfilling all your demands.

Those demands might seem normal to you but they are unreal for your Virgo man.

If you demand too many gifts from your Virgo man or you demand things that he cannot afford then he will surely go away from you.

And if you expect him to leave his friends and family, for you then also he will want to break up with you.

When you expect too much from him, he will start pulling away from you.

Don’t Disturb His Work

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If you waste too much time of your Virgo man, it can also be a reason, why your Virgo man is pulling away.

Virgo men are very honest and dedicated towards their work and they do not want any distractions doing it.

No matter, if your Virgo man is a job holder or is running his own business, he will always want to concentrate on his work and anything trying to stop him will be removed from his life.

Due to you, if your Virgo man is not able to concentrate or complete his work then he will try to push you away from him.

Let your man do his work and do not disturb him while he is doing his office work, to have a loving relationship.

Virgo Man Is Overwhelmed

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There are many reasons behind why a Virgo man is pulling away that might not be noticeable to you.

Your Virgo man might be feeling overwhelmed.

You might be the reason behind this feeling or because of any other thing but this feeling will cause him to slowly push you away from him.

If he overlooks you and spends most of the time in loneliness while ignoring all his family members and his friends then chances are that he is feeling overwhelmed.

Give him some time to recover from this feeling, to continue with your relationship.

He is Displeased with You

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Virgo men are polite people, at times they do not reveal their anger or dissatisfaction.

Your Virgo man can be displeased with you.

You may have done something that was disliked by your Virgo man and as a result, he is unhappy with you.

Have you ignored, calls and messages of your Virgo man? If yes then this should be the reason, why your Virgo man is displeased with you.

If you haven’t done something which has led to his anger then It might be something else that is bothering your Virgo man.

Talk to your Virgo and apologize for what your mistake was, to carry on with your loving relationship.

He Needs Some Time

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Virgo men tend to be a bit of a sensitive person.

They are a bit of quiet, reserved and thoughtful individuals which means that they do not like to participate in a lot of social activities, they are a kind of introvert.

After a long relationship some men get bored and dull, they want a break to overcome this situation.

The reason your Virgo man is ignoring you is that he wants some time to get recharged.

According to psychologists introvert need some alone time to get normal after a long social period.

Leave your Virgo men alone for his peace of mind.

He is Worried About Something Else

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If your Virgo man is pushing you away, it does not always mean that he wants to end up the relationship.

Virgo man can be ignoring you because he is worried about something else.

Some other tension is bothering him and he is unable to interact with you.

Maybe, he has a lot of burden of work to do, he is short of money or has some debt to pay back.

So, talk to him and clear up all the things to make sure, what is the actual reason.

Your Virgo Man Is Uncomfortable with You

Have you ever noticed that you are making your Virgo man uncomfortable? Maybe through your words or actions, you are making your Virgo man uncomfortable with you.

You do things which your man doesn’t like such as interacting or talking to other men in front of him.

You make fun of him in front of others, disrespectfully talk to him or you become too much shy in front of him, these things can make him uncomfortable.

Your words or actions can hurt the feelings of your man, as a result, he avoids you and tries to stay away from you.

You Don’t Fit with Him

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It is a heart-breaking thing but, in many cases, the Virgo men do not click with some women.

You are no more attractive to him or there is something in you which he does not like.

Sometimes, at the start of a relationship couples like each other but as time passes, they find out that they have too many differences so the relationship ends up.

If you both have completely different choices, for example, you are vegetarian and he likes non-veg then your relationship will become weak and will end up soon.

If this is the case then it is better to let him go off and don’t try to stick with him forcedly cause one day it will end up by separation.

Maybe Your Virgo Man Has Found Someone Else

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Virgo men are very loyal and they do not tend to cheat anyone but sometimes some of them can cheat.

At the start of the relationship, he might have been loyal to you but later he found some else women, which he thinks is better than you.

He will also find another lady if you are not loyal to him or are not giving proper time and attention towards your Virgo man.

Some Virgo men aren’t loyal from day one and whenever they found someone else, they start pushing their lady, away.

He Thinks You Are Cheating On Him

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Mostly, Virgo men hate insincere people.

If you lie to your man or are not honest in your relationship, eventually when he will sense this, he will start to pull away.

Small lies can also have big consequences so never lie to your Virgo man.

If you do not pick his calls and answer his messages for a long time, he will consider you as a dishonest woman.

To avoid this always be honest with your Virgo man and yourself as well.

You Are Controlling

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Virgo man does not like it when someone gets too much control over him.

If you keep an eye on your man, interfere in his every matter and do not care about his privacy and feelings then your Virgo man will, unfortunately, push you away.

They become stressed and depressed with this type of people because they need some free space.

Virgo men love to spend time with people who know how to keep balance in a relationship and how to let him be free.

Always make sure that you are not hurting the privacy of your man. Never doubt him and try to have trust in him, to have a strong bonding with each other.

Do You Gossip A Lot?

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Virgo men do not like to gossip too much.

They always try to stay away from those who gossip more than a limit.

So, if you gossip too much about the people around him, he might start to overlook you and want to stay away from you.

Are you too much talkative? If yes, then also your man can get suppressed and will start pushing you away.

His Goals Are Different

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The foundation of a strong relationship is a common goal.

You both should have the same goals, comparatively or at least you should have respect for each other’s dreams and goals.

If you have a dream to settle in America while your Virgo man wants to stay in the same place, where he is living then your relationship can not move further and will end soon.

If you and your Virgo man do not have a common goal then your relationship might not last long.

Is He Confused?

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It is a chance that your Virgo man is confused and is thinking about other aspects of life.

He might also be confused, whether to move on with this relationship or to quit it, right here. Never force him to make a decision, which he does not agrees upon.

Your Virgo man might be confused that whether he will be able to adjust with you in the future or not.

Due to his confusion, he pulls away so he can put back all his thoughts together and refresh his minds.

He Thinks You Are Playing with His Feelings

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Don’t play around with a Virgo man.

If your Virgo man feels that you are not serious and are playing with his feelings, he will try to pull away from you, as soon as possible.

If you are not interested in your man or you have another boyfriend, as well. When your Virgo man will know this, he will immediately break this relationship.

Love is not a game for anyone. If you treat him honestly, he will surely love you in return.

You Have Become Serious Too Early

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It might be unnatural to hear this that some Virgo men start pulling away because they get depressed and worried when a woman gets too serious too early in a relationship.

Maybe because they need some more time or they are not prepared.

Virgo men take things slowly, they want to get serious or married but not too early.

Spend some time with your Virgo man and let you both decide whether to carry on with this connection or not.

He Is Double Minded

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Like Pisces and Scorpio, Virgo men can be good dreamers.

They tend to plan their future too early. A Virgo man might commit with you and plan everything of his future with you.

But he can also change all his plans if he notices that you are not a perfect choice for him and you won’t meld with him over the future so he starts to pull back from you.

Try to spend more time with your Virgo man and develop a better understanding of each other for a long-term relationship.

General Fears

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Virgo men are really sensitive in the terms of a relationship.

If previously they had been loving someone sincerely and she cheated on them, then probably they will have a lot of trust issues.

There are a lot of effects of their previous relationship on your bonding.

Virgo man will always think, somewhere in their mind that you will cheat them as they were cheated earlier.

If you love him honestly and let him feel that you are always there for him then surely, he will attach with you and you both will develop a healthy relationship.


If your Virgo man pulls away, it does not mean that he doesn’t love you, there are other reasons as well that include; he might need some space, he is not given equal respect from your side, he is depressed due to any other reason.

  • He will criticize you.
  • He acts unemotional towards you.
  • He starts saying nasty things to you.
  • He is distant when he is with you.
  • He becomes controlling and wants more independence.

Hopefully, these reasons will help you towards building a strong relationship.

Always try to sort things out by initiating conversations with your partner as it is the only way to have a good understanding of each other.

Every relationship is based on love.

Show love and affection towards your partner and never break a relationship just because of minute misunderstandings.