Reasons Why a Virgo Man Is Pulling Away from You

Reasons Why a Virgo Man Is Pulling Away from You: If nothing unusual happened and suddenly he has started to pull away from you, then following things can really help explain. And it does not mean that he doesn’t love you (mostly), there are other reasons as well.

As a Virgo, he might just need some space, he is not given equal respect from your side, or he is depressed due to any other reason. And when he starts pulling away he:

  • will criticize you.
  • acts unemotional towards you.
  • starts saying nasty things to you.
  • is distant when he is with you.
  • becomes controlling and wants more independence.

Always try to sort things out by initiating conversations with your partner as it is the only way to have a good understanding of each other. Every relationship is based on love.

Let’s figure this out.

Things aren’t as exciting as they were:

Sadly, the most expected reason why this zodiac sign is moving away, is simply that he has lost interest in you.

Guy comfortable looking at you

At the beginning of the relationship, every thing is new and they are excited and this leads them to be more attractive towards the other person in the relationship.

But with time they start losing that excitement in most of the cases.

But if you feel you may have done something wrong and they found out. Then it depends on the gravity of the situation.

But know that, if he stills love you, then he will take care of your feelings and will always remember the things which you mentioned in front of him.

You Are Expecting More:

Another reason can be that you are simply asking too much from him.

Ask Someone Who You Do Know

Virgos feel very pressured when they are continuously told “You should do this, do that, be this way, do it like this….”.

They are very comfortable in fulfilling other people demands.

And these may seem normal to the other person in the relationship but to Virgo men, its as if they can’t breath.

They don’t like it at all when other emphasis too much control over them.

If one keep an eye on them in every single turn they would feel like their privacy is being invaded.

They are just worried/Tensed:

Maybe its all for nothing and it’s simply something bothering him. (Again conversation is the key here). There can be anything bothering him and he’s unable to interact with you. Maybe, he has a lot of burden of work to do, he is short of money or has some debt to pay back.

So, talk to him and clear up all the things to make sure, what is the actual reason.

Virgos are very hard working. And if they have to meet a deadline, they would seem to be pulling away.

Personality aspects of an ESTP

If you feel this is the case, its best to give him some time and let him know that you are there for you.

No matter, if he is a job holder or is running his own business, he will always want to concentrate on his work and they feel like something is holding them back, they won’t hang on to that anymore.

Its something you did:

These men don’t like being too social and that’s why they hate gossiping. They don’t like when other cling on them. These perfectionists also hate it when they feel ignored.

So, its best to understand his likes and dislikes, so you can realize if you have done something that would have caused all this.

Things You Should Never Tell a Man

Start with as small as “Have you ignored, calls and messages?”

And if you think of something, confront him about it face to face.

But if you haven’t done anything and he just seems angry, then he thinks, you will not understand his problems.

He Is Double Minded

Like Pisces and Scorpios, Virgo men are also day dreamers.

They tend to plan their future way too early.

So he might commit to you and plan everything before hand. And then later on feel worried about fulfilling his commitments.

Let him understand that you guys don’t have to pin on anything. And just relax.

They are simply scared of getting hurt:

Virgo men are really sensitive in the terms of a relationship.

Luggage smells

If previously they had been loving someone sincerely and she cheated on them, then probably they will have a lot of trust issues.

Their previous relationship always impact their current ones.

He will always think somewhere deep down, there is still a possibility that they can get hurt again.

Let them know that it isn’t the case, and see what action of yours triggered it in the first place.

He Just Needs Some Time:

Understand that the Virgo men are sensitive.

Khaki pants

They are a bit of quiet, reserved and thoughtful individuals which means that they do not like to participate in a lot of social activities, they are a kind of introvert.

These men tend to get bored and dull, and they think overcoming that feeling is by just moving away.

And the best solution here is time. That’s because most of the time these zodiacs simply need to get recharged.

According to psychologists Virgo (mostly introverts) need some alone time to get normal after a long social period.

So if you feel like that’s the case, its best to let him take his time.

Maybe You Don’t Fit with Him

It is a heart-breaking thing but understand that the Virgo men do not click with all women.

ISFP- The Adventurer Personality Traits

You are no more attractive to him or there is something in you which he does not like. But that does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. “It’s him, it’s not you, really!”.

Sometimes, at the start of a relationship couples like each other but as time passes, they find out that they have too many differences so the relationship ends up.

If you feel, you both have very different choices then its turning out for the best.

And you confronting him about this would only act as the break up catalyst here.

So its best to just give it time.

Maybe Your Virgo Man Has Found Someone Else

Virgo men are very loyal but sometimes under complicated circumstances, it can still happen.

What happens if a Scorpio woman is done with you?

But mostly if this happens, chances are Virgo men won’t hide it. In other words, they would reveal it to you own their own after some time.

If he really cheated, he would feel like he failed in the relationship and he is just thinking how to talk to you about this.

Bottom Line:

In the end there are many reasons, but with zodiac mostly:

It can be from the possibility that he has lost interest in you, thinks you are insincere with him.

Or have made him uncomfortable at an instance, to him wanting to take a breath away from the responsibility and commitment that comes with a relationship.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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