10 Tips on What to Wear When You’re Short and Chubby

10 Tips on What to Wear When You’re Short and Chubby: Who doesn’t want to look put together at all times and live confidently, like the world is their runway? That’s right, nobody. Having experimented trial-and-error with the latest trends for decades and closely observing the fashion industry, we have compiled a list of fool-proof professional styling tips on what to wear when you’re short and chubby so you can appear taller, slimmer, and more attractive than ever.

Tucking in your shirt and switching your regular shoes to pointed-toe shoes that match your skin tone can make a huge difference. Opting for monochromatic looks that incorporate wearing a blouse and trousers of the same color or vertical striped dresses can significantly elevate your look by elongating your body. However, more needs to be done to master the art of dressing when you are petite and chubby.

Dressing to look slim and tall is not as hard as it may seem. While you may think that you need access to high-end brands and stylists, it isn’t the case. Keep reading to learn stylist-approved tips on what to wear when you’re short and chubby and want to feel great in your skin and look stunning in every outfit.

Long-line coats and knee-length cardigans

Trench coats, long-line coats, and comfortable cardigans are all the rage these days. And the fact they beautifully fit a curvy woman’s or man’s body makes long coats and sweaters an ideal fit to look slim and tall.

It is also important to note the length of coats and sweaters. They should stop right below your knees and have a strong silhouette since that is the key to appearing taller.

Neutral colored trench coats, when paired with basics such as a white tee or a button-down shirt, can be used to achieve monochromatic looks that instantly elevate your outfit. The best part about trench coats is that they are perfect for all seasons, making them usable throughout the year.

Combining long coats, trenches, and sweaters paired with strappy sandals or pointed heels is an excellent way to elongate your legs and appear attractive. These pieces are a must-have in any petite, curvy girl’s wardrobe as the premium ones last for years and can be used for casual wear, evenings out, and formal occasions.

Another advantage of using these pieces is their timelessness. They can be worn by women aged between their 20s and 60s, as these must-haves are elegant, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time.

However, despite their versatility, styling them properly is the key to achieving the look that you’re aiming for. It is essential to ensure that your outerwear items are not oversized and sit right on your shoulders, or otherwise, they’ll seem extremely droopy, and you won’t look put together.

Also, it is best to pair the items mentioned above with high-waisted, fitted trousers or jeans and a shirt that hugs your body perfectly.

Midi and ankle-length dresses

Dresses are the most timeless pieces in anyone’s wardrobe. Who doesn’t own that little black dress and cute white one? However, buying the one that fits you properly, isn’t oversized or too small, is the key to appearing taller and slimmer.

For women with shorter heights, wearing patterned dresses with smaller details can significantly make them look taller. For example, black polka dot dresses with tiny dots instead of larger ones create a solid visual of the tall and slender person.

It is also crucial that any dresses and tops you wear accentuate your waist. This creates an illusion of the person appearing lean. Dark-colored dresses such as black and navy blue are also great additions to your wardrobe for this purpose.

Wrap dresses, sheath dresses, and dresses with an empire waist are excellent choices to achieve the slim and elongated appearance you are aspiring for. Sheath dresses are ideal if you do not want to compromise wearing bright colors instead of wearing black to look slim. This is so because they are made of thicker fabric, and when appropriately tailored, any color makes you look perfect!

If you’re confused about what to wear when you’re short and chubby and want to work with dresses already available in your closet, adding a not too thick or thin belt is also an impressive idea for dresses that do not have a readily cinched waist.

Being petite and curvy, it is best to stick to ankle-length and midi dresses since they do an excellent job making you appear tall and lean. The fact that they are super trendy right now is just an added benefit!

High Waisted Trousers

Tailored high-waisted trousers are a petite girl’s best friend. They look classy, sophisticated, and elongate your legs. For a chubby body, straight-leg trousers or any other fitted trousers that are not skinny work perfectly.

Opting for appropriately tailored high-waisted trousers with your shirt tucked in makes your legs appear longer and helps you look slender. It is best to stay away from patterned trousers and light-colored trousers since they can make you look larger.

It is also a great idea to pair your trousers with a shirt of the same color since monochromatic looks not only elevate your style but also conceal any chubbiness and work well for shorter people.

If you are dressing for a formal event or casually adding on a blazer for a casual look, well-tailored blazers are ideal. While the idea of oversized blazers might seem appealing, it is best to stay away from them since they can make you look boxy.

V Neck Shirts and Dresses

V-Neck shirts and dresses are perfect for petite girls and boys with curvier builds. This is because they draw attention to your face and help your torso appear elongated. Wearing V necks instantly elevates your appearance and style.

V-neck shirts and dresses are great for daily brunches and evenings out because they make your outfit look slightly casual while making sure you look attractive. They are also ideal when paired with A-line skirts.

Flared Jeans

We all remember flared jeans from the Britney Spears 2000’s era. If you’re figuring out what to wear when you’re short and chubby and want to take your style game to a new level, you would be glad to know that they are back in style since they work well to make your legs appear longer.

Combining heels, either tall or shorter, with high-waisted flared jeans creates an illusion of being tall and slim.

High-waisted jeans are ideal for evenings and nights out. They make you look exceptionally beautiful when paired with fitted blouses. Longer flared jeans that cover your shoes and have prominent flares help create the illusion of a stunning hourglass figure when worn with shirts tucked in.

However, if you have a column-shaped figure, you should opt for bellbottoms that only have a slight flare to balance your body proportions.

A-line Skirts

Midi A-line skirts are a great addition to a girl’s wardrobe. If you cannot decide what to wear when you’re short and chubby to feel more confident and look a lot more attractive, midi A-line skirts are an excellent choice. It is better to stay away from fishtail, and form-fitting shirts since utilizing those pieces can make you appear overweight.

When buying skirts, it is essential to purchasing one that fits your body perfectly. Pleated A-line skirts are best when high-waisted and worn with shirts tucked in. This accentuates your curves naturally and beautifully and makes you appear tall.

Just like most pieces listed here, A-line skirts are timeless, and investing in a premium quality skirt can last you for years. It is a good choice for brunches and evenings out. Midi dresses with an A-line bottom half are also a great way to appear tall, slim, and attractive.

How to Dress When You are Short and Chubby

Most people believe that to elevate your outfits; you always need to go out and buy more pieces. However, that is not true since the key to looking tall and slim when you are petite and overweight is to use the existing pieces in your wardrobe in different ways that instantly elevate your look.

If you search for ways to become more confident by concealing a bit of fat and accentuating your beautiful curves, keep reading to find out how your ideal look can be achieved without breaking your bank to get new clothing items.

Get your jeans and trousers hemmed, always.

The most important thing you need to do right after buying a new pair of jeans or trousers is to get it tailored, so it does not appear slouchy (unless you have bought slouchy jeans, of course) or drags down to the heel of your foot.

Jeans and trousers effectively make your figure appear elongated if they are above the ankles, making this step crucial to achieving the tall and lean appearance you want. However, specific flared-leg jeans and straight pants look better when they drop below your ankles. In that case, it is best to add a pair of heels (preferably pointed) for height.

Additional Tip: When you are getting your jeans hemmed, it is better to ask the tailor to reattach the original hem instead of sowing the hem of the jeans again. This helps avoid the cheap look that can appear after having your brand-new clothes altered and make your outfit look expensive.

Tuck in your shirts.

Tucking in your shirt, either all of it or only half of it with the rear half of the shirt hanging out of your jeans at the back and nicely tucked in at the front is a great dressing technique that makes you look sleek, tall, and put-together.

Tucking in your shirt, halfway or entirely, is ideal for those who want to upgrade their style without breaking their bank. Lucky for them, this step can be easily done with pieces that already exist in your wardrobe.

Stylists highly recommend this step to add to your daily outfits since it makes your legs appear longer and the torso shorter. However, perfecting the half-tuck can be slightly tricky. If you want to focus on looking lean and tall, the half-tuck can be done two ways.

You can either tuck in the front half of your shirt and leave the rear half hanging outside. When done correctly, it significantly helps you look less chubby. Another way to accomplish this look is by tucking in only half of the shirt at the front. This technique has recently gained popularity and looks great when incorporated with slouchy, boyfriend, mom, or straight-leg jeans.

However, if you are trying to the best clothes to wear for being petite and curvy, we would not recommend buying slouchy or mom jeans.

Stay Away from Baggier Fits

It’s an age-old myth that form-fitting clothes look good only on slender women. However, this statement is false since they look stunning on short and chubby girls as well. By utilizing the pieces mentioned above and ensuring they are your exact size, you can look ten times more attractive.

Baggier fits and oversized pieces tend to wash out your natural body curves and make you appear slightly larger. However, if you cannot compromise on your oversized pieces, it is best to pair an oversized clothing item with a form-fitting one.

For instance, if you are wearing an oversized white button-down, it should be paired with cropped, fitted, and dark-washed denim jeans to achieve a slender and elongated look.

Accessorize with longer necklaces.

Accessories are necessary to perfect any outfit. In the case of petite women, using long necklaces is an indispensable part of any look. This is because using longer necklaces can make your torso appear longer, helping you get the look you want.

The Bottomline

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is essential to know that you are beautiful regardless of your shape, size, or height. The unrealistic standards set by society are not a measure of anyone’s attractiveness. It is also necessary to believe that we all should wear what makes us feel good about ourselves at the end of the day.

Following all the tips and techniques mentioned above is ideal for you if you are searching for tips on what to wear when you’re chubby and short and feel confident wearing clothes that make you appear taller and leaner.

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