IGrow vs. Hairmax Hair Growth System

IGrow vs. Hairmax Hair Growth System: With the development in technology, there is no longer a need for expensive hair transplants, as laser hair growth products like the IGrow and Hairmax have been introduced.  These products, if not completely, help you recover from hair loss and hair thinning to a major extent.

The lack of good quality diet and bad habits like smoking, drinking, and so on have caused a rapid increase in hair loss both among men and women.  And nowadays, hair loss starts even at an early age and the stats show that by the age of 35 around 40% of the people are affected by this.

With the help of these products, many people are seeing amazing results and solving their hair loss problems once and for all.

Now, although we would be comparing iGrow and Hairmax hair helmets, we still believe one product is better than both of them.

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Working of IGrow and HairMax

Working of the hair helmets

Though these products come from different brands and have different outlooks, they do share the same functionality. In this article, we will explore the IGrow Vs Hairmax results.

Both of them are laser based hair loss prevention products. They reduce the inflammation in your hair follicles while increasing blood flow to the area.

This stimulation of blood flow to your hair follicles makes your hair grow bigger and fuller, thus helping you to prevent hair loss.

Though other hair recovery devices are LEDs, Hairmax uses built-in lasers that are safe and use high-grade medical diodes.

They are specialized focus lenses set at 655 nanometers for maximum efficiency providing the desired concentration for hair growth.

The Hairmax uses specialized red lasers in its mechanism. There are different wavelengths that can stimulate different parts of the body which means stimulating the human tissues including the scalp, would absorb different wavelengths of the laser light.

Hairmax has deemed 655 nanometers of red lasers to be the best optimal wavelength on the scalp to enhance the hair growth by stimulating the cells of hair follicles.

The IGrow also uses 655 nanometers of wavelengths, however, it uses a combination of Lasers and LEDs. These wavelengths then increase vascularization and promote the production of ATP.

The ATP escalates your cellular metabolism, the cellular activity, and minimizes oxidative stress which then provides the hair follicles the building blocks and energy to transmute a weak hair follicle to a healthy one.

The enhanced environment then revitalizes the hair follicle which promotes hair growth and re-normalizes the scalp condition.

Both these products promote hair growth, treat hair loss, energize hair follicles, and revitalize thinning hair.

4 Sec to 4 min Program

Besides the 90 seconds fast hair recovery program, the Hairmax also allows you to use other programs. You press the button twice and this 4 sec 4 min program starts.

In this program, it beeps after every 4 seconds so you have to move the band after every four seconds for a total of four minutes.

How often should you use the IGrow?

The amount of time you should daily use the IGrow depends upon your type of hair loss, usually the recommended amount of time is however 20 -25 minutes.

It won’t cause any damage if you use it daily but you at least want to ensure that you use it a minimum of 3 to 4 times a week.


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Besides the same functionality, there are tons of differences between the IGrow and Hairmax based on their looks, their applications, their outcomes, and a few other things. 

After reading this article, you will be able to perceive all those things and will be able to make the right decision on whether to opt for the IGrow or the Hairmax.


The shape of IGrow is way different from that of the Hairmax. The IGrow is more of a helmet which some believe looks like the Robocop helmet whereas the Hairmax is more of a hairband.

So chances are that if you are wearing them in public, you might get away with the Hairmax but IGrow would certainly be more visible to people as an unusual thing.

Built-in Headphones

The IGrow also comes with an additional feature of Built-in headphones that can be connected to your iPod, MP3, or your smartphone. This is what makes it to the next level, a feature that is pretty cool and no other competitive brand provides. 

Select the Program 

The IGrow also enables you to select your program based on your condition.

The helmet comes with another small electronic device with five different figures representing five different stages of hair loss. Selecting either of the options then displays the amount of recommended time you should use the IGrow.

So before starting a course, you can just select the option that best suits the optimum results. This feature isn’t present in the Hairmax hairband which is only designed to offer you a single type, of course, irrespective of the condition of your head.


When it comes to comfort on the IGrow vs. Hairmax, both devices compete with each other really well. IGrow offers you great comfort as it sets on your head.

You can use it by watching TV, doing dishes or any other thing. The Hairmax has this curved shape design and the teeth which ensure that it won’t fall off very easily.

Laser Modules 

The Hairmax laser band comes with 82 laser modules but it’s all lasers whereas the IGrow swaps in some of the lasers for some LEDs and red lights.

The lasers are meant to last for around 15 years vs. the LEDs that don’t last that much longer. So you can expect your Harimax band to be more durable than the IGrow.

Are 82 lasers enough?

The answer is a simple Yes. The Hairmax is designed to be used in 3 shifts that means that you’ll be getting 246 lasers covering your head from ear to ear. In addition to that, you can always have four or five shifts based on your own personal choice.

Fast usage time

The Hairmax manufacturers have claimed that all you need to give is 90 seconds daily, this is the least usage time per session that any hair recovery laser product requires.

This speed makes it a game-changer in the hair loss prevention industry. If you are using the IGrow on the other hand, you will have to use it for around 20-25 minutes for each session daily.

The Hairmax being unbelievably fast and easy to use wins the battle over here.

Easy To carry

The Hairmax is both cordless and lightweight that makes it much easier to use and carry in public places. The IGrow isn’t much bulky either but the wireless Hairmax certainly is way easier to carry than the IGrow.

Clinical Trials

IGrow claims an average 35% increase of hair count in men and 37% of increased hair growth in women They received these results from the trials.

These were the first trials of their kind and won the ASLMS award for best translational research in 2013.

Hairmax is going to be more effective in males suffering from mild hair loss and for females, according to the Ludwig scale, it’s going to be most effective if you are suffering from a more moderate type of hair loss.

It’s obviously not going to be effective in those who are suffering from a more severe form of hair loss because it only works on areas where there is miniaturized hair. 

Hairmax has also done a number of clinic trails which show that it does improve pattern balding.

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Will a band-shaped laser product give you the desired coverage?

The shape of Hairmax might cause some people to think that it will probably cover only a specific part of your head vs. the IGrow that provides full coverage.

This isn’t essentially true, the ways this band works is that you put it in the front side of your head for 30 seconds and beeps and vibrates, then you are supposed to push it back for the next session and after that, you push it to the crown.

In this way, it pretty much covers all the areas of your head from ears to all the way back in just 90 seconds.

With the IGrow, you don’t have to worry about your hands being up in the air tell the time as there is no need to change the position of the device again and again.

All you need to do is turn it on, place it on your head and you are good to go.

How soon can you see results?

For both Hairmax and IGrow, you need to wait for an equal amount of time to see results. Some people see results as soon as three months, others see them in six months but you have to wait for the recommended 9-12 month mark to see noticeable progress.

So 3 to 6 months is kind of an early time frame and you should wait at least between six to 12 months to see more results.

Who should not use: 

These products only work if you are suffering from male pattern baldness or miniaturization or if you are receding. If you are completely bald these might not help.

This means that if your scalp and your vertex basically have no hair and you are fully bald then these products aren’t the one for you. They only work for pattern baldness in both males and females.

It will work if you are suffering from hair loss due to genetics and not due to any reasons for hair loss like Areata, Alopecia, and other forms.

But if in the past you were completely bald and got yourself a hair transplant and you don’t want your hair to keep on receding after that transplant then using either Hairmax or IGrow might be a great option. 

Safety of use:

Both Hairmax and IGrow are FDA cleared devices certified for the prevention of hair loss.  The Hairmax has been cleared by the U.S FDA, Ministry of Health in Canada, CFDA in China, KFDA in Korea and COFEPRIS in Mexico, and Anvisa in Brazil.

Today in 2020, the Hairmax holds 8 FDA clearances for its hair loss protection devices which speaks for the safety it ensures based on 7 clinical research studies by the world’s top research centers.

In addition to that, the Hairmax company also owns 14 worldwide medical device licenses.

Although Hairmax and IGrow are both FDA cleared as mentioned, HairMax is the only company that will give you a non-drug, FDA cleared treatment for both males and females.

IGrow is also clinically proven to work. It comes with an FDA 510k clearance that ensures that it won’t cause any adverse effects.

Battery timing

Both of these devices are chargeable but the Hairmax really comes with a magnificent battery timing. The users claim that fully charging once might last for months. With the IGrow, you might need to recharge on a more regular basis.

Money-Back Guarantee

IGrow is backed by a full 5-month money-back guarantee with no questions asked which is pretty awesome for people that were kind of hesitant to use it. If you don’t like it you can return it and without any questions asked you guys will get your full money back.

The Hairmax also comes with a six-month money-back guarantee in case you aren’t able to see the results, you could easily return it.

However, if you return it after 30 days, an extra 20% of the original purchase price will be charged as a restocking fee.

Hairmax also gives you a two-year warranty for their product which the IGrow doesn’t.


Both of these devices are easy to use, portable, convenient, and private in-home hair growth systems providing you full scalp coverage. Without a doubt, both of them have provided users with great results and are equally efficient. 

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