Dating a Hockey Player – What You Need To Know:

If you have ever dated or even known a hockey player, you know that life is completely different with them and for them. Their lives are more structured, filled with ambition and they’re always striving for improvement.

Hockey players are going to be committed to the game, their team, their practice, and their everyday life will reflect it. However, as inspiring as their level of passion and discipline is, it can also be a little hard to date them at times.

On one hand, dating a hockey player can be extremely fun, exciting, and passionate.

The game shapes them to be committed to you and their fitness, and also comes with perks in the form of fun-filled days!

On the other hand, you should also be prepared for canceled plans, late-night practices, and a lot of sweaty gear- especially during playoff season!

The Benefits of Dating a Hockey Player

You might be wondering at this point that with all these things, is dating a hockey player even worth it?

The Benefits of Dating a Hockey Player

The answer is yes and this is why.

They are team players

Hockey players are a part of a team, and that doesn’t just hold concerning their team, but also in their relationship with you.

With them by your side, you will never feel alone when dealing with life and its challenges, whether those challenges are your own or in your relationship with them.

They will make sure you get through everything together – as a team.

When they’re making any decisions or handling any problems, they’ll keep you in mind and be very considerate of how their actions affect your relationship.

Loyalty runs in their blood

It goes without saying that hockey players are one hundred percent committed to their team.

The loyalty that they show their team members is the same loyalty that they show towards their partners.

They will never shy away from fully committing to you because they understand the importance of that commitment to keep things going well.

When things get rough, you can count on them to not give up on their relationship with you, as they do not give up on their team.

Hockey players will truly make you feel like it is the two of you against the world!

Fitness will become an essential part of your lives

It is no secret that athletes are fitness freaks. They spend a lot of their time working out and most of their meals are planned to help them stay fit.

If you’re dating a hockey player, you will see them disciplined and determined to stay in shape. They will always have perfectly shaped abs and the sharpest jawline you will ever have seen on a partner.

Not only that, but they will also inspire and encourage you to take care of your health and get in shape.

By spending more time with them, you’ll probably be more motivated to trade your french fries for the chicken salad they’re having.

And who knows? You might even surprise yourself by saying yes to an hour at the gym instead of staying in and watching movies every night!

Get ready for lots of Fancy Events

There will be no shortage of fancy events to attend when you are dating a hockey player. There are going to be a lot of dinners, charity events, award shows, and even tours!

If they are famous, you are bound to be famous as well.

On numerous occasions, you will find yourself dressed up and ready to spend the evening enjoying the finest foods, meeting the people you could only ever have dreamt of meeting, and having the time of your life!

It all sounds too good to be real but it is real when you are dating a hockey player.

They know how to have fun

Since they have busy schedules, hockey players truly understand the importance of quality time with the people they love. You may not see them on their busy days, but when they are with you, you are guaranteed to feel content with it.

They will plan the most fun-filled afternoons for the two of you, as well as really romantic evenings.

It is not going to be one of those relationships where you grow bored of the other person.

With other careers, it is easy to grow into a monotonous routine.

A hockey player, on the other hand, knows how to have fun, share laughs and make memories with people they love.

Free hockey tickets!

Being with a hockey player means free hockey tickets for you to every game! If you are already a fan of the sport, it is a dream come true for you.

If not, even better! You will end up going to support them and you are now introduced to a whole new world of sports.

If you are someone with even a little inclination towards sports, you are going to love this part of dating them!

Reasons Not To Date A Hockey Player?

Reasons Not To Date A Hockey Player?

You’re dating the whole team, not just your man

If you are dating a hockey player,  you might as well be dating the whole team because a hockey player’s team is like family to them.

Someone dating any other regular person might have to fit in with their partner’s family, but as the partner of a hockey player, you are going to have to fit in with the team as well.

It’s very likely that even outside the rink, the team will make lots of plans together which you’ll have to tag along to.

And if you get along with the team, you’ll have a great time when you go out!

Say goodbye to vacations during the season

When dating a hockey player, you can have all the fun you want with them during the summer but once the playoffs begin, it will become impossible to take any vacations as the game will become their utmost priority.

Whatever plans you’ve got your mind on are just going to have to wait until the season ends.

If you are going to be with them, you need to respect the importance of the sport to them and understand that your lives will be scheduled around it.

Busy schedules and canceled plans

The playoffs season goes hand in hand with a very hectic schedule.

There are going to be days when you might not even see your partner when they will cancel plans with you, or not be home in time for dinner.

And although there is nothing that either of you can do to prevent this, you will have to be patient and understanding if you want to get through it.

Keep in mind that this will be hard on both of you and that they will be there with you as soon as they have free time.

Early mornings and late nights

Do not expect them to only be unavailable for the length of a game or practice.

There are going to be times when they will leave super early for practice or meetings with their teammates to discuss tactics, gear up, and warm-up.

You also need to prepare yourself for a lot of late-night training (which usually happens because ice is cheaper at night to practice on instead of the daytime).

Remember that this hectic routine is not easy for them either.

However, it is a part of their commitment to the team and all they need from you is support and the occasional cheer up.

Smelly kit – and hands!

No matter what the sport is, athletes, sweat a lot.

During workouts and practices, their kits and belongings will get sweaty, and chances are, that smell isn’t going to go away… anytime soon!

As if that isn’t bad enough, their hands are going to smell from their sweaty gloves from practice as well. So you can probably say goodbye to holding hands during the season!

It is normal to feel uncomfortable (or even disgusted) with it but it’s just something you will have to suck up and get used to if you want to be a hockey player’s partner!

They will leave smelly equipment in the car

Hockey players are pretty used to leaving their equipment in their cars.

It’s much more convenient for them to leave it there rather than load and unload their equipment to and from their car every single time they need it.

This can be annoying since it takes up so much space, and not to mention the smell!

But since it is going to be there throughout the season you might as well get used to it and take comfort in the fact that they are not the only hockey player, or even athlete, with this habit.

Final thoughts

Now that the surprises are over for you, you can interpret it as you wish.

Are the cons too overwhelming and deal-breaking for you? Or are you easygoing and excited by all the perks?

As in all relationships, there are going to be highs and lows, but if you have never dated a hockey player before, it is going to be a whole new experience!

Whether it works out or not, you are forever going to cherish the fun-filled memories you make with them and what you learn from them is surely going to be a part of you forever.