Top 8 Life Changing ENFJ Careers to Avoid

Top 8 Life Changing ENFJ Careers to Avoid: Do you find yourself tearing your hair out at work nearly every day?  Do you feel claustrophobic and suffocated as you sit at your desk, figuring out numbers, day in and day out? You are in the wrong place, doing the wrong job!

As an ENFJ, you have no right to be in a place that curbs your creativity. Move on, go where your interests lead you, be with people, not machines, because that is what you are made for. Change because change is the only constant.

According to the Myers-Braggs Type Indicator, ENFJ personalities are exceedingly rare to find.

The ENFJ only makes about 2%-3% of the total population of the world.

This is a rare combination of features in a person. Read about all the ENFJ Protagonist Personality characteristics here.

This acronym stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. These features by themselves are rare and unusual when found together in a person.

ENFJ types are people who find their energy levels rising when in the company of others. You are ambitious, not just for yourself but for people around you and people you know. You expect the best for everybody around.

Surprisingly, the compassion and empathy you feel are not just for people in your circles. You feel responsible for the whole world and the sufferings you see around.

This leads you towards humanitarian work as you have a genuine concern for all the entire human race’s miseries. You want to connect with people and believe in supporting others and cooperating. ENFJs are born teachers, ready to take charge of a situation at any given time. And that explains why Obama has the same personality type.

ENFJ - The Protagonist Personality Characteristics

You would find an ENFJ type person involved in some educational activity, guiding a group towards growth and betterment. You will also find them encouraging people around to develop their strengths and do better in life.

You are good communicators and motivators but are you ready for criticism? Not really! ENFJ types become overinvolved and cannot take resistance from people around them. You do not want criticism and conflict and would do everything to avoid it.

You are not happy when forced to do things you are not naturally good at; you get irritated and moody if you are forced. Do not be surprised if you find them holding a grudge when met with resistance.

Work Environments That Bore ENFJ Personalities

Work Environments That Bore ENFJ Personalities

To be happy in professional life, ENFJ types of personalities need to avoid careers that do not allow them to use their preferences and force them to do things against their nature.

The ENFJ are born leaders, leading others towards a better future. You consider this your duty, but people around you can sometimes see this as something superficial. At the same time, the leadership qualities can make others feel threatened as well.

ENFJ people should avoid working environments that are overly competitive because you believe in harmony and teamwork. It would be best to avoid workplaces where the work is slow and monotonous, where there is little human interaction. The need for human contact and empathy are the two things an ENFJ cannot compromise on.

Your need for stimulation and constant contact with people is a fire that cannot be put out. Do not expect ENFJ to follow strict rules and regulations. They get bored and dissatisfied with monotony.

Most jobs bore you as there is nothing new to learn after a certain period, and ENFJ types need to learn new things to better themselves and the people around them.

You lead sympathetically and are failures if required to lead with an iron fist. Plus, you just cannot deal strictly with people or fire them as a sense of empathy and compassion is overpowering. You cannot fire anyone without considering the impact it would have on his life.

Organizations do not work on empathy alone, so consider ENFJs as bad leaders, not fit for the leader’s job.

Top 8 ENFJ Careers to Avoid

Boring job

Do you feel trapped in the office? Is your work dragging you down? Maybe, you are not in the right place. Find a career that fits your personality type and feel the satisfaction of working.  ENFJ types are people who live for others, you have so much to offer to others around them.

You genuinely care for others and are ready to solve problems logically. You would flourish and excel in fields that suit them, but if the career choice has been a mistake, then it would be disastrous. Here are certain careers which ENFJ should not touch with a barge pole.

Accounting Jobs

Clerical job

This is a sedentary job that requires the person to be seated amidst mountains of paperwork, plowing through numbers and formulas. An accountant’s job is all about spreadsheets, paperwork, files, and a solitary day filled with solitary hours. Exactly what an ENFJ dreads and fears in life, monotony, and boredom.

This career is not for people with the ENFJ personality type as you need personal contact with people. It would help if you dealt with humans, feeling their pain and suffering, encouraging them, and making life lighter with their vitality and positivity.

Soon this sort of a job would frustrate them as there is zero contact with people. Sitting at the desk and typing or punching numbers all day would drive them crazy. It would get repetitive, and you will feel suffocated in such an environment.

You need a place where there is something new to learn every day and where you can use your creativity and leadership skills.

ENFJs are typically energetic and driven people. Sitting at a desk or typing away for hours on end is not something that will ever give them any satisfaction. Best for them to avoid a career that requires them to be all by themselves typing away every day.

Law Enforcement Jobs


Leaders with a difference, leaders who lead from the heart. This is what ENFJ types are. Listening to their hearts and following their instinct and working in a community as a whole.

People with ENFJ personality types are compassionate and feel great for others. But being out there and coming face to face with the worst kinds of situations in society, having to deal with the wretchedness of trauma around them, is not what makes them tick.

You will feel discouraged and depressed in such situations, especially if things are out of your control, and nothing can be done. Since you are the person who spreads positivity, you spread a feeling of goodwill and harmony as you thrive in situations where you can communicate and connect with people and lead towards a better tomorrow.

You do not believe in forcing people, but would rather connect with them and know their troubles being in their shoes. You are not the ones to be firm and rigid. Enforcing love and harmony rather than force and rules. Not a career that would make you happy at all.

Auditing Jobs

Job Related to Administrative roles

Another profession that is far away from the kind of person you are, a career in auditing, is nothing short of a life sentence for you. Again, sitting in front of the monitor, writing detailed spreadsheets, working meticulously, and in an orderly manner is not what you are made to do.

ENFJ type people crave for new possibilities and want new positive developments. Accounting requires a person to be detailed oriented, repeatedly doing the same work over and over again with just the numbers changing.

This will bore and frustrate you as there is no connection with people that your souls yearn for. There is no pace here for the ENFJ, as creativity is curbed, and you are tied to rules and regulations. You need to vent out feelings of empathy, help people achieve their goals, not stare at a screen, or sheets to make sure everything is in order.

Armed Forces/ Military Service Jobs

Military Related Job

This is something that the ENFJ person can not relate to at all. The armed forces work on obeying orders and rules. It’s working in a system where the chain of command can not be broken at any cost. Orders must be obeyed even if you do not agree with them.

Impossible to envision an ENFJ type personality working for the military and being happy at that. Quite impossible! But this career can never give you the fulfillment you want.

Your compassionate nature works in the exact opposite way to what is required in the armed forces. You believe in uniting people in living harmoniously, rather than having enemies and waging wars. You want to make decisions that agree with your values.

Hurting the human race is against your nature as you believe in preserving, not destroying.  Difficult to imagine a person like that following a chain of command, he does not believe in it!

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Like an Accountant or an Auditor’s job, this engineering field is also related to machines, and machines do not interest ENFJ types. You would rather work with humans, involving yourself in their problems, and creating dreams for them instead.

A mechanical engineer needs to think rationally and work with machines and electronic devices. ENFJ personalities feel exhausted and drained out if made to sit with machines without any human contact. A dry and monotonous work does not interest you in the least, and you would not last more than a day at this job.

You need an exciting workplace and have a fast pace with various tasks to be done, which keeps your adrenaline pumping, encouraging imagination and innovation.

Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Jobs

You would think that being a truck driver would seem an alright career for ENFJ people, but you’re mistaken here. This is again very claustrophobic for them. Cooped up in the cabin of the truck for hours on end is a dreadful thought.

Being gregarious and outgoing, you want to be with people, not just be with them but also be the center and lead from there. A kind of job that requires you to be with your own company for a long time every day is another name for hell, and you would rather be jobless.

Bank Related Jobs

Bank Related Jobs

If you think working at a bank would be good for an ENFJ because you get to meet and interact with people daily, you are wrong again!

This job requires meticulous paperwork. It will not be long until an ENFJ finds this dull and boring, not to forget the repetition of filling forms. Certainly not for you.

This is not a place that gives you the freedom to spread your creative wings. The chain of command and the rules will soon suffocate you, for you need a more relaxed space and gives you a chance for compassion.

Being a CEO of an organization

Job of a CEO

This lucrative position will end up being a caged existence for ENFJ type personalities. Being at the top requires you to consider the company’s good before you consider good for the employees. And an ENFJ’s compassionate and empathetic heart would not allow anything like that.

You are people who put themselves in other people’s shoes before you make harsh decisions.

It is better for you to switch jobs than to bring down the organization in your pursuit of humanity’s welfare.

What jobs are best for ENFJ?

The jobs best suited for an ENFJ are a teacher, a guide and counselor ( as you are great in helping and talking to others, guiding them and giving them a good council)., a public relations manager, human resource manager, an art teacher, an art director, a writer, and even a salesperson as you love convincing and dealing with people.

Do ENFJ get attracted to extraverts also?

You are attracted to happy and confident people. Surprisingly you get attracted not to extraverts but rather the opposite.

Are the ENFJ people good partners?

ENFJs are people loving people, you are genuine and expect your partners to be the same. But a bit of resistance from your partner’s side could lead to misunderstandings. With your heart in the right place, these people make wonderful friends and partners.

What sort of leaders do you make?

ENFJ types are born leaders, but you listen to your heart and lead by your heart. It could get a bit difficult when you are expected to make a firm decision for a company’s good. The problem with you is that you cannot fire anyone without feeling terrible about it.

Will an ENFJ make a good doctor?

As long as he is working on his own and has the freedom to go all out to help his patients. Will not work right if he has bosses above him, concerned about the business aspect of medicine.


ENFJ’s need a career that would give them the freedom to communicate with people, to work on their creativity. You are most comfortable doing jobs that need you to lead others towards a better future, share their pain and misery, show compassion, and help people out of their problems.

You would rather do humanitarian work as it satisfies your thirst for helping others on a large scale.

This makes you feel motivated and fulfilled. So, if you are an ENFJ or know someone who is one, a little bit of guidance will go a long way in giving them contentment and happiness.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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