Kiierr vs Capillus Hair Growth Helmet

Kiierr vs Capillus Hair Growth Helmet: How would you react if we say to you that there is a product or more specifically a hair cap in the market that assists you to get your lost hair back? Well, we know you will be quite shocked yet jumping.

A laser therapy hair cap for hair growth is a product that people are going crazy over. It has proved out to be one of the easiest ways as a treatment for baldness.

However, due to the increased competition and wide range of hair loss products, you must research the product that you’re going to need.

We understand how much this takes up your time to go through each caps’ feature and filter out the best fit for you.

Hence, we have managed to create a comparison between two brands of laser caps to save you from a hustle.

Those are Kiierr and Capillus.

Comparing Capillus with Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap

Duration of TreatmentThirty minutes every other day.6 minutes every other day.
Sessions19000 treatment sessions.19000 treatment sessions
Sizestwo different sizes, regular and XLtwo different sizes, regular and XL

Both Kiierr and Capillus are laser caps that are specially designed for hair loss problems faced by people.

They are both designated as medical grade since they come into touch with human bodies and support healthy hair development through noninvasive materials employed in their manufacture.

Both Kiierr and Capillus have been shown to help with baldness, fine hair, and loss of hair.

Both items come in the shape of a cap and employ low-level laser treatment.

As a result, there isn’t much of a difference in how they both work.

To encourage hair growth, red-light treatment or low-level laser therapy permits the cells to absorb the illuminating photons released into the scalp tissues.

According to the manufacturers of both caps, they claim that wearing this device on a daily basis promotes and feeds the cells in your hair strands.

It promotes thicker, healthier hair by thickening hair follicles.

Kiierr and Capillus use this red-light therapy which is proved out to be safe from any type of skin damage and beneficial for men as well as women.

Capillus cap

Capillus cap with bag

Capillus laser cap come in 2 sizes in CapillusUltra, CapillusPlus, and CapillusPro that are regular and XL. the regular sizes of the caps are similar to size 7 of any ordinary hat and fit almost all the heads measuring up to 24” circumference.

While the XL sizes fit the people who wear hats size 8. Smaller hat sizes are within an effective range if the cap is within 2 cm (3/4″) all around.

As a result, while a regular Capillus cap may fit more snugly, anyone with a head circumference of 21″ or greater will be alright with it.

The same is the case with Kiier when comes to its sizes.

Although both the caps seem pretty similar, there are several significant differences as well which can help make both the caps different from one another.

These differences in aspect of warranty, size, guarantee, use, etc.

In this article, we have described each cap based on the above aspects as well to help you decide a better fit for you. 

Differences in Warranties and Guarantees

For the greatest results, Kiierr laser cap offers a 7-month money-back guarantee. You can return the laser cap after 7 months, but there is a catch: you must have used it for precisely 7 months.

If you don’t obtain the results you want, you have the right to collect your money after the specified time period.

Capillus, on the other hand, makes no such assurance.

Capillus laser cap

When it comes to warranties, Capillus offers a one-year limited warranty on the cap and a three-year warranty on the AC adapter and battery pack.

It indicates that the warranty does not cover any losses caused by the buyer’s misuse or negligence.

Kiierr, on the other hand, makes no such assertions.

Difference in Prices

When we talk about the prices of both caps, the bottom line is they both use lasers sets in their caps which is quite expensive.

Capillus cap for hair growth

The Capillus cap contains 272 laser diodes and offers three different products which range up to $3k and sometimes even more, because of the number of laser diodes used in the cap.

However, Kiierr comes in three different variants of the laser cap as well depending upon the number of laser diodes used in them.

They charge up to to a thousand bucks.

Both contain the same amount of laser diodes, provide the same services, and are FDA-approved.

The Capillus Cap may be found on Amazon, Walmart, and other well-known online retailers, however, the Kiierr can only be purchased through their Kiierr website.

Now, if you look at Kiierr’s pricing based on the quantity of laser diodes, you’ll see that they go like this:

  • For $925, you would receive a 272 Kiierr lasers cap.
  • The pricing of 148 lasers is $595.

Now let’s have a look at the pricing of the Capillus cap:

  • Capillus Ultra (82 Lasers) is available for $999 on Amazon.
  • On Amazon, the Capillus Plus (202 Lasers) costs $1999.
  • The cost of a Capillus Pro with 272 lasers is $2999.

Difference in Products

Capillus hair helmet bag
Capillus bag

Capillus comes with necessary accessories in the pack such as Capillus Laser Therapy device, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, adhesive belt clip, universal AC adapter, user manual sports cap, lightweight carrying case, and accessories pouch with no other offers.

The Kiierr comes with all of the above-mentioned accessories as well as offers some other products to aid in hair growth and rebuilding such as DHT impeding cleanser, Biotin chewy candies, dermal remedial hair development cream, a laser cap conveying case, and more.

Difference in Return Approaches

Kier offers a 14-day return and exchange policy.

You can return the product within the first 14 days whatever your reason may be.

Just ship back the cap and you will have your refund only by paying a small restocking fee.

However, the Capillus doesn’t have exactly any returns or exchanges before the satisfaction guarantee period is over. Which means you must have used the product.

How to use these hair caps?


Step 1: Start by removing all of the pieces of your new Kiierr Laser cap and framework from the packaging. Connect the charger to the power pack, then plug the power pack into any accessible outlet. To get the maximum result, make sure the battery is properly charged.

Step 2: Slip the Kiierr laser hair cap over your head and into the sports cap.

Step 3: Connect the USB to the power pack as well as the Kiierr Laser Cap module inside the sports cap once it has been completely charged.

Step 4: Put the sports cap on your head and activate the power switch. When the gadget is turned on, it should beep and a blue battery indication should appear. This is the point when the cap will automatically turn off after the 30 minutes are done. Keep wearing it for exact 30 minutes for best results.


Charge the Capillus Hair Laser Cap for 24 hours. Once fully charged, remove the charger. Place the device on your head turn the power button on. You should see a red light once you turn it on.

Keep wearing the cap for 6 minutes only and keep repeating the procedure on daily basis.

There is no major difference in their usage except that the Capillus requires comparatively way less time.

Working of these hair caps


Stimulates Skin Tissue – The lasers deliver a low-light treatment to the scalp’s skin tissue. As a result, blood flow is stimulated to the scalp tissue, which helps to reduce inflammation, and it begins to circulate throughout the head.The bloodstream supplies essential oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, resulting in cell regeneration in the hair’s damaged (diminishing) parts.

Protein Synthesis – When light energy reaches the skin, the weakened cells on the scalp absorb it. This stimulates the scalp and encourages the growth of new hair.

Regeneration of Hair Follicles – Recovers Hair Follicle Cells-Hair is “reborn” from the dormant (telogen) stage of the hair development cycle into the healthy growing (anagen) stage when hair follicle cells are recovered.


These low-level lasers are absorbed by hair follicles to stimulate hair activity by improving cell metabolism and renewing the follicles. It also boosts the number of active antigen hair follicles and their rate of proliferation.

Furthermore, there is evidence that the lasers increased gene activity.

It also reduces apoptosis by intracellularly targeting cytochrome C, which enhances blood vascularity.

Duration of Therapy

The therapy time recommended is 30 minutes every other day to get the desired results.

The therapy time shouldn’t exceed 6 minutes. The therapy should be repeated every other day.

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