6 Best Family Law Websites You Need To Know

Family law websites are searched a lot on Google and family law is the most in-demand nowadays in the legal market.

The rising graph of divorce and separations has evolved diverse cases of child custody, estate litigation, and distribution of assets.

Best family law websites are a comfortable way of approaching competitive family lawyers and consulting them from within the comfort of home. You can take their help right from the beginning of your dispute to solve it in a legal and convenient manner. There are a number of possible reasons you might be looking for best family law websites.

Most people search family law websites for filing divorce cases. Other issues that may have convinced you to search for reliable family law websites include property issues, custody issues, spousal and child support issues, and separation.

We have listed six best family law websites and reviewed them in light of our personal experience and researching for client reviews. We can say that going to the best family lawyer to resolve your legal issues is a decision you will not regret ever.

Family law websites need to be more than just to propose an outline as its needs a deep understanding as it is a wise decision to hire any lawyer online. Many things need to come under consideration while choosing the best lawyer.

This helps to promote the website and to retain the clients and get potential customers. Website needs to stand out and provides all the necessary guidelines. The powerful SEO helps client to get the best solution of their problems and having the best panel helps to retain the position in the market.

We are here to give you the best solution of your problems and solving the disputes among families.

Myres and Associates:


Myres and Associates

Founded by Susan Myres, this family law website is protecting the parental and financial rights of their clients for over 55 years. The team of Myres and Associates expands their services to the following counties:

  • Waller County
  • Montgomery County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Brazoria County
  • Harris County
  • Surrounding Greater Houston Areas

Susan has collected a team of qualified and experienced attorneys and lawyers. They are always ready to help their clients overcome their family issues without having to compromise on their rights and values.

Susan excels in divorce litigation matters and clients concerns and goals are her top priority. The team of expert litigators and negotiators will be there for you to protect your financial assets in case you decide to part your ways from your spouse.

Here are a few reasons that justify Myres and Associates as our top choice as a best family law website.

  • A comprehensive consultation that will clarify all your concerns and confusions.
  • A promptly responding client support team to answer all your queries.
  • Keeping your family and finances on top priority.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in family and divorce litigation.

The Family Law Firm:


The Family Law Firm:

If you are searching for a reliable and efficient family law website, your search ends here. The Family Law Firm is your ultimate destination if you are in an urgent need of seeking help. The team of professional attorneys and lawyers is always ready to accompany you on your next hearing.

They provide prompt and convenient online consultation facility through Skype. You can fix an appointment as per your own convenience. The most powerful website help users to get the best results out of al in few clicks without facing any hazardous situations.

The Family Law Firm extends its services for clients residing across Alberta weather they are in Red Deer, Grand Prairie, Peace River and Drayton Valley.

Features of the Best Family Law Websites:

This is an important matter to choose a lawyer online as their life depends on it. One wrong decision may lead to unsatisfactory results and lifetime failure.The best family law website should be proficient enough to give you an innovative legal representation to solve your domestic problems according to the country’s legislation.

The best websites assure that their clients are highly satisfied with their services. The clients are already stressed and emotionally exhausted; they need someone who not only supports them legally, but emotionally as well.

Distinctive characteristics of The Family Law Firm is as follows:

  • The clients can hire an attorney in any urgent situations, even on the same day.
  • The company covers and is capable to handle a diverse range of family litigation cases.
  • Expert staff which can help you win even in complex situations.

Thomson Rodgers:



Thomson Rogers

Based in Canada, Thomson Rodgers is one of the most reliable team of family law consultants and lawyers. The Thomson Rogers attorneys are dedicated to ensuring the emotional and financial well-being of their clients. They serve clients in Toronto, North York, and other nearby areas.

Extensive experience and deep understanding of country’s family laws are the factors that make them a great support you can rely upon during your hearing. The team is not only an expert in divorce litigation, they can handle everything from the child’s custody to the distribution of assets.

The group constitutes attorneys having expertise in family law and related matters. The distinctive features of Thomson Rogers include:

  • A collaborative team of experienced lawyers.
  • Compassionate staff who take every case as a personal concern.
  • Client’s interests are taken as top priority.
  • Convenient online consultations facility.

Charles E. Willmott:


Contact Charles E. Willmott

This company is run by a board certified family lawyer, Charles E. Willmott. The primary focus of the firm is to help families in resolving their family issues in a beneficial manner. The children suffer the most when parents get separated or divorced and the firm protects the best interests of the children.

The company collaborates with their clients to know what are their preferences regarding any aspect of their family issues. With the deep understanding of family laws and regulations of the state, Charles E. Willmott has helped millions of clients in protecting their rights.

You will find a friendly and compassionate company environment. The firm provides reliable services in all aspects of divorce, separation, child custody, assets distribution and much more.

The distinctive features of Charles E. Willmott are:

  • Personalized attention to the details of each and every case.
  • Board certified family and divorce lawyers
  • Over 26 years of extensive experience in handling simple and complex litigations.
  • Certified mediator for family issues.





FMBK constitutes a team of fifteen qualified family law attorneys who work tirelessly to bring best results for their clients. Working under Robert C. Brandt, FMBK’s family law department employs atleast ten Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS). The objective of FMBK lawyers is to minimize litigation expense and the associated frustration.

Based in California, it is one of the largest and most reliable family law firm. The FMBK emphasizes working in  a client-centered manner, catering to the personal needs of their clients. The clients can select the attorneys who are more suitable to fulfill their specific goals and requirements.

They excel in divorce, separation and custody issues. They are committed to protecting your financial rights through asset distribution, spouse and child support regulations. The distinguishing features of FMBK are as follows:

  • Client centered selection of attorneys to lead the litigation according to personal needs.
  • Online and personal consultation facility.
  • Thoughtful, responsible and competitive lawyers.
  • Client’s and family interests are taken as a top priority.

Jones Divorce and Family Law:

Jones Divorce and Family Law:


Jones Divorce law firm focuses on helping their clients in making decisions that are in the favor of their clients and families. While adhering to your decision, they will give you expert legal opinion to resolve your family problems. They also consider each and every bit of detail to make a strong fight against the opposite party.

These Calgary lawyers have an extensive 50 years experience in handling divorce, mediation and arbitration cases. They are always striving to grab the control over every legal aspect of the case considering even minute details.

the firm is known for the lawyers who have extensive knowledge and great experience in resolving family law cases. They may be related to divorce, child custody, assets distribution, child and spousal support, and adoption.

The distinguishing features of Jones Divorce and Family Law firm are as follows:

  • Efficient and cost effective resolution of the disputes.
  • Highly qualified lawyers.
  • Handling a diverse range of family law cases.
  • Benefit analysis and professional opinion for each individual case.

Commonly Aksed Questions:

What is the right time to hire a family lawyer?

It is advisable to hire a family lawyer as soon as you start litigation. Family laws are complex and diverse. The courts orders may vary with situations. Going to a hearing alone without a competent family lawyer may be your first step towards an unfavorable court decision against you.

Should I file for a Separation or Divorce?

Filing separation is a complicated process which requires expert legal consultation. Going for separation or divorce both have their own considerations which only a professional divorce attorney can answer after checking your personal situation.

What is a best family law website?

The best family law website will support you throughout your litigation process. Their prime duty is to consider their client’s goals and objectives regarding the disputes. They also work for the interest of client’s family especially the children. Their services are efficient, compassionate and reliable.

How Matrimonial Property Is Distributed?

The division of property among spouses depends upon number of factors including the law of the state or province where they are residing, their length of marriage and the time when these assets/ debts were obtained. A professional family law firm can help you calculate your expected assets distribution.


Family law matters are complicated, full of emotions and egoistic stress for the families involved. Best family law websites are centered towards client’s concerns and prospects. They should focus on prompt and hassle free client service so that the clients may connect to their potential family lawyer in no time.

The best family law websites have a panel of lawyers who work as a team to combine their knowledge, experience and skills in solving your case. This collaboration lets the case to be solved more effectively as compared to the websites where lawyers are working in solitude.

Another aspect of a family law website is compassion. Without charging the clients excessively, the firm must work in the best interests of the clients and their children. The prime focus should be on protecting the clients from physical, financial and emotional trauma.

The best family law website should help the clients to know about the experience and expertise of the lawyers who are available for their help. The website should be welcoming and informative. Innovative legal consultation and compassionate client services is the key to the success of any law website.