Top 6 Micro ATX Cases Supporting Full-Sized Video Cards

Top 6 Micro ATX Cases Supporting Full-Sized Video Cards: Sure buying an already built setup is cool too. But where’s the fun in that? We are more interested in designing our own setup. And while some people might be into big CPUs. We like ours compact. But here we face with a challenge of proper cooling when it comes to adding full-sized graphic cards.

The solution: Compact computers within smaller chassis, with larger/more fans support.

What becomes a nightmare while cooling, with three built-in fans, making hurdle-free cooling possible.

A revolutionary slim case with higher airflow capability due to a slatted front panel for cooling.

Extensive room for two 3.5 inches and two 2.5 inches drives in durable steel trays, along with an additional 2.5 inches space for mounting additional drives.

Let’s check its other properties.

It has transparent tempered side glass, a panel that provides a view into our customized system.

Its dimensions 17.99 × 8.4 17.91 inches provide ample space for accommodating video cards and graphic cards.

The airflow also aids in keeping the system clean and orderly. Moreover, three removable filters are present for removing dust.

Isn’t it great to have enhanced structural capability for efficient airflow?

An intuitive cable routing facility is available, which keeps the cable organized in this slim chassis. This makes it a super sleek setup.

A light show is always eye-catching. It is easy to synchronize connected RGB fans and light strips for an astonishing system large light show.

But if our demands resemble a vintage style simple with support of graphic cards then next Deepcool is a perfect option for gaming settings.

Deepcool MACUBE 310 (19.49 × 21.26 × 11.14 inches):

  • Compactness score of 51.89 (the lower the better)

This Deepcool case is a perfect option for installing a customized Pc setting in a small built chassis.

As, it comes with a tinted tempered glass panel, snap-fit front, magnetic side panels, advanced ventilation system, elegant aesthetics, Child safety locks, and abundant accessories to support video cards.

Its structure aids the easy adjustment of video card support arms.

Cooling fans are preinstalled in the rear with optional space for the front top fan. This helps to keep the system cool and functioning, without thermal failures.

It has enough space to arrange cables at the back.

Let us check them out in detail.

A classy and robust tinted tempered glass panel provides an elegant appearance and matches the chic white color of the overall case.

The size of the product is 19.49 × 21.26 × 11.14 inches, provide enough space to install motherboard accessories over its tray, to keep the setup safe and unique.

Side panels are magnetic, which makes it easy to maintain and upgrade hardware whenever needed.

Its additional perk is the Child safety lock on magnetic panels of both sides, making it safer for use. They can protect loved ones from getting hurt in case of unavoidable accidents.

About ventilation system, it is composed of concealed channels, which are in front and top panel sides. Having 13 mm width, they remain hidden and provide adequate ventilation capability.

The I/O ports can accommodate USB 3.0 × 2 with multiple ports present, which aid in connecting different accessories to the same system.

A loud noise is found in certain cases, which is easily controlled in one of the above options in our list. Like corsair at option number 3.

FAQs and conclusion:

Do these cases support Wraith Spire CPU Heatsink?

Yes, almost all of them can support it. Wraith Spire heatsink is 12.7 x 11.2 x 10.2 centimeters in size.

Check out Montech above, which has 140 mm support for CPU cooling.

Is It true that all Micro ATX cases support large video cards?

Yes, almost all Micro ATX cases are designed to fit full-size graphic cards, except the ones which have a large 3 fan setup or non-removable cage designed a bit lower than the average ones. Our list includes cases that can accommodate full-size cards.

What are the chances for a GTX 1060 to fit in a Micro ATX case?

The Micro ATX case can fit GTX 1060 quite well. The card is 250 mm in length and about 111 mm in width. So that would not be an issue.


It is important to select a slim Micro ATX, which can smartly fit the motherboards, accommodate graphic cards as well as support full-size video cards, in its small structure.

Budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and user adjustability are key factors in choosing it, aside from the above-mentioned qualities.

Our list has included some of the easily assembled cases, with a different range of qualities, benefitting a variety of users, especially game lovers and personalized PC handlers.

A well-settled design, with a pleasant desktop view, is always the target of its lover.

Well, we have worked hard to keep our list updated and up to the taste of its users.

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