Handle Stress When You Hate Holidays

Handle Stress When You Hate Holidays: I hate holidays too and I completely understand what you go through. After lengthy research, Life Falcon published this piece of article to get you okay during the holidays.

The word “holidays” sounds satisfactory to so many people since that means the beginning of stress-free days and an opportunity to break free from your routine.

Holidays might not be very cheerful for everyone. I get that part, trust me.

Many people do not like holidays and they would rather stay invested in their routine life instead of breaking free from it.

These people are not necessarily introverts, there is a variety of reasons for not liking holidays and even extroverts can experience that feeling too.

The real challenge for these people is sharing these feelings with someone because most people do not understand.

People will often question you “how come not anyone like holidays?”, but it is not something to feel less about yourself.

Although there are many possible reasons for not liking a holiday, however, some of them are mentioned below.

People with mental illness:

Go get therapy

Holidays can be a real nightmare for those who suffer from some kind of mental illness.

These people have a hard time settling themselves in the daily routine and its even harder for them once they manage it and then they are forced to break away from it for a month or so.

This puts their mind and bodies in the transition phase once again, which they cannot handle well.

According to experts, people who suffer from bipolar disorder can perform well when they attached to a fixed routine.

Once something disturbs their routine, they are prone to mood swings. Holidays can bring travel, guest, dinners, concerts, etc, all these activities can easily disturb your routine.

It is also probable that your disturbed routine makes you skip your medication unintentionally, which can have severe ramifications and complications.

People with anxiety and depression:

People with anxiety and depression

Holidays are also hard for people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

You probably have to make a lot of arrangements for the guest and there is an added pressure on your shoulders to make sure everything is perfectly aligned and smooth.

This can be very hectic and can easily trigger anxiety.

A small hiccup in the overall plan or a single negative remark from a guest can trigger depression.

Some feel anxiety being among crowds and during family dinners or parties you are required to be the part of the crowd and behave normally, which for people suffering from anxiety and depression is very hard.

It’s is very important for those who suffer from anxiety and depression to take some out for themselves during the holidays and connect with a friend or therapist.

It’s also the responsibility of the family not to overburden them with responsibilities that can make their conditions even worst.

People who have Summer Depression:

Summer holidays despression

According to experts, some people only feel depressed during the summer holidays.

This means that a person may remain normal throughout the year but feel depressed during the holidays.

For people living in cold areas, summers are a blessing and everyone wants to sit on a deckchair and enjoy the sunlight.

But for people who live in countries that are relatively hot than others, summers can bring a lot of depression and anxiety.

This is called Seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

People with Winter depression:

People with Winter depression:

Another form of seasonal affective disorder or SAD is winter depression. Countries that are closer to North Pole witness cold and grey winter vacations.

This means there is little to no sunlight during those months and during the holidays there is not much to occupy yourself with.

Experts believe that grey weather can trigger depression among some people.

Since during those months, almost everyone has holidays around the world and you’re expected to be in your Christmas spirits, depression can ruin pretty much everything you or your family might have planned for holidays.

People who Lost a loved one:

Accepting the Trauma

At times holidays are fun due to certain people in the family.

For example, some people visit their grandparents and the idea of being with them, enjoying, spending precious time under their company, listening to their stories is the actual source of excitement. That feeling goes away as soon as they are gone.

Since that changes the whole idea of how your holiday was supposed to be, you don’t feel excited anymore.

It is also possible that the death of your parents or best friend takes the joy away from holidays and you don’t feel like enjoying it anymore.

Family Adjustments:

Family Adjustments

It can be a little difficult to reconnect for families who only meet once a year during holidays.

You lose your connection with them over time and now all of a sudden you have to make adjustments to be around them and ensure everything works out well.

That creates a lot of added pressure and can easily ruin your holidays.

Some families don’t get along well with each other and one might wonder what is going to happen once everyone is together under one roof.

Family Adjustments

Family Adjustments

Those families who live away from each other and them meeting up during holiday means a lot of traveling, can bring troubles.

If everyone has gathered around from different parts of the country or world, then it means they are going to stay for a while.

Although, spending time with them could be fun but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have enough room to accommodate everyone.

Old memories:

Old Memories

Holidays dig out harsh memories of the past in some people. These associated memories with holidays can cause a sudden mood swing in people.

It could be a horrible accident, the death of your best friend or some other family tragedy.

For a family who spent Christmas holidays in the hospital, taking care of their loved one and finally losing them, the word holiday will not bring joy rather old memories of the struggles and pain they suffered while everyone else was enjoying around them.

Financial Troubles you face in holidays:

Financial Troubles you face in holidays

Those who are suffering from financial troubles find it difficult to afford a holiday.

A family is probably going through a financial crisis but their children force them for a vacation, which they cannot afford.

During Christmas holidays, friends and family expect gifts from you and in times of financial crisis, it might be too much for you to buy gifts for everyone.

This can cause a lot of embarrassment and raise questions among friends and family regarding your love for them.

In most Asian countries, Eid holidays mean a lot of guests are going to visit your home, and throwing dinner to every one of them might not be possible with all those financial constraints.

Social pressure you face on holidays:

Social pressure

There are many social pressures in our society where you are required to act in certain ways otherwise people might alienate you.

Your behavior might not be normal if you are going through a hard time, facing some personal challenges or troubles at work.

But the social pressure of always smiling and engaging yourself in long discussions or talking about movies and sports might make you feel artificial and unfit.

This could turn a holiday into an absolute nightmare where you have to wear fake smiles and act normal.

By the way, do you have fear of being judged??

Losing focus/time on your work

Losing focus/time on your work

Some people have a very workaholic nature and holidays means a sudden pause in their routine.

These kinds of people don’t like holidays at all because they can’t resist working.

Naturally, their mind has been programmed to deal with challenges every day.

The feeling of facing challenges and coming out of difficult situations brings a sense of achievement to most people and that feeling fades away during holiday.

Some people find it more relaxing to be occupied in a professional environment as compared to a causal one where they also have to deal with people’s emotions.

Most of them will keep themselves busy on the laptop or mobile during the holiday, which pushes their friends and family away from them.

Recovering a “family” role:

Recovering a "family" role

For those who are required to handle all the arrangements and coordination to ensure a smooth meet up with their family during holidays find themselves in a spot where they have to recover a role which they left during the rest of the year.

It is pretty hectic and challenging for an introvert or a person with a reserved personality to arrange for pickups, food, grocery, decoration, accommodation, etc.

It is equally challenging if they have to make arrangements to travel to attend a compulsory family get to gather.

Meeting Overseas People after a long time:

Meeting Overseas People after a long time

People who are living abroad to earn a better living for their family or those who are abroad for a better future find themselves in an odd spot when it comes to holiday.

It is difficult to live away from your family but remembering those holidays, which you have enjoyed with your family while you are sitting millions of miles away from them, hurts a lot.

Also, watching other families enjoying their time with their loved ones adds more to the sorrow.

While there is no work or other activity to divert your mind, overseas people find themselves in a difficult spot.

Damaged relations with fights and arguments:

Damaged relations with fights and arguments

If due to some misunderstanding or disputes you are on bad terms with your life partner, you do not even want to think about holidays.

The environment in the home contributes a lot to a person’s happiness and self-esteem.

One cannot stress enough on having better relations with your life partner and if somehow you are dragging a damaged relationship, holiday means a nightmare.

This goes for any other relation, which could be with your parents or siblings.

Job Insecurity:

Boring job

Holidays are also not fun and relaxing for those who do not have a particular career path or lack skills, for example, daily wage laborers.

Holiday for them means no work and that means no income, these people volunteer themselves for work during the holidays to ensure their stream of income.

They also fear losing their job after the holidays and to go through the painful process of rejection and job-hunting again.

Split Family issues:

Broken family

Holiday pulls a blanket of sorrow and sadness over those who are part of broken families.

During holidays when everyone is enjoying their time with their loved ones, children from split families feels incomplete.

They want to enjoy the company of both mother and father since both offer a different kind of support and love to the child.

Deciding with whom to spend your holiday can be among the most difficult choices anyone has to make and as much as they want everyone to be together, they choose to isolate themselves during holidays.

Domestic Violence (Family with drug abuse):  

Domestic Violence (Family with drug abuse)

Domestic violence is as common in first world countries as it is in third world countries.

People suffering from substance abuse or drug abuse are more violent when there is nothing to do.

Spending a holiday at home for a woman who has someone suffering from substance abuse is not less than a hellish prison.

Holiday for them means even tougher days and challenges as compared to a normal working day.

In addition to that, they cannot plan to travel or meet up with family due to their challenges, which changes the whole idea of the holiday.

How to handle all of this Holiday depression?

How to handle all of this?

There is no need to feel bad if you are facing one of the above situations.

Life is not a bed of roses, it comes with all the ups, and down, which are part of life.

However, it is very essential to identify what is the source of your feelings.

What is the root cause of your feelings that are making you hate holidays and instead of making you feel relaxed further pushing you in darkness?

It is also the responsibility of the family and friends to identify if they find someone around them who are acting in such a manner.

Most of the issues mentioned above can be dealt with by just coming closer to each other and offering your honest support.

Also at times, people expect too much from their holidays, and when things don’t work out that way they lose their interest immediately.

People suffering from any kind of mental illness need to be extra careful around these times.

Timely medications and therapy sessions are essential midsts of all the holiday chaos. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or simply called CBT is a very effective therapy that your psychiatrist can provide.

CBT can help you improve your self-esteem and coupe with such situations in the future.

Make sure to take some time out for yourself, taking a walk in the fresh air, or talking to a friend can also help.

Families and friends of those who have lost a loved one should ensure that they don’t forget them during their holidays.

Instead of waiting for them to take a step, arrange something nice for them and invite them over.

Make them feel loved because you cannot replace those they lost but at least you can help them rejuvenate for a while.

It is not healthy at all to work all the time; it does not only affects your health but also your precious relations around you.

Workaholic people can counter their feelings by traveling.

This will keep their mind occupy and the adventures of traveling can make them feel that their time was not wasted.

There are many amazing traveling portals and groups, which can arrange everything for you and do not cost you much.

One of the best activities anyone can do is to help those who are living a very difficult life.

Visiting children in hospitals who are fighting cancer or any other deadly disease will not only bring smiles on their faces but will also help you value life more than before.

Helping others in their dark times is sometimes the best therapy to help yourself come out of depression.

Learn to love and appreciate what you have rather feeling sorry for you don’t because for many your imperfect holiday may be their ideal one.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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