Matt LeBlanc’s Girlfriend: Aurora Mulligan

Matt LeBlanc’s Girlfriend: Aurora Mulligan: Aurora Mulligan is a Northern Irish documentary film producer and director.

She is currently based in Los Angeles where she is the Executive Director of Documentaries at Pilgrim Studios in North Hollywood which produces a number of Series on Discovery Channel.

Specializing in car and motorbike related shows, Aurora previously worked as a Producer on BBC Top Gear and for Big Earth Productions, the company behind Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s motorcycle travel series ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down.’ 

Aurora Mulligan: Bio, Family, Education

She was born during the year 1984 in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. She belongs to the town of Enniskillen. She grew up along with her younger sister Roisin Mulligan. According to reports, Roisin is currently working in Columbia after traveling to 45 countries and living in 8 countries.

Regarding Aurora Mulligan’s education, she did schooling at Erne Integrated College, a co-ed integrated secondary school.

She has a degree in political science from the University of Liverpool. After graduation, she headed towards a TV and documentary career.

She served as an assistant director Holby City, EastEnders, Skins, The Bill, Clash of the Titans, Brendan Smyth: Betrayal of Trust, and so on.

Also, she is the executive director of sports and documentaries at Pilgrim Studios. Her works confine her to commute to various countries. So, Aurora Mulligan has been to different parts of the world.

Something more

the Irish star came into the spotlight after she started to date the Top Gear and FRIENDS famed actor Matt LeBlanc.

Additionally, she is seventeen years younger than the actor Matt. Do you want to know more about the executive producer? then scroll below.

Aurora Mulligan: Personal Life & Boyfriend

Many of you must be wondering about her relationship with FRIENDS starring Matt LeBlanc. As to your answer, she is currently dating the star after a few meetings in the sets of BBC ‘Top Gear’. But it is not clear that when and how they began their relationship. However, it is reported that they began dating in 2016.

Before settling with her boyfriend Matt in Los Angeles, she has traveled to most of the countries in the world. During her work at Top Gear, she often traveled with LeBlanc and the rest of the crew to amazing locations.

From the looks of it, she’s into cars, too, and especially vintage cars. LeBlanc is a well-known car enthusiast.

Mulligan often scouted locations and did a reconnaissance of the place that they would race on, before Top Gear filming, but she also contributed to the show in other roles.

For instance, in one of LeBlanc’s earliest episodes, he and Ken Block gatecrash a wedding in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The astonished bride who found the Friends star doing donuts in front of the steps in a Ford Mustang was none other than Mulligan.

But she wasn’t really getting married. The wedding crashing was just a stunt for the show. She even shared a picture of her pseudo-wedding on Instagram in time for the 2018 premiere of Top Gear.

She Was Trolled Online for Her Relationship with LeBlanc

It’s also unclear when and how LeBlanc and Mulligan began dating. It can’t be said if Top Gear had anything to do with bringing them together, either. After a few appearances on Top Gear as a guest, it was announced in February 2016 that LeBlanc would be a presenter on the show. Mulligan joined as an executive producer later in the season. 

They first make their appearance as a couple in May 2017 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. When season 23 premiered in May 2016, rumors of LeBlanc dating Mulligan began doing the rounds.

Though they didn’t confirm their relationship until much later, they were spotted on dates together. Mulligan even hung out with LeBlanc and his Friends costar, Matthew Perry.

They have reportedly been together at least since June 2016 but didn’t make their first public appearance as a couple together until May 2017, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. They have since been seen together at various events, including the Hickstead Derby.

According to an insider: “They were very tactile and Matt seemed to be very taken by Aurora as he laughed chatted intimately with her. Aurora just kept laughing at all his jokes and is clearly besotted with the American superstar.

“You wouldn’t have known that they were work colleagues at all – it’s definitely more than just a professional relationship.

Since then their relationship has seemingly gone from strength to strength, with Matt even referring to Aurora as his “honey” ahead of his appearance on The Late Late Show in November 2017.

Taking to Instagram to share a snap of the pair outside of his dressing room, he gushed: “I’m gonna be on tonight and my honey came to support me.

The couple’s romance angered some social media users. One Twitter troll wrote: “Who cares what you want? You’re a (*curses*) Matt deserves better than you.”

Another said: “Dumb (*curses*) I hope you get hurt and realize that you made a huge mistake.”

A third chimed in: “Hello, please can you stop this rumor and we say if you’re in a couple or not with Matt LeBlanc? Thank u!”

There is no information on her previous relationship or dating a guy. whereas LeBlanc was married to former model Melissa MacKnight. Their married life didn’t go well and separated in 2006 but had welcomed a daughter Marina together. When the rumors about their relationship began, LeBlanc said that he and Mulligan had a strictly professional relationship. However, that didn’t stop the online hate that came Mulligan’s way.

Trolls went after Mulligan in Twitter rants. While some claimed she was not good enough for the Joey Tribbiani in expletive-laden tweets, others demanded that she refute the rumors so Matt wouldn’t be bothered. However, she also got others who were happy about their relationship.

Fortunately, Mulligan and LeBlanc didn’t let a handful of trolls get in the way and are still going strong. 

Headhunted for the Isle of Man TT

In the run-up to an ambitious new programming slate covering the iconic Isle of Man TT motorbike race in TV, film, and gaming, the Hollywood studio behind the project, Pilgrim Media Group, snapped up Top Gear producer talent Aurora Mulligan months before the official announcement was made October 2018.

Aurora’s Isle of Man Relations

Asked about her relationship with the Isle of Man Aurora said:

‘I visited the Island for the 2016 Tourist Trophy races (TT) and was blown away by the unique atmosphere. The riders who are going to the limits to become king of the mountain road course are so approachable by everyone.

The Isle of Man TT still breathes its more than 100-year-old history and is totally locally rooted. It’s part of the landscape, the culture, the DNA of this island, and I always thought you need to show that.

I came back later in 2016 to film for Top Gear, with presenter Matt LeBlanc driving a bright orange Russian Avtoros Shaman, an eight-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, through the ancient capital Castletown and up a nearby mountain, where we staged a mock rescue for some naked ramblers.

This brought me into contact with the Department for Enterprise motorsports team and Simon Crellin, as well as the media sector team and Zoe Guilford.

A Hollywood Investment into a local Company for a Global Event

Now I’m based in Los Angeles, commuting regularly between my home in L.A, my family in Northern Island, and the Isle of Man, helping to build the local company ‘Global Motorsports Ventures’ with Isle of Man talent.

We have a number of exciting projects in development and we are very fortunate that we won’t have to fly in all the staff from abroad as there is incredible talent and companies already on the island.

The Isle of Media, the island’s inward investment agency for the broadcast and film industry, has been tremendously helpful in lining up meetings with our local partners with more to come.

And SES Satellites is operating a whole broadcast infrastructure here, already providing the satellite uplink and streaming connection to broadcaster ITV4 for their Isle of Man TT coverage on television.

I am very excited to be back here for the 100th Isle of Man TT Races and proud to sponsor local rider hero Conor Cummins and the Padgetts racing team.’

Aurora Mulligan’s Net Worth, Profiles and Body Measurements

The Irish star has been working as an executive producer and being a popular television celebrity. Now that she’s with Matt LeBlanc therefore, she must be earning a good amount from her career. But she has not revealed much information on her exact salary and income.

According to the sources, her net worth has an estimation of above $200 thousand.

On the other hand, her boyfriend Matt has a net worth estimated at $80 million.

Unlike her boyfriend, she is not much active on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Yet, she has a personal but unverified account on Instagram and Twitter with over 730 followers altogether.

The executive producer has a slim and well-built body. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches or 1.67 meters. Other than this, there is no information on her body measurements and weight as well. She has long dark brown hair color with hazel green eyes.

Featured Image Credits: DailyMail

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