Top 10 Best Soundbar Under $300

Top 10 Best Soundbar Under $300: It can be quick to feel confused by all of the pricey choices out there while looking for a soundbar. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a huge chunk of money to get a reasonably well soundbar.

Over time, TV companies have been making their TV screens look better with smaller bezels and high-grade picture quality. But, unfortunately, they have compromised the TV voice quality over it.

Imagine you’ve bought a brand new 4k HD TV, you bring it home, mount it on the wall, open your Netflix and start watching your favorite season/movie there but guess what happens, its voice sucks. Here soundbars come to rescue you.

Our List of Top 10 Soundbar To Buy Under $300

Whether you want to watch a blockbuster movie with your friends or your favorite season on Netflix, soundbars equip you with a movie theatre-like environment at your own home. Luckily, some of these soundbars are budget-friendly, and for acquiring these bars, you will not have to spend a fortune.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 10 best soundbars which will cost you less than 300 bucks at the time of writing. (Please note that the prices may vary in the future)

Nonetheless, they will assuredly help you to overcome your audio sound problem and will provide you with the incredible movie theatre experience at your home. So, let’s get straight into it!


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Bose solo 5 is proved to be one of the best when it comes to voice clarity or dialogue delivery. If you are facing sound problems while watching your favorite Netflix season, the Bose Solo is highly recommended to you.

Its dialogue mode lets you hear each word even more clearly, which saves you from adjusting the volume from scene to scene of your favorite TV program.

It has wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to share and enjoy your favorite music with others in your living room.

Whether you are using an optical, analog, or coaxial audio cable, attach your TV with BOSE SOLO 5, and it will automatically detect which kind you are using.

The Bass button on the universal remote of the system enables you to control the bass of your favorite TV program as per your need.

There are several reasons to love your new Bose soundbars. BOSE is reputed for producing the best audio products so you can turn your eyes blind while considering the purchase of this soundbar.

If your pockets are not deep enough to afford the additional high budget soundbar, but you’re craving for dialogues or voice clarity, this soundbar is designed for you. 

If you wish your living room spruce with no clutter inside or have less space, this soundbar is worth buying.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 Soundbar:

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Upgrading to an elegant home theatre experience has never been easier; however, VIZIO SB2920-C6 is making it possible even in the low budget.

So if you are low on budget, the VIZIO is designed for you. Without spending a huge chunk of money, you can manage this budget-friendly soundbar.

It delivers the most potent and phenomenal sound in a compact size, through its 2.0 full-range audio speakers. Without the harmonic distortion, it fills your room up to 95db with crystal clear sound that gives you the incredible movie theatre experience. The VIZIO sophisticated design helps it to almost blend in your room. Whether you mount it under the TV or place it on the top or inside the TV desk, it can easily be adjusted in your room.

With the help of built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly stream audio from your mobile devices with the tap of your finger.

VIZIO delivers elevated multi-channel audio for the most immersive sound quality through the utilization of DTS audio technologies.

If you’re an audio enthusiast and give preference to high-quality audio sound speakers, then you should opt for this soundbar. The wireless connectivity with your mobile devices is another plus.

Along with all these amazing features, however, there is one thing that should be kept in mind while opting for this soundbar. The bass can’t be adjusted, which might be inconvenient in certain situations.

MEGACRA28- Inch 2.1 Channel Soundbar:

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If you want to experience amazing room-shaking bass parties with your friends or family at your home with 18 months worry-free sales support, then MEGACRA28- Inch 2.1 Channel 2020 model in the market is waiting for you.

It is perfect for parties as the amazing sound will give you goosebumps.

The 6.5 wired subwoofer is as deep as 50Hz, which gives you the room wobbling, optimal experience in your home living room. It delivers an uncomplicated and reasonable solution to upgrade your room theatre.

The setup is easy. Just plug the system into your TV as there is no need for a complicated AV receiver, and you would have an exceptional listening experience.

You can also adjust the treble frequencies and boost them as per your choice.

Through Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can stream your favorite music from your smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth enabled devices with a single tap of your finger from anywhere in your room.

With the virtual surround mode, you will experience optimized, three audio sound effects (movie, music, dialogue model) to your movies and music.

If you want to enjoy the optimal, booming bass and dialogue clarity with more punch and rumble to your TV shows, thrilling or action movies, consider the purchase of this article because it can create the fuller sound with most effectively projecting audio throughout the room.

The fantastic loud sound is the prime reason to love your new Megcra28 sound system. Apart from that, it is extremely budget-friendly, and you can get your hands on this cheap bar.

Besides all these fabulous features, some complaints have been reported about the sudden stoppage of the speaker.


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If you are looking for a space-saving, wall-mountable, and easy-to-adjust soundbar with three audio effects (dialogue, movie, music) at an amazingly low price, there is no better option than BESTISAN SE01-D.

The versatile nature of the BEZSTISAN provides you with many options, which makes it incredibly easy and fascinating to adjust the sound system as per your needs.

Without sacrificing your valuable desk space, BASTIAN SE01-D boosts the sound quality of your TV.

Although it comes with 5.0 wireless Bluetooth connectivity, you can also connect it with multiple wired interfaces.

There is no additional subwoofer with it, but its AUX OUT port enables you to connect your existing powered subwoofer like(Polk Audio, Klipsch, Yamaha, etc.) through the wire to experience a more enjoyable sound.

It’s easily adjustable, wall-mountable, and covers shallow space of your living room.

You can on and off volume control, select the mode, or activate the Bluetooth directly through the soundbar, or you can control these by using a high sensitive controller(remote), which displays different function Via different LED colors.

Apart from this, you can control the tune with three distinct equalizer modes (music, movie, dialogue) via high sensitive controller according to your desire.

It provides you with better sound than your TV system. You will experience a difference in watching movies and playing video games with two 3 inches 25-watt speakers and two basses reflect port.

Its three sound modes enable you to hear the dialogues of any drama, movie, and program even at low volume.

This soundbar is tailored to save the precious space at your desk. Besides, the maintenance of these speakers is effortless, and with a little care, it could prove a lifetime asset.

Sony S200F 2.1 Channel Soundbar:

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Even Sony made our list of cheap soundbars. The Sony S200F is seriously a great option to consider.

You’ll have an optimal theatre-like experience with it 2.1 ch built-in subwoofer. This will add more comfort and convenience to your watching and listening experience.

This soundbar, due to its unique design, looks as cool as the sound Sony S200F in your living room. The compact built-in subwoofer avoids complexity.

Due to the integrated subwoofer unique feature of Sony S200F, you don’t have to attach multiple wires in your room; thus, it helps to keep your room in order and trim.

Due to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music of your own choice from anywhere in your room.

Along with these features, it’s easily adjustable and mountable in your living room.

With its sleek and low profile design, it will not obstruct your view of the TV.

With the great voice necromancy feature, the listening experience becomes more enchanted. It is ideal for watching tv programs with hurry statements and dialogues.

If you’re facing trouble in listening to hushed dialogues or conference call voice quality, then this is highly trusted by customers.

If you’re looking for a soundbar that could provide you with many functions from Built-in subwoofers to high bass yet economical, this soundbar is waiting for you.

If you cannot compromise on the sound quality, you can go for BOSE SOLO 500 that comes with adjustable bass.

JBL Bar 2.0 Soundbar:

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Without using the extra wires or speakers to your TV systems, It brings you an immersive and optical sound experience at your homes.

It is a reliable setup with great versatility. It uses the only 80watt of total system power.

You can enjoy wireless music streaming through its Bluetooth connectivity feature. Without adding any clutter to your room JBL Bar 2.0, it gives you an unbelievable sound experience.

Its setup is super simple, and it almost merges into your living room. You can control the Soundbar power and volume with your TV remote if it has an HDMI-ARC port.

Unlike many other soundbars, it has a USB input feature.

It has excellent versatility to adjust at any place and take a slight space in your room.

You can position it anywhere in the room.

Although it is not mountable, you can mount it on your TV cart by using Soundbar brackets.

It clarifies the dialogues ranging from the cooking shows to thrilling movies, Dramas, and other TV programs.

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream music of your choice, and USB connectivity allows you to transfer files.

You can also control its features using TV control so, what else you want in a decent thrifty soundbar?

Blaster X Katana:

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Soundbar X Katana is proven to be the best when it comes to gaming and entertainment. It is significantly superior compared to other gaming soundbars.

It provides you with a superb gaming experience with endless entertainment at your home.

The soundbar BlasterX katana is the same as much of a deadly weapon as it names portray it.

Due to its super sleek design, you can fit this soundbar under your monitor very comfortably.

It has a significant award-winning multicore Audio DSP, which makes it a world first real under monitor audio system (UMAS).

Blastar’s acoustic engine and Dolby digital 5.1 decoder feature can give you the brilliant audio experience from your games to movies.

It has the perfect combination of the most influential and extreme 24-bit high-resolution DAC and sophisticated five drive system. It is the most versatile device, and its powerful speakers can provide enough grace to your desktop.

It comes in an aurora reactive lightening system linked with almost 49 programmable LED lights from edge to edge that gives your living room a more dapper look.

If you’re looking for a soundbar that would immerse your gaming experience, then there is no better option than Blastar.

Along with a fantastic gaming experience, it gives your living room a more spruce and beautiful look.

Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel

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It provides you with fantastic gaming experience. If you’re an Audiophile or love the underground bass music, then considering the purchase of this would not be a bad decision.

Several features made it on our list. For instance, its durability, reliability, versatility, cost-effective nature, and easy maintenance, just to name a few.

This razer leviathan 5.1 channel surround soundbar can create an exquisite house setup. It can fit conveniently under your LCD, monitor, or tv screen.

You can change its position from one location to another continuously. It is versatile enough and has different features such as cutty edge Dolby technology, superior sound drivers with a dedicated subwoofer.

It can easily project rich sounds for your gaming and movie experience. It features four finely tuned drivers that function for incredible virtual surround sounds.

Using this device, you can have a fabulous experience of gaming and movies at home with minimal effort. Its connectivity with Bluetooth and wireless music streaming makes it more attractive to acquire.

Its connectivity range is up to 10mts/30ft. You can enjoy the music without any obstacles or endless wires, along with strong bass.

If you want to stream your favorite mobile tunes and better sound technology supported by cutting- edge Dolby technology with a superior and dedicated subwoofer that magnifies the joy of watching breathtaking movies, then you are one step far from these delights.

If you’re conscious about the warranty, you can consider the MEGACRA 28- Inch 2.1 Channel 2020 model that comes with an 18-month warranty.


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If you are looking for a simple but cinematic soundbar then YAMAHA YAS-209 would be a great option.

Its simple yet attractive design, easy maintenance, long-lasting nature, and versatile performance make it a fantastic choice for you. Once bought the YAMAHA YAS soundbar system; you won’t stop yourself from loving your new soundbars.

You can have a basic cinematic experience because of its excellent sound quality for gaming, movies, music, etc. Due to its regulated structure, it can fix right under your TV or on your living room wall.

It has another significant feature that makes it different from other soundbars like built-in Alexa voice control, which can help you manage your soundbar’s music, set alarms, and control smart house devices.

Music experience can be made better with dual built-in subwoofers. You can experience deep, affluent bass without the requirement of any individual soundbox.

Without any interruption, you can listen to your favorite music. Unlike other soundbars, it has a mobile app through which you can control sound modes, tunes, and more.

If you’re looking for all in one soundbar on which you can play music, set your alarms, listen to the news, controlling home devices, and much more than YAMAHA YAS 209BL would be one the best options among these soundbars.

Its cost-effective nature, easy maintenance, and durability are other reasons to love this amazing sound system.

WHOHOME S9920 Soundbar

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If you’re looking for a wonderful yet affordable soundbar, opt for a WHOHOME 2.1 channel. Despite its low price, the company has not compromised on the quality of the speakers.

There are many sound systems out there in the market, but nothing can really match the caliber of the WHOHOME soundbars.

It is one of the most economical soundbars that is equipped with great features. You would be surprised by how much you enjoy those high bass movies and music with a halfway decent soundbar like WHOHOME 2.1 Channel.

The efficiency and reliability of the WHOHOME soundbar can be measured through its remarkable performance. It has a wireless Bluetooth connection through which you can enjoy streaming high bass music and TV shows.

The Whohome has a 32 inches built-in subwoofer with three main drivers. It is a 2019 upgraded model which is more user friendly with other bug fixes. It can support optical as well as AUX connection.

It is designed with DSP technology supporting four sound modes (movie, music, news, and default sound mode). Besides these qualities, WHOHOME customer care service provides 100% satisfaction and lifetime technical support.

The purchase of the WHOHOME 2.1 channel would be great if you think to set up for comparatively small rooms. It would be suitable for any kind of TV like Samsung, TCL, Vizio, Philips, Sharp or other TVs.

The 97 dB room-filling sound thoroughly cherishes you with less than 1% harmonic distortion.

If you’re looking for the cheapest soundbar that can provide you with four sound modes with the best customer care service, then WHOHOME 2.1 channel would be a prominent choice.

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