Why Can’t I Finish Anything and How to Get Things Done?

Why Can’t I Finish Anything and How to Get Things Done?: Have you ever started a project with great excitement, but after some time, the energy levels reduce, and you lose interest. If it is happening to you, you are not alone. This happens to many of us, but why it happens? The latest research shows that our attitude and behavior are controlled by circuits of the brain that often times operate without conscious awareness.

After all this dilemma, have you ever questioned yourself why I can’t finish anything? And after some time of excitement, you feel it hard to resume the task where you have left it.

Sometimes it is because the work gets hard.

Or perhaps we are afraid of failure or even success.

Maybe we are genuinely unable to find the time, or something unexpected comes and interrupts our flow.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive; figuring out the specific reasons that why we struggle to finish the tasks demand high self-awareness and is truly a worthwhile project in its own right.

The law of inertia shows us an object in motion remains in motion.

Similarly, it can be applied for projects, half-written emails, daily tasks, creative ideas, and even that thing, you stopped working on reading this article.

When you break the flow of a specific task, it could be challenging to pick it up again.

However, at the same time, maybe we can get better at our determination and perseverance.

No matter the circumstances, having great determination, will surely help.

Why can’t I finish anything? – 10 Reasons



The answer is this question is not a straightforward one.

So, let’s discuss the reasons for the inability to complete the tasks.

Lack of Neurological Motivation

First of all, the brain’s circuit for motivation is linked to pleasure. That’s something people with successful mindset understand.

Your target or desire must bring a real reward, that will cause the release of the neurotransmitter, dopamine.

This increases your conscious ability significantly to create strategies to help you to achieve your target.

If you haven’t associated your target with pleasure, then your brain isn’t going to be interested in helping you to get the target.

Target Achievement

Target Achievement

Let’s look at the target with another perspective, when you think of your goals, do you dread all of the annoying and painful tasks you will encounter along the way? Or do you focus on the benefits you are about to receive?

If you find your energy declining as you complete a project, visualize the real benefits you will gain if you complete the project. Besides, give yourself a daily reward as you move toward the completion phase.

The more you associate your targets and dreams with positive emotions, the less you will have to force yourself to get the work done.

Unconscious Negative Self-Talk

Perhaps you talk yourself out of trying. You may be unconsciously listening to the negative chatter that is a normal part of the right prefrontal lobe functioning. If you think that could be the case, try the following steps.

Write down each and every reason you do not want to complete your project, and make a second list of every reason you want to complete the project. After that, mindfully observe both lists and listen to yourself.

Similarly, ask yourself: “What do I want to do?

Do I want to complete this specific project?

Will it improve my life if I complete it accurately?

Also, ask yourself: “Are these negative thoughts and feelings are correct?”

I guess you will find that most of the time, they are not. Having pessimistic thoughts on a piece of paper gives them less power over your brain.

When you are not ruminating on negative emotions and thoughts, your brain is free to pursue goals that promise useful, valuable outcomes and rewards.

Remember, anytime you occupied by the pessimistic thoughts, let it out on paper and let it go.

Lack of Discipline and Commitment

Lack of Discipline and Commitment

If you are not committed to achieving your goals, then forget it, to finish what you started, you must maintain a constant willingness and determination to persist.

Some people think that just visualizing and fantasizing a goal makes it happen, but that is magical thinking driven by unconscious negative beliefs.

Although it is essential to visualize your aims and goals, it is also vital to take practical steps towards your target.

You need written and well-planned ideas to achieve any significant goal.

Create a 10-year plan for yourself.

Relying on only thinking is not enough to motivate your lazy brain.

You must write down any real hurdles that prevent you from timely completion of the project and then visualize and write down simple tricks to overcome that hurdles and obstacles.

Similarly, if you have an accountability partner, your chances of project completion increase from 50%  to 70%, so make a committed deadline to a colleague or colleague.

Also, you can reward your brain every time after you write down three small successes you achieve daily.

Setting the Bar Too High

Setting bar too high

Sometimes we ourselves make it harder to complete the task because we set unrealistic or too ambitious goals.

At the start, we feel excited and motivated, but after some time, we feel it difficult to continue. Thus, we lose interest, and the tasks and projects remain unfinished.

At times, we get overexcited and overambitious, and without thinking much, we opt for harder projects.

However, after some time, we realize that the project requires much more time, effort, and dedication, and that is why we lose interest, and the project remains half completed.

Multiple Projects At A Time

Another reason for not completing the tasks is that we aim many targets simultaneously.

This makes it a lot harder for us to manage all the tasks at the same time. As a result, our focus gets divided, and completing all the projects becomes a gigantic task.

The appropriate way to get the desired result is that we should focus on one project at a time.

We will remain focused, and after completing one project, we can work towards another project.

Delay Tactics


Many of us are too lazy to get the job in their due course of time. Let’s be honest; we all have tried to drag our assignments to the eleventh hour.

We try to complete it in the last moments.

Here the problem begins.

We do not find enough time, or we get busy at the last moments, this results in leaving our projects unfinished.

It is probably human nature that we wait for the deadline and do our work in the last moments.

It is apparent that we can’t complete big projects in a short time, and our tasks remain half completed.

Focusing on Goal and not Journey


Most of the time, our projects are driven by the outcomes, and in between, the journey remains hidden.

So when we start working on the project, the process feels boring and dull.

This leads to loss of interest and excitement, and we left the project unfinished.

The best way is to start the project is to develop a complete roadmap, associate your pleasure with the goal and journey, and work with the determination.

Consequently, you will work with more efficiency and excitement.

Otherwise, you will lose your interest, and you won’t be able to complete the project. Apart from that, try to enjoy the small successes in the way.

It will motivate you to keep working until and unless you reach the target.

Hasty Decisions

Another prime reason for not completing the tasks is that we decide to jump into work without giving even a second thought.

In the beginning, it interests us, and we work with excitement. However, after the initial burst, slowly, we lose interest, and the project feels a burden.

Human emotions are indeed temporary, and it changes quickly than our anticipation.

We start a task with great zeal and enthusiasm; however, when we experience the process, we feel bored. Thus, we do not complete the project.

Human Nature

Along with our own mishandling and mismanagement of the projects, there is another aspect that is responsible for not finishing tasks.

Human nature has been designed in such a way that new things, new experiences, and new beginnings always thrills us. We are always willing to experience new things and ideas. By nature, humans tend to be adventurous and opt for something new.

Initially, we enjoy, and the ideas excite us, but over time the same idea does not thrill us when it is actually begun.

We always fantasize about things, ideas, and projects which are not available or not implemented, but as soon as the new idea, thing, or project arrives, the excitement starts to reduce.

This plays a vital role in leaving the work half-done.

So, How to get things done? – The Solution:

How to get things done?

Have you any idea of how many things on your to-do list awaits your attention?

Do you asking and cursing yourself that why can’t I finish anything? Do you want to find out how to get things done?

In this portion, we will try to find ways to complete the tasks which you have started.

So how you finish your unfinished tasks? The reality is you might not ever get everything done.

What you might not realize is – that may be Okay.

Deciding not to do the thing that is on your list is the way to cross it off – and allow your brain to get off your back about it.

What is not okay is that these to-do list is taking up space in your mind and shouting at you that you have not yet completed the projects –every time you see your to-do list.

That is stressful – unnecessarily stressful.

There are many ways and steps to get things done; some of them are listed below.

Stop Contemplating Over the Negatives Thoughts

One key feature of completing tasks and producing the best results is to stay away from negative thoughts. Read the start of this post on stress relieving.

Some times negative thoughts occupy our minds, and instead of focusing on the positive aspect, we fear the failure.

We fear of being judged.

That is why it is essential to not think about the negatives and spend your time and energies on the project for its timely and effective completion.

Believe me, you will enjoy the satisfaction of the timely completion of the project.

Being a Perfectionist is Not An Excuse.


Every master procrastinator has found out a way to justify that delay in finishing.

One of the most common is playing the perfectionist card.

Regardless of whether you designate as a perfectionist or not, studies show there is no marked difference in the way others observe your delay.

You are not going to get any sort of sympathy.

In other words, calling yourself, a perfectionist will not get you out of the fact that you are not getting things done.

Some times we give a lame excuse that it was not perfect, that is why I could not complete it.

This does not work as the reality is that you left the job unfinished.

Besides, it is a fact that nothing is perfect, at least not in the beginning. You need to keep it going, complete the task, and, next time, try to do it even better.

This is how you reach perfection—leaving things unfinished is never a solution.

Working Under Pressure Does Not Produce Better Results

When you are under pressure or stress, there are high chances that you will not produce the best result.

It is a common phenomenon that when you are relaxed and stress-free, your productivity increases significantly.

So why not look into jobs for people with anxiety?

Try to relax your mind, take a deep breath, and work towards your goals. This will help you to increase productivity, and you will be able to complete your tasks and projects with ease and comfort.

Besides, you won’t be cursing yourself that, “why can’t I finish anything?”

Set Moderate and Practical Goals

Some times our aims too high and impractical. This is a reality that fantasies are difficult to materialize.

Many of us try to aim too high that even they are afraid to take the first step. The best way is to keep your goals practical and achievable.

It does not mean that you should not aim high, but it is also a fact that success does not come overnight.

It is a sequential process, and you should achieve it with several small successes.

This will make it very easy for you to work towards your goals, and most likely, you will achieve it.

Read on how to become successful in life?

Target One Thing At a Time

Opting for many projects at the same time might disperse your focus, and there are high chances that will end up leaving many tasks uncompleted.

The best way to go is to focus on one thing at a time.

This will help you to divert all your energies to that particular task, and you will be in a strong position to complete the task to the best of your abilities. This is critical because you go for many tasks at the same time, is divides your energies, focus, and attention.

You find it hard to get things done, and you waste your energy.

On top of that, it remains in your mind that you have not completed the task, and it leads to stress and anxiety.

So instead of cursing yourself that why can’t I finish anything, focus on one thing at a time and the results will be encouraging.

Don’t Be Overambitious

Smart work pays off more than hard work.

Therefore, it is immensely vital to work steadily and not to be overambitious and overexcited.

When you are overambitious, you start with a flying leap forward; however, after some time passes, you lose interest and excitement. You no more find the project joyful and attractive.

Nobody can complete anything in one go; it is a sequential process.

You enjoy both the process and the outcome.

As we discussed in the sigmoidal curve, there are phases, the 2nd step in there is growth and that is the journey.

It is time you will spend all the most. And in that part, you will have those tiny achievements.

You have to enjoy those small achievements on a daily basis. Don’t focus too much on the end result. Just enjoy the journey.

Don’t look at the top, sure there has to be a vision. But it should only be a vision and that’s it.

Focus on first step and take it. And then focus on the 2nd.

Stay focused and think rationally.

This will keep you motivated, and there are high chances that you will complete the task in their due course of time.

Think Before Jumping into the Project

The best way to start the project is to plan your moves well before the start.

Get some time and make a comprehensive roadmap.

Write it down on a piece of paper and remove the flaws from your plan. Again, you need a plan.

Once you have the practical plan, you can start the project.

Legit data shows that well-planned projects are highly successful, and you will enjoy every moment and every single achievement along the way. It’s for a fact.

You can not work without a plan.

You should also associate pleasure with the project.

It is evident that when you enjoy your work, you produce better results than those who are not enjoying their work.

If you calculate your moves and work accordingly, there is no reason to ask yourself why can’t I finish anything?

Enjoy the Process, Instead of the Goal

Often we are excited by the end results, and we forget about the process.

The best way to finish the work successfully is to develop your interest in the process.

As soon as you adapt yourself to the process, you will enjoy every tiny success on a regular basis.

Consequently, you will enjoy the process of the project, and there is no way that feels dull and boring.

Once you develop affection with the process of the goal, you will be fascinated by every small milestone.

Most likely, you will finish the project with great ease and comfort.


Many of us are not happy with our outcomes, and we often ask ourselves “Why can’t I finish anything?”

This is pretty much common around the globe, and this happens with many of us.

There are many self-imposed interruptions and obstacles which cause us to leave things in between.

It becomes tough to pick up from where we have left, and ultimately many of our tasks remain unfinished.

Some of the reasons for not completing the tasks are our overexcitement, eying the goal and not the process, lack of interest and determination, lack of consistency, and aiming for multiple targets at the same time.

This leads to stress and frustration, and it sticks in our mind that “why can’t I finish anything?”

With a few simple tricks, you can overcome this issue of not completing the tasks.

For instance, associating pleasure with the process, aiming one target at a time, strong determination and perseverance, developing a roadmap, and ignoring the fear of failure could help you to complete the tasks effectively.

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