Successful Vs. Unsuccessful Mindset

Successful Vs. Unsuccessful Mindset: Success is the innate desire of every individual which comes in different forms.

In different stages of our life, we constantly struggle to achieve success.

The fact that everyone wants to be successful is because everyone wants to change. Everyone wants to grow, nourish and prosper in life. It is not an easy task for everyone to achieve success. That is because success is accompanied by determination, hard work, and motivation.

We all dream and we all want success but a definite action is required to make a difference. A person who is pretty much determined to fulfill dreams is likely to achieve success as compared to the one who does not like hard work and is pessimistic about everything most of the time.

You may have one friend in your life who always comes up to you complaining about the hurdles and difficulties of life whereas at the same time you may also be having a friend who despite all the difficulties of life, never gives up and works harder every day to achieve his goals.

While comparing successful people with unsuccessful people, one finds a way lot of a clear cut difference between them.

There is no secret recipe or no hidden formula for as to how to become successful but the differences between successful and unsuccessful people could be in terms of some conventional habits, characteristics and decision-making policies. And these habits, over time are responsible for your personality.

Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful people:

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Personality is something that dominates your characteristics. It is your impression which you display to impress others around you.

For instance, Carl Rogers views personality as an organized and permanent entity that is at the heart of our experiences and Sigmund Freud thinks of personality as a division between id, ego, and superego.

Adopting the Freudian approach to psychology, when our personal encounters with anxiety or stressful events, it makes use of some ego defense mechanisms to protect the ego that resides within us. We, humans, use these defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from overwhelming anxiety and to function well.

We fail to realize that we are actually distorting ourselves from reality by using the defense mechanisms and are leading towards horrible failure.


Because all the defense coping styles like regression, repression, rationalization, displacement, projection, etc operate on the unconscious level which means that they are extremely self-deceptive because they distort our perceptions about the real world around us.

Research has found that human beings have some personality traits which can bring about failure in their life as well as poverty and misery because these traits could affect their talents and the potential to work and capacity to make money.

Some personality traits people possess are so negative that they always turn into failure for them no matter how hard they try to get rid of them.

1- Successful people compliment whereas unsuccessful people criticize:

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Since successful people are full of positivity and they embrace positivity, they complement everything in their lives and about others. They don’t find faults in others and often give good reviews about everything.

In other words, successful people lift others up; therefore they are not fond of criticizing their fellow beings.

Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, are used to criticizing. They complain about almost everything around them. Be it their life, their friends, their family. EVERYTHING.

Their minds are full of negative thoughts and negative emotions.

They will find mistakes in everything and would not believe in miracles because they are just so negative.

2- Successful people take hold of their responsibilities whereas unsuccessful people only pretend:

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Successful people realize their duties and responsibilities and they play their respective roles in obeying them. They fulfill their duties in even the worst conditions because they are loyal and sincere.

While on the other hand, unsuccessful people pretend they know it all (they probably don’t).

They show it off to the world with their heads high, pretending that they know all the answers but in reality, they are too lazy and childish to make it through the very first step.

And when they make a mistake, they don’t hold themselves accountable rather blame others for their own shortcomings and faults.

Instead of accepting the mistake, they point fingers at others.

It is not that successful people don’t make mistakes. They do. But they learn from their mistakes and often don’t repeat them again. While people who don’t even realize their mistakes is what makes them unsuccessful in life.

3- Successful people spread positivity while unsuccessful people degrade others:

Successful vs unsuccessful people and mindset

Unsuccessful people are the most negative people on earth. They have the most negative outlook on life and they are usually the depressed souls one could find.

They don’t want to see other people happy since they are not happy themselves. They try every possible thing to make others feel bad about themselves.

They degrade and devalue others.

They display a negative of the world to other people to make them feel hopeless and disappointed.

Unsuccessful people have this firm belief that things won’t work out the way they want so they become more narrow-minded and selfish. They feel jealous of everybody they see happy.

They substantially lack confidence and self-growth. Confidence is the key to success.

While successful people, the happiest people, always help others and they find happiness by lifting and encouraging others.

They have an optimistic view of life. They are the most determined, enthusiastic, hard-working, motivated and positive people.

They have the power to achieve their goals and they love to help people around them to conquer the same things that they are able to. They just want others to succeed too.

4- Successful people carry a good body language:

self confidence is the key to success

Just wonder for a minute; if someone enters in your room right now, while you are reading this, what would they interpret from the way you are sitting or lying down? Take a look at your arms and the way they are placed or the way your legs are either crossed or opened. What does your posture speak of you?

Well, we don’t think that much while we set up ourselves in a way or other to sit, walk, run or go dancing and walking in the middle of our rooms but somewhere, or maybe everywhere there are people who are judging you or interpreting you and your personality through your body language.

If you are one of those people who think that your body language does not exist, you definitely need to rethink it. However, there are always some tips that can help you enhance your body language and send some really confident signals and feelings to your brain and body. If your body language is confident, you will radiate positively and obviously, confidently as well.

Practice the smile:

They say it right; the most beautiful curve on any human’s body is their smile. It makes you look attractive instantly and it gives off a trustworthy reflection also. However, it also releases stress from your body. It helps you relax and sit back, enjoying everything.

But let’s admit it; some of us just can’t smile. It gets so hard for some of us and others don’t even understand this. However, all you need to do is practice. Every morning, take a minute or two and stand in front of the mirror, smiling at yourself. This might seem weird but just remember that smile has a great and positive impact on people so practice it until it seems to be natural.

You Need to be Attentive about Your Posture:

Everyone has their own style of sitting or standing but little do they realize that their own personal style is actually reflecting their sweet or not so sweet personality openly. People judge you within the first 5 seconds of setting their eyes on you and this is where your posture plays an extremely important part.

There are small tips when it comes to sitting in the right manner or standing in the right way. For example, when you sit, it is said that you should bend your knees at the right angle. Likewise, you should sit up straight so that you don’t look lousy.

Similarly, while you are standing, it is said that a bad posture can end up causing muscles and bone problems. Thus it is important that you take care of your posture for health reasons as well.

Dressing and Confidence go Hand in Hand:

Clothes make a huge difference in how people judge you or how they perceive you. However, there is one thing to understand that wearing the latest fashion is not what makes you confident. Dressing confidently has nothing to do with the trendiest outfit in this world. I have seen people wear the best attire and still manage to make themselves look like utter fools (no offense though).

Looking poised is much better when it comes to describing how you can dress confidently. Our posture adds the remaining spark to it. For instance, a man in a suit might attract the ladies, only when his postures are right. If he does not know how to sit or stand properly, he would probably look bad.

Don’t Fidget:

A lot of people can’t just sit straight and they will have 101 reasons to justify their restlessness.

However, if you want to make a good impression on someone, make sure that you do not fidget a lot. Fidgeting destroys your impression and remembers that the first one is your last one.

Your body language is a reflection of your personality. People will set an image of you, within seconds from the way you sit, stand or communicate. Make sure that you are groomed enough that you know the do’s and don’ts of your postures, dressing, and talking.

This makes communicating with people easier and you are able to leave a wonderful impression on the person sitting across that conference table or maybe that beautiful lady, whom you call your dinner date.

Sometimes, your body language makes it as easy as a “yes” or “no”.

5- Successful People don’t care what people think:

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It is a shame that we breathe in a modernized society yet we fail to think or improve our parameters according to that. We do not question ourselves about why are we guilty. The way people will judge us have been the primary focus of our life since the day of our birth. We all are guilty without any reason. Made to move around, sit, talk and even act according to the requirements of what people might think about us. We simply can’t stop caring what people think.

There are several reasons why people need to stop doing this to themselves.

No One Cares:

Even when it seems hard to digest for you, know that you are not special for everyone. You are just not. Along the entire day, each of us thinks about what the other person might be thinking about us. How they might be judging us; but the reality is that they are thinking the same thing. They are also involved in this web, wondering what you might be thinking about them or on what basis you might be judging them.

We live in a smartphone-oriented era, where nobody is bothered by your existence. They rather enjoy their own private world through that tiny screen in their hands. And even when people do get time to speculate about something, they have a lot of thoughts about themselves and their personal life. They hardly have time to devote their thoughts to you. To sum it all up; no one cares at all.

You are not a People Pleaser:

Accept the fact that you are not a people pleaser. Society won’t approve of all of your actions. There is a saying:

“Some people will see you walking on water and still say that you are walking on it because you don’t know how to swim.”

You cannot come up to everybody’s expectations; it is impossible. Every other person will judge you. You will be quite lucky if you find even one individual who does not judge you for every act of yours. Peek into the worst of what could happen if someone judges you; Nothing is going to happen, right? Your worrying about it is useless.

You are Going to Reap Whatever you Sow:

Science says that the way you think has a huge impact on the way you behave or whatever happens in your life. So basically, what you reap is what you will be showing in the end. Thus, the way you treat yourself is highly linked with the manner others are going to treat you.

This simply means that if you are a pushover, your life will be filled with such people. The type of human you are, you will be bringing in the same kind of people in your life as well. So if you don’t care about what people think about you or you don’t judge others as well, you will be automatically surrounded by exactly the same type of people also. If you judge people, you will be judged in return.

So how can you stop caring about what people think about you? Is there any cure?

• The first step is to know your values. Understand and feel whatever is important in your life and how much value does it hold. Also, know what your aims are. This will automatically make others unimportant for you and you won’t pay any heed to what they are thinking about you.

• Once you are aware of whatever is important for you and your life, you need to indulge yourself in some activities. These activities must allow you to speak out your mind. You can take part in debates, blogging or anything that makes you feel lighter.

• You need to be sure that you allow confident and self-assured people in your life. Also, make sure that you don’t surround yourself with judgemental people. Keep negative minded people away. Even if it looks selfish, know that it is important for you.

You need to know that no one cares about you or what you are doing. Gossips aside, people will forget about it after some time. Be aware of the fact that everyone is not going to accept you or your actions. Be free from the fear of society.

Know where you belong and what your purpose in life is. Don’t let what other people think of you or the thought of what other people might be thinking affect your life. Stop walking around in this world with the fear of judgment. Don’t care for what people might be speculating about you. Don’t judge and if anyone judges you, don’t care about it. Once you are out of sight, you are out of their mind.

6- Successful people conquer their fears:

Hannah Bower Struggles

There is something that will scare everyone. People, who say that they are not fearful of anything, usually lie. There is always a way to fight whatever you are scared of and conquer fear. Motivation is the ultimate key to getting rid of your fear. You also need to be sure that no one, apart from you, knows your weaknesses or qualms. It is your personal matter and if you keep it with yourself, it will be easier to overcome your fear.

Take Some Time for Yourself:

There is a lot to do these days, in our daily lives which makes it stressful. When you are facing anxiety or are fearful of something, your capacity to think straight fails. You are not able to find a solution to whatsoever is bothering you. So to escape whatever is making you feel fearful, you need to calm yourself down.

Don’t allow your fear to overpower you. Set aside and focus on your breathing.

Take 15-20 minutes out of the situation and sit alone. All you need to do is focus on yourself and meditate.

This is going to relax you and that is the primary step to fighting fear.

Breathe to conquer fear:

When you decide to face something you fear, your palms get sweaty and your heartbeat races. These are the usual symptoms that people face whenever they are put forth in a situation that has something which makes them dreadful. The best thing that you can do is not fight it back or panic further in the struggle of making these feeling subside.

You need to stay wherever you are or grab a chair and settle yourself. Now, you need to feel panic.

Yes, this might sound a little hard but you need to let the heartbeat race and your palms get sweaty.

Trying to fight such situations usually, puts you into them for a longer time. Start breathing slowly and it is preferred that you place your palm in the center of your stomach while you breathe deeply. This aids immensely in making your heartbeat jump back to normal and the feelings start to resolve down.

Face the Fears:

This is what people, who are looking to overcome fears, are most fearful of.

The major question they arise is that why do they need to overcome it and then the how pops in!

Firstly, if you are allowing something to make you scared, you are handing it power.

Your fear keeps increasing. However, even when this is difficult when you face your fear you actually start to get rid of it. It starts to fade away and its potential to scare you is diminished.

Think what could be worse?

You need to look onto the other side of fear; what could be even worse than your phobia of heights?

Worse can be jumping off that height and dying. Or you might get a heart attack?

The more you start to chase your own fear, the faster you will make it run away or you will finally conquer it. So peek into other possibilities and then think about how small your fear is in front of the worse that could happen.

Let Positivism Control the Situation:

Positive people usually are the ones who don’t allow their fear to overpower them. The majority of people don’t believe this fact but it is utterly true.

If you think positive and you allow positivism to flow through your mind and heart, you are able to distract yourself from your fears.

For instance, you might have a height phobia. But if you try thinking that you can see the sky closely or you can stand on a cliff and see the world lying below and beyond you; nothing would be more perfect. So it is better to think positively out of every fearful situation and grab the positive side to make you walk through it easily.

There are several times when you need to face your fears and go ahead of them. According to psychology, the harder you chase your fear, the faster it runs away from you. And the more you allow it to rule your mind, the more it will gather your heart and brain into the fears of your life.

You can talk to a psychiatrist if you think that your fear is overpowering you. You can also talk to your friends and family so that they help you conquer it. Think about the scary situations positively and try wondering off to situations that could be harder than the one you are stuck in.

Conquering your fear is only going to be hard if you make it or think of it in that manner. Once you allow yourself to break through them; it will be really easy.

7- Successful people know, how to keep on going:

Going On A Spiritual Journey

There is a common mistake that people try to hold on to their feelings and emotional problems thinking that it will make them stronger. But this is not the right approach. It is letting go of the pains and distresses that will add strength to your life.

Those of us who keep on lingering on to their past miseries and look behind, again and again, are often shocked at the end when they find that the future has actually gone past them. Finding solace in your life is not a very complicated or difficult task.

It is all about changing your attitude and mindset. You need to distract yourself or divert your attention towards something positive in your life rather than holding on to the past stories and memories of the pain and grief.

Not keep going and letting go of pain can be lethal:

Having feelings of mental pain and distress over a prolonged period of time can be harmful to a person as well. It not only has psychological implications but can also adversely affect your physical health. For this reason, allowing worries and stresses to pile up is not a good option for anyone.

It is important for the general well-being of the person to learn how to let go of pain and keep going in a forward direction. This pain could be attributed to the same unwanted event in the past, some grief, failure, loss of someone close or simply a continued feeling of hopelessness and anxiety towards our daily life routines. It could something important or something very unimportant.

But the crux is that no matter what the past holds, you must let it go and move on. Otherwise, you will be holding up huge amounts of positive energy and emotions which could otherwise benefit you to achieve your goals and objectives.

You can change your entire life for betterment and fulfillment of yourself and the people around you.

So how can you let go of pain and keep going? The points highlighted in the below text will help you get a fair idea.

Have a look and try and follow them with positivity and open-mindedness:

Understand the advantages of letting go:

It is human nature to adapt and act on something if they know that it is beneficial. Without any gains or advantages, we hardly want to go towards any activity. Many people hold on to their miseries and pains because they believe that it can help them. How? You may ask. Well, these people like to portray a victimized image, making the other person become the villain and get lots of sympathies from people around them. There are also other reasons why people deliberately fail to let go of the pain.

But what these people fail to understand is that they will be on the losing end in the long run.

  • Their health will be negatively affected.
  • People will start avoiding them.
  • Their professional and social life will be affected.
  • They will be stereotyped.
  • They will remain unhappy.

So, overcome this past distress and look out for the positive outcomes you can achieve.

Understand the pain and its reasons:

You need to analyze what actually happened and what was the reason for this pain. Try to accept that whatever happened has happened and nothing in this world will now reverse it.

Yes, it was painful, but now the pain has no point of lingering on. If you keep on returning to the cause and reasons, the pain will continue to be stronger. It is better to accept and move on.

Learn to forgive and forget:

Learning the art of forgiving and forgetting is the best way to let go of the pain.

The stress you feel could be because of someone’s wrongdoings or mistakes.

If you forgive those wrong behaviors the reason for pain will subside and you will be free from this trauma and anxiety.

Start focusing on more important influences in your life:

Instead of the past look into the future. Analyze your life and see who and what matters most.

  • What could be more influencing in your life?
  • Where would you rather spend your time and energy?
  • What are the positive goals and objectives that I need to accomplish?
  • How should I plan my future moves?

This is only a basic framework that can help you to let go of pain and keep on moving in the forward direction.

Our preferences, attitudes, and lifestyles differ from each other. So personal ways of finding peace and calmness may have slight variations.

But the basic idea should remain the same.

Add positivity and optimism to your life and you will be surprised to see the amazing change that will follow.

8- Successful People care about their future:

What Do I Stand For? Find The Right Direction In Life!

A lot of people will motivate you to be happier in life. Others will tell you to love yourself before you love anyone else so that you can cherish your life and make your future better and shinier.

Then there will be people who will tell you to start avoiding toxic people and situations in life to get a promising and great future.

Let’s be honest; the future is uncertain. Happiness won’t knock your door always. Loving yourself will be possible when you feel good about yourself, right?

And sometimes you are stuck too deep in a toxic situation that getting out of it will be tough. So, you need to start from the basics so that you can be happier, stress-free and be able to avoid toxic situations.

So what is it?

What can you start doing today that will promise a greater life in the future?

And greater life does not only refer to happiness, joy, wealth or materialistic possessions; it is much more ahead of it. What about your health?

What about your body’s power to work and move around so that you can earn those materialistic possessions that hold such an importance on your priority list?

Your life cannot be great if you are not fit and happy from within and your brain as well.
Someone said it right:

The sooner you can train your body to sleep and wake up early, the better off you will be.

What can Promise you a great Tomorrow?

Sleeping early can be possible if you are tired. I know sleeping at 9 pm is nowhere possible for the new generation. We have so much to do right?

Our shoulders are always burdened and we assume that the entire world’s weight is in our little hands!

Even if I don’t over-exaggerate it, let’s be realistic, shall we? It is not possible for anyone to sleep at 9 at night these days.

People who have projects pending can’t just dump them onto the next day and then the next and even farther but what if you sleep early and wake up early as well?

It is going to be really tough in the beginning. Waking up early is not an easy task especially when your sleep cycle is nowhere near it. But if you hang on to this habit, you will see that you will have more energy and enthusiasm to go through the entire day.

Waking up early is a therapy in itself

It not only gives you time to cherish your own sweet while but it also provides you more time to eat your breakfast and work out. And as we all know, working out makes you more active for the entire day.

BUT a thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t only have to stress upon waking up early. If you don’t sleep early, you won’t ever be fresh in the morning, no matter how much you jog or how much you run on that damn treadmill; your energy will soon waver off.

We all are so entranced in our lives that we have completely forgotten to take care of ourselves.

We forget the fact that a sound body provides you a sound mind and this comes with spending some little time meditating or exercising on a daily basis.

You are able to crush through the day easily and with sprightliness.

Most Successful People of The World Did This Also:

And here is a great thing to notice as well…all the best and most successful people in the world are those who wake up early and they did so since the beginning. Is this just a coincidence?

Well, if it happened with just one or two people, it would have been…but maybe these people knew the importance of waking up early and they made it, their key to success and a better future.

As I said earlier, every person will tell you something different. But to be honest, to even start loving your life or yourself, you need to have a wave of energy and life in you. And this is possible only when you feel energetic and good from within.

Lazy mornings usually lead to lazy days which are not that productive as well.

Thus start waking up 20-30 minutes earlier every day.

You will notice how your life and sleep cycle will start changing and in a month or so you will see a visible, vibrant and positive change in your attitude towards your work life, daily routine and set of responsibilities.

If you start doing this, you will actually gain 210extra minutes every week. And if you want further stats, then it makes almost 910 minutes per month.

You just don’t get extra time, you get it for yourself so that you can cherish life, love yourself and do what makes you happy.

I guess now you see how starting from scratch will help you handle everything accordingly, right?

9- Successful people realize nothing is impossible:

Happiness guide for reserved people

Making the impossible possible is a much-used cliché in the world of motivational and inspirational speaking. But in reality, it is more than just a cliché, it is truly an art of living. Realizing that nothing in this world is impossible gives the person a new vision, aim, and enthusiasm to move in the forward direction. It is a driving force that tells you to move ahead and never to give up on your dreams and ambitions. If you realize that nothing in the world is impossible to achieve, you become braver and shun all the fears that might otherwise slow you down in your quest towards a higher destination.

But this phenomenon of possibility thinking cannot be visualized without a consistent level of hard work, skills, and persevering behavior. It is more of an art than a science. There is no set rules for achieving the impossible, you can use own judgment, talent, and intelligence to achieve it. However, we should be careful not to confuse, the possibility of thinking with another similar concept called wishful thinking. The latter is only based on dreams where people wait for a miracle to happen. There is no struggle, hard work or effort underlying this way of living.

But for those who still consider the impossible as a superior connotation towards our dreams, we must change this attitude. Thinking that you would not able to acquire your goals and objectives, even before trying, leaves you as a defeated and depressed individual.  And above all the goals and objectives remained unaccomplished.

So what does one do in such situations? What could be the solution to such problems? How can we make them realize that nothing is impossible? The key to all this is the guideline provided below. Follow them with a positive mindset and do not let your dreams go far away from your reach right in front of your eyes:

Try it to believe it:

Until and unless we try something on our own, we cannot develop an opinion about it. This is untrue for people who think about the impossibilities of life. Their problems lie in the fact that they have already developed some beliefs and stereotypes in life. They assume and perceive things based on other people’s experiences. For them to realize that nothing is impossible, they must practice the art of attempting and engaging with their own goals and objectives. It does not matter whether you win or lose, playing the game is essential. If you do not work on something, you cannot know the possibility of being successful.

Change the way you think:

Thinking that something is absurd and unachievable can keep you away from it for maybe an even lifetime. Our thoughts and mindsets that develop from a very early age restrict us from moving in any other direction. As a consequence, we segregate some goals as possible and some as impossible consciously or unconsciously. For realizing that nothing is impossible, you must at least have an open-minded approach towards them.

Reassure yourself:

No one from the sky will come and push you towards your dreams. It is a self-motivating and self-moving process. be positive about your thinking and your actions. Try to make yourself understand and realize that nothing in this world is impossible. You can reassure yourself about your open-minded thinking:

  • I can do this.
  • Nothing is difficult for me.
  • Grab the opportunity while it lasts.
  • I can achieve the most difficult as well.
  • Does not matter if I have not done it before.
  • There is always a first time for everything.

Look at yourself:

Looking at examples and experiences of others can make you learn a lot. Try and find examples of big leaders and successful personalities of the world. Also, recall your own mistakes and failures and analyze them for reasons and shortcomings.

Inculcate imagination and creativity:

Always look for answers rather than queries. Do not let yourself stand in an alley of dead ends. Find out what lies on the other side of the wall. Think out of the box. Be imaginative and creative about your ways and means of achieving the impossible.

Focus on the outcomes:

Whenever you dream about something, you should be focused on the end result and not the path that you will follow. It does not matter how difficult your journey is, but which destination you reach after that journey, that should be more important.

To realize that nothing is impossible, you must plan your moves towards your dreams and goals. Going on a journey to achieve something cannot be fruitful if it is accompanied by distress and hopelessness. So detach such feelings from your life and you will certainly see positive results in the days to follow.

5 Personality Traits of Unsuccessful People

ffind your inner powers

The most difficult riddle to be answered since the beginning of history is that what sort of creatures are we? What kind of personality traits we have? After great explorations for years has employed a variety of concepts, it has been found out that there are individual differences in all the human beings present on this earth, even if they are exactly identical twins.

The differences can be accounted for biological, physical, psychological and most importantly personality.

And if we expand this horizon, we get to know that there is, even more, diversity within human beings in their culture, values, styles of life and personality.

1) Worst of all personality traits; Arrogance:

I have mentioned this trait because some people are way too arrogant. They think and they show the world that they know everything.

They feel superior for no reason. In reality, they aren’t really successful or capable enough but they don’t want to admit that they are actually weak. Because if they do, their ego and pride will be damaged.

This trait could lead people towards failure because since arrogant people tell others that they know everything, therefore, nobody really offers them help. People usually distance themselves from arrogant and egoistic people so such people are often loners.

For a person to be successful, he must get help from others because having an insight into different perspectives would expand your knowledge and you may achieve much.

The arrogance stops you from realizing your weak points and damages your personal relationships. It is the arrogance that will never allow you to realize that it is the failure that has blocked the road to your success.

Therefore you need to remove the know-it-all attitude from your personality.

2) Indecisive:

The inability to make a decision for yourself and a lack of resolution in your life serves your failure that you never even imagined.

People who are indecisive daily get up in the morning put their clothes on, and leave the house for work as early as possible to get on time and they work for their boss the whole day because his boss is the one who can make decisions for him.

That sounds bad, right?

Well, it is because such people never took a stand and never made a decision.

They were too lazy that they lost the sense of purpose of their life now to earn money they have to drag themselves daily and they will be working like this for the rest of their lives.

Therefore to become successful, today and now make a decision about your life.

Become your own boss and work whenever and wherever you feel like working.

Most people delegate their decisions to other to avoid rejection.

The inability to make a decision for yourself and a lack of resolution in your life could serve you failure that you never imagined.

People who are indecisive. They don’t know what they are doing.

The daily get up in the morning…well except for Sunday, they put their clothes on, and leave the home for work….” bye Honey, I am off to work….don’t cheat on me while I’m gone”

…and they get to their work or office or whatever on time and work for their bosses the whole day.

And the sad part is; he could have spent that same on himself, working hard and doing all the hard work for himself and not some fat-ass lying down on the office seat pretending to work.

That sounds so bad, right?

Well, it is because such people never took a stand and never made a decision for themselves. They were too lazy that they lost the sense of purpose of their life. And now to earn money they have to drag themselves daily to work for someone else.

But to live a truly independent life and to become successful today and now make a decision about your life.

Become your own boss by making a decision for yourself.


Narcissists are the people who think the world revolves around them. Being with them makes one feel low and “good for nothing”

These people will start throwing things at you if they ever feel wronged.

My friend’s mother is suffering from NPD which is an abbreviation of narcissistic personality disorder.

She is not diagnosed yet, but she has all the symptoms of it. She has an extreme lack of unselfishness for anyone, and she is never wrong because you don’t want to negate her!! At all!

She will physically assault those who do!

Narcissists people feel they are superior to others. Unsuccessful people feel superior for no reason. In reality, they aren’t really successful or capable enough but they don’t want to admit that they are actually weak. Because if they do, their ego and pride will be damaged.

This trait could lead people towards failure because since these people tell others that they know everything, therefore, nobody really offers them help.

They hurt people by making them realize their weak points and damage their personal relationships.

Therefore you need to remove the know-it-all attitude from your personality and realize that no one is superior in terms of equality.

4) Those who believe in everything:

People who believe everything that they have been told are the ones whose success is at risk.

People will start taking benefit from you if you keep on listening to the meaningless things they tell you like we are out of the budget, we are busy and whatnot.

Try to selectively listen and believe it to be true after you are satisfied with the validity of the news.

5) Selfishness:

I have mentioned this trait because we all are somehow selfish.

We think only about what is to benefit us and not to others and we think primarily from our own point of view.

We all want instant gratification and do not like struggling with the things we desire. And therefore we overlook the necessary things and only consider the ones which are to benefit us and this is the reason people experience failure in the long run.

To become successful, one must be willing to come out of the comfort zone and put in some effort and set aside selfish desires.

Conclusion :

I am sure every one of you wants to be successful in life but in order to really achieve massive success; you need to first start acting like successful people. You need to embody the same personality traits that all the successful people possess. Think of all the success you know and realize that they also started it from somewhere.

Realize that in order to become successful and wealthy, they had to dump some of their personality traits. They had to compromise to gain something for the lifetime. They stopped being arrogant and did make a decision for themselves.

To quote the very famous definition of a ‘successful person’ by the billionaire John Paul Dejoria, a man behind a number of famous products.

He says

Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people do not want to do.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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