What To Do When An Aries Woman Ignores You All Of Sudden?

As sweet as relationships can be, the experience of getting ignored by your significant other, that too, out of the blue, is not a feeling any of us wants to experience. It’s confusing, disappointing, and also extremely distressful. Couple this bewilderment with the complex personalities of Aries women, and you’ll find yourself in the deepest pithole of your life.

Aries women are not the easiest to read, so it can get quite challenging for you to decode where you went wrong and how to exactly fix it.

Is she really ignoring you or is it just you?

To put an end to that headache of yours, we have listed all the reasons why your Aries woman may begin to ignore you all of a sudden.

You’ve done something to hurt her

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It often happens that we unconsciously say or do things in a relationship that may end up hurting our significant other in some way. It does not always need to be something big, but sometimes even the smallest things can trigger a response that puts your significant other in a swirl.

Aries also don’t like to express their feelings very proficiently and prefer to keep them bottled inside, so this nut may be a little harder to crack sometimes.

If such is the situation and you think it’s the reason why your Aries woman has started to give you the cold shoulder all of a sudden, then the most logical course of action is to sit down and calmly talk everything out with her. Create a talking environment in which she can easily trust you and comfortably convey her problem to you without doubting a negative reaction from you.

It may feel like a difficult job to get done especially because she’s constantly avoiding you, but it might not even be that big sometimes and just a little talking can ease out your relationship into normality again!

Another thing that you may want to try is to let her be for a while. Since they don’t always display their emotions openly, perhaps she just wants to be alone to heal from whatever has happened.

She doesn’t feel the spark anymore

As easy it is to fall in love with someone, it is to fall out of love as well. May sound impossible, but it actually happens way more than you think. Aries are normally attracted to passion and thrill in their lives, so it’s really easy for them to lose interest in something which doesn’t cater to their emotional needs completely.

If you have tried everything to make things right between the two of you, but they still don’t seem to work out, then it could be that she’s losing interest in you. To find out more about what’s going on in her head, you need to confront her about your feelings and encourage her to do the same.

During all of this, you must remain strong and maintain your poise because a shattered and weak man will just anger an Aries woman even more than she already is. Don’t suddenly start to act like you don’t care if she’s growing distant from you, but also don’t jump to any conclusions without first confirming what really is wrong.

You have failed to meet her expectations

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Every woman wants the best of treatments from her significant other in a relationship, regardless of whether she’s an Aries.

They all have a level of expectations from their relationships and partners, and if these expectations are not fulfilled, of course they don’t get the happiest. Aries women are known to exaggerate things as well, so if such is the case, she will most likely take everything to another level.

If you think you have lacked in fulfilling your girl’s needs and expectations at some point, it’s easy to make it up to her. Pamper her with love and care, spoil her with some flowers or take over the kitchen at the end of a long day to make her feel valued, the possibilities are endless!

Love is not something that needs to be perfected once and can be left without any tending or caretaking. It needs regular attention and fulfilment, that’s why it’s such a big commitment.

You have broken a promise

Nobody likes it when you break a promise. And if it’s your girl, then be prepared to get a lot of silent treatment if you fail to fulfill a promise. It’s not always necessary that you’ll get full-on ignored if you were unable to fulfil a commitment or promise, but some women may react to it strongly too. You never know. Sometimes you can also land in such a situation because of multiple broken promises, or a chain of broken commitments.

To be honest, there are only two answers to this question. Either apologize if you have made a mistake for the first time, or work on improving yourself if you have a history of such mistakes. There really is no other solution but to work on yourself, even if you try to make it up to your girl by pampering her, it will come down to zero again if you make the same mistakes over and over again.

You ignored her in the first place

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The perfect example of karma.

If you have been ignoring your Aries woman lately, consciously or unconsciously, then be prepared to face the consequences because Aries women will reciprocate in the worst way possible.

She’ll make you feel worse than you could ever make her feel and she won’t stop until you’re almost down to begging her for some mercy. Aries women are fun, but they can be a handful when they’re angry.

Apologize for making her feel unwanted and devalued if you unconsciously ignored her and hope for the best.

What to do when your Aries woman is ignoring you?

Respect her boundaries

The number one rule of being in a relationship is to know each other’s limits and respect them. It may feel like the right thing to do, running after her and making efforts to mend the relationship, however while doing this, you may sometimes cross limits that make your significant other uncomfortable, and instead of coming close to you, they just get even more distant.

If an Aries woman is ignoring you, then you must understand that you won’t gain anything by losing your cool and running after her like a child. So it’s crucial to understand if your significant other is not willing to talk to you for some time. Give her the space that she requires and let time do it’s magic.

If the both of you are having a discussion about where things went wrong, then you need to respect her opinions and listen to her attentively instead of forcing your opinions upon her and counteracting her feelings. She needs her feelings to get validated, so you need to do so without losing track of her boundaries.

Give her space to breathe

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When your relationship is in a spiral, you may be eager to quickly resolve all conflicts and get back to normal. However, with an Aries woman, you need to hold your horses. Take a step back if she has been ignoring you and let her breathe for a second. She may be too flustered to gather her own thoughts initially, so it’s best to not burden her with yours as well. You both can talk things out effectively only when the both of you are in the right headspace to do so. Otherwise, things are just going to go downhill.

Stop calling her or dropping needless texts, don’t stop by so often to meet her. All these things are just going to make you look clingy and most of the time, they will irritate your woman. And when your relationship is at such a point, adding more fuel to the fire is just plain stupid.

Hold onto your apologies

Apologizing over and over again may be a natural reaction to when your girl is ignoring you, however, with Aries women, it’s either a hit or a miss. If you are getting too clingy and not getting off her back when she’s angry at you, then there is a great chance that she’ll get irritated and fed up with your actions and get even more pissed.

You might want to push her further and further to get her feelings out of her so you can make it up to her properly, and 100 points for effort and thought, but since Aries women are not open with their emotions, she hardly will tell you about her feelings. Of course, the cycle will continue. She won’t tell you, you will keep asking, she will start to get more and more irritated and may even end up getting rude with you.

Of course, when you are at fault, you should definitely apologize to her, but never overdo it.

If she wants, then let her go

If you have done absolutely everything in your capacity to make it up to your Aries woman and mend things between the two of you, but she is maintaining her ignorance towards you, you have got to accept the possibility that perhaps she just doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

It definitely isn’t the most ethical way to break up with someone, but sometimes it is what people do, and we have no choice but to respect their decision. Just know that if you did everything you could to make her stay and she didn’t, then she probably wasn’t the one for you. If she couldn’t value your love and effort, then you should know that you deserve someone who values you and your love.


Getting ignored by someone you love is surely not the best feeling and it’s not something that should anyone go through, but if you happen to end up in such a situation, then trying everything listed above will most surely help you and your relationship out of the rut you’re in.