What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Keeper?

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Keeper?: They say that love and compatibility are the two horsemen of a successful relationship. Your relationship becomes 10 times more fun and smoother to deal with if your interests lie parallel to your partner’s, if the both of you share the same values against things in life, and if your opinions about important matters are not so polar that they create a divergence between you two.

However, the reality is actually quite more complicated than this. Love is more than just some butterflies in your tummy or an overall positive sense of feeling, and compatibility is not just restricted to liking the same movies and reading the same genre of books as your partner.

Love is an ever-evolving feeling that has its own ups and downs. Relationships are not always rainbows and sunshine and dealing with problems that arise along the way is no bed of roses. There will be times when you feel like you are so head over heels for your partner, and in other instances, you would not be feeling the same urge, instead would be wishing for some distance from them. There is strength and patience needed. It is in such situations necessary that there is a sense of shared companionship and the urge to work towards solutions that helps to maintain the love between two people. And this sense of compassion is known as compatibility.

Physical characteristics, common interests, all aside, it is this sense of bigheartedness and companionship that is truly desirable in a partner and what makes them a ‘keeper.’

Now, what is a keeper?

When it comes to relationships, a keeper is someone who has all the qualities that you believe can help your relationship remain a smooth and easy ride. They are worth keeping in your life because of all the happiness, love, and respect that they give you and your relationship, and the way they are willing to make things work between you two even when things get rocky. A partner who is dedicated towards making your relationship work at all times, and will put you as their top priority, all the while loving you is someone you never should let go of.

What are the qualities of a keeper?

They never leave your side when the going gets tough

Signs that your girlfriend doesn’t respect you

It is never about the promises to stay one may make in a relationship that are enough to make things work. Of course, they count, but they won’t have any such weightage if they aren’t acted upon and fulfilled.

A partner who stays with you when there’s no one by your side and always welcomes you with open arms and a shoulder to cry on is one that is worth staying with. Your partner is a keeper if they make sacrifices and go the extra mile just to make sure that they stay by your side and that you feel supported no matter what thick or thin life makes you go through.

Making big promises about how they want to stay with you till the day they die or the end of time, are just not enough. Instead, if they show you that they really mean those promises, and are ready to go to all extents to fulfill them for the sake of your relationship’s betterment, then they are a keeper.

They do not let distances affect communication

This is true especially if you are in a long-distance relationship with someone. Distance might not seem like a big deal in theory, and it surely isn’t, unless there is pure, honest, and ample communication between you and your partner. Not being with each other physically creates a gap that might seem too wide to bridge at times, but if your partner makes the best efforts to keep communication strong between you two, then not only will your relationship strive, but you’ll also realize that they are a keeper.

On the other hand, even if your relationship is not long distance, communication is perhaps one of the most important requirements of a healthy and happy relationship. Even if it means that you two are boring each other with mundane life details, talking to each other does more wonders than you can ever imagine. If your partner makes sure that they tell you if they run into any inconvenience, if something about you is bothering them, if they want to fix a certain aspect of your relationship, and many more, then mark our words: they are worth keeping. Anyone who does not fear sharing what they’re truly feeling like with you has the potential to be a great partner. Sharing little details about their life and trying to make their partner feel involved in their life is what makes one a keeper.

They have your back

Body language and Conversation Tone

Living a life with no support from the people you love is a dire and backbreaking task. If you have a partner who is willing to compromise and sacrifice just for your happiness, and is ready to stick with you no matter what or how you’re doing life, then you should consider that you’ve got yourself a pure gem.

If they support you with your work, lifestyle, opinions and other big choices, then don’t let go of them because they’re worth staying with. They’re a keeper and will make sure that you feel hyped up, supported, and loved by them no matter where life takes you, or where you take life. A partner like this deserves your benevolence, love, and an everlasting partnership in life for all that they do for you, so give them it.

They try their best to keep you happy

Love is quite selfless. When you’re in love with someone truly, madly, and deeply, you will want to make the greatest efforts to not let your partner’s smile fade away. You tend to sometimes not care much about yourself, but instead put your partner’s needs, likes, and dislikes over yours.

If you’ve got yourself a partner who looks out for you, cares for you, and does small or big acts of love to make you happy, then you’re in luck.

Love can be shown with the tiniest of gestures. It doesn’t always have to be big stuff. Something as small as a cup of tea in bed, or a cute post-it on the refrigerator can be able to put a smile on your partner’s face. So if you spot your partner going around doing such little things for your happiness, don’t ever let them go away.

They want to make your relationship work

When problems arise in a relationship, two people tend to drift apart from each other due to misunderstandings, words said, and certain actions done. Not always is it the case that the two of you run into an obstacle with your relationship and will be immediately willing to solve things for the better. There will be anger, frustration, disappointment, and maybe even a dash of pettiness as you seek your partner to make the first move towards solutions rather than doing it yourself.

In such situations, a partner who does not let the matter get out of hand and is willing to sit down and figure it out in a civilized manner despite all negative and hard feelings is a keeper. If you and your partner get into a problem and they are eager to push feelings aside and talk about it for a solution in a rational manner, then you shouldn’t let them get away. A partner who does not lose sense of love and respect for you even in times of anger and hardships is not easy to find at all.

They look past your flaws

Compliment him

Everyone has flaws and imperfections, and it is not always easy to overlook such characteristics in your partner unless you truly love them. There are points in life when these things do tend to annoy you. However, if your partner keeps your flaws aside and loves you indifferently even when others may target you for such flaws, then they are a keeper.

Not letting any factors come in between you and your partner and loving them unconditionally is definitely an extremely admirable and hard to find quality, so if your partner possesses it, then hold tightly onto them and never let them go!

They have a good sense of humor

Life gets easy with a good partner by your side, but it gets mind blowingly amazing when there’s a good and funny partner by your side to make you laugh your heart out even when you are going through some dark days.

Even if they crack some lame jokes on which nobody laughs except for themselves, having a partner that sees the little joys in life and attempts to lighten up your day with a smile that can end wars and cure cancer is a heaven-sent blessing.

You can trust a partner with a good sense of humor to make you smile at all times till the day you die and that is something you surely don’t wanna miss on because there’s nothing that a good laugh cannot fix.

Their kindness is admirable

Finding a partner who is kind, caring, and empathetic towards others is surely a feat, so if you’ve got yourself a person who shows kindness towards others, then you’re one lucky person. If you never catch your partner saying bad about others, or someone else saying bad about them, then trust that they truly are nothing less of a gem. If someone cares about others more than they do for themselves, then they tend to be an amazing partner because they will surely keep all your interests, desires, and likings above everything else and prioritize you in their life.

If your partner has a heart big enough to be compassionate towards other people, then beyond a doubt, they will love you with a heart as big as the sea.

Such a selfless, gallant, and loving person is not someone you should be letting go of, hence they certainly are a keeper.

They are brutally honest

Honesty is an extremely important virtue. Without honesty in a relationship, there will be no trust, and the foundation of your relationship will be weak and susceptible to damage. Having a partner who is honest, open, and transparent with you despite everything might seem difficult to cope up with, but this trait is something that is going to aid your relationship strive in the long run.

A partner who is brutally honest with you may seem to be rude, but in reality they are just doing you a favor by coming off clean with you. If they are honest with you, you can always believe them when they make any promises with you that they will surely fulfill them. Being able to trust your partner with what they’re saying is truly a blessing because it is not easily found anymore. So it is important that you keep such a partner in your life.

They focus on their individual goals too

Thinking about the course and future of your relationship is a very wise decision. However, giving attention to your own personal goals all the while putting effort in your life as a partner is extremely necessary for a balanced life.

If you have a partner who wishes to work towards an established self all along working towards an established relationship then you really are lucky. Dating someone who knows where they want to be in life on a personal basis and has a huge list of goals and ambitions to work on is something very pivotal in today’s world. Knowing that your partner wants to accomplish something and be independent while being with you as well is undoubtedly a sigh of relief. If you have such a partner, then take our advice and make sure that they don’t leave your side.

You have a strong emotional connection with them

Emotional intimacy that goes deep is one of the best things that you can ask for in your relationship. A partner who is there for you emotionally and supports you not just physically but mentally as well is surely a keeper. If you have a strong emotional connection with someone, it means that you feel secure, comfortable, vulnerable, and loved with them. Emotional intimacy also helps to cultivate trust, romance and compatibility in your relationship.

If your partner provides you with a companionship that helps you be comfortable in your own skin, blindly trust them, be transparent with your feelings in front of them, and lastly, makes you cherish life, then they are a true keeper and you should work towards stabilizing your bond with them for life!

They always respect you

Respect is a sensitive topic when it comes to relationships. Your partner may respect you when things are going perfect between you two, but that respect won’t carry much weight unless they regard and respect you the same when your relationship stumbles.

A person’s true colors are seen when they are angry, and if your partner stays true to their calm, collected, respectful, and loving personality even when they are furious at you, then that’s when you can determine that they really respect you. If they are only respectful towards you when you are on your best behavior, then they are not the one.

If you have a partner who respects you in all aspects of life, whether it may be physical, emotional, or sexual, then you’ve got yourself the right one. Paying heed to what your boundaries are and not crossing them under any circumstances is what you should be looking for in a partner, and if yours has these qualities, then they are a keeper.

They are all eyes and ears when they are with you

Having a partner who gives you their undivided attention when you’re with them makes them a true keeper. It does not only apply to when you are physically with them, but also when you are talking to them over text or call. What’s your time, is your time. During that time your partner should not be invested in absolutely anything or anyone but you. Attention is extremely crucial for a relationship to survive the test of time, and if your partner is good at giving you some, then you’ve got yourself a keeper!

A good partner will make sure nothing distracts them when they’re with you, that they make time for you even in a busy schedule, that they give you a shoulder to cry on and open ears whenever you want them, and that they prioritize you in their life.

They are forgiving towards you

Being forgiving towards one’s partner is a bighearted trait to possess. There’s a small line between forgiving someone for their mistakes and being way too forgiving, and it can easily be crossed if you are not cautious.

Forgiving your partner’s mistakes (only when it is truly valid to) is one selfless and challenging thing to do. Accepting their apology, being willing to nip the problem in the bud with them, repairing what’s been damaged, and lastly pushing the matter aside forever like it never even existed is called true forgiveness, and if your partner practices it then we’ve got some good news for you.

Hold onto the person who looks past your mistakes, is willing to forgive you and makes things right when they truly deserve to be fixed because they surely are a keeper 100%.

So what it comes down to when someone calls you a “Keeper”?

Now that we’ve listed down some of the major qualities and traits of a keeper, we shall talk about what it means when someone calls you one. Being called a keeper is, like visible, a truly good compliment that hits like no other.

When someone calls you a keeper, it means that they are able to identify all those qualities within you that make you an amazing partner. They see your kindness, compassion, your rationality, your respectfulness, your support in the relationship between you two; and admire these qualities so much that they want you to stay in their life forever because they believe that having you in their life gives them a feeling, they never want to get rid of.

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Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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