How to Become Successful and Rich in Life?

How to Become Successful and Rich in Life?: Becoming rich or successful in life is not an easy journey. It is like traveling from one place to another. There are going to be many hurdles and obstacles in the middle. But overcoming those hindrances to your destination is the real art of becoming successful. To start this journey, one needs to have a lot of courage and enthusiasm. Today, I will briefly talk on how to be successful in life. Knowing that it would not be an easy climb, often stops people from initiating. They hesitate even to start the journey.

Taking the first step toward success becomes a challenge for them.

How To Take That First Step To Success?

your first step to success

So what should one do in such situations? Should one just leave our dream and move on? If there is a dream have we taken any steps towards its achievement? To make this first move is the most difficult thing in the entire process. You should keep in mind the following things:

Stop waiting for the right setting:

Many of us keep on waiting to make the move when the time is right. We look out for the perfect setting when all the circumstances will be according to our needs and requirements. But this is the wrong approach. To make the first move towards success, we should stop waiting for the right time and place.

Stop waiting for people’s agreement:

It is not a good option to wait for other people’s agreement to your move. Taking everybody’s agreement is not a compulsion for going out for your struggle to achieve the dreams. There may be resistance and you may be looking for taking everybody along. But for success, it is not possible to get overall consensus.

Stop waiting for the perfect you:

Planning too much for making the move towards success can actually get us confused and delay the entire process. We might think that we need a certain set of abilities and skills to be successful in our goals and objectives and that we should wait until we first achieve those skills. But in reality, waiting is a big no-no in all types of journeys. Moving ahead is the right choice for all types of circumstances.

After the above pointers, it must be clear to you that the right time start a journey to success is now.

Once you have decided to move forward, what other considerations you should keep in mind and which will motivate you to take the first step to success are discussed below:

Dare to dream, dare to believe:

If you have the courage to dream about something big, you should also must the courage to believe in the achievement of that dream. Consciously and unconsciously make yourself aware that your goals and objectives can be accomplished by you.

Start visualizing:

Be creative and imaginative in the process. Start to visualize your success. Think about what you are trying to achieve and how would it be once you have achieved it. It is like imagining what will be the outcome of your dreams.

Do not take it too easy:

Never underestimate the difficulty of the journey you are about to take. It may not be totally impossible but that does also not mean that it is a piece of cake. You should be aware of the problems and obstacles that will be faced and should also have a plan to fight them off. Overconfidence can make actually act as a hindrance to success.

Follow a stepwise approach:

Do not be hasty in your quest towards success. It one step at one time. Small first steps can lead to big achievements in the end. So be patient and follow the journey slowly and steadily.

Be knowledgeable:

Before starting the journey, do research about it. Do not jump into the unknown without any clue about it. You should find information about your dreams and goals, and then take the first step towards them.

Act and account: Be knowledgeable:

Taking the first step to success means that you need to act. But before acting, chalk out a small plan for yourself. Once you take the actions there should also be a mechanism to gauge their effectiveness. This means that accountability for your actions is necessary. You do not want to be moving in a journey which has a dead-end or which is not moving in the direction of your dreams. So accountability is a must.

Take command of your actions:

Instead of giving other people the authority to dictate your moves, you should be in command of your own actions. Leading yourself towards the journey of success will be your road to accomplishment. Depending on other people’s authority will only delay and postpone your first step to success.

People Put You Down But How Do You Get Back Up?

how to get back up when people put you down

Being put down by someone is not a nice feeling at all. It can have long lasting effects on a person’s emotional and psychological state of mind and so it’s hard to get back up. Thrashing someone’s personality does not make you a stronger person. In fact, it is big crime in terms of humanitarian belief and values.

Hurting a person’s feelings by calling him with bad names or insulting him in front of many people falls into the category of putting someone down.

There are many people around us who find fun and enjoyment by putting down others. But being bullied by others silently should not be a regular practice.

If you are one of those victims, here are some ways you can deal with such a person:

  • You should not have a sudden and immediate reaction to it. This does not mean you should not be dealing with it, but simply give it some time. If you try and get back to that person immediately it might aggravate the situation. It is given out a signal that the motive behind the insult has been achieved and your anger will exhibit that outcome. It will show that the type pf response he wanted has been triggered. The best way to handle such a situation is by breathing in deeply and trying to retain your calmness. Counting few numbers can also be a good idea.
  • You should not be offensive or violent as a reaction to someone’s bad behavior. Do not fall down to the level of the insulting person. It will only boil up the problem more. Avoid passing rude comments or abusive language at all costs.
  • According to most psychologists and therapists, the best way to deal with a person who is trying to put you down is by ignoring him. This acts as a great weapon for your defense. The offensive person will be denied the reaction he is trying achieve from the situation. You will be able to save your positive energies and at the same time remain the better person in the conflict.
  • Some Tips to follow in this regard could be:

    • Showing that nothing has been said
    • Do not even look at him or her
    • Remain busy with your routine

You will see that the bully will move on himself.

  • After some resting time, when both of you have cleared your head a bit, you should simply tell that person to stop his rude behavior. In this scenario, you should not get angry or emotional at all. Try and maintain your self-control at all times. A few pointers in this regard should include the following:
    • Before confronting him with your answer, make sure you have analyzed the situation. You should know why he is reacting in such a way.
    • Be concise about his limits. Let him know not to cross a particular line and what behavior is acceptable and what is not.
    • Bring in mediating persons for better counseling. This could be family members, friends, co-workers or teachers

These were some of the ways you can deal with people who put you down. But once this incident of bullying has occurred, how does one cope with the emotional and psychological trauma? How does a person get back up after being put down by others?

Do not suppress your emotions:

You should not try and hide your feelings of distress or anger. If there is a confusion in your mind or you are afraid of the other person’s behavior, do not stress yourself about it. Sit alone for some time and analyze how you feel.

Take help:

You do not have to suffer alone. Be open about it with others you might help in such scenarios. Discuss the issue with other people around you with honestly and sincerity. Their loving and caring attitude can always help you get back up.

Take a slow and steady approach:

Getting back up from a trauma or humiliation does not mean that you should hurry it. Be smart and take your time. Allow your emotions and thought the process to settle down.

Laugh a little:

The feeling you get after being put down is definitely bad. But covering it up with a joke or funny reaction can always tone down the effects. It is best for diffusing the tensions between the two individuals.

Develop a plan:

Be in control of the situation and avoid over reacting. Try and develop a strategy to deal with it.

Life can be surprising and bring with it lots of challenges and harsh conditions. One should learn to face your problems with strong emotions and a powerful self-control.

I’d like to conclude by quoting Joel Osteen:

If one dream dies, dream another dream. If you get knocked down, get back up and go again.

Why Knowing Your “Why” Is The Greatest Tool To Success?

know your why to be successful and rich in life

Know Your Why: Are you aware of your own why? This might sound weird but everything in your life is quite useless until you have the answer to your own why in your hands. Why are you inspired by something? Why your inspiration does motivate you so much? Why is the goal of your life the ultimate goal in all?

So you see, all the questions of the “big picture” of your life start with a “why” and do you have the answer to your own why? Well, I guess a lot of us haven’t even thought of it yet and many might be confused while they read this. So here, I will be telling you that why knowing your own “why” is your greatest tool for success in life!

Know your why: Is it essential?

So the first question that pops into all human brains after going through the first paragraph of this article is why is it important? You will say that your life is probably perfect without knowing the “why” even, right? But if you know your own “why”, it will help you going on when everyone else on the battlefield will be up for quitting. Your “why” is what ultimately makes you stay stronger. This eventually becomes your reason for success when the rest are on the verge of failure.

Everyone has an answer to their “why” at the back of their mind. It might be a little blur or you might not know how to say it out in words. But making this blurry image in your mind clearer is really important. It is essential to identify and define your “why”. You need to take it out from the back of your mind and confront it.

This might be as easy as a piece of cake for many people. But at the same time, it can be really tough for the majority of the people. So you might be wondering that how can you know your own “why”, right?

William Barclay said:

They are two greatest days in a person’s life; one, when they are born and second when they discover the why.

Finding you’re why is not difficult:

You need to question yourself why you are doing something or the reason why you started off with something. For instance, we make so many promises in the name of New Year’s Resolutions right? But do we fulfill even one of them? No, we don’t. This is because we don’t make an effort to understand the “why” behind any single resolution of ours. Or maybe our “why” doesn’t hold the power, we think that it did in the first place.

For example, your friend comes up to you one day and you both are talking about your goals. You suddenly say that I want to be a musician. And your friend asks you, why you want to be a musician.

You will be confused (if you don’t know your “why”) and you will probably say that because I want to be a musician. Out of nowhere, your friend brings in another question that will happen when you become a musician? And you will be saying that it will help you complete your dream of being a famous musician.

Then there comes in another question; do you want to be famous or a musician? And what will happen once you are a famous musician?

The major answer to it might be that I love music or maybe music brings peace to your life. And you want it to stay along throughout your life. So basically, if you have the answer to your WHY with you, you would not struggle through the answers.

What is your “Why”:

Know that your “why” is your weapon. It is your motivational tool.

A lot of people try solving the “why” for a lot of people. But that is wrong. You should never do it for them. This is because of their “why” is their motivational tool…it is their personal fighting strategy when everyone else quits and it is their power which tells them to keep on going.

A lot of people might find someone else’s “why” weird and while they talk about it, they might also sound crazy. But that is what makes them unique and for them their “why” makes seamless sense.

Knowing your “Why” becomes your strength. So know it, memorize it and maybe write it down somewhere. Don’t allow others to seek your “why” for you. Only you own it and only you must own it. if you haven’t yet tried to find your “Why” then do it now. It will help you crawl to your destination when you cannot run. It will simply teach you to never give up.

Remember, Failure is NOT your enemy

failure is not your enemy

Failure And Success are both inter-related with each other. One can never succeed without facing failures, no matter what it the goal. Failure is important for success, it seems obnoxious words but it’s the bitter truth. Failure is the real victory. This might be confusing that how a loser can be a winner but if you give a little thought from the past then you can realize that Steve Job and Bill Gates were also not successful from the beginning. Their constant failures made them reach the heights of success.

For the record, I’m not talking about little life failures like you fail in dancing or in the exam. I’m actually talking about the failures that change the circle of your life and the ones that just rock your world and throw you from the heights to the floor.

If someone asks me about my failures then I will probably say that my first failure was a disaster for me. I cried nights like a baby but after that when good things start happening then I began to realize the importance of failure in my life. Onwards in my life whenever I faced failures I just thought that it’s imperative for me and this is not the right time for me to achieve my goal.

Failure is our teacher:

Failure is our lifetime teacher and without it, we can’t ever succeed in life. Perfection is a lie and if you never fail at something then you never live as well. And if someone claims that they have achieved their goals and success without any disappointments and failing then they must have preferred the illegal ways to get success. Can I bluntly let them know that it’s the temporary achievement and it won’t last for long?

The problem in our society is that everyone sees the success that a person is having but no one realizes or sees the efforts, the hard work and continuous failures of his/her that they had to face. Many people are afraid of failing and they actually have a phobia of failing. They think that it’s the end of an era and if they fail they will never be able to do anything again but it’s definitely wrong. Because if you fail it means you are actually getting towards something.

“We learn from failure, not from success”

Lessons we get from failure:

  • Experience:

So the first and most important lesson that we learn from failure is an experience. In our mind, we think that who needs experience? We should just know the techniques to do something or get a job. But no you are 100% wrong because the experience is what you need to reach success and without failure experience is nothing. When we fail we experience the difficulties and come to know whether the thing we attempted to do was good for us or not. So never underestimate the power of failure or experience.

  • Strong:

Failure makes you strong and determined. You become your own hero and helper. You stop looking for people to give you a shoulder whenever you fail or fall down. You save your own self and this becomes an inspiration for people around you. This is when your failure converts into success. So this is who you start walking towards success after you embrace failure and decide to pick yourself up.

  • Ambitious:

Through failure, you become even more ambitious than you were before. You start working even harder and keep trying until you reach your destination.

“Fall seven times, and stand up the eighth time also”.

So failure makes you ambitious and being ambitious makes you successful. You keep going because your motivational level also boosts up. You get a little rebellious as you want to show the world that you can do it and you become eager to accomplish your aim.

  • Value:

One of the biggest lessons that we can learn from life’s failures is the value of our work and our success. Value is the real necessity of achievement. A valuable person is the most respectful person in the world. You won’t value your success if you haven’t failed. If you get everything served on a plate to you, then you won’t ever appreciate it or cherish it. A self-made man will know the price of whatever he owns after failure. And this will make them enjoy their success.

Knowing your worth is the very important for being successful

There is something special about you, which nobody knows but you. You are different and you are unique in a special way which you don’t know yet.

Seriously think! Go deep down in your brain for a second. Get up and diagnose yourself.

What you want in your life? Do you want to end up like all others, or do you want to do something in your life? Something that matters! Why can’t you be rich, famous and successful or the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or have to work for your boss all your life? What is the reason that you think you are average?

Stop wasting your time and realize your worth.

Are you an average person? NO! You are unique.

People spend their whole lives not realizing how special they are or what they could have achieved in their life if they only believed. You have to believe in yourself. Take some time off every day and find all these answers. It’s very important that you do.

The minute you realize you’re worth, your path to success begins. Nobody is going to make it happen for you. Only you can do this.

Search deep within and you will find all your answers.

Stop thinking that you are a loser and stop thinking about failures, about all the negative thoughts which push you down every day and remove that cloud of your negative thoughts.

Start thinking clearly.

Forget what happened in the past. Forget about failures, breakups, loss and all that, just throw all those thoughts away. Know your worth and start a new chapter in your life. A chapter which will lead to your success.

Removing of distractions

The majority of people just want a life in which they don’t have to work and want to sit around doing nothing.

They waste their precious time on social medias, just scrolling down on posts, sit around in front of TVs all day long with their fat bellies, but never realize that they don’t even remember a single name in that show they watched a week ago or a single post that they liked.

We watch thousands of movies but forget most of them. Go ahead give me 20 movies that you know everything about. (Well unless you are a guy who has seen 20 movies for 20 times, you can never tell)

The thing is we waste Time!

Time, which is the most valuable thing in this universe.

While we are wasting time, someone else is working hard to reach his/her goals.

These distractions are the worst. It’s pretty much like smoking. You know way deep down that it’s not good for you but you don’t want to quit, you know it’s harming you, yet you are paying for it because you don’t have the willpower to get over it and you make excuses.

You can never achieve success with these distractions all over the place.

Why do we fall for distractions?

They are addictive for a reason. They all are making money out of you. All these social media, this Facebook, Twitter, these all are just keeping you distracted. Their owners are successful people who have created these distractions for you and you really need to get out of them so you can become like one of them.

Don’t fall for distractions unless your goals depend on them. Nobody else is responsible for your position in life. Not your friends or your parents or God. Nobody is responsible for you being unsuccessful.

Chances are you don’t even know what’s your passion and you are just being an average person who is just being made to get into school then high school then university and then finding a stable job (if you got good grades that are) and then falling in love with a girl (or maybe you guys were high school sweethearts) and then getting married and than half of them getting divorced and half of those getting married again…I can go on this all day long!

We are all hard-wired to this.

“The society has blinded us.”

It keeps us desperate and weak.

Earl Nightingale explained the importance of time once by saying:

If you spent one extra hour, each day, studying your chosen field, you’ll become a national expert in that field in five years or less.

Know the value of time, It’s the most precious thing in this world.Try to cut-off from your social media accounts as much as you can, if your work does not depend upon it.

Use the time to work!

Finding your passion

Passion is a type of motivation and it keeps you going for more. It’s a type of an energy. Oprah Winfrey once said:

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

Finding passion is not an easy job yet It’s not that tough either. If you are willing to find it, chances are with a little hard work you are going to get it. It’s way too much over-rated.

Everybody has a different opinion about it. Don’t get confused. Since it’s a pretty broad topic I’ve managed to write a whole article on it.
Find your passion the right way!

Quest for happiness

Sadness, stress, depression. All of these would eat you away.

If you are not truly happy, you will not find your heart into doing anything and you are just going to think negative so, you will never succeed.

A person can never work, for his/her betterment, with being depressed.

One has to overcome any sort of sadness and depression. Forget about what happened to you in the past. Stay happy.

Staying motivated

After knowing your goal and your passion. Your path and destiny are set towards success, but you can’t do all of it without staying motivated.

Staying motivated and focused is the last and the most important step for your way to success.

People get to their right paths and they even find their passion but they stop pursuing their dreams either because they become tired of the same routine over and over again, or they get tired of failures.

In both cases, they just become slower and slower and finally give up and get lost in distractions again.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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