10 Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

10 Best Jobs For People With Anxiety: Anxiety disorders are referred to as episodes of panic attacks which result in extreme fear and worry. People who are victims of anxiety have a disrupted social life which makes their academic and corporate opportunities difficult. Having a generalized anxiety disorder can be different from everyday adaptive anxiety. People diagnosed with GAD are more likely to find it difficult to cope up with their daily routine.

Symptoms of anxiety can get worse if you are around certain triggers; for people with social anxiety, it will be large gatherings of people. These symptoms are hard to control once triggered hence such environments can be troublesome for people with anxiety.

With anxiety, it can be difficult to work in certain environments. People who have social anxiety tend to find it awfully difficult to work around large groups of people.

Finding a job for an anxiety patient seems to be a difficult task however in reality several professions can be suitable for people with anxiety. These jobs have a less stressful environment.

There are many jobs out there that will not aggravate your anxiety. These jobs would be great for people with GAD and similar anxiety disorders, who have difficulties in coping-up at other workplaces.

Not only will these jobs prevent anxiety attacks, but some of them will also help in healing anxiety. People who have anxiety struggle with job satisfaction because they are unhappy in their work environments most of the time. People struggling with anxiety usually look forward to work from home or to work in less competitive environments. Working from home can be beneficial for them since they will have minimal human contact.

Boring job

Similarly, if you are struggling with hypertension, an overdose of stress and workload can trigger high blood pressure that leads to multiple health disorders. In such cases, jobs that have a light and peaceful environment are advised.

Jobs that are suitable for people with disorders like anxiety and hypertension tend to be lenient in terms of deadlines and submissions. The nature of these jobs is different than other conventional jobs in several ways.

You might be thinking if these jobs actually exist since we have always imagined a workplace to be strict. Well, that is not entirely true at all. Workplaces can be extremely healthy as well. This is highly reliant on the people who work there. They are the ones who construct the atmosphere of the workplace.

If you are struggling with anxiety and you are looking for a job, you should keep in mind that the job should be flexible in terms of the workplace. It is not necessary for someone with anxiety to only do a home-based job. There are office-based opportunities as well that promote the concept of a tranquil environment.

We also published on jobs for people who get bored easily but this article is a compilation of 10 jobs that are suitable for people suffering from anxiety disorders. These jobs make it possible for a person with anxiety to enjoy their job (this is highly unlikely). They are an amalgamation of home-based, office-based, and freelancing job opportunities. The symptoms of a person struggling with anxiety and hypertension were kept in mind before compiling these jobs.

Become a Artist

Become an artist

Art is considered as one of the greatest therapies for several mental illnesses. The process of releasing your emotions on canvas can help you clear out your thoughts. For a person suffering from anxiety, this can be their dream job. They can be an art teacher or an artist.

Art is not just limited to a hobby but you can make a profession out of it. Being an artist or an art teacher can be far less competitive and stressful than other corporate jobs.

You can soothe your soul while you earn your bread. It can also be a catharsis since artists tend to draw their feelings in the form of art. The canvas can be your listener and you can paint your thoughts. The emotional sentiments of that masterpiece can make you a great artist.

Become a Writer

Become a writer

Being a writer sounds aesthetic and difficult. This is because the only people we recognize as writers are authors like JK Rowling and Paulo Coelho. It takes years to get there. However, writing is not just limited to published books.

Bloggers, content writers, ghostwriters, article creators, and academic writers are also writers. You can find many freelancing options related to these posts. They will help people with social anxiety since human contact will be limited.

Writing can be a great release of emotions for people struggling with their mental health. Being a writer of any sort can be beneficial for anxiety since it will help them clear their minds as well as earn money at the same time.

Freelance writing can be done from home and will be an ideal job for people with anxiety and hypertension. They will not have to work in stressful environments which can trigger a panic attack.

Being a writer can also be a well-paid profession if you work with dedication and your full potential.

Become a Fitness trainer

Fitness trainer

Exercising is considered to be a major source of relief from anxiety and hypertension. Exercising releases bio-chemicals like dopamine in our body that are responsible for our mood. Exercising can be beneficial for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Getting a job as a fitness trainer can be a great source of generating an income as well as healing your anxiety and hypertension. Being a yoga trainer can do wonders for your anxiety and you can help other people at the same time as well.

There are a few fitness courses required before you start your career as a fitness trainer and heal yourself and others while earning money!

Become a Florist

Become a florist

There are many researches that prove the effect of flowers on mental health. It is said that flowers can significantly reduce anxiety and depression. The association of nature with flowers reduces worries and stress.

Finding a job as a florist can really help reduce the occurrence of panic attacks since you will be surrounded by nature most times. The presence of flowers releases positive energies in the air that can be beneficial for anxiety patients.

Doing a short course related to floristry can provide you with great job opportunities as a florist. Cutting and wrapping flowers sounds therapeutic and can help you soothe your mind in the process.

Lookout and you will find many options as a wedding florist, commercial florist, and much more.

Become a Baker

Become a baker

Replacing all your worries with whipped cream and dark chocolate sounds good right? Being a baker can be an extremely fun job. Baking goodness all day long and whisking away your anxiety can heal your mental state.

When people are anxious, they tend to divert their mind to doing something that can distract them. Baking is a great option when trying to divert your mind. Now imagine doing this for a living. You can bake goodness and get money for doing that.

Job opportunities as a baker are numerous. You can work as a chef in some patisserie or you can work in some cake company. Not only this, you can start a small scale business as well. You can bake cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts from home and deliver.

Being a home-based entrepreneur can also benefit people with social anxiety. You will be working your own kitchen hence the atmosphere and environment will be comfortable, not stressful.

Become a Beautician


Being a makeup artist or a hairdresser is also a form of art. You can let your inner creativity out and experiment it in multiple ways. This is also a great job for people suffering from anxiety since they can let out their emotions through their service.

This job can also help you challenge your social anxiety by interacting with your customers. Facing your fears is thought of as an effective way to alleviate them.

There are multiple job options available as a beautician. You can work at a salon and learn different skills as well as earn some money! Working in that environment can also help with the occurrence of panic attacks since you will spend your time learning and practicing.

You can work as a freelance makeup artist or hairdresser as well. This will be a relief to your anxiety as well as will help you earn money with not compromising on your mental health at all.

Become a Librarian


People who suffer from anxiety tend to be sensitive to loud voices and happening environments. This is not just limited to people who are diagnosed with social anxiety, but any person who is anxious will avoid large and noisy gatherings.

Being a librarian as your profession is no less than a dream job. Surrounded by books and people who are quiet and reading on their own sounds soothing.

Moreover, you can also grab a fiction or a self-help book and read it during your free time which will help you consume the time well! Getting paid for working in a peaceful atmosphere with a mug of latte can help you lessen your anxiety.

Since libraries are quiet and the vibe is positive, the chances of getting panic attacks at work are lesser than usual. Books can be an anxious person’s best friends. This job might also develop a past-time reading hobby!

You can apply for this job at local libraries, schools, and similar educational symptoms. This job is not stressful and can be great for people with anxiety and similar disorders.

Become a Landscaper

Become a Landscaper

If you are a person who loves nature and has anxiety at the same time, being a landscaper is a great option for you. These are field-based jobs and the person is required to help with plantation and similar activities.

This can be beneficial for people with anxiety since spending time outdoors around nature can help with the serotonin and dopamine levels in our bodies which are primarily responsible for our mood.

Furthermore, planting flowers, vegetables, watering trees, installing fountains, and learning the art of gardening is skillful as well!

So if you find a job as a landscaper, you are learning a new skill, regulating your mental health as well as earning money at the same time! This sounds so good, right?

People with anxiety and hypertension can enjoy this job and their job motivation is also increased if they are doing something they like! This will also not allow anxiety to affect their work performances.

Look into Web Designing and development

learn web designing and development

This is the job for you if you have anxiety issues as well as you are a tech-savvy. Even if you are not a tech-savvy, sign up for an online course and you are good to go. Online courses can be on anything web-related; graphic designing, animation, web designing, social media managers, and so on!

Taking a professional course as well as improving your skills while practicing can help you distract your mind and take a break from anxious thoughts.

Moreover, this job can be beneficial for people with anxiety because you can find opportunities to work from home as well, for example freelancing.  However you should not limit your options to a home-based job and you should rather face your fears and help them go away.

Tune in to your LinkedIn and start searching for tech-savvy job opportunities. If you are primarily interested in this field, you will be able to perform better and your self-esteem will be boosted as well.

Become a Caretaker


People suffering from anxiety and hyper-tension get uncomfortable in crowded environments. Their performance is affected when the ambiance is not peaceful and can aggravate a panic attack. Signing up for a job as a caretaker can help solve this.

One can be a caretaker of old people, babies, students, and even pets. People with social anxiety usually bond with pets and this can be beneficial for them.

Furthermore, if you are anxious in large gatherings, being a caretaker of an old person can help you stay calm and relaxed. This job will take care of your stress levels since the environment will not affect your mental sanity.

These jobs can be short term as well as long term. If you have anxiety or hypertension and you enjoy the presence of babies, you can avail an advantage of this job and become a babysitter. You can earn money while spending some time taking care of kids.


These jobs are specifically beneficial for people with anxiety and hypertension because they help anxious people face their fears. The above-mentioned jobs have limited human interaction which will help them start facing their fears slowly.

People with anxiety have variations as well some anxious people are extroverts while some are introverts. Therefore deciding a job for someone with anxiety and hypertension is based on their personality as well.

Some might want to work from home whereas some might want to work in an outdoor environment. Similarly some people with anxiety might find relief in painting whereas some find relief in cleaning.

On the whole, one should never let their anxiety and similar disorders become a hurdle to your opportunities and performances. We need to face our fears and not let them become barriers in our life.

All these jobs are suitable for people suffering from anxiety and hypertension because of their nature and job descriptions. Therapy for anxiety is not just limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, but there can be other types of therapy as well.

These include painting, writing, exercising, journaling, gardening, and similar therapeutic activities. Many of these activities can be continued as careers and can help you make a living as well.

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