Swann Vs Lorex vs Foscom Wi-Fi Security System

Swann Vs Lorex vs Foscom Wi-Fi Security System: With the world rapidly becoming unsafe, it has become imperative that we arm ourselves in protection. Technology is advancing every day and installing surveillance systems is not only feasible but also cheap. So, after thorough research and testing, we present you with our top 3 choices of surveillance systems. We are covering some of the amazing Wi-Fi security systems, Foscam, Swann, and Lorex.

A home surveillance system is a viable option for offices and homes and perhaps much needed in our times.

These surveillance systems are affordable the prices increase with storage capacity.

All surveillance systems come with apps tailored to the system which can be customized as you wish; apps features contribute to influencing which one is required for your need. All of the surveillance systems have good client service and the setup process requires only intermediate skill level.

Swann Vs Lorex Vs Foscom – Which is Better?

Foscam FN-3104W-B4-1T

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Foscam FN-3104W-B4-1T is the best Wi-Fi Security CCTV Surveillance System up to date.

Foscam FN-3104W-B4-1T has high definition video quality which is better than others on the market in this category.

With an NVR app having an innovative design and many options that are customized to your peace of mind makes it state of the art surveillance system for your home.

Top features it offers:

  • Excellent daytime video quality
  • LED lighting powered nighttime video
  • Outstanding video quality
  • Weatherproof and dustproof
  • Strong warranty
  • Satisfactory client service
  • Wi-Fi security system
  • Intelligent motion alerts provide real-time monitoring
  • View and playback on multiple devices
  • Smart recording
  • Four-channel playback

Outstanding in its nighttime video quality with minimum noise and selling at an affordable price makes this security system an attractive option to keep your home and offices safe.

Foscam is outstanding amongst other home surveillance security systems for numerous reasons.

Video performance

It had the best daytime video execution in our tests, and its nighttime video quality advantages from ground-breaking infrared LED lighting.

No one compares to Foscam 720p video quality with outstanding detail from 10 and 30 feet from the camera although it was unsatisfactory from 20 feet but Foscam in comparison to Swann and other companies makes up for it in its excellent contrast at every distance from the camera and at night there is no noticeable graininess in video quality unlike Swann or any other.

Storage, Warranty and Customer Service

Foscam with a 2-year warranty and a supportive client service even the little technicality of installation process becomes easy, Pre-installed 1TB HDD support up to 14 days 24/7 recording, and could be upgraded to 4TB.

Data can be easily transferred from NVR to USB providing more storage and a backup plan.

Foscam strives to provide after-sales service with hassle free for RMA. You can contact Foscam help by email support@foscam.com and call 844-344-1113.

Wi-Fi security system with Weatherproof design

The benefits of a Wi-Fi security system like adaptable mounting positions, simpler wiring work, and minimal damage to your wall are worth factoring in.

After being connected, four cameras will connect to NVR automatically due to the auto-pair feature. No Ethernet cable among camera and NVR is required at all for local viewing. Automatic channel picking for sustained Wi-Fi speed.

(Note: this is not battery camera and it is still required to power on the cameras and NVR.)

It has 4 unit’s 720P HD outdoor cameras included.

And has a 75-degree viewing angle and IP66 level certificated weatherproof design with night vision up to 65ft with 30 units powerful IR-LEDs.

Set up process

Plugin the NVR and connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable and then with the cameras.

Once the Foscam security system is powered, you can activate the Foscam app with a QR code provided on the NVR.

You need a little knowledge with a wireless router running cables to install this system nothing that cannot be done with the help of their customer service.

However, the system does not record audio, unlike Swann and others.

Foscam just requires one power connector for cameras and the NVR in comparison to a large number of the other surveillance systems that require massive power connectors for both the NVR and the cameras, which can consume up room on an electrical extension.

Unique features

1TB HDD accumulates to 14 long stretches of video chronicles. The Smart Record highlight alternatively takes out repetitive casings when no movement is distinguished, expanding the capacity limit on the hard drive. Navigate through the timeline easily and save any important event.

Control your security system locally by connecting NVR to a monitor via HDMI/VGA cable, or remotely by Android/iOS phone or PC/laptop (IE or Safari browser) and view or playback anytime you, please.

Foscam NVR App allows you to save snapshots and video recordings right to your iOS or Android device. Access and share snapshots from your smartphone’s photo gallery anytime, anywhere also Playback alarm recordings right from your smartphone 24/7.

With the help of the Foscam NVR app connect all of your cameras to your phone and view anytime anywhere in real-time. You can view recorded footage, schedule recordings, configure alerts, and control your cameras.

The Foscam FN3104W-B4-1T allows you to simultaneously manage and record footage using up to four 720P (1.0 MP) cameras at 30fps real-time to deliver video quality and performance that is exceptional in the DIY security industry. This model includes support for a SATA hard drive up to 4TB for maximum recording time.

Package Contents

  • 4-channel NVR (FN3104W) (1T Hard Drive Included) x 1
  • 1.5M (5ft) Ethernet Cable x 1
  • Power Adapter for NVR x 1
  • USB Mouse x 1
  • 720P Bullet IP Camera (FI9800W) x 4
  • Screw Pack x 4
  • Quick Installation Guide x 1
  • Security Warning Card x 1 | CD x 1ge Content

Are you looking for the best video performance surveillance system with an innovative and easy interface app that can be used in multiple environments? If so, then this is the security system for you.

Swann SWDVK-444002-US

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Some of the key features Swann gives:

  • High definition nighttime video quality
  • The security system can be expanded
  • Intuitively designed app
  • Quick shot
  • Smart search
  • Quick review
  • Weatherproof
  • Above-average storage capacity

Swann is an excellent choice for surveillance of your home at night with a good daytime video quality. Their customer service is not as strong as Foscom. Swann only provides one year warranty, unlike Foscom.

Video performance

Swann is the best surveillance system for night time quality better than Foscom and others.

Swann had amazing quality at 10 feet yet just delivered normal video quality at 20 and 30 feet.

The framework had a little issue with daytime contrast and sometimes at night.

The framework adjusts its lighting when subjects are near the camera so the picture isn’t washed out and you can unmistakably recognize facial highlights.

The camera additionally catches movement well during the evening with the exception that moving articles aren’t distorted.

Also just like Foscom, Swann also had little to no noise in the nighttime video which improves video quality.

Set up process

The process of setting up the NVR and camera is the same, you would find a little difficulty. From running the 60-foot video cables and connecting the NVR to your route.

Just like Foscom, it has an app that can be used to connect NVR and cameras to your phone with the Swann QR code.

The unit likewise incorporates an HDMI link for producing up to Full HD 1080p video to your level screen TV including LCD, LED TVs or screens.

The DVR likewise has a VGA association for review up to 1080p Full HD on your LCD screen or perfect TV with VGA input. VGA link excluded.

Regardless of if it’s day or night, you’ll have the capacity to see everything up to 100ft (30m) with the great infrared Night Vision.

The cameras will consequently change to Night Vision and record in high contrast as the sunsets.

Features of the unit

  • UPC- 840236117734
  • 4-Channel 4575 Series 1080p DVR with 500GB HD & 2 Bullet Cameras
  • Records from 4 channels for 80 days or more Cameras offer 100ft IR night vision;
  • Durable indoor/outdoor construction;
  • Easy video transfer to external storage via USB;
  • Live or playback video via HDMI(R) or VGA connection;
  • Live viewing on smartphone or tablet;
  • Includes two 60ft BNC cables,
  • Ethernet cable, HDMI(R) cable,
  • Power cable/splitter,
  • Mouse,
  • Mounting screws/plugs,
  • Quick-start guide & theft-deterrent stickers; e unit

Features of the App

Download the Home Safe View app on your smartphone or tablet and connect with your surveillance system instantly by scanning the QR code on the DVR.

The app provides push notification to your device if it detects warm objects, you can change the settings if you wish. With this app, you can stay connected in real-time with your cameras and also can playback.

Weatherproof and Storage capacity

Swann cameras are built to withstand any type of environment as they can be used outdoors and indoors. With IP66 weatherproof rating and cables threaded through the stand for extra protection ensure you can rely on their performance 24/7.

Swann 500GB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. Easily transfer incident video files to a USB stick or to a computer on your network.

Boost storage by setting up Motion Detection Recording although it is not preinstalled unlike 1TB of Foscom.

Unique features

There is a Quick Shot feature in it, which is perhaps the most amazing one.

Quick Shot is a help to discover what you need from a recorded film.

This component gives you a chance to look through all directs in a given timeframe and after that select, the accounts from the query items to play as a slide demonstrate all in a similar screen. When you see an occasion of intrigue, for example, somebody wandering around your auto, you would then be able to go into that particular film to watch the occasion.

Quick Review spares you time in recognizing how and when an occasion occurred.

Just a single of the cameras will have secured that particular point however as you can all the while playing different accounts from a solitary channel; you can watch them at the same time. The video is isolated equitably relying upon the split-screen mode that has been chosen. For instance, if the video is an hour long and you have chosen 4 split screens, each will play for 15 minutes.

With Smart Search you can choose a particular zone of the picture to look for development inside a recording

For instance, if something was stolen amid a specific hour’s recording, you can feature the situation of the stolen product – for instance, a workstation, bicycle or pack – and Smart Search will check the course of events where it identified movement around that particular territory.

Anyone who wishes to monitor their environment vigilantly, the Swann security system is for you. The unique features of this framework enable to observe strictly and such features are not found in Foscom or any other surveillance system.

Lorex LHV00041TC4

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Experience the gold standard in an analog surveillance video.

Flir’s Lorex home surveillance system ties with Foscom in daytime video quality, however, it lacks in high definition video performance at night, unlike Swann.

Why do we like it?

  • Video performance
  • Excellent app
  • Set up process
  • Warranty
  • Storage
  • Weatherproof

Video performance

Lorex includes 720p HD bullet security cameras, allowing you to view your world in greater detail than ever before.

High-definition 720p (1280×720) recording ensures crisp live-viewing and recording, boasting a 100% picture quality increase over 960H resolution (960×480) and a 1000% increase over CIF.

Advanced H.264 compression maximizes the amount of high-definition video you can store on your hard drive at once, allowing you to keep plenty of footage without compromising video quality. Night time video quality has noise and graininess and at daytime, the video quality up close is not high definition.

However, with professional-grade night vision, infrared (IR) LEDs provide unparalleled performance in the dark, allowing you to clearly see up to 130 ft. (40m) away in regular nighttime conditions and up to 90ft (28m) away in total darkness.

The integrated infrared cut filter switches on and off between day and night, ensuring accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions. Lorex is unparalleled in distance video quality to Foscam and Swann.


Lorex, IP66-rated to ensure protection against all types of bad weather. Be it heavy wind, rain, or snow, cameras are engineered to withstand the most unforgiving of North American climates.

They hold their own in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) to ensure year-round security monitoring that never stops working.

The cable pass-through design of the cameras combined with a lightweight Polycarbonate housing makes them virtually immune against vandalism. This is a feature that is not found in either Foscam or Swann.

Storage and Warranty

Just like Foscom, it has a 2-year warranty during which time you can also return or replace your cameras.

Lorex has a 720p video to the pre-installed security-grade hard drive or record in 960H resolution in real-time (30 frames per second).

The 100% duty-cycle hard drive is designed for surveillance, providing reliable storage for weeks or even months of security footage.

You can customize the recording settings to fit your needs: continuous, scheduled or motion only, or a combination of continuous recording with motion alerts. Record at 720p HD (1280×720) for the highest video quality, or set to a lower resolution for improved recording efficiency.

Set up process

The Lorex surveillance system just requires a moderate level of involvement with remote switches and running links for an establishment. Since the framework doesn’t utilize Wi-Fi, it’s not as simple to introduce as the frameworks in our survey that do. All that you have to mount the cameras comes in the crate, including drywall grapples and screws.

The video links on this framework are 60 feet long, which enables you to put cameras in key areas, gave your NVR is halfway situated, for most extreme inclusion of a little home.

This framework utilizes two power connectors, one for cameras and one for the NVR. These consume up significant room on an electrical extension, however, they are like most other home observation frameworks’ connectors in our audit.

The NVR in the Lorex framework we tried had a 1TB hard drive, however, you can discover variations with more stockpiling on the off chance that you require it.

App features

FLIR Cloud connectivity of Lorex is a groundbreaking service that connects your smartphone or tablet to your DVR system. It is ready in 3 easy steps – download the free app, scan the QR code, and start viewing your cameras. Staying connected is simple and secure with the DVR’s unique ID and secure password.

View your cameras remotely with free apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well as PC / Mac with no recurring fees.

Unique Features

When an important event is happening, use the convenient real-time backup feature to copy live video straight to a USB flash drive.

Simply pick the channel, and click the icon to start real-time backup straight to your USB drive. Easily search for recorded video, and archive directly to a USB flash drive to playback on any computer.

With digital zoom with a click and drag-select the advanced zoom symbol from the menu, and snap and-drag inside a channel – or a few channels – to see the video in overwhelming size, giving you a chance to get a more prominent perspective of the activity.

It’s anything but difficult to move cameras around in split-screen with dynamic camera designation. Snap and-delay a camera to move it to another station without changing the camera’s links.

What does the box include?

  • 1× 4-Channel HD DVR with Pre-Installed – 1TB HDD.
  • 4× 720p HD Weatherproof Bullet Cameras.
  • 4× 60 ft. (18m) UL-Compliant Extension Cables.
  • 4× Camera Mounting Kits.
  • 1× HDMI Cable.
  • 1× Mouse.
  • 1× Ethernet Cable.
  • 1× Multi-Camera Power Adapter.
  • 1× Power Adapter (for DVR).
  • Quick Setup Guides.

Who is it for?

If the unique features of this surveillance system along with the HD of distance monitoring is what you require for your place than Lorex is recommended.

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