When Two Empaths Fall In Love – The Good & The Bad

Falling in love and entering into a relationship is a hard ride for all personality types. When it comes to empaths, the question arises whether two empaths can fall in love? And what to expect when this happens? Well, the good news is YES! they most definitely can fall in love with the likes of their own.

This relationship will have some definite pros and cons. They will have similar interests and energies, and this will definitely add pure magic to their love bond. But the emotional vulnerability of both the partners can potentially  ruin the love bond.

Empathetic people are individuals who are well connected with other people’s emotions and energies greater than the average individual.

They are not just overly sensitive people rather they have a tendency to absorb other people’s energies very finely.

Precisely put, empaths are capable of putting themselves in other people’s shoes to a greater extent compared to non-empaths.

They are usually very sensitive people and tend to be bombarded with a myriad of emotions all at once. They might often feel emotionally fatigued and burnt out due to this.

They Love Intensely

Empaths are extremely sensitive to emotions.

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They feel all emotions with great depth.

In romantic relationships, they express love for their partners passionately and intensely.

When both partners love each other with all that they have, it makes for a fiercely intense and satisfying romantic experience.

Their Energies Match

A bonus in any relationship is when you resonate with your partner energy-wise.

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Because empaths have similar personality traits they share the same energy wavelengths.

They do not have to invest the time or effort to match each other’s energy.

They are naturally present at similar energy levels. Similar energies account for a deeper connection between both partners.

The have a Strong Communication

Communication is an empath’s forte. Empaths are deeply in touch with their own feelings and emotions.

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Hence, they are very expressive in voicing their wants and needs.

Given their generous and understanding nature, they are also able to get others to talk to them.

Over time they are capable of developing effective communication with their partners.

Which definitely nourishes their love bond.

Honesty Is Their Hallmark

Being honest is the keystone of their personalities.

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Their moral compasses are extremely strong and they loath untruthfulness.

Furthermore, they are also incredibly gifted to pick up deceptive and manipulative people very quickly.

Empaths bring the much sought-after trait of honesty and trustworthiness into their relationships.

They are Great at Giving Advice

Empaths are great listeners. They are also able to put themselves in other people’s shoes to a greater extent.

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Combined together, these are the ingredients for giving fantastic advice.

Their caring and nurturing nature also contribute to making them the ideal candidate for taking advice from. Empaths have kind and caring hearts.

So when in a relationship with another empath they would never have ill feelings of jealousy and leg-pulling etc towards each other.

Rather they will always want the best for each other and hence will never give bad advice.

And a deeply ingrained ambition to end pain and suffering. Hence, whenever in need of reliable advice, head over to an empath!

They have Impeccable Understanding

When both partners are empaths, they are much more aware of each other’s personalities.

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They tend to have the same challenges as a person and exhibit a greater understanding of each other.

Being understood by a loved one is a deeply satisfying experience.

This leads to greater care and affection amongst them. Both of which are assets for a long-lasting relationship.

When both partners are capable of understanding each other, a strong sense of belonging sets in.

Empaths thrive and develop on this as a cornerstone for their relationship.

They are very Helpful to each other

To be able to put another person’s needs before their own is also an empaths hallmark.

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They are far more helpful than the average person and help people in distress almost involuntarily.

So when two empaths fall in love they are always readily available for one another, this holds them together and also nourishes their relationship.

The highly sensitive nature of empaths enables them to offer a helping hand to anyone in agony.

They mostly have Animal Companions

Empaths have a never-ending love for animals. They are sensitive not only towards humans but animals as well.

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They take their animal companions very seriously. Seeing them in pain causes considerable distress to empaths.

Love and compassion towards animals come naturally to empathetic people.

So when two empaths are in a relationship, they will definitely keep a pet and then spend time together while taking care of it.

This can strongly influence their love bond in a very positive and healthy way.

Empaths contribute Honesty, trustworthiness, and a helpful attitude to their relationships.

While they are amazing personalities that the world could use more of, dating an empath does have its downside as well.

They Tend to Burn Out quickly

Empaths are extremely sensitive to stimuli from their surroundings.

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Hence, they tend to experience emotional fatigue and energy burnouts quite often. Being able to see the world as empaths do often causes undue emotional baggage and heartache.

Both these can take a toll on their relationships.

They Are Overwhelmed Easily

Processing and registering emotions very strongly causes empaths to go into overdrive.

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Their non-stop minds lead them into a vicious loop of stress. Being very finely in tune with their environment results in always being overloaded by events and occurrences.

When two overwhelmed minds are partnered together they are unable to calm down their significant other.

Its Hard To Set Emotional Boundaries for them

Empaths are generally not good at setting emotional boundaries for themselves.

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They are unable to distinguish their emotions from that of their partner’s.

They can be carrying their partner’s emotions to an unhealthy degree. Bombardment of emotions can cause them to be an emotional wreck at times.

Imagine when both the partners are empaths, setting and dealing with these emotional boundaries can be devastating.

They Can Be Controlling

Empaths process the energies and emotions of other people as their own.

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Hence, they can mistake the emotions of their partner as their own as well.

This results in emotional overstimulation. Empaths might try to change the emotional pathways of their partners in order to avoid being overloaded themselves.

While they might do it unknowingly and with the best of intentions but it can come across as being too controlling. This can potentially damage the romantic bond two people share.

They Have a Hard Time Being Intimate and Vulnerable

Experiencing the surroundings to a great depth can cause empaths to be very conscious about their own selves. Their sensitivity might hold them back from intimate experiences.

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Empaths fear being overwhelmed by their partner’s emotions during such instances.

They Tend To Ignore Themselves

Many empaths are fixers by nature. They inadvertently fix anyone in need of emotional, psychological, or spiritual mending.

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Their ability to put other’s needs before themselves results in negligence towards themselves. These souls often feel tired because of doing so.

So, can empaths really do fall in love with other empaths? Given the plethora of pros and cons of empathetic relationships, one may get confused as to how to proceed on the road of love.

It is easy to fall in love but hard to stay in it. Like all relationships, empathetic relationships also have their ups and downs.

Managing your differences, or in this case, your similarities are the key to a healthy relationship. Finding a balance in your relationship is elemental. Here are a few pro tips for winning at love.

Managing Empathetic Relationships

Support Each Other

First and foremost, be supportive of one another. Like in all romantic relationships it is vital that empaths support one another in times of distress.

Whether your partner is having a bad day or is emotionally exhausted let them know that you have got their back.

It is through continuous support and effort that you both will flourish as a couple.

Recharge By Alone Time

Empaths can get frayed by excessive socializing, noise, and drama. Being an empath it is necessary for you to spend some time all by yourself.

Be aware of your comfort regarding social interactions and set a limit to your socializing in order to reduce the fatigue you experience.

Also, from time to time pull back from your relationship and restart yourself as a means to pacify your frazzled mind.

Schedule activities that you both can do alone. This way you will be able to replenish your energies and be happier as a couple.

Share Your Feelings

Empaths are incredibly gifted to feel another person’s feelings as their own.

Make it your forte. Talk to your partner about their feelings.

Also, practice being open to them about your own feelings. There is nothing more endearing in a relationship than to be able to confide in your partner.

Don’t hesitate in pouring your heart out to your partner and lend them a listening ear in return as well.

Work On Your Strengths

Being in love with a partner who shares your personality type does have its perks.

Identify your similarities. Be aware of your innate abilities and learn to perceive them as gifts instead of a burden. Utilize these gifts to add a spark to your relationship.

Empaths have tons of similarities. Use them to your advantage! Work on your alikeness to build a stronger bond between you and your partner.

Find things that bring the two of you closer to each other. Bask in the light of your similarities and keep your lover close to you.

Spend Time around Nature

Empaths generally find it invigorating to be around nature. Natural surroundings work to correct an empath’s mental and emotional balance.

Nature replenishes an empath’s senses. Being out in the wild helps them recharge their energies and abandon their burdens.

Make it a priority to spend a couple of time out in the open.

Plan camping trips to the wild, spend some time near the ocean, the beach, or other water bodies.

Nature helps empaths to release their pressures and feel rejuvenated. Quality time spent in nature is a sure-shot way to boost the romance in your relationship.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Being an empath you are innately able to comprehend your partner’s emotional energy really well.

Beware of not accepting your partner’s moods and emotions as your own. Consciously train yourself to dissociate yourself from the feelings and emotions present within your environment.

This way you’ll be able to process your own emotions in a better way and keep emotional overload at bay.

A Final Word on Love!

No two relationships are the same. Every couple is unique and grows in different ways. Empathic relationships come with numerous difficulties and challenges but two empaths can successfully lead romantic relationships together.

Although it is a tad bit demanding for empaths to fall for each other but communication and respect conquers all.

The key to making empathetic relationships work is understanding and respecting each other’s boundaries. Once this baseline of respect and understanding is developed, having an intimate relationship with an empath is bound to be a magical experience.

Staying committed to one another and making an effort for your relationship is a must. Empaths have the capability of being exceptionally supportive partners in addition to being incredibly compassionate and intense lovers.