How to Find your Motivation in Life? | The Ultimate Guide

The science of Motivation: We talk so much about motivation and yet we are totally unaware of the science behind it. When someone asks us about what motivates us, we all have different answers to it. Everyone is going to have their own set of different answers about what motivates them and helps them in pushing themselves to work harder. But have you ever thought that why does anything motivate you? Why are you motivated in the very first place? Well, maybe none of us has given it a thought. Until now! I will be talking about the science of motivation. Why do some things motivate us and others don’t? And the things don’t motivate us, might be motivating for someone else. So what is the circle of the science behind this at all?

Here are some basic aspects of motivation or whatever that keeps people motivated in the first place.

Science of Motivation

Having a Mission:

If we have a mission in our life than it keeps us motivated. The primary focus of motivation is on our life mission; the purpose of our life in all. Anything that brings in a feeling that you are doing something great or you are working for a great purpose is what keeps you going forward. This is the basic reason why a doctor might start treating poor people in his clinic for free. He will get a sense of fulfillment and greatness. The science of motivation is that you must have a purpose or mission in your life to work for. This is what keeps you going on and also keeps your motivational level high.


If you are working on something that makes you better as a person, as a human being, then you will find yourself being more motivated. Personal growth is one of the best and most boosting motivational factors to look forward to. If you are not growing personally, and you are not evolving with time, then where is the improvement? Where is the purpose for you to stay motivated and on the same path? So the second most important science of motivation is that if something doesn’t improve you on personal levels, it won’t keep you inspired for long even.

Always Stay in the Learning Process:

Never think that you have learned everything or a lot. Always be ready to learn more and make it your basic goal. If you want to achieve anything in life or even if you are just searching for personal growth, then learning is the master tool for this. Whenever you start doing something, make a general assumption in your mind that will are the things that I might learn from doing this. And then you will look forward to starting attempting that specific task and learn from it. It will keep you motivated.

Keep Work and Rewards Apart:

We all are looking for a reward at the end of work. This is tough as it is hard to do something until you don’t imagine yourself having a handsome amount of money in your hand so that you can shop grandly at the end of the month. Who would work then?

But as per science of motivation, if you stop thinking about just the reward and dedicate yourself to work completely, you are likely to get more of the fruits. It is true that the rewards have made people work more but at the same time, the knowledge level has fallen low. People are not up for gathering more knowledge and that stops them from growing.

Observe Life:

How can we live if we don’t observe our life? Look into what makes you wake up every morning? What is it that you adore doing at every day and what makes you keep going even after the hardships? Examine your life so that you are well aware of what your priorities are and what your purpose in life is. This will keep you motivated. Never go on without stopping for a while and looking around to see what is important for you to live and enjoy life.

Motivation is what keeps all of us humans keep going on. It makes us promise a hundred promises to ourselves. It makes us inspired and keeps us going to achieve the dreams of our life. You should be assured of what you want to do with your life. Take some time out to observe your life and peek into the dos and don ts of it. Also be open to learning all the time so that you gather knowledge from every little thing that you attempt. This will not only keep you motivated but you will find yourself growing into a better and much knowledgeable person.

Stay motivated and try to motivate people around you as well.

4 Principles of Motivation

Principles of Motivation: Motivation is nothing then a secret weapon that shoots in your inner self to improve yourself or to make yourself useful in this industrious world. Motivation is nothing like an oven-ready meal, it’s just a wave that suddenly blink’s in your mind and you start looking at the world differently.

It’s kind of like a maze in which you exactly don’t know that what you are going to do but still you are finding the way to get through this and complete it. It’s just because of that entire motivational person present inside you which is forcing you to do that. It helps you in pushing through the hardest times and winning when losing seems to be the only option available.

Now the question arises that from where is this motivation coming through? Basically, it can come from an external source or may be an internal one. In my opinion, it’s not compulsory that you get your motivation from life experiences. You can get it through your surroundings or from your friend who is a lot more determined than you are or you can also get from any film or inspirational note. Motivation just bangs it through anything that knocks on your heart and brain loudly.

So here are some Principles of Motivation that will help you to keep yourself motivated through the hard times and stay positive:

Have a positive attitude:

Your attitude is the most important thing to get yourself motivated. So all you need is to change your wild and childish attitude and boost it to a mature level so you can see the things from different angles and perspectives. We always need to tell our inner self that we have the ability to do everything in this world. Make our self, stick to that boring project so we can complete it even faster.

If you are facing serious injuries and you really need to get better than all you need is to have a positive attitude and some brave behavior and faith that you will get better soon. Then this will give you the power to recover your injury even faster. So your attitude towards everything is the basic principle of your motivation as well.

Have faith and confidence in yourself:

So the next thing that is very vital in these principles is faith and confidence. We all need to have some faith and confidence in our life and especially in our self because it’s your life and you own it. So you have full choice to do experiments with it and it’s your choice whether you make your boring life into something interesting or you just let it be the way it is.

You can do this all by having faith in yourself and your decisions should be made individually so you can take big steps in your life. Don’t look for others to help you in making decisions because they are going to think indifferent. Your choices reflect you and if someone else is making them for you then what’s the point? When you have faith, you have more confidence in you. And that confidence helps provide you motivation. After that, you are ready to cross the river and get success.

End your laziness and excuses:

So you really need to bring an end to your drowsy behavior. And the word that these day’s our generation uses a lot is that I can’t. This is so disappointing to listen to this word from a generation which is very energetic and passionate. Like why don’t you tell yourself that everybody can do anything they want to do? So stop being a lousy bowl and make your life worth for yourself and others. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t. Ask yourself that if you wouldn’t do it, who will?

Work hard:

Hard work is the key to success and it’s the most important motto of your motivation. If you are just thinking and making ideas to do something new then it will not work unless you start doing an effort for it. Every idea needs action to fulfill it and yours is waiting for you to do so.  Thus, hard work can really motivate you to complete your picture of the puzzle that you are playing with. Make sure that you never estimate the power of hard work because it’s the central part of your principle.

At the end, we all need some motivation in our life so we can change the angle of it. And for this, we need to stick to our plan very strongly and have some faith in our self and in the plan that we are going to accomplish. And at last, we really need to do some hard work so we can achieve our goals and live a better life.

Refuel Motivation: Motivation can easily go down the aisle in tough times. It is hard to keep up with.

But on such days, when motivation seems to be going away from you; read these points and act upon them to refuel your motivation and see the magic happen.

How to Keep your motivation levels up?

In this world, nobody is sincere with you. Everyone is going to stop you from achieving your dreams. So here is an advice; just stay motivated! You shouldn’t lose hope and your confidence should be high. Likewise, your will power should be strong also. You need to concentrate on your aim. Your life is useless if you don’t have any aim; you are plainly breathing as you don’t have a reason to live. A lot of people will bash you but you don’t need to lose hope.

Only you are responsible for your happiness and your own life. If you don’t push yourself to stay motivated; no one else will. Therefore, remember that you are the one who has to keep up the motivation. This motivation is what will bring you out of the darkest hours and make you stand underneath the brightest sun.

Do remember your successful moments:

Sometimes we feel disheartened because of people who bring us down. If you are losing confidence and you are not getting what you want, just remember all of your successful moments which you have got in your life.

This will help you to forget every bad thing from your mind and your heart is going to say I can do it again. For achieving your aim in life it is very much important to stay confident and motivated. Your successful moments are a reflection of the fact that you can achieve anything in life that you wish for. You only need to push yourself to your own extremes.

List all your upsides:

You should note down the points which are giving you an advantage in any sort of work so that they can help you in your future and you can get advantages from it in the future as well. These small points are so beneficial for you that you might not even imagine about it. You have to know all of your weak points and all of your plus points because these are going to protect you and your coming days.

Never bother what people say because they are going to hate you without a reason or maybe because of their own jealousy bubble. So stop worrying about them and just be what you are and don’t ever leave your dreams behind for anyone or due to the society parameters. You can be perfect if you stay motivated.

Make a list of all your upsides and see how they work wonderfully for you and your life in long-term.

Failure is not permanent:

People usually are afraid of failure and it is natural. However, you should keep in mind that failure does not define you. You don’t have to fall because of your failure. Some fail at relationships, some fail at studies and others fail at work; just know that you can try again and again until you get what you want.

‘Struggle is the key to success.” we have often heard this quote but have we ever tried working on it?  We need hard work for achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves. You have to fulfill all of your desires by your own hard work and struggle. You are nothing until you don’t put all of your efforts into what the “dream of your life,” and remember that failure and rejection are always going to come by in your life, you cannot stop them or put barriers for them. What you can do is; fight it away and if you fall 100 times, you are ready to stand up the 101st time as well. Failure is never permanent. It is a stage of life and doesn’t allow this phase to overpower you.

Motivation comes from within you in the first place and you are the only one who decides whether to boost it or let it diminish. Hard times are always going to come by. Make sure you are not willing to surrender to them. Failure doesn’t define you. But as a matter of fact, your behavior towards that failure surely does. Gather knowledge of your strong points and make them the basis of your personality. Make sure that your personality portrays your strengths and not your weaknesses.

Stay motivated for a successful and joyous life. People are always going to bring you down. You need to decide the fact whether you want to fall because of them. Or regardless of your failures, you want to rise for yourself. In general, just live and shine with motivation.

At the different developmental stages of human’s life, we constantly struggle in order to achieve success. Everyone wants to grow and prosper by being a successful person. I am sure we all want to have more, achieve more, desire more, want more and wants to do anything to make our dreams come true in order to live a healthy and wealthy life.

The dreams that we envision may come true only if we are motivated enough, encouraged enough and determined enough to make through every step of life. Therefore, when it comes to becoming successful, self-motivation is all that we need to know about in the first place. Self-motivation is very essential because no one could motivate you as much as you yourself can.

In order to be self-motivated, one has to provide oneself certain incentives to stay on the track of success. We could achieve a number of great things in life once we are self-motivated. For all those who needs a little bit of inspiration as to become fully motivated to become a successful person, the following 10 tips have been gathered for you.

Get serious – do not fool around

If you are in your 20’s, this is the time to get serious about your life.

Until now you may have only thought about doing something and thoughts about being successful may only have passed through your mind but now it is the right time to give them appropriate attention.

Try to analyse your life and give it a meaning

First of all be willing to get out of your comfort zone and actually work.

Come out of your comfort zone and think sensibly about what you have to do with your life.

Your comfort zone is the actual roadblock towards the success.

Stop procrastinating – it’s bad

Many people love to procrastinate but if you really are concerned about having a successful future then you need to stop procrastinating every time and finish every task of your life on time.

Do not leave anything unfinished or incomplete. This tip will make you self-disciplined as well.

Stop being so anxious about the future

When you constantly think about the future, you miss the pleasure of the present moment.

Always remember that your future depends on how you treat your present.

If you work hard today, you won’t have to be worried about the future.

If you spend 5 hours on your present, you would be enjoying these same hours in future.

Buy motivational books

There are so many motivational people in this world who are a source of true inspiration for us and they guide us the right path through their beautiful quotes and words.

Some of the very famous people who have shared motivational quotes are Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Robin Williams, Albert Einstein, Steve jobs, Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal.

Buy their books or read their inspirational and motivational quotes.

Start imagining

Imagination is the everything, an art in itself. Try to think about a situation over and over again.

Imagination would help you find different ways of success and achievement.

You never know when this imagination could turn into reality and you will be thanking yourself for imagining in the first place but make sure you do not allow the negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Do not let the thoughts ruin this beautiful process of imagination.

Never lose hope

Hope is the faith that helps you to move forward in life. It is kind of a rope that pulls you up in life. Never leave this rope or else it would be very difficult and hard for you to realise your dreams and potentials.

Go out

When you stay at home, we get bored and when we get bored we don’t feel active and we lack the energy which is needed for a person to actually become successful.

Engage yourself with inspirational people

This is an important tip to find new ways of success. Talk to people who inspire you.

Engage in deep conversations with the right kind of people and share positive vibes.

Because when you are having fun, you tend to be more enthusiastic, more optimistic and more positive of yourself and your surroundings.


We live in a world of overflowing information and technology due to which our brain gets stimulated which is not a good health sign.

Therefore, it is essential to make some time for meditation.

Lie down, close eyes and clean your mind of all the negative thoughts and say welcome to only positive thoughts.

Take the action

Finally, take the appropriate action because goals are nothing without action. Remember, it is now or never.

How to Reboot Motivation when you are in Rut?

The thought “I feel like nothing is happening in my life” comes to everyone, so you are not alone. Life isn’t all candy floss. It isn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

People, who are highly motivated and positive in their life, can also lack it sometimes. At times, we fall into such a rut that imagining anything positive or thinking of anything great or motivational feels like an impossible thing. It is like the drug named hope is gone from your hands and you can’t pay anyone to get it back to you. But what if I tell you that it ain’t that hard!

After all, it is all the mind game, isn’t it?

Motivation is a process and a lot of people don’t get this at all. No worries, even I didn’t get it at first. Just like you are a beginner in learning how to play guitar, it takes time and correction. You just don’t get hold of the strings right away. It takes a while, right? You might hurt your fingers at first but then through every passing day, you seem to get better at it. The thing with motivation is that even the laziest people can try it and can actually benefit from it, if they want to. It is all about what you think you want to and can achieve. No matter how tough as a person you are…sometimes, life just beats you down and you are sitting on your knees, wondering where to head to or how to get up even.

But if you decide to sit there, on your knees, you are probably going to remain there. The winning is in getting up and making your very own sunshine. It is never too late to become the person that you want to and here are some ways through which you can reboot your motivation, stand back on your feet and show life that you can move forward, no matter how much it hurts. And with every passing day, this process (known motivation) makes you better.

One Goal at a Time

We all have dreams and thanks to Walt Disney, it made us realize that we can all make efforts to achieve whatever we want to in life. Whenever you find yourself going down and not feel like doing much, it will be because you are trying to do a lot at one time. I know your hormones are high and you are too determined but working on one goal at a time is what keeps your motivation refreshed. Focusing on a lot of goals at the same time drains you badly. So it is better to clear one goal at a time. The best way is to make a list of goals you want to achieve, along with their time period. Jot them down accordingly; like the ones you want to finish off first should be your first priority and so on. Also, date them; make a deadline for each.


This is indisputably the hardest part of all; setting up a routine. I couldn’t even get one while I was in school but yeah, with the passage of time you actually get there. Sometimes it is good to break down some daily habits of yours. You can make a weekly routine because a permanent one bores the hell out of you quite easily. It makes you feel tired. You can make changes every now and then. Alter the timings when you want to have fun and change the times when you are all dedicated to working. It is good to make changes sometimes.

Finish what you Started

A lot of us stop in the midst of what we are trying to achieve.

This just brings a big downfall to your motivation in all. This is exactly why it is important to know why you started off with something in the first place.

For example, if you started with eating healthy, then you need to remind yourself why you started with it. Look yourself in the mirror and wonder why you are doing something and why you wanted to diet in the first place.

A great idea is to make a video of talking why you started off with something and what motivated you to it. Whenever you start going off track…watch that video again and again, until you see the reason for doing it.

You can also write down mantras in a diary to stay motivated.

There is so much that you can do to take yourself back to the motivational track. Sometimes life does throw lemons on you…but you can just yell “HEY SEE, FREE LEMONS” and take control of it. Or just say, Hey twist the plot and handle it. Motivation is a process to achieve something great in life. The process will get slower for lazier people but once you stay determined…you are certainly going to get there. Don’t lose hope, hang on and see how motivation can keep you fueled up all the time.

So how to stay motivated and study hard, How to get super motivated? Listen and understand one thing in life, that you can achieve anything. You just need to give it a little work and time, that’s all and obviously motivation. Stop wasting your time and do that work. Why do you always run away from it and why you always try not to get into too much trouble?

Why are you scared of hard work or don’t you want to be successful? Ask yourself these question every second of your life. You have to set your path and destiny right now. If you don’t know where you want to go then find your passion, find what you love. (click here). Here are steps which will help boost your motivation and keep it up.

5 key points on how to stay motivated and study hard and how to get super motivated

Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be scared of failure because you will fail, you are going to fail a million times before you get to your success. It’s actually a path of small failures and small successes. You see, people are scared of failure, they think it’s a step backward but the reality is that its 3 steps forward. When you fail you learn. If you fail an exam, any exam, what will happen well two things can happen here one: you quit and give up,

or two:

You do it again and when you do it again:

1-You, feel much stronger than you were.
2-You, get less nervous than before.
3-You, get less scared of failure.

So you see these 3 points are actually your 3 steps forward that you would make if you retake that exam.

Every time we fail we learn we become less nervous next time we understand our weaknesses and we realize we are stronger and we are not scared of failure. Keep your motivation up even when you fail because you learn something anyhow.

It’s not an easy accomplishment

Anything you want success, money or anything important to you is not going to be an easy accomplishment. It’s not going to happen overnight but it would be worth the struggle you do it.

Life is like a gate and on the other side of that gate is the success, many people fight trying to get in but mostly end up joining the waiting list and they wait there forever and never reach success, while some fight for their way in.

Jump and push others back even if you hurt them a little. Step away from the 97% of the population if you need success you have to fight for it with everybody. We hate hard work we run away from it, we just run away and we make excuses and are afraid of pain and we also get afraid of hard work because we know what it’s capable of. You have to consistently work hard, this journey of life is not by any means easy. All your resources energy time everything needs to be invested in it.

Just remember there is nothing hard work can’t do. Make hard work your friend.

Stop thinking about Society

Stop worrying about others and stop worrying what the society thinks. When they say you can’t do it, it’s only because they can’t.

If it was easy everybody would do it, everybody would be filthy rich and fully successful, but the thing is it’s not easy and so people run away and make others stay away too. Understand that life is only made by people and they defined it, they made it, they made up the limits but that definition and these limits are not for you because you make your own limits.

You don’t care what people think or feel. You have more potential than they had and you going to set up a new limit.

These people go to work every day miserable and all they talk about is how miserable they are. They stop challenging themselves and they don’t use their imagination nor they dream because after facing so many rejections they simply quit. They just give up. All their life they work for somebody else to make their dreams become a reality. They become comfortable with whatever they are doing and so they stop growing and thus they commit a spiritual suicide.

These people allow their lives to control them.

Their graveyard will be the wealthiest place because they will take all their ideas to it. All their ideas, all their dream will get buried deep down under the ground. And those ideas will never become a reality because they will never act upon their dreams.

So when you die don’t leave any dreams behind. Don’t be like those people. Stop worrying what society thinks or believes in. Never ever quit. Stay focused on where you want to go. Say this to yourself every day:

“This is not going to be it for my life because I’m not average.”

It’s not impossible for you to achieve your dream. It’s necessary for you to go for what is yours in the universe. Go make it happen in your life with passion.

Remind yourself every day that you have talents hidden within you with which can achieve anything in life. There is no guarantee that you can’t have your dreams. No one can do it only you can.

Draw your success

Draw a mental picture of your success and be sure to think out of the box. What do you want to do? Do you want a million dollars? Yes? Why are you thinking so small?

Think big there is no limit to what you want. Get my point? While drawing your picture think of what do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to achieve in life?  Don’t think of how you would achieve it and It will all come to you naturally. Just plan everything ahead of yourself and do all you need, to keep up with that plan. Allow your pain to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Embrace your pain. Challenge yourself. What drives you when things don’t work out? What will keep you strong?

Find them.

That’s your mental image of success. Once you make that picture, save it and remind yourself of it every single second of your life. It’s about what you are doing with your time and how you make a goal every day and achieve it before you go to sleep. Keeping oneself motivated and going with that plan is the toughest job out there but you need to always be hungry.

Out-think others.

Outsmart them. Go out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

You will make mistakes but you got to be willing to challenge yourself. When you fall think about your picture of success. Think about what reason will pick you up. When you feel, you can’t do anymore, you got to go one more mile because that mile is going to make you stronger. There is no perfect timing for anything in life. You create your own opportunity. Don’t get weak, always see your mental image of success as your motivation.

Understand that life is Selfish

Believe in this fact that life doesn’t give you anything so stop expecting from life.

It’s not that sweet like they show you in Disney movies, there’s nothing welcoming about it if you give up right now life will eat you up. It doesn’t give you a billion dollars just like that. People don’t just throw money at you instead they want something in exchange for it. In fact, everything you want from anyone you must have to trade it for something which that person wants. Life is selfish. We are selfish it’s in our nature we are made this way, that means if you want to take something from anybody you have to trade something for it and the root to all that trade is hard work. When you work hard you own that trade. There are no guarantees in life but if you don’t do anything right now you going to lose. Just see your dream and start chasing it, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Go ahead and do it.

Nobody is going to chase that dream for you. Just know that it’s the real happiness and it’s the thing which will make your heart full. Work hard on that dream and remember that hard work pays off and when it does you fall in love with it and then you trust it completely and more than ever before.

I’d like to conclude by saying that you are your own biggest enemy and nobody else. If nobody from inside is stopping you, then nobody can stop you from the outside. Start saying yes to your life and your dreams. Work like hell, maybe even break some rules and believe in yourself. You can do this!

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