How to Create a 10 Year’s Plan for your Life?

How to Create a 10 Year’s Plan for your Life?: So, What should “My ten year plan” look like? Having a plan and writing it down on a piece of paper gives you a frequency to resonate around. “Go with the flow” has miraculously brought us so far in life. Think about most of the decisions that brought us where we are standing today, we had the faintest idea they would push us in the direction we are going today.

As it has been set down by a renowned author that the poor to plan for the day, middle class for the month, rich for the year, and the richest for a decade.

The farthest you set your finish line to be, the more things are going to be processed through your mind.

Once you have a plan for setting up a family, growth in career, health improvement, and financial management, you will notice that that taco Tuesday will stop being such a good idea to ponder over thoughts every week.

Ten years is a time long enough for you to manage anything that you set your mind to and short enough to pass in the snap of fingers, not literally.

There is a funny thing about time, pick up a memory that you like from years ago and you’ll feel everything about it as if it were yesterday, but at the same time, it seems ages ago.

My Ten Year Plan

Your Ten Years Plan for Success

You are going to come across people uploading a template for a ten years plan as if it’s a paper everyone has to submit a meticulous example, the closer to format your plan is going to be the likelier it would be for you to achieve it, it’s helpful but absurd.

My ten years plan is solely about the person I want to become down the lane and the life I want to be living by then, there are no boundaries, patterns, or confines that I’m bound to think by.

The best thing we can offer is to divide your life into five parts and plan your life based on that, finances, health, friends and family, leisure, and personal growth.


Handle you finances for success

The start of every wish-list may not be a lot of money but it surely is always the end of it. Unless you’re a child of Zen and have completely cut your ties with the material world, you are going to want better finances in the future.

Whether it is being on the lighter side in debt, being able to travel around the world, finance for your passion, or just to enhance the luxury and comfort you have in your life.

Setting a goal for your finances to help you envision a plan to reach it.

You will know better if you have to make any savings all these years, if so how many, switch jobs, seek promotions, or even start your own business in your area of expertise.

This way you’ll know what you’re working for and can assess yourself as you go through.

This doesn’t necessarily have to come first on your 10-year plan but is a priority not to be slipped too far down either, (so keep your priorities straight) taking care of your financial condition and making sure it is going to be solid in the future is a good way to ensure peace of mind.



Being in your 20s or 30s doesn’t make you realize the aspect of health in your life much it is going to matter by the end of your 10 years plan.

As you approach the 40s and forward, every pound of additional weight is going to feel much heavier if you have to start cutting down the habits that will give you a hard time later on then now’s the time to act on it.

If you have written it down that you would want a fit body and clean eating habits in ten years then now might be a good time to start taking baby steps in the direction.

Set realistic checkpoints for years to go through and consult a professional dietician to guide you with the introduction to healthy eating habits.

If you don’t have the motivation enough to join the gym right away, going for a morning walk is going to prove a good start that turns into a light jog later on.

Having a set aim in mind for your health is going to help you identify the habits and routines that will help you achieve it, and you will notice how incredibly easy it is contrary to your initial belief.

Friends and Family

Keeping relationships healthy

If you are married or are in a serious relationship then you probably should be doing this exercise with your partner in the first place.

Friends and family make up our life for what it is, they define us and give us hope for a better tomorrow.

Being a people’s person is nothing you need to get rid of, instead, start investing more in the relationships that are honest and sincere.

It is a gift to be able to socialize with quite a lot of people and if it is your strength then don’t lose it, just make sure you don’t lose the ones that are going to be standing by you through thick and thins.

Talking about family, you need to set a plan for getting married, having children, and then even managing your affairs according to that.

You can leave the specific year you want to be married in or the number of children to keep the aspect of nature in your life, but you can make out what part of the town you would want to be living at and what kind of a partner or parent you would like to be.

Personal Growth

Make your existing job interesting

In the time taken out for the things and people around us we often forget what our inner desires are.

Personal growth is something that cannot be defined by what you possess, what you have achieved, or who you’re surrounded by but by what you are.

10 years is a long time for practice so practice whatever you want to be.

Small acts of bravery will make you courage’s person, being kind will make you a kind person, practicing guitar or an instrument will make you a better musician, you can have your own library by the end of the decade if your start reading now, you can become whatever you want to become as a person.

Other than focusing on your health, indulging in the quest to find yourself is a cause worthy enough to dedicate time to.

You are not magically going to wake up one day being a completely different person but it is the occasional deliberate acts that will eventually shape you into the person you are aiming for.

Needless to say again, picture who you want to be after a decade, write it down, and see what you can do about it.



Leisure and fun are by far the most important and motivating factors that provoke you to keep striving towards the big picture.

Your entire life cannot be about making money and pleasing people, you need to get some time to yourself to absolutely nothing in.

The best planning for fun and leisure is when you cross a milestone in your plan.

Say your first milestone had been getting a promotion or being married, you can then add a cherry on top by planning an international tour.

Planning out romantic trips with your partner or bachelor parties with your friends is what makes us realize the long way that we have come from the beginning. (BTW, are you a hopeless romantic?)

But that doesn’t mean that fun is something to be confined only to the big occasions, if you do not give enough time to yourself to recharge all the energy for a good week then you probably will start having many bad days and weeks.

Start playing a sport or game you like over the weekends, or maybe just hang out at the bar that you like, anything to give yourself a break.

Why Make A Plan In The First Place?

Why Make A Plan In The First Place?

The idea of writing down a plan for the next decade of your life is not to limit your freedom but to expand it, after all, freedom is in choosing for yourself.

You will notice the moment you begin to scribble your thoughts on a paper that nothing seems to be impossible when you plan for it and work accordingly, but the hardest part always is to initiate.

Making a decision to bring about a change, and leave your comfort zone is what we are best at resisting, which is explained better by an eastern story:

A man hired a worker to help him out on the farm and asked him to paint the fence, which he was done with by the evening. Surprised by the efficiency he thought of putting him against the harder work of chopping firewood, with which he was done again by the evening. Struck by wonder, he made him separate stale potatoes from the fresh ones and the worker came running at him by the noon ranting to leave.

The man astonished, asks him why on earth would he leave now doing something from the comfort and wouldn’t leave the days before that doing hard work. The worker asks to make him do labor, chop wood, water the fields, fix the roof but separating potatoes is decision after decision and that’s completely absurd!

Sleepwalking through our daily lives, mindlessly wandering about completing chores on autopilot, and resisting the first notion of change are among some of the many gifts the comforts and luxuries of technology have bestowed upon us.

“Planning’ is a word we keep far from our lives and only to describe the cunning, and that is something that happens to us while desperately wanting to grow up.

As children, we are the perfect manifestation of how a person ought to lead one’s life but we dramatically loose track and hope as we crawl into adolescence and out of it.

Ask a child what (s)he wants to be and you’ll get a simple answer, it’s going to be an athlete, scientist, astronaut, artist, or musician.

And when you ask the same as an adult, you get only but vague answers, to be rich or successful.

The desire for success and wealth is not in vain so that it should not be addressed with attention, but they aren’t the states of being that something can be done about either.

You want to be successful, well how do you want to do that?

Setting out to make a 10 years plan for your life is the very first step you take into taking things in your control.

Having a clear aim and path in mind gives you the power to shape everything around it.

Writing down your thoughts leave no room for the insight trips under the shower, you know what you want.

Most of us have a hard time trying to bring ourselves to write down a crisp storyline for how the next 10 years of our lives are going to be because we have the least bit of affiliation with making plans for ourselves.

The last time anyone of us had a 10 year plan was back in school that was handed to us before we even knew what was happening, we just knew we had to wait for prom primarily to see what all the hype had been about, and secondly to throw the alarm clock out that has woken us up at 6 a.m. like it was the day of resurrection.

What restrains us from pouring our thoughts out on a piece of paper is the fear of being too naïve about it, but can there be a person more naïve than listing about 20 different things for the “One thing that you want most in life”?

How Does A 10 Year Plan Help?

How Does A 10 Year Plan Help?

A plan for your life is not a rulebook that you have to abide, it is the intentional change in behavior but one that is provoked by your thoughts and wishes.

We are no strangers to fantasizing about a future with everything we desire so why not write it down and see what we can about it. it is also of great importance to go through your plan over and over again, maybe every single day or annually to know how close you are to your desired life.

The question that never fails to compel one to work for his goals and desires is “Where are you supposed to be?

If you had been aiming to have a better body, you should be at the gym, playing an instrument if you want to be a musician, with your family if you wanted a better family life, and so on.

The thing I find most motivating about having a ten years plan is the impact of bad days and weeks on the big picture, which is negligible.

A single bad day or week can set your entire plan topsy turvy if you had been planning for a month, but even a bad year is nothing more than a bump on the road when you have your eyes on the prize after ten years, the motivation never fades.

A written plan acts as a reminder of the thoughts and wishes that you have, unlike the continuous dreaming throughout the day, they do not fade away as you snap out of the moment.

A plan can be changed or kept intact, which is entirely up to you as it is you who wish to have a different life.


The questions you need to ask yourself to write down your plan need to come from you and not some templates you come across online.

There is no such thing as the right question or a wrong one, just picture yourself waking up 10 years from now and imagine what you’ll be waking up to.

Only be sure to not put a leash on your imagination and let it stroll as far into fantasy as it can, what would your life be if you could have anything you want, what would you be doing if the failure had not been a component at all?

As elaborated above, the reason why most of us never put ourselves to make a plan for our lives is because of our comfort with the sleepwalking lifestyle that has developed, we resist change and fear our imagination to be unrealistic. This is not to say that writing a plan is going to be like a wish book where anything you write down will come, but there is no evidence opposing that either now is there?

The worst? You’ll lose an hour or maybe two!

The best? You’ll get everything you want 10 years later with this your’s “My Ten Year Plan”.

It’s a safe bet if you ask me.

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