Why Are Scorpios So Misunderstood?

Why Are Scorpios So Misunderstood?: Out of the entirety of astrology, Scorpios perhaps carry the most misunderstood reputation. Is it true, and are Scorpios really some unnatural evil beasts? Or is it just a mere misconception?

Scorpios being misunderstood as cunning, rude, and primarily vicious accounts for the sharp wit, ambitious nature, leadership qualities, and secretiveness they hold as part of their personalities.

If you take just the slightest bit of interest in astrology, you will know that perhaps the most misconceived of all the zodiac signs is Scorpio. All humans have their dark parts, and hence all zodiac signs are linked with some negative traits, but Scorpios are associated explicitly with bad and rather evil characteristics.

People judge them before even interacting with them properly, and that is just unfair. Although most Scorpios don’t pay heed to what others think of them, some sensitive ones get upset because of the negative opinions people hold about them.

They are termed as rude, angry, narcissistic, inconsiderate, unfriendly, and other sorts of negative things, forcing them to think of the reasons for all the presumptions and hate that people project at them.

But why exactly are Scorpios so misunderstood?

The air of mysteriousness surrounding Scorpios:

Socially Awkward Person

Scorpios often seem mysterious and peculiar to folks, and that’s why people presume them to be aloof and unwelcoming.

People fail to understand that the mysterious aura is part of a Scorpio’s nature, which they can’t control, and which most of the Scorpios embrace wholeheartedly.

Their mysteriousness is more about keeping their private lives, fears, and emotions secret than about appearing all shady and unapproachable to the people around them.

They can get their guns out if they want:

Symptoms of a socially inept personality

Another characteristic that is always associated with Scorpios is violence.

However, being strong, having good learning skills, sharp reflexes, and a short response time doesn’t make Scorpios precisely violent.

Yes, they can be violent, but aren’t all humans like that? If we can keep this matter of fact in our mind, then the term cannot be generalized for all Scorpios.

Though it is to be admitted that they can act without thinking when they are angry, anger is an emotion associated with all human beings.

Perhaps, Scorpios are inclined towards violence and darkness, but some may also be inclined to be more human and control their demons; hence, they shouldn’t be judged based on universal misconceptions.

Mostly, Scorpios are introverted:

Personality aspects of an ENFP

People tend to assume that because Scorpios are unapproachable and lack empathy, they don’t like to mingle in with crowds and tend to stay in the dark at a party.

Heck, they might not even go to parties.

However, according to what research says, they are not unsympathetic or rude, but just introverted.

What people see as a lack of empathy is usually just the lack of the ability to express the many intense emotions Scorpios contain the tendency to feel.

Scorpios generally feel everything, and that also very strongly, but they often find it hard to share their feelings with others, hence keeping them bottled up inside themselves.

Although many Scorpios are extroverted, most are introverted and very deep inside; hence, they tend to not see other people as capable of understanding them, so they choose distance as their solace.

However, being distant doesn’t make them unapproachable; you can always share your feelings and emotions with them, for they sure can empathize too, in most but not all cases, of course.

Their multiple personalities confuse people:

looks or personality

The puzzle that is hardest to solve is what best defines our Scorpion friends. There are many pieces to put together, and you hardly ever know which two pieces fit along with each other; you keep trying to solve and never quite succeed at it.

Scorpios have many layers to their personalities, like seeming one person at a time and being totally different one at another time.

Their multiple characters can sometimes scare people, who may think of them as crazy.

But you know what, anyone can be in two different mind frames at one time, so it is all dependant on what state of mind frame they are in at a particular instance.

Or it may be the case that they like playing different roles in different situations, so don’t get scared when you see a Scorpio do that.

Scorpios are wildly ambitious:

Common Personality Traits of Reserved People

Scorpios are legends when it comes to ambition. They are very passionate about what they want and would strive as hard as possible to achieve their goals, from working extremely hard to employing all means to attain what they have set their eyes on.

However, their ambition makes other people think they are obsessive and overly indulged in competition, so much that they’d use harmful means to achieve their goals too. Still, those are just peoples’ opinions.

Also, this is a trait that anyone can have, and it’s not to say that only Scorpios are ambitious.

However, people must stop believing and projecting the belief that Scorpios’ ambition can always drive them to do evil.

Scorpios Are Very Obsessive In Nature:

All the astrology fanatics out there may know that Scorpios are often termed as being obsessive.

It may be true in one way, but when obsessive desires are executed through negative means, people start to associate misconceptions with the star sign.

But dear friends, just about anyone can possess a negative obsessive nature, and it’s not restricted to or associated with just Scorpios.

Jealousy is in their nature:

Type C personality

Jealousy is most definitely a personality trait that is attributable to Scorpios. It has almost come to be a nickname for Scorpios.

When you have traits like stone-block ambition, obsession, and the passion for achieving your goals, you tend to become jealous of people you lose to or those who achieve their goals when you are unable to.

However, it’s certainly not always the paranoid side of jealousy that they feel towards other people; instead, most Scorpios tend to use their jealousy as a driving force to accomplish their targets.

People only take jealousy as a negative emotion and consider all Scorpios envious by nature. In that process, they tend to overlook that Scorpios usually only project the adverse effects of their jealousy upon themselves, not others, hence committing no absolute evil.

Stubborn Nature as well:

ISFP- The Adventurer Personality Traits

Some people think that Scorpios are stubborn and do not tolerate or agree with anyone’s opinion but their own.

However, it cannot be calculated that all Scorpios are unreasonable as the generalization of a trait like that is unfair.

Yes, some Scorpios believe in themselves so much that they always consider themselves right. Yes, it is challenging to get Scorpios to accept their mistakes.

However, it would be somewhat fair to say that Scorpios have these habits because of their deep research skills, thinking, and understanding things as best as they can before they conclude.

They seek validation from themselves, even form their own opinions and knowledge, and hence they tend to believe only that which they trust to be true.

Yet, they may not always be correct, but when that is the case and when Scorpios themselves also realize that they are in the wrong, they give up the stubbornness most of the time, acknowledge their mistakes, and learn from them.

Hence, people should try to understand Scorpio’s logic, and if they are wrong, they should explain the case to them and passively try to convince them rather than calling them ‘stubborn.’ It is found that most of the Scorpios would see and accept their mistakes that way.

Trust issues:

INTJ Personality Type- The Architect

Scorpios seem very distant and unfriendly to people, and sometimes they actually are straightforward about not letting people come near them.

They tend not to befriend many people, stay silent, and value solitude above all else because they find it very hard to trust anyone and everyone around them. They are cautious and analytical while making friends, and they choose the best.

These characteristics are engraved in the nature of most Scorpios, and these are the things that make people deem all Scorpios as unfriendly and rude.

The want for success:

Assertive Personality Confidence

Almost all Scorpios give the vibe of being ‘unfriendly.’ Well, anyone can look like that when they have their priorities straight.

Rather than spending time with their friends, they prefer to concentrate on their ambitions and goals.

Instead of gossiping around or chilling out with others, they constantly work hard to reach their targets, which is totally fair if success is their priority.

Manipulation vs. Convincing powers:

Negative traits of Type C Personality

A trait that Scorpios are most associated with is that they are very manipulative in nature.

Which, in reality, is actually not true at all; they might have tendencies to turn events, situations, and even people in their favor and follow their suit.

They may not intentionally exploit people, but this could also be attributable to their persuasive nature, which may come across as manipulative when in actuality it is not.

Scorpios are famous for being vengeful:

Scorpios are famous for their sharp memory and the fact they never forget the slightest of events.

Hence, if one has, in some way, wronged a Scorpio, they might not be forgiven until their wrongdoing is avenged.

However, not all Scorpios are alike; some of them can even be very forgiving and kind when asked for forgiveness.

Hence, people must stop judging Scorpios before personally interacting with them.

Summing it up:

Before people initiate a relationship of any sort with a Scorpio, they might generally think ten times for their decision. And it is all attributed to their shady personalities, which come across as hiding deep, dark secrets and dangerous personality traits that may be harmful. But the reasons why Scorpios are misunderstood are mainly based on mere opinions of people over long periods and not upon actual facts. Once you understand them and get to know them, Scorpios can be the most friendly and loyal of all the Zodiacs.

They are just as kind-hearted as all other humans, and peoples’ association of negative sentiments with Scorpios is primarily due to the stereotypes that simply exist in our society without any actual meaning. It is about time that we must look beyond such things.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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