What do you mean by being Cool?

What do you refer to as being cool? Is copying someone else’s style, a statement of cool for you?

Or is it all about following the latest trends?

Is wearing drop shoulders cool because it is the hottest fashion?

Do you think that being half-naked and having all eyes on you because you are too good at exposing, makes you cool?

Won’t you worry about that reflection in the mirror?

Are you looking the best that you can?

Does that happening trend really suit you?

Or being rude to someone or maybe everyone, makes you the perfect cool person?

Why is it that our society has molded the world cool in so many different ways?

Why is it that guys have started smoking, looking at other guys, just because they think that it really is cool?

Why is it that girls have started following weird dressing manners because they find it cool? Why is our society so much into the word cool or they so eagerly want to be called cool, that they are ready to forget their actual personality in that process?

So the question here arises; what is cool?

Can we follow some great tips and advice from the professionals to turn into that perfectly cool person that we ae inspired from?’

Can we mold our personality to become anything like that girl in high school, who has all eyes and is termed as COOL?

Is it really important to be the coolest person ever?

Can you Copy Paste being COOL?

Everyone has their own set of thoughts and they might bring up different speculations about the word’s cool. But for me, cool is not something you become.

Being cool is not something you can just copy paste from someone else’s personality.

It is not what you decide to become for the world to see.

So what is really being Cool?

Cool is a person’s own natural style. It is within people from the very beginning and the funny part is that the actually cool people don’t even know the fact that people are eyeing them with envy, just because they are too cool for them to handle.

Being cool isn’t something you learn to carry or tag … it is something that is in you (that is if it is in you at all) right from the very start. Letting go off crap and walking away from things that don’t require your energy or comment is one of the rarest attributes that is directly linked to being and staying cool.

Being kind in a world where everyone wants to fight back in their defense is also cool. Keeping your own little mystery, where everyone is overexposed is also being cool.

When you are comfortable in your own skin and you don’t really envy people for who they are, that also defines you as a cool person. There is a difference between envying people and trying to copy their style and being inspired by someone to such an extent that you wish to fall into their path to achieve whatever you wish to.

Coolness is a trait. It comes in naturally.

The more you try to fake it, the more of a desperate person you look like. People, who try to embrace someone else’s personality, fail at it badly.

Even if they are able to do so, they are not really happy with their life. You cannot be happy until and unless you embrace your own self and who you are as a person.

For me, being cool is a trait that is in you or isn’t in you at all. You cannot fake it and even if you do, you get caught easily.

Is it Important to be Tagged Cool?

Well, if you ask the new generation they will say yes to this.

Who doesn’t wants to be cool these days? But being honest, it really isn’t. Why forget your real self for this tag?

Is it promising you a brighter future?

Or is it bringing in all the happiness from around the world to you? I guess, we just need to ponder upon it and we will certainly have the correct answer in our hands.


You simply cannot be cool because you wake up one day and decide that you want to be it.

No, this really doesn’t happen! It isn’t a daydream coming true!

Being cool is already in people who actually define it.

They don’t break the rules or go poles apart from what seems normal, to prove themselves as cool people. They just are cool, being the way they actually are.

Therefore, before you decide that you need to fake being cool; remember that you might just look utterly stupid to people around you!

You are either cool or you are not from scratch. Stop overloading yourself with it if you are not.

Everyone is unique the way they are and that doesn’t really require the “cool” tag!

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