Hopeless Romantic Vs Realist | Which one are you?

Are you a hopeless Romantic or a realist? You can search the internet for it and maybe spend a lot of time going through some dictionaries. But you won’t get a perfect definition. However, it is assimple as this; a hopeless romantic is a person who believes in fairytales. A realist is the one who don’t.

If you are in love with the whole idea of love or the imagination of being in love, then yes, you are a hopeless romantic without a doubt.

If we look at ourselves, we see that being a hopeless romantic is totally uncool for this generation. Who believes in fairytales? That is the too old school for everyone right? But don’t forget that Disney gave you the best childhood with all those fairy tales and the idea of being in love.

Anyways, we all say it in front of people that we don’t believe in fairytales. And by saying this to people all the time, we feel the same way as well. we forget what we really believe in. so if you want to know that you are a hopeless romantic or not, then here are some things that are going to ensure you that you are one or not.

Love is a great feeling but hopeless romantics just decide to take it up an extra notch! So are you a Hopeless Romantic or a Realist? Let’s find out:

You are a Hopeless Romantic if:

1- Romantic Novels are your Favorite Gateway to Reality:

You might be reading inspiring and motivational novels in the crowd and yes you like them as well. But somewhere when you are done with the world and the burdens and the harsh realities, you escape it all through your favorite romance novel. Mostly You prefer reading it before going to bed so that you can forget about your grumpy boss at the office and go wild into the fantasy world, chasing that guy who sits next to your cabin.

2- You Fantasize your Wedding:

You might think that only girls do this but trust me when I say guys do this as well and it is no shame. If a girl can dream her big day, a guy can do that too. So if you are a hopeless romantic, you will likely fantasize your wedding. You will probably think ahead of it as well if you and your partner are going on quite well.

3- Constantly in Search of Small, Romantic Gestures or Moments:

A hopeless romantic is always seeking for signs and love. You set your eyes on small signs that actually wouldn’t mean anything in real life. But the bad thing is that even though you read about these signs in articles written by pros and in movies, it is not confirmed that these signs mean something to you as well.

4- You find Cute Couples Adorable (Obsession Alert!!):

You look at a couple who are too cute to handle and you start imagining yourself being with your partner the same way. Similarly, you obsess with old couples as well and wish to grow old with someone you love! You keep thinking about how the couple would be having a great time together or maybe how an old couple would have been devoted to each other through the thick and thin. You basically get obsessed with them!

5- You have crushes all the Time:

People who have minor and major crashes (basically who are having crushes on someone or the other all the time) are actually called flirts. But in reality, they are hopeless romantics. They fall in love too fast and as soon as the spark seems to be dying, they become too restless in that relationship and find a way out, to begin with, another love. They actually don’t fall in love but they get crushes all the time. BUT when they fall in love for real, there is nothing breaking them apart from that person.

6- You Don’t Settle for Less:

The worst part of being a hopeless romantic is that they have a long and high expectation less. And if they find anything less than that, they simply cannot settle for it. This usually comes due to the romantic novels and movies they indulge themselves into, creating their own world of how love should be rather than accepting the one they are receiving. They don’t settle down for the statement that everyone loves in their own manner.

You are a realist if :

1- You are rational:

Realists are just rational people. They know that the world can be a cruel place to live in. They know they can get their hearts broken, so they don’t keep their hopes up way too high like the hopeless romantic people. They plan and execute their every move. They make decisions and don’t believe much on miracles. They know that hard work is the only way to make things work.

Don’t get me wrong though, they do believe in luck. But they believe that luck comes with hardwork. And there is no other way arround that.

2- You don’t believe in soul mates:

They believe in love but not in soul mates. They know they have to find that special person in their life, like they have to find a good job with a good-paying salary and benefits. They don’t believe in love at first sight. And because of that, they take their time out to first say the L word out loud first. They analyse their relationships deeply. They see if they can be happy in that specific relationship. They see if they can work around things to make the relationship even better.

3- Your Love affairs lack spontaneity:

Realist people don’t just jump in a relationship. They have to figure out some things before doing so and because of that they are not spontaneous. Hence they lack in the excitement part. That spark if you will, between the 2 people. Their relationship tend to become boring and stale over time. They like to be more emotionally stable first before they can jump in to anything and thus there is no “surprise element” in their relationships.

If your partner is a hopeless romantic and you are a realist, there is a huge probability that you won’t be happy. Since you will always blame your partner for jumping in too quickly and “taking this too fast” and being impulsive, where that person is just being, what they are. A hopeless romantic.


Anyways, to sum it all up, being a hopeless romantic is all about fantasizing love and being in adoration of the idea of love. You daydream, you can be emotionally impacted through love movies and songs and above all, the modern dating system doesn’t really suit you. You would prefer someone to chase you and fight for getting you, rather than just sleeping over after being drunk at a party.

Realists are quite the opposite. They wont like it, if their partner is being impulsive. Saying the L word too fast. Trying to push things. These people analyse their situation before making any decision and their relationships tend to get very boring over time.

So are you a hopeless romantic or just a realist person?


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