Techniques To impress your crush while talking on WhatsApp for the first time

Approaching crushes could be the most tricky and depressing thing to do. The girl or guy you have been dreaming about has had infatuating on is just one text away. Either you are going to nail it or fail it. But worry not we have come up with some proven techniques and tips that will help you make your way to your crush’s heart.

Suppose you have a crush on a girl that is your colleague, class fellow, or schoolfellow; whosoever. Followings are some tips to be at your fingertips while chatting with her on WhatsApp, read them carefully!

First, you should be confident about yourself that your crush gave you, her number but do not sound like a playboy.  You are one step closer but do not make it your last text. Second, do not rush into it, wait for some time; come up with a good way to start a conversation.

Text her at some appropriate time- not too early or too late. Reply to her fast but do not sound desperate. The first text should be subtle and simple.

Crush could be your colleague, class fellow, schoolfellow, or neighbor. It is a plus one if you know a little about her. For example, her friends, her family, her social media accounts. But why these things are important?

Her media information, mutual friends, and family would help you a lot in knowing her and you would come up with a bunch of topics you could talk about while having a chat with her. Try to be yourself, use subtle and simple language in texts, be honest with her while talking about yourself, Sound funny in texts and avoid flirting.

That was a brief account of how you should approach your crush on social media, but we have not talked about WhatsApp features and the topics of chat yet. How it could be helpful in this regard and how to use some of its features to accomplish this challenging task.

So let us start without wasting a second that how WhatsApp could be useful to you. And afterward, we will put some light on the topics you should use while texting her.

WhatsApp is a project of Facebook and is the most used App for chatting globally. Almost 1 Billion people are using it but one of them is still unaware of its amazing features like No one can see you read their texts or not, you can turn off your last seen and put some privacy on your posted status.

Feature no. 1:

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Before texting your crush go to ‘Settings and then to ‘Account’. Here you would find a folder namely Privacy, open it! Now you have ‘read receipts’ on the 5th number, turn that off! Why is that helpful? If she replies to you and you do not have anything to say right away it will help you in waiting.

She does not know that you have read her text or not. So, take a deep breath and think with a cool mind that how you should reply to her in the first place?

Feature no. 2:

On top of that Privacy folder, there is an option of ‘Last seen’, edit that do ‘nobody’. Now she would not know that when you were online, so you have plenty of time to come up with a good reply for her.

Feature no. 3:

Last but not the least, there is a feature in WhatsApp that you can post something on your status. To impress her post something (a quote, movie line, or thought of the day) of her interest. You guys already know that feature but what you must do is change the privacy of that status.

Like, if you want that only she should see that post, just change the privacy settings of that status, and only allow her to see that status of yours. She is also impressed that you guys have the same taste, and no one knows about it, cool, right?

Till now we have discussed how WhatsApp could help you in impressing your crush while chatting with her for the first time. And now we will illustrate to you some guaranteed topics and ways that will melt her heart like ice cream in summers.

Techniques and topics to impress your crush while chatting:

Cute Texts to send to your Crush to keep them Interested

Girls could be the most complicated creatures to understand so the most basic and simple rules to start with are confidence, be honest, stay simple, be yourself, and be humble with her. But here we are not talking about any ordinary girl, we are talking about your crush, the one you loved from distance, the one you have adored for a long time; the special one.

So, the treatment also should be special. Let me tell you how!

Technique no. 1:

The first impression is the last, indeed. What she would see as your first impression would be your ‘profile picture’ and your ‘bio’. Your profile picture should contain you doing something adventurous or progressive.

Like, post a picture of you Hiking or Skiing or maybe playing Baseball whatsoever, you are good at. Or maybe you can post a picture of yourself while on a trip to hilly areas. This will imply that you are a mysterious and adventurous guy and girls love those kinds of guys.

Your ‘bio’ should contain a quote or maybe a famous movie line. So, she should know that you are a serious person with some taste in movies.

Technique no. 2:

Do not rush in. By rushing in I mean do not text her as soon as you get her number. First of all, come up with a subtle way to text her. Her Dm would be full of texts like ‘hey’, ‘hi’ and ‘listen?’ You should not sound so typical.

Try to send something cool and catchy. For example, Hey? Am I having a déjà vu? Or you are my class fellow/colleague/or her name.

Or you can be simple. Like, Hey, (her name) How you are doing?

And the second aspect of not rushing in is that wait for her reply and do not panic. She might be stuck somewhere; she could be doing chores, or she could have left her phone in the car. So be patient.

Technique no. 3:

Text her at the appropriate time. You can not be texting her at 6 am as that is too early. And do not text her at 1 am as it will imply that you are a night owl and has nothing progressive to do in your life because you are still awake.

Technique no. 4:

Reply fast. I know I have asked you earlier to turn off your last seen and she does not know that you have read her reply or not but still you have got to reply to her fast.

Replying late is considered rude. So, the less she waits for you the more you attract her.

You have almost impressed her; she has replied to your text and now what you must do is start an engaging conversation that she can not ignore. For that purpose, we have examples of some topics that will help you guys starting an engaging conversation.

Technique no. 5:

Compliment her. Start with her bio. Then be honest and compliment her appearance. Say that she has the most beautiful pair of eyes.

Praise her dressing sense. And at the end admire her work.

Topics to chat with a crush:

Phone text that creat a hype

Know what appeals to her:

Nowadays everyone has different accounts on different social media platforms. These are the most useful platforms to know more about her. Knowing her will help you understand her interests and your common topics to talk about.

For example, she loves traveling. When she asks about your hobbies tell him that you love traveling. Tell her your favorite hill stations and show her some of your trip memories to captivate her heart.

Another way to know about her is to be friends with her best friends and hang out a little with them. Then casually ask about her hobbies, movie taste, the music she loves, and turn on and turn offs for her.

Question her:

To know more about her, you should speak less and ask more. Ask her about her daily routine, her favorite food, her favorite place to hang out, and her favorite attire.

Talk about common interests and habits:

After both these, you will come up with dozens of common interests and habits between you guys. Start asking about her favorite novel if she loves the same you do. Then just quote a famous line or lesson which that book implies.

Ask her about her favorite singer, say she says ‘Bieber’; which most of the girls like. Send her ‘Intentions’-song of Justin Bieber.

Tell her about your favorite movie, it should be of the romantic genre; girls love that. Say you like ‘Five feet apart’ she must have seen that and there is a chance that she would have loved that.

All this information would help you carving her personality.

Hobbies and sports:

After all, if you get stuck somewhere talk about her hobbies. It will tell her that you care about her and wants to know more about her. And, you will know that how creative and progressive she is.

Sports is also a very diverse topic. Ask about her favorite football player. Whom does she like the most, ‘Messy’ or ‘Ronaldo’?

Personal Questions:

It has been long enough that you can ask some personal questions not that deep though. Ask her about her family, her friends.

Use questions like, who is your favorite, your mom or dad? Who is your best friend? What is your daily routine?

That is all for today. Now just ask permission to leave her Dm and let her think about you. Do not sound desperate and way too expressive to tell her that you like her and would love to take her on a date.

This is all for one day. You stayed honest, humble, and simple, she will text you tomorrow and if she does not come up with any of these topics to start with.

Do not flirt with her in the first conversation ever. It will scare her that you are fuckboy and is only here for sex. So, abstain from doing anything that stupid.

Stay simple, talk about her family and friends, talk about your common interests, question her about her hobbies and favorite sports. That is all for the first conversation.

We hope this article would help you impressing your crush while chatting for the first time on WhatsApp.