Top 7 ESTJ Careers to Avoid

Top 7 ESTJ Careers to Avoid: Must be thinking about why specifically pinpointing top ESTJ careers to avoid?

Well, the answer is that a couple of different professions may directly suit this personality type.

But yet quite a number of other career paths can completely devastate their confident, tough-minded, and traditionalist personality type.

Considering that this persona type covers 9% of the total population chunk and is the 9th most common personality type, it gets important to pinpoint what careers they should definitely avoid.

In order to maintain their mental and physical health.

What is even more important to know is that if ESTJ’s get into the career they are not naturally designed for they can end up causing severe harm to the profession itself.

Before we get into the details, it is important to know the weaknesses and behaviors of this persona type also known as The Supervisors.

Natural Behaviour of an ESTJ and how it can affect their career:

ESTJ - Executive Personality type

ESTJ,s are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinkers, and Judgemental beings. They are referred to as supervisors for their leadership abilities.

Most of them occupy high positions in politics and are known for their contributions to maintaining decorum of the society namely,

  • Theresa May, British Prime Minister.
  • James Monroe, U.S. President.
  • Andrew Jackson, U.S. President.
  • Benjamin Harrison, U.S. President.
  • Franklin Pierce, U.S. President.
  • Grover Cleveland, U.S. President.

So, these people are famous for their love for organizing, planning, creating order, and bring things to a decorum.

Their high dedication, punctuality, commitment, integrity, and stewardship serve them the purpose of being the pillars of society.

Not only are they conventional but are also factual and reality loving. For them what has worked in the past is proof. Hence they are also called traditionalists.

They rather enjoy working in a competitive, and challenging environment as they are habitual of keeping standards to meet and goals to hit.

Weaknesses of ESTJ’s regarding work habits:

Personality traits of an ESTJ

They are known for their judgemental nature which is more of a weakness than a strength.

These are people who think that the approach they have is the most objective and universal one and they are very very conventional.

They love to stick to old techniques completely avoiding modern approaches to solve issues.

Apart from this black and white approach to life they also fail to value the emotions and feelings of others. They often misjudge the intentions of people around them and are completely misunderstood most of the time.

This behavior makes them look harsh, intolerant, aggressive, and utilitarian to others.

Moreover, they have extreme working habits thus often tend to get overworked.

Their perfectionist attitude and zero flexibility or stubborn values contribute to their weaknesses as a person.

Our Picks for Top 7 ESTJ Careers to Avoid:

Jobs related to Politics

Keeping in view the natural behavior, tendencies, and weaknesses of ESTJ’s we have hereby compiled a list of 7 major professions that an ESTJ should completely Dodge.

A thorough read through this list will explain to you what and why should these careers be ignored by ESTJ’s.

Acting Jobs:

Actor related Job

As an ESTJ you might get fooled into this career for apparently, it provides the fame and spotlight you desire.

But is it all that you would require from a career as extroverted as acting?

Certainly not…

Not only do you desire fame and attention but you also crave stability and security from the career path that you invest your energies in.

But this essential element is entirely missing from the job of an actor. Being an actor you can face situations where you have to sit free for months and wait for a part or character that suits you.

Even the most famous actors do face times when they don’t get a suitable part offered to them for years. This means your love for stability marks the first big no to this career.

Moreover, another major thing you naturally crave is structure. Not always will you be promised leading roles, nor will you always stay stuck with supporting roles…

And this is where the job of an actor loses all its structure or frame of work.

Thirdly, the most important reason for this career being on our list is that acting does not come very naturally to an ESTJ.

Acting is all about bringing life into characters designed on pieces of paper. Giving self-created situations the color of reality is what acting is related to.

And for many definite reasons explained above an ESTJ will never be comfortable in imitating real-life situations.

So, all of this makes this career a big no for ESTJ.

Primary Teacher:

Career in Teaching

ESTJ’s are very rule-loving and obedience-demanding people. They love order and are very scheduled and organized people.

Whereas, on the contrary, preschool kids are mostly rambunctious and demand complete freedom.

A preschool teacher is demanded to be tolerant, and have a proper know-how of how to manage little naughty beings.

This can get hard for an ESTJ to tolerate the mischievous and unorderly behavior of preschool kids.

It might not come to an ESTJ naturally. This order craving personality will easily get frustrated and outraged in such an environment thus getting uncomfortable.

As an ESTJ you are a born extrovert and are energized by spending time with others but that doesn’t mean spending time with little kids has the same effect on you.

As the latter can really drain you of all your valuable energies. Your non-spontaneous and non-flexible nature will make it even hard for you to survive as a good teacher in a pre-school.

Considering the importance of this role of a pre-school teacher in laying the foundation of a nation, the intensity of this responsibility, and then the fact that how contrary this career is to the nature of an ESTJ, we suggest that it should definitely be avoided.

This job is also one of the most unstructured jobs and that may not sit very well with the highly structured ESTJ personality.

Though ESTJ’s can be really cheerful with kids a full-time job demanding interaction with kids means an unpredictable environment and chaos.

So, for these reasons, ESTJ’s can never enjoy working as a primary school teacher.

Data Entry:


Choosing this career is a definite no for an ESTJ. The biggest reason for this no is that this is a highly introverted profession.

Being an ESTJ you crave social- interaction. Being around people is your energy booster and exactly the opposite is what data entry offers.

How can you enjoy a career that requires you to sit alone in a corner and work for long hours before a computer screen?

Obviously, it can be a nightmare for your highly extroverted personality type.

This job is all about loneliness, a computer screen, and piles of data that hints at plowing through a large amount of boring repetitive tasks for hours.

If you opt for a career in data entry that means all your abilities to plan and organize, stewardship and leadership abilities will go down the drain.

Moreover, loneliness is very opposite to your natural zone of comfort so you can end up getting depressed, anxious, and drained of all your particular individuality traits if you opt for such a career.


Top 5 Best Electric Guitars For Beginners

This may seem to be an attractive profession as it offers most of what an ESTJ is known to crave for i.e spotlight, fame, fans, etc.

But a very major and essential element is still missing which made us put this career on our list of ESTJ careers to avoid.

This essential element is stability and security.

Although, this profession can earn you fame and make you the star of the event yet there is much that it can never offer.

First of all, you cannot expect or guarantee yourself a high plot for wealth in this profession. This means that this profession may not help you pay your bills and feed yourself well as it is quite a career of uncertainty.

Recording labels and not getting a contract out of that can later harm your integrity and self-confidence.

Even if you rock with a youtube channel, still getting millions of views does not secure your future.

As it can never give you the guarantee of a good income source and wealth for the rest of your life.

This uncertainty for future stability drains all of the security values, structure, and stability from this career.

Thus all of it marks a red flag towards this profession.


Editor Jobs

Writing again is a highly introverted career. You as an ESTJ would hate to sit behind the desk, at a distance from your social circle, and spend hours writing paragraphs after paragraphs.

An ESTJ would rather move out of his house walk to the nearest park and talk his heart out to someone instead of writing for hours.

Secondly, more like acting, and the music industry writing is not the safest of all occupations.

By saying this we mean that the stability and structure you crave as an ESTJ are entirely missing from this job.

Only a few writers have earned a big name in the writing industry and even fewer are those whose work is still being recognized in the 21st century.

If you have good writing skills you may opt for a part-time career in writing but relying on it as a full-time career may not be a wise choice.

Another reason is that you are blessed with the power to plan, organize, and lead. All these characteristic abilities will sit unused if you opt for a career as introvert as writing.


Become an artist

Did we mention that ESTJ’s are not artistically smart people when it comes to designing creative masterpieces from the scratch?

Well, no one do we know who was an ESTJ and a very good artist.

Although ESTJ’s are creative at heart, that creativity is more about planning, making lists, creating schedules, and bringing order.

However, there can be exceptions to this. But casually speaking a huge chunk of this personality type has the least interest in artistic careers and jobs.

They are naturally not much inclined towards playing and creating with colors, textures, fabrics, and crafts. So, even if they learn some of these techniques they are least expected to enjoy them.

Which in itself shows how this career is not suitable for this specific personality.

Moreover, being an artist is again kind of an introverted career. An artist also needs a peaceful corner away from the crowd in order to bring his imagination to the paper.

And like we know this exactly is not an ESTJ’s comfort zone. So here comes another no to being an artist.



Libraries are known for being quiet, peaceful, and isolated places away from the hyperenergetic world.

And so are librarians known for being introverts, stern, and even people hating individuals sometimes.

Which makes it even worst.

How can an ESTJ possibly survive such a career?

When they are known for being the center of attention, the energy of the crowd and true extroverts who enjoy talking and sharing their feelings.

To such people, even the thought of sitting quietly in a corner and asking others to be quiet as well will be haunting.

Moreover, being surrounded by heaps and piles and rows after rows of books and encyclopedias might sound even more disastrous to most ESTJ’s.

Also,  there is no role for a librarian that demands to be in lead or supervise the crowd. Thus again this career can be a very energy draining career for an ESTJ.

Top Careers to Opt for as an ESTJ:

Effective Life Hacks for College Students

After a detailed discussion about ESTJ careers toa void and why to avoid them. We decided to shortlist a few careers that may suit well with an ESTJ personality type.

ESTJ’s are known for being reliable, orderly, punctual, responsible, and hard-working. All these primary features of an ESTJ emphasize that they should definitely opt for management positions.

With their orderly nature and ability to plan well they can easily manage the chaos. Thus any company or organization can gain benefit from this ability.

ESTJ’s can perfectly fit in careers demanding them to be in the lead eg hotel manager, attorney, judge, school principal, airline pilot, police officer, and military officer, etc.

All such professions require the ability to make tough decisions, punctuality, leadership qualities, and many such other traits that ESTJ’s are known for

Ending Thoughts:

With that said we conclude our article but before that, it is important for you to understand that we all differ from one another in our particular interests.

And these interests are what make us who we are.

This article has 7 careers that we found are least chosen by ESTJ’s and run contrary to most of their interests.

However, some out of these may fit your particular interest zone. And may prove to be perfect for you.

So, for making the right pick not only should you know the careers to avoid and the careers to choose from but, should also be very clear about your own set of abilities and interests.

Which may vary from ESTJ to ESTJ. A proper understanding of who you are can guarantee you the future you desire.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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