5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Stairs

These stains take serious forms if you have children or pets, meaning that your stairs are basically more used than a jam packed boulevard. And to get rid of these stains, you have to turn to a vacuum, not just a normal vacuum, but a vacuum that is specific to cleaning stairs.

I seriously hope you didn’t think you can clean your stairs without one of those. I’m sure no one has had that thought unless they have a death wish.

Some vacuums are especially made just to clean stairs that resemble the gory scenes of a crime scene.

And to be honest, there is a whole world of good vacuum cleaners out there.

And it’s safe to say that you will certainly get overwhelmed if you straight up head to the market to get one without any prior knowledge of what you should be looking for.

To help you pull out from the pits of confusion that are tainted with the graphic images of ghastly stained staircases, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of some of the best vacuum cleaners.

We went through endless cleaners to compile this list, all in the hope of helping you find a vacuum cleaner that makes your stairs look like normal stairs instead of a filthy horse stable.

Let’s get cleaning!

Top 5 best vacuums for stairs:

Stairs cannot be cleaned properly with conventional vacuums and since stairs are particularly heavy traffic, they tend to get really dirty.

For this reason, a handheld vacuum that’s specifically designed to clean stairs has to be used to get the job done.

When buying a vacuum cleaner that is a success for your staircase, there is a certain criteria you should look out for.

A vacuum that has a good suction power, is easy to use, has good reach to clean the whole staircase (or better, a rechargeable, cordless one), etc are some things you might want to keep in mind when you go vacuum cleaner shopping.

Best overall: Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV292 handheld vacuum

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As the name implies, the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light vacuum is a handheld vacuum.

The first factor that needs to be considered is its weight. And the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light does justice to its name in that field.

Being just under 4 pounds, holding this vacuum cleaner will not strain your arm muscles and will ensure an easy and smooth cleaning experience.

It is super convenient to hold and move around with and its excellence in mobility and ease of use makes it a hit amongst consumers.

The thing about handheld vacuums is that they carry the conception that they are not as powerful as conventional, upright vacuums that are widely used by consumers.

This is because of the fact that the size of the machine’s motor translates its power.

The bigger the motor, the greater its power.

However, since handheld vacuums are required to be lighter for easy use, their motors have to be kept smaller, which in turn decreases their power.

Nevertheless, even though it has a smaller motor, Shark Rocket Ultra-Light has a pretty good suction power and is known to draw the deepest of debris and grime.

The Shark Rocket sucks up lumps of dirt and dust and can be used on a variety of surfaces ranging from hard floors and carpets to stairs, cushions, and curtains.

While most handheld vacuums are cordless and have to be charged for usage, the Shark Rocket defies this rule.

It comes with a 15 feet long cord, which is a pretty average cord length.

To some users it’d be good since there’s no fuss of charging the machine before usage and it can be used without any limit. But for some, it might be a disadvantage as it can restrict mobility and access to areas out of reach.

Although it will most likely not be a problem with a long cord like this, you can always use an extension cord to increase its length.

Overall, Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV292 has a pretty good aesthetic and design with qualities that ensure a delightfully versatile user experience and a price that certainly delivers!

It will reach into the filthiest crevices of your staircase and retrieve the most powerful of debris to give you a squeaky clean staircase and the satisfaction of a clean house!

Runner’s up: Dyson V8 Absolute

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Dyson is one of the most renowned brands of the vacuum cleaner industry and their vacuums surely live up to all expectations.

Our runners-up for today’s list is the Dyson V8 Absolute that is certainly one of the best Dysons out there and has an extensive list of impressive features that don’t disappoint.

With all such features, however, it comes at a high price, circling at an average price, which is the reason why we didn’t choose it to be the first choice.

It is the greatest option for someone who needs a flawless and cordless vacuum cleaner that impresses every single time.

And is especially good for cleaning stairs.

It works excellently on both hard floors and carpets. When used on a carpet, V8 uses its “direct-drive” cleaner that digs deep into the carpet fibers and sucks out absolutely anything to leave a squeaky clean carpet behind.

On hard floors, attaching the soft woven nylon carbon fiber head to the machine will make your cleaning experience effective and as quick as lightning.

The V8 comes with a built-in battery that runs up to 40 minutes in its “Powerful” mood and up to 25 minutes when used with its motorized cleaner head.

Another impeccable feature of the V8 is that it’s basically 2-in-1 with its multiple modes.

With the shaft attached, it can clean your floors and reach high up onto the walls to suck the debris out of every corner.

And if the shaft is detached, then it becomes a handheld vacuum that can aid you in reaching the tightest crevices of your stairs, upholstery, and automobiles.

It is simple to convert and the dirt cup is easy to empty as well. Super convenient and sleek, this machine is win-win for all those whose wallets can handle the pressure.

Furthermore, the V8 comes with an additional soft roller cleaner which is exclusively designed for dealing with larger debris.

To add another golden point to the list, it also has a HEPA filtration system that helps to remove allergens.

I don’t think there’s anything that this machine cannot do to be honest.

It weighs under 6 pounds and is one of the quickest vacuum cleaners ever and also doesn’t produce any annoying sounds at all!

So for users who want the ultimate vacuum cleaner that is capable of cleaning all kinds of surfaces, is cordless and is a little pricey than others, the Dyson V8 is the best choice.

Next favorite: Black + Decker Dustbuster CHV1410L

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The Black + Decker Dustbuster CHV1410L vacuum is a popular option when it comes to buying handheld vacuums.

Coming from one of the top tier vacuum cleaner brands, the Dustbuster surely doesn’t disappoint.

It is a fuss-free, powerful, and affordable handheld vacuum cleaner that can get the job of cleaning done in a matter of minutes.

Unlike most cordless vacuum cleaners, the Dustbuster has a battery that goes a long way and doesn’t cause dire inconvenience to its owner.

The Dustbuster’s battery is perhaps its most remarkable feature.

Powered by a strong lithium-ion battery that is long-lasting, the Dustbuster takes a lot less time, about 2-4 hours, to charge as compared to fellow handheld vacuums (up to five times quicker). This is because it is equipped with a Smart Charge Technology.

It also claims to hold the battery for up to 18 months which is nevertheless incredible for a handheld vacuum.

Moreover, once it is charged, the Dustbuster can do its magic for up to 30 whole minutes which is enough to clean up surfaces like your stairs in a single run.

For a small, compact vacuum, the Dustbuster does more than expected. Even though it is not huge, it still has a powerful suction capability that will suck out every last bit of grime from your stairs.

The model also comes with a built-in crevice and brush tool attachments that make cleaning quicker, easier and efficient by a ton.

They help you reach tight nooks and crannies which are otherwise really difficult to clean, ensuring a better, more efficient clean.

Another notable feature on the list has to be its easy to empty dirt cup that comes with a Max Fill label which will indicate when it’s time to clean the cup.

The container is easy to clean and maintain and the machine allows you to change or remove the filters extremely easily, whenever needed.

The Dustbuster is fabulously user-friendly with just a sliding button that helps the user to quickly clean filthy messes, as well as an extension piece that comes out of the suction hole to get to far reach places.

With an attractive sleek design, the Dustbuster is not just good at what it does, but also weighs just under 5 pounds. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about  dreadful arm strain while cleaning up.

If you are in search of an impressive and easy to use, yet affordable vacuum cleaner, the BlBlack + Decker Dustbuster CHV1410L is a great choice with exemplary features and a low price.

Most powerful: Shark APEX Upright vacuum

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Just as its name says, the Shark APEX upright vacuum cleaner ensures an efficient and smooth cleaning experience and doesn’t cease to amaze.

Equipped with a huge 1350W motor, Shark APEX is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners out there even when the bin is full and makes cleaning, especially cleaning stairs, seem like a walk in the park.

Even though its potent motor is its most remarkable feature, the Shark APEX has a list of other qualities that truly make it seem on the apex of the vacuum world.

The APEX AZ1002 comes with led lights on the handle as well as the floor nozzle that increase visibility during cleaning and automatically enhances the quality of the cleanup.

The lights help the user to see the tiniest of debris and pet hair clumps and light up the most tight and darkest corners of your stairs.

Perhaps the most annoying feature of any vacuum cleaner is its loud, monster-like noise that makes cleaning more frustrating than ever.

However, the APEX AZ1002 boasts an effective noise reduction technology that decreases its noise to almost nil. This means that only will you be able to easily clean your stairs, but also do it comfortably.

Next up is the quality that is unique to Shark cleaners only: the DuoClean Technology. The APEX AZ1002 comes with a soft roller and a standard brush roller that are fixed on the same head of the cleaner. This feature makes this vacuum a hit for both large and minute particles and especially for stairs.

APEX AZ1002 has a Zero-M (zero maintenance) technology that makes the machine extremely easy to clean. No pet hairs get stuck in the brush and you will not have to waste time and energy in dissembling the machine to clean it. This just alleviates the ease and performance of this vacuum and delivers a comfortable user experience.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is detachable. Meaning that if you want to reach up to the stairs but the cord length isn’t allowing you to, you can easily switch from the upright to the ‘Lift-Away’ mode by detaching the canister

Best value: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum

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ir?t=wereviewssl 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B00SIJG8PQ View on Amazon

If you happen to own pets, you must be familiar with the atrocious job of having to clean your place from the clumps of pet hair settled in every corner of the house.

It is not easy, but with the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, you don’t have to worry about it.

This is especially designed to help you get rid of all the pet hair in your house, and even if you don’t own any pets, this is still a very decent vacuum cleaner for a decent price tag.

Literally, I don’t think I’ve seen a vacuum cleaner as cheap as this one.

Looking at the machine, it seems as if it has been built with simplicity and ease of usage in mind.

Weighing just around 4 pounds and having dimensions of 10x5x8 inches, the Pet Hair Eraser is easy to carry and fits in tiny spaces of storage.

It has to be plugged in for usage which might not seem appealing to some people, but then again, it can always be plugged in an extension cord for more reach. However, the 16-foot long cord will mostly be enough.

The contour nozzle that comes with this model is extremely helpful as it reaches every contour of the surface, delivering an impressive clean with a lot of time and energy saved.

Its powerful suction capability is because of its cyclonic cleaning system of its 4 amp motor. This has brought the Pet Hair Eraser to the top of its class as it cleans the surface off bothersome hair clumps in a matter of minutes.

Its hard nozzle attachment is perfect for cleaning bare floors, carpets, upholstery, and the rubber nozzle attachment make cleaning hard floors seem like a piece of cake!

Even though it is a great hit for cleaning your stairs if you own pets, it seems to lack in doing other sorts of cleaning, which is why it comes at a lower price as well. But for people who want a cleaner that gets their staircase rid of annoying clumps of pet hair, this is the best and most affordable option.


Now that we have talked you through our top 5 picks of vacuums for stairs, we hope we have been successful in helping you make your decision.

Nonetheless, we suggest that you do extensive research considering your needs and specifications in mind and then take the final step of buying.

We wish you all the best!