10 Effective Life Hacks for College Students

Students love life hacks especially those that are easy to implement. How can you save on buying products on Amazon? How to make tasty hotdogs in your room without bothering your head too much about it? How can you save your time on doing assignments and still get good scores?

Want to know the answers? Keep reading this article. We’ve collected for you the most amazing and really effective tips that can make your life a way easier and more pleasant.

College Student Life Hack #1 – Make Hot Dogs at Home with Your Coffeemaker

If you are a big fan of tasty hotdogs and don’t want to overpay for getting regular snacks in burger shops, this life hack is just for you.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need a microwave to enjoy yummy homemade hot dogs.

You don’t need bbq either. All you need is a good coffee maker.

Simply fill the reservoir up and let the hot dogs sit in them until they are fully cooked.

Don’t forget to call your friends and have a hot dog party with these cool party dares!

College Student Life Hack #2 – Save Time on Your Assignments and Papers

Nobody likes all those tedious essays and home assignments. In fact, many students even hate them.

However, hate them or love them you still need to turn them in on time.

Is there any way to deal with them effectively without stressing out too much about them?

Yes. You can buy essays online from professional academic writers with solid experience and save tons of time and effort with SmartWritingService, for example.

Life Hack #3 – Keep Your Pizza from Getting Crusty in a Microwave Using a Glass of Water

Yes, this life hack is super simple yet very effective. It has been tested by thousands of peeps and it works amazingly well. Next time you want to heat up your tasty pizza, put a glass of water with it in your microwave. It will prevent your pizza from getting crusty so you’ll be able to enjoy a juicy snack in no time. Thy it and share this life hack with your roommates.

Life Hack #4 – Use Student Discount Section on Amazon to Save on Your Future Purchases

Amazon offers some great perks for students. Just check their section for students and see what discounts you can use to cut the prices on various goods. don’t forget that you can enjoy some special deals on supplies and software. Amazon can also offer you gift cards to reward your activity and keep you coming back.

Life Hack #5 – Make Your Presentations Stand Out with This Little Trick

Why are memes so popular? Of course, most of them are funny. And this can be a primary reason. However, another reason can be a great UX hack that they use. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. White text with black outline. Try to implement it next time you will be putting your presentation together. It should work really well.

Life Hack for College Students #6 – Make Your Phone Alarm More Effective by Putting It Into an Empty Glass

Many students have this problem. It’s difficult for them to wake up on time. Usually, when they hear a phone alarm start they snooze it and keep sleeping. If you have the same problem, this life hack is just for you.

Next time you go to bed, set your phone alarm, and put your smartphone into an empty glass. It will make the sound louder and prevent you from snoozing it on autopilot.

It works really well. Give it a shot and share your thoughts on it.

Life Hack #7 – Take Advantage of Free Trials Using Your Gift Cards

As you know, there are many free trial offers on the web that can save you hundreds of bucks. Using your gift cards while signing up for free trials can be a really effective way of how you can save money online.

College Student Life Hack #8 – Use Free Software to Save Even More

There are so many software tools online now and many of them can really facilitate your everyday life. The thing is that most of them want to charge you some amount of money every month for using their tools. This is OK if you have some extra money to pay for them.

However, if you want to save, you can do it by searching for free alternatives online. As a rule of thumb, all tools and software have free alternatives with some limited functions. For example, instead of Microsoft Office you can use free Open Office.

College Student Life Hack #9 – Buy a Laptop Lock to Keep It Safe and Sound

If you have any concerns about your laptop, don’t wait until it’s too late. Buy a laptop lock right away to prevent any unpleasant consequences. It doesn’t cost too much and brings you peace of mind.

Life Hack for College Students #10 – Don’t Want to Wash Your Dish? Use Tortilla Instead

If you hate washing dishes, this life hack will make you smile. Next time you eat, try to use a tortilla instead of a plate. Advantages of this hack? You can eat that tortilla as well and you don’t have to wash your dishes.

Final Thoughts – Now you know 10 amazing hacks for college students. It’s high time to try them out and test what works for you.