What to do when you don’t know what to do?

What to do when you don’t know what to do?: You are barely halfway through your adventure. A profession, college, motherhood, commute, industry, a new goal, a committed relationship. You’re in the middle of almost hundreds of travels, and you’re confused about everything and you think, what to do when you don’t know what to do?

You feel like you are just hovering a majority of valuable time, struggling to make light of it all. It seems as if you didn’t even initiate your road.

You wouldn’t understand what to do, where to begin, and how to start, and you are literally like…

Feeling bored

But don’t worry, like always Life Falcon is here to find a solution.

There are many reasons why one might feel that way. Maybe you’re feeling defeated? Or just everything is going wrong in your life maybe?

It seems as if only a few things are happening when you have an infinite array of choices but you cannot get through them all.

You feel nervous, lost, insomniac, and frustrated.

Why does one feel this way?

Let’s get into the rational side of it!

Why am I feeling this way?


Boredom creates creativity

One fact that you feel this way is boredom. The most widely recognized way to identify boredom is to have nothing to do.

Boredom is usually seen as a negative affective condition in which the person feels a constant lack of enthusiasm and difficulty concentrating on the current implementation.

Boredom can be a detrimental sensation, leading people to space out in discussions and classes – or even to drugs, intensive gambling, and alcohol in certain instances.

But boredom can also be a positive force in certain sorts of situations, to become the spark that begins artistic thinking or contributes to improved self-reflection.

The production’s truth of the matter is that it can pay off being more conscious of our boredom, either so we can get rid of it or possibly exploit it more constructively.

Even but at some level, we are all likely to encounter every kind of boredom, the research also shows that people can have a clear “form” of boredom that correlates to their character.

Boredom is indeed an unvarying phenomenon among human existence.

It also occurs when one task leaves you feeling dissatisfied or disappointed.

You will notice bleakness inside of you.

Let’s find out, what really causes it?

What causes boredom

The involvement of society

Before the mid-eighteenth century “Boredom” was technically insolvent. It originated as the humanism gave way to the Industrial Revolution.

Boredom would not be an alternative in prehistoric times when our predecessors had to splurge most of their days trying to secure shelter and food.

Mental consciousness

An incapacity to know what makes one happy can lead to deeper existential boredom.

Not discovering what we are looking for implies that we ignore the opportunity to pick the right priorities for an understanding of the world.

People who lack consciousness of themselves are quite susceptible to boredom.

A bored person cannot express what he wishes or intends on doing. They have difficulty comprehending their emotions.

Lacking sovereignty

Why am I feeling down?

When people feel stuck they experience a sense of boredom. And a large part of the boredom is being confined.

That is to say, they are trapped or restricted so that they might not follow their purpose.

For obvious reasons, adolescence is the highest recorded for boredom, primarily because it doesn’t give children and young adults much influence over what they’re doing.

Banality in devotion


Boredom is analogous to mental exhaustion and is triggered by regurgitation and lack of enthusiasm in the specifics of our assignments (such as tasks requiring constant attention, having to wait at the railway station, cell-locked detainees).

Any perception that is observable and tedious becomes dull.

In particular, too much from the identical issue and even less excitation can cause in its perpetrator a disappearance of urge and a starting to feel of extortion.

Need for innovation

Boring job

Many people are much more likely to get bored than others. Boredom threatens people with a deep need for innovation, stimulation, and diversity.

The need for mental stimulus can clarify why extroverts tend to be especially boredom resistant.

Looking for adventure and taking a chance is the way these individuals self-medicate to relieve their boredom.


Boredom is attentively linked to issues. What bores us and never gets our interest to the full.

It seems so that you cannot focus on anything, it is hard to be involved in it.

Patients with untreated compulsive tendencies, such as attention deficit disorder, have an increased boredom proclivity.

Flow scarcity

What's makes me feel "What to do when you don't know what to do?"

Flow is a sign of great involvement in a task that is demanding but closely aligned with one’s strengths, similar to “to be in the flow.”

Flow occurs when the skills of an individual suit the level of difficulty posed by the environment and when a task contains specific goals and formative assessments.

Tasks are tedious and are too convenient. Opposite, the things people find to be too complicated contribute to depression.

Inside pleasant skills

Individuals who lack the inner skills to cope proactively with boredom may depend on outside reinforcement.

The physical universe will still struggle to provide enough suspense and excitement in the presence of internal entertainment skills.

Different types of boredom

Clerical and Accounting job

(BTW, if you are like this, you have to read our post on jobs for people who get bored easily).

So, yes there are 4 different types of boredom. Hear me out.


This sort of boredom is different.

It’s often uncomfortable, like reaction mixture fatigue, but a person who feels it has lower stimulation and a reduction of feelings or attitudes — in other words, a sensation of despondency or frustration.

For the university students studied in the report, 36 percent for boredom encounters were of the morbidly depressed variety, which is troubling because other studies have shown that boredom, frustration, and harmful habits are frequently related together.

Attempting to find

A more critical aspect that represents an uncomfortable feeling of lethargy and an aggressive quest for ways out of fatigue behavior. An individual may think of leisure activities, interests, recreational activities, or job.


Highest possible level of anticipation and ill thoughts. An individual in a reactant state of boredom has a powerful desire to escape from his or her dull circumstance and prevent those accountable for it (such as educators or a manager).

Illustrates tremendous disorientation and hostility.

There are recurrent reflections on unique, “less appreciated substitute circumstances.”


Electricians or Technicians

A mildly uncomfortable psychological condition was synonymous with receptivity to “measures that alleviate boredom,” but not generally an aggressive quest for them.

Defined by scattered thoughts, not understanding what to do, and a “general openness” towards things that are contrary to the case.


An individual relaxed and removed from their outside world. Words expressing such boredom comprise “tranquility” and “cheerful weariness.”

You could have noticed yourself behind on your commitments, feeling miserable in your job, or simply struggling to get a great deal done during the day.

It’s not just a good idea to want to be successful, it’s an utter requirement.

Sadly, unless you take concerted measures to improve your performance, you may be attempting to sabotage your capabilities to attain your aims and objectives.

What’s makes me feel “What to do when you don’t know what to do?”


You are not feeling immediate

Instilling a sense of urgency within an environment will promote better more actual scores, greater flexibility among people you ‘re committed to doing something, more innovative thinking, and less complexity by assisting people with the courage and guidance to act ingeniously.

You’re too confident

Getting self-confidence is a positive thing, in most scenarios. In a broad variety of domains, optimistic people appear to be more effective.

It’s this powerful sense of self-esteem and trust that helps people to go out into the community and achieve their objectives.

But it is also seeming as an object of being unproductive.

Inordinate self-confidence in a person’s family, financial, and working life can trigger a myriad of issues.

Lost opportunities, including not taking on tasks because they seem simple or under your capabilities

You enjoy procrastination

How to handle all of this?

Using to mention procrastination, this one goes almost without saying. Assume this or not, it doesn’t automatically hurt procrastination itself.

The question occurs when procrastination is the desired outcome and, as such, the purpose.

Those who love procrastination rather than the fulfillment of an otherwise accomplished mission do not aspire to be successful and, therefore, never will be.

In this epoch of procrastination ‘diversionary tactic excess’ is a frequent problem.

There are times when we all procrastinate. It’s not a negative idea but if we’re not vigilant, it can very quickly turn into an unfortunate habit. You remember the frustration when you can’t concentrate necessary to complete the important assigned task, or when you’re sitting whimpered in front of your screen observing the screen blink and you’ve done nothing at all.

You ‘re making conscious decisions of all the chores you need to make, but you can’t just get decided to start. If the person is bored or jaded in it, those tasks may seem like torment. That feeling also contributes to procrastination and quite easily turns procrastination into remorse.

You don’t get why you need to do things?

Why does my life depend on people's opinions?

Productivity is a function of the amount of activity or performance of doing something, so we could start by wondering why we should have to work.

Generally: We are attempting to give society what it wants and to be compensated for doing so by society.

Job is how we “acquire our money” and if we don’t do a job we would be leeching subsist on other people’s jobs (presuming we need anything whatsoever). And whether we work or not can’t be a pure quantitative subject; if it were, we would work ponderously or extravagantly and seek compensation for marginal intervention in the ventures of community.

It’s normal for our peers to determine whether we’re functioning constructively, whether we’re doing too much, trying to keep up, and making an effective contribution.

So we strive to efficiency to meet or surpass societal standards about how much work we will be able to do in a specified timeframe or with the financial resources. If we are “unproductive”—usually in the opinion of others — in the time or with the assets provided, we are assumed to have done even less work.

If we are efficient, then our physicality is deemed satisfactory or stronger.

We ought to be successful to have performed substantively according to the societal expectations at all, and thus to be compensated by the community and thus received money, food, accommodation, security, and everything else for which we rely on democracy.

You may adjust your consciousness if you take a bit of time at yourself and just disconnect for just a little bit. It’s one of the reasons people expect to fill up with gatherings every scarce minute. You just want a break, occasionally. If you go on a work trip, you don’t have to leave anything behind; in truth, you should be doing something. Yet don’t forget to leave a little of the work behind.

Indeed, most of us do not understand why we need to start, but it is a fact that whatever we do is for ourselves, and in this way, we are positively contributing to our society.

And guess, this should be enough reason for us to understand why we need to start as everyone wants to be a better person and wants to do something in life, at least.

You are failing to develop productive behaviors

Accepting the Trauma

Failure to think outside conformity makes us feel powerless while delves deep is motivating — it helps us to realize that there is no mystery inherent in the acts of other people and that we can establish their behaviors. But, not everybody is exquisite just because we want them to have habits.

People might go to the gym for years and years, for many bad reasons. when you look you’ll understand it may have been deemed “diligent” from outside looking in. reasons can be many, of not being productive such as:

  • You do not want or have any rules to set in life.
  • You do not understand your goals.
  • You do not care about your deadlines and no work pressure.
  • Either you are trying to do each and everything in life or nothing in life.
  • You do not have any positive work environment around yourself.
  • You are not seeking help when needed.
  • You are neglecting many things in life, for example, your relationship, parents, friends and so.
  • You want to work to be done in a row and not take any breaks to understand your own needs and life.

How can I be productive when I feel this way?

Electricians or Technicians

What do you think Newton was doing there under the tree when an apple fell down and he opened the door to a whole thing in physics?

He was getting BORED!

The point is, it’s okay.

Analyze yourself.

If you had ever found sometimes that napping leaves you much more exhausted than you would have expected, instead of being revived and invigorated?

Occasionally efficiency can be the same way.

While allowing yourself breaks in life is vastly necessary, doing essentially nothing for prolonged periods will place you in a nasty situation of tiredness, general malaise, lack of motivation, and normal-up lack of concentration. A place to screw out.

Here are a few ideas you could use to help you improve what to do when you don’t know what to do on your own or preferably together:

Don’t let things stress you

The best thing to do with this situation is to do what you can, keep oriented on what’s happening soon so you can be comfortable and start enjoying your break without worrying — chances are, in a couple of months you’ll be busy as hell and wish you’ve had absolutely nothing to do for few other times.

Often because the discomfort that tends to come alongside having nothing to do is more excruciating than having tons to do, usually as it begins to feel like you’re seriously lacking things and you have no responsibilities to distract you from withering on the anxiety.

Do whatever that needs to be done; in other words, anything

Often You can either say, “I have done that already! That is more than enough to make you feel like you’ve had a very efficacious day of achievement, rather than perturbing where the time has gone and how the day has gone away without you moving your legs from your jammies.

Go outdoors.

Read a novel.

Keep on a stroll.

Cook food.

Run a random errand not requiring your critical response.

Create a time table

Would you not find yourself struggling to see less to do on your busy weekends, or at least more time to figure out how to do all of this?

To be stress-free for a day ensures you have time to schedule the days when you are not.

Put in place some kind of routine that you think would work for you on your busier days — try outlining your early-morning routine.

Like, set your task that at 7: 30 you will be doing work and at 9:30 you’ll be going for a walk.

Do the little things you wanted to do for a long period

You have a few minor things you might do, but they aren’t very laborious or imperative — things you already have to do, like cleaning the toilet or organizing the clothes.

But when there’s nothing else on your mind, but a little extra energy into the things that you can do. Intense-clean rather than rinse-down your usual regularly, more effective way of organizing your house.

It may not be important, but being successful will make you feel good and you may find that one seemingly inconsequential activity will boost your everyday life.

Believe the spirit

If your brain wanders spinning with too much knowledge at a certain moment, then it’s imperative to consider down and test your instincts and emotions.

Here, in making big choices, espousing your beliefs, and drawing on your previous experiences are helpful ways to get through those gut feelings.

It’s impetuous to be completely fed up with the work or relationship on a rough day and to walk backward.

Note an awkward feeling after the manufacturing or the twitch of profound sorrow when you’re not talking about ending your relationship.

But although you wouldn’t want to misinterpret circumstances, you don’t want to compromise the positive emotional and instinctual knowledge with egocentric responses and the ability to act aggressively.

Look upon your values; value yourself

Words to lead us focused behave like a propellant. You establish the bottom lines and goals by working them out and stop potential mistakes by reflecting upon them.

You continue to focus on the relationship because you believe in love or you quit because you think life is about finding oneself and being independent.

One should always value themselves before valuing something else. Learn to be happy and spread happiness. Read life changing sentences we compiled.

If you think you are really bored of your relationship, read this.

Concentrate on ends, not on reasons

Create a razor-sharp description of how at the end of your paradigm shift you want to settle.

Make concrete your target. Pay close attention to detail with consideration. Make a plan.

Methodology, procedure, the system that you’re going to have to pursue, that will come to you.

Just make sure your goal is decent, start opening, and commence to the unforeseen.

You don’t have to know where to go next so you have to know what to do. Consider challenges, errors, and disappointment as growing pains.

If you avoid running into problems when you’re getting a serious difficulty.

We got the idea somewhere in the process of recovery that it’s better to ignore significant issues that are wrong.

Focus on working to identify your target, not by thinking about anything that is going to get you out from there.

In the end…

But in the end, you presumably want to sleep on it, after all, is said and done.

It’s time to let go and focus on that instead after all your great labor, and give your mind the chance to rummage and accumulate.

This is like the dough resting when making a sandwich, or the stage of fertilization which is so essential in the artistic process.

Emphasis on other tasks, see what comes to the forefront, give it a day or so.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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