Why Confidence is the Key to Success?

Why Confidence is the Key to Success?: Confidence is key to a happier, content, and successful life. It plays a huge role in our daily routine and helps us in experiencing higher levels of happiness and contentment. We usually see that people with lower self-esteem or self-confidence feel lethargic and unmotivated. They are neither happy with their life nor content with the decision they make. On the other hand, people who have confidence, find positive elements in the smallest of things and make efforts to create a life that they wish for.

Therefore, it is not wrong to say this phrase. Whether you want success in your personal life or professional life; confidence is the key!

Lack of confidence can leave us stray in today’s competitive world and we don’t want that, do we?

But first, let me show you what helped me be more confident today. A book, I recommend to people who lack confidence.

What is confidence, really?

what is confidence, really?

Confidence is your state of mind. It is not what you learn to like those lessons of your prep class. It is something that comes along with your thoughts and what you believe in.

Stop trying to be a duplicate of someone else.

Be your own original self.

Think and radiate positively.

Train yourself to speak well and make good gestures so that you are able to leave a wonderful impression on the people you meet and greet.

Confidence is all about the feeling of well-being. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you are never going to feel confident.

If you will keep telling yourself that you aren’t worth the good; good chances will never come to you.

Therefore, confidence is all about allowing yourself to breathe in your own skin and to be comfortable with who you are.

Likewise, once you are thinking good and feeling good. With this in mind, know that there is nothing that stops you from being confident.

Low self-confidence is not a trait and it isn’t supposed to be a lifetime stayer.

You can learn, practice, and master to boost confidence. You will need a handful of motivation to change that.

Have you ever noticed how the self-confident people are adored by everyone? They are able to inspire people without them even knowing about it and they are okay with taking risks and facing the failures of their life with utter confidence.

They also don’t let the obstacles of life get the better of them and believe in the fact that they are capable of getting past all those obstacles.

People with self-confidence are able to shine positively and they preach positivism. They are content with themselves and they respect their own personality.

They actually embrace who they are. And a lot of us just eye such people with envy or helplessness, wondering exactly how can we gain that confidence in our life?

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have such amazing confidence all around the week and 24/7?

Why is Confidence is the key to success?

failure and success

Our performance is highly dependable on our thoughts. Whatever we think about ourselves and a situation has a direct reaction to how we will perform towards it.

If you have a confident image of yourself and have a boosted self-esteem, you will equip every situation (even difficult ones) with grace.

The reality is that confidence provides you with the right mindset that you need to prevail in all types of scenarios.

Be Comfortable with Change:

People who lack confidence are never going to explore change and embrace it.

This is where they fall back in the race of life.

Confidence is the key to success because it brings flexibility in one’s personality to look deeply into a situation and navigate where the change is demanded.

If you look at it from another perspective, then confidence also gives you the strength to survive within an environment which keeps changing under different circumstances.

Without a doubt, the key to your success is confidence because it gives you the ability to trust your choices, ideas, and opinions.

It provides you with the courage to say what you feel and voice out your opinions in any matter. In times of uncertainty, all of these elements combine to provide you success and contentment!

Overcoming Setbacks:

Setbacks are a part of life and you cannot avoid them. However, with confidence, you are able to avoid frequent setbacks.

You get the power to fight procrastination and push yourself forward to achieve better and efficient results.

The best part about confidence is that it allows you to accept your mistakes and learn from them.

It allows you to embrace your weaknesses so that you can work on them and mold yourself into a better person.

Moreover, with confidence in your right hand, you are able to be persistent which is the key to overcoming setbacks and getting back on your feet to give it another try.

Great Communication:

Good communication is extremely crucial in today’s world if you wish to be successful.

In order to be good at it, you need to have confidence. This is why confidence is the key to success as it gives you the ability to be positive, assertive and energetic amongst others.

It also helps you in coming up with better ideas and providing functional solutions in your workplace.

So now you know why is self-confidence important to success! It not only makes it easier for you to voice out your opinions and ideas but it also gives you the power to overcome setbacks and perform smartly in your profession.

Confidence is key to living better and positive and creating a life that you wish for yourself.

How to Implement Confidence?

confidence developing

So you know why is self-confidence a key to success, but the problem still lies there, right?

How do you develop it A lot of people face a lack of confidence and it gets difficult for them to overcome it. Once you get comfortable with being the timid one; coming out of that comfort zone is going to be tough.

However, developing self-esteem or self-confidence is not that complicated.

Yes, it is going to be challenging but if you give it a try; you will be able to achieve it.

Here are a handful of ways through which you can develop confidence and embrace a successful, rich and happier life.

Practice these on a regular basis and you are going to develop confidence faster than ever.

It ain’t that hard; it just demands some determination and a lot of persistence.

Visualize who you want to be:

Whatever your mind can visualize and believe; it can achieve it as well. This is a very helpful tip to develop or boost self-confidence. Picture yourself as the person you want to become.

Visualize it as many times as you can during the day. The basic problem with a lack of confidence is that we have an extremely poor image of ourselves in our minds. We don’t usually think incredibly about ourselves and that is where we lose the game. Thus, in order to develop self-confidence, you need to visualize yourself as a confident man or woman. You can picture yourself as a confident person, who is attaining all their goals and believe me, you will feel the urge to be that person. And that urge is all you need to ignite the fire in you to become confident.

Push away the negativity:

In this case, you need to evaluate your social circle and above all; your inner circle. This includes your friends and family and your best friends and people you interact with. This might seem difficult but you need to run off from people who don’t boost you in your life and literally bring in the negative stuff along with them. You need to cut them down from your list.

If you decide to take a slight break from that annoying Debbie Downer then you are good to go with your life. Allow positivism to flow in and out. Don’t let toxic people or thoughts affect you. This will certainly take time but practice it or it is better to believe in it. Whenever you will start acting on this point, you will see how you actually gain inner peace.

Now, your mind is highly affected by the people you are surrounded with. Thus, you need to make sure that you have positive vibes around you. And you push negativity away!

This is the most important step that you must take to develop confidence; evaluate your social circle. I know that this is tough but trust me, this is going to make a larger than life effect on your efforts. Anyone who thinks negatively will try to pull you down and drown you in a pool of negative thoughts. Negativity is a bummer for self-confidence.

Thus, you need to push it away. Take a break from all of such people who are indulged in negative activities or talk a lot about the gloomy side of life. Don’t ditch them completely (if it is hard for you) but do a tiny detox.

Be positive and talk positively. Even if you don’t feel it highly at the moment; do it. It is going to come to you gradually. Positivity is never going to embrace you right away. It takes days of effort to embrace it completely. Stop putting your major chunk of focus on the sad part of your life and put the enthusiasm in the little things that are going right in your life.

You need to shift your emphasis from negative to positive. It will take time but you will get there.

Do Affirmations:

Just like confidence is the companion of success, the companion to confidence is self-esteem. In order to boost how you feel about yourself, affirmations are an amazing tool. They deliberately tell you all the good things about yourself and install them in your mind.

So what are affirmations?

They are statements that uplift you and provide you with positivity. If you say these statements, to yourself, out loud, they are going to be more effective.

We believe in what we tell ourselves and affirmations are all about it.

Tell yourself some positive affirmations and you will start believing them as well. Look at yourself in the mirror and then try using these statements.

You can look for them online and you will get a bunch of them.

You just need to practice it a lot because you have to train your brain to get used to it and accept the facts.

Ask questions to your Inner Critic:

Have you ever noticed that the meanest things that we believe about ourselves, are the comments that we pass on to ourselves, on our own?

It is our inner voice that speaks to us and lets us down in so many ways. Louise L. Hay says:

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

If you are suffering from lack of confidence or low self-esteem, then there is a high probability that your inner critic has been speaking to you a lot.

Thus, you need to talk back to it.

Question your inner critic and ask yourself why you think you are a failure? What made you believe that statement?

A lot of people take help from cognitive behavioral therapy for boosting their self-esteem because they are unable to think positively about themselves.

However, you can do it all on your own too. Every time, your inner critic throws a harsh comment about you, question it. Look for n answer and you will notice that there is nothing to feel bad or negative about. Your positive thinking will also come into practice here.

Set yourself for Winning:

If you want to develop confidence, you need to concentrate on your successes. Forgive yourself for failure and accept that it is a part of life. We learn when we fail and learning is a constant process. A lot of us are so wrapped up in our disabilities that we are unable to discover our abilities and explore them.

Also, the majority of people set such difficult goals that it gets hard for them to attain it. Thus, you need to set yourself for success according to some rules.

Begin with setting goals but smaller and attainable ones. Remain sane and practical while you set them up. Even a tiny little goal you wish to achieve in a day makes you deserving of a pat on the back. Give it to yourself! This way, winning is easier and it gradually takes you towards your bigger goals.

Once you have small success lined up, you feel wonderful about yourself. You start believing in yourself and this is when you can go up to difficult and bigger goals.

We focus so much on our “to do” list that we completely overlook the idea of what we did. Therefore, make a list of side by side, which has all the things that you have achieved. This will give you a feeling of self-esteem and will build your confidence amazingly. This life is worth living.

Take care of yourself:

Taking care of yourself and being selfish, are two different things and they are being highly confused with one another these days.

Confidence is the key to success – this phrase is easier said than done some times because it requires a combo of mental and physical well being and how you feel about yourself. Thus, taking care of yourself and loving yourself are two very important factors to look into. Make time for yourself and know when it is crucial for you to take a break and relax.

Have good eating habits and make sure that you have a lot of good veggies added in your diet. Go for a run or walk and take care of your skin too. Doing little things that make you feel content and healthy are small steps to take care of yourself. If you are skinny, build muscles. If you are fat, lose fats. In order to attain confidence, you need to feel good about who you are.

Make Boundaries:

Never be a victim of what other people say and don’t allow other people’s opinions to play with your mind or life. Creating your personal boundaries is going to boost your self-esteem a lot.

You must learn the art of saying NO as it is the basic element that allows you to make boundaries. The more control you have over your life, the better. It makes you appear confident and you start believing in your ideas and faith.

Like your own skin!

Trying to be someone else is a huge waste of time. People who have a lack of confidence, usually eye other people with envious and longing eyes. They think that others deserve more than them. What they fail to see is that they are just confident in what they want from their life.

Thus, confidence is key to success and there is no doubt about it. You need to learn to be confident in your own skin.

Why is confidence important for success? Because it is able to provide you with everything that success requires overall. It makes you stronger mentally and physically. And over time you start thinking rationally. You feel at peace with yourself and with what you long from life.

Don’t Hug the Failures:

In the first place don’t accept failure or hug it and Never give up! Its one of the traits when it comes to successful vs unsuccessful mindset people. Why are you willing to throw all of those solutions in a bin when you can actually pick them up and give them a try? Self-confidence goes down the hill with all those negative thoughts that keep running in your mind. If you keep bashing yourself or you repeatedly tell yourself that you aren’t good enough; you won’t ever be able to boost your confidence up. You are creating a prophecy for yourself.

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t pretty or handsome. You don’t have to be like someone specific to fulfill that term. Stop bashing yourself for not being a good athlete. Maybe you are good at software? Why are you putting yourself into running? Don’t embrace failures. Accept them and start all over again. You need to pick yourself up after every failure to create and shape yourself into something better and beautiful.

So how to look well groomed and confident. All it takes are some simple tips that you can follow. Confidence can’t be learned. It’s a psychology and a mindset. It’s your ability to succeed, what you see of yourself and how much you believe that “you can!” and so is a very important aspect of one’s personality.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.
Henry Ford

When it comes to thinking “you can”, both, your mental as well as your physical image comes into play and you have to manicure both of them before you can become a confident person.

It is going to need some time.

In fact, everything you want to achieve in life just can’t happen overnight.

You can’t expect to just wake up one day and become confident. You have to work for it and give it time.
Earl Nightingale explained the importance of time once by saying:

If you spent one extra hour, each day, studying your chosen field, you’ll become a national expert in that field in five years or less.

10- Grooming your Physical Image:

You now need to bring your visualization into action. Whatever you visualize yourself as; act it too. This can have the smallest things like posture or your smile that needs to be changed. You won’t be able to alter the speech right away (it is a gradual thing) and will come into play slowly.

For instance, the smallest thing you can do is to pull your shoulders back and straight. You will appear more confident. You may want to look into posture correctors that help you with posture. Likewise, if you smile a bit instead of frowning all the time, you will feel positive, happier and much more confident too.

Making small changes like looking at the person when you are talking to them and speaking slowly so that your speech is clear, is going to make big changes overall. These alter your personality is a very wonderful way and make you feel confident too. Also, along with all these changes, don’t forget to look good as well. I have talked about this below in detail as well.

A lot of people don’t pay much attention to how they dress or how their hair looks messy and this can actually be a bummer for your personality. Thus, make sure that you brush your hair, style it properly, take a shower and put on good and neat clothes when heading out. If you look good, you feel good too.

In order to improve your personality and confidence, you should start taking care of yourself.

You need to work on your looks and improve your body language. The following points explain it in-depth:

Get in shape:

This is the main one. Exercise should not be something that you have to do, it should be made a lifestyle. Your appearance matters a lot when it comes to boosting your self-confidence. How you look from the outside enhances “how you think of yourself” and that is confidence. If you look great, you are going to feel great and you will be proud of yourself. You will love yourself and so you will believe in yourself.

Be presentable:

I suggest you to try to stay in a way you think you look the best of you. Keep yourself clean and shower daily, not only it will help you to stay happy and motivated, it’s also going to improve your confidence. You will be impressed to see how much a simple shave can do for you and how much more confident and motivated you are going to feel if you simply wear a nice dress.

Use fragrance:

A study showed that fragrance actually helps a lot in reducing stress and boosting self-esteem, confidence and improving one’s productivity. It also enhances one’s physical performance: A study showed that athletes who worked out/practiced in a scented room were able to do more push-ups than the one without. So it’s very important that you smell good. The movie “Perfume (2006)” can be an over-exaggeration of what I’m trying to tell you guys.

Correct your posture: 

Your posture is an important point here. A good standing posture is one where you hold your head up straight with your chin in and your shoulders blades back, now you don’t want to look weird.

Some people are in a habit of putting more stress on one leg when standing and they tire themselves out quickly. Your spine has a natural “S” curve and so you have to stand in a way that balances your muscles on both sides of your spine so you don’t stress out one more than the other like in the leg example. A good posture will not only make you more confident but is also good for your health. Just like you are convinced by many physicians to sit properly in order to avoid back pain, standing correctly also helps with lowering stress on your back.


People who smile more often make more friends, they appear more confident. A smile or even a fake smile, which most people do, will make others react to you in an entirely different way.

In a conducted experiment on human psychology, people were shown different pictures of many emotions like fear, anger, happiness etc and the results showed that people imitated the expressions they saw in those pictures, unknowingly. So if you are smiling at someone, they will most probably smile back at you, if they are not trying hard enough to not to.

Keep good eye contact:

Eye contact is an important aspect of your body language and it’s a skill too. Now there are 5 important things that you might want to look at when the eye contact is in question:

  • You don’t want to freak people out by staring at them like crazy so just break the eye contact after every 4 seconds or so.
  • You may also try whats called “the illusion of eye contact” by not seeing the person directly into their eyes but rather at their noses or the space between their eyes or at eyebrows.
  • You may also want to look in the person’s eyes directly if it’s something important that you think you are sharing (that will seem more important to that person then the rest of the conversation).
  • When you are talking in a group make sure to look at a different person on every new sentence.
  • Don’t look down during a conversation because that makes the other person feel like you don’t want to talk.

11- Groom your Mental Image

Your mental image is what and how much you think of yourself. Here your physical image is going to help you a lot in building it, but you need to work on it separately in order to boost your confidence.

Surround yourself with motivated people:

This is one of the best ones when it comes to building your confidence. When you surround yourself with positive people, you become a positive person yourself. You become inspired, motivated and confident. When you get around negative people your mind gets filled with these negative messages, that somehow seeps through your skull even though you don’t want them to, and you start thinking like those unmotivated people. So stay away from negativity.

If you are playing basketball for example in front of spectators and the crowd is “booing” you, you are more likely to miss a shot every time you try to basket the ball, but on the same hand,if the crowd is pushing you and appreciating you, you will actually basket more times than usual. This was actually a conducted experiment that I once saw on a “Discovery” channel, and they were making a point that when a person is constantly told that he/she is going to lose, they tend to mostly lose and if they are told the opposite they are more likely to win because they become more confident.

Believe in yourself:

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
Theodore Roosevelt

In order to improve your mental image you always have to think positively of yourself. Do you think you are a loser? Well then everybody is a loser. Everybody fails, don’t they? after all, we are only human, we make mistakes and that’s why we learn. I mean look at Wright Brothers, look how many times did they failed before they finally made their first airplane. The way to success is the path of small failures and small successes, so it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. The only thing that matters is how much you think you can take and still move on and never give up. Don’t ever think that you can’t. We can do anything with hard work. Just trust yourself and make hard work your best friend. Thinking that “you can not do it” is just a software problem in our hardware (brain), and the only way to remove this virus is to change your mindset. Whenever you think that “you can’t”, just ignore that thought and instead say to yourself that you can. emember there is nothing that hard work can’t do.

Listen to motivating Music:

Music is a very powerful tool. It can manipulate our emotions. It can make us believe. It can motivate us deeply. By simply cranking up some heavy rock I can somehow just lift a little more in the gym. It’s just amazing how much a simple music track can do. I would suggest that you listen to positive motivating music only. Like I wrote in my previous topic, don’t surround yourself with negativity. In terms of music, if all of the songs you listen to are sad, depressing, about heart-breaks and stuff like that, you are going to start feeling sad and unmotivated too. So just make a collection of motivating songs, there are tons of them.

12- Be Rational

So the question of today is “how to think rationally and be happy?” Do you think that being mentally strong and happy, means to never struggle with feelings like stress, anxiety, and depression? Well, being mentally strong is anything but THIS. At one or another stage of your life, you have to come across such a situation where you do get stressed and face depression as well. You can’t look over, these feelings and situations. If someone tells you that they don’t freak out, face depression or get anxiety attacks; he or she is nothing less than a perfect politician with everyone around them. Or you can simply call them fake. However, some of us face such problematic situations with strength and some of us tend to take them to heart. How we wish that we could also fall in the list of those people who are mentally strong and can go through such issues strongly. Here are some secrets that only mentally strong people know and if you try to install them in your life…you never know; you might turn into one of them.

Love Yourself:

A lot of people feel something deep within themselves when it comes to self-love. But you cannot love anyone else fully, if you don’t love yourself first. We all have done bad things in our lives and also hurt many people and most of us just cannot forgive ourselves even though those other people who were harmed by us already did. When we don’t forgive ourselves, we can never love ourselves truly. We will always blame ourselves on our past. In order to truly love yourself, learn to forgive yourselves. It’s ok. Everybody makes mistakes. Keep it strong and move along. Forgive and forget and try to learn from those mistakes so that you can never do them again in your life. When you forgive yourself, you start loving yourselves and then others too. If people are dying due to oxygen shortage in a plane…you will have to put on the mask on yourself first so that you can help others. (I know there is a flaw in this argument but just go with it I am making a point here) Yea but just make sure that you know the difference between self-love and being selfish. Yes! There is a fine line difference.

Combination of Strong and Soft:

See a perfect image, he is Strong with all those muscles and all and then again he is a Sponge. To be able to survive in this world, you need to see it in black and white both. That is what makes you mentally strong. Balance is important in life and you need to be strong and soft both, to maintain your life in the best possible way. Don’t run away from hardships and hard work, because that is the key to your mind being strong. Make hard work your friend. The more you make it your friend the more you will become disciplined and mentally strong.

Keep On Going:

People who give up thinking that they cannot endure any more pain or troubles. his is actually termed as hopelessness right? So these people are actually filled with self-doubt. If you want to be strong mentally, you need to let go of self-doubt completely. Nothing stays forever. All places and problems are temporary. Walk with this belief that even the worse of all times will wash away sooner or later. There is always a morning after the dawn and all those other motivational phrases which you already know. Look life is tough for all. If you see a person in a cool car with some awesome shades on who is super rich, chances are he/she earned it fair and square by working their asses off every day, but then again some are plainly just lucky, but most of them worked and worked and kept on moving forward and that is what made them successful and mentally strong.

Know When to Let Go:

Seriously know when to let go…Anyways if we don’t take it literally then, this is about being really smart. I am not talking about the nerds who cramp down in books. This is life smartness. There is a big difference between giving up and letting go. Don’t mingle the two. Surrendering to something you cannot control is letting go and feeling free. It does seem hard, but it is a greatly comforting feeling at the same time. So know when it is time to let go of anything and do so at the appropriate time before it’s too late.

Fake till you Make it:

Mahatma Gandhi said once:

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values and your values become your destiny.

So if you can’t change your beliefs or mold them; start faking them and one day, you will see how they have molded you silently into something great.

Don’t Settle for Anything You Don’t Deserve:

If you feel any emotion attached towards being undervalued; you are allowed to settle for such stuff. But if you have a living and breathing self-respect then make sure that you don’t settle for anything that you don’t deserve. Know your worth. Never let go of your self-respect no matter what! If you feel you don’t deserve something, fight for it! And everybody knows what they deserve, right?

Learn to say NO without Explanation:

Gut intuition is really strong and if it says that something is wrong; trust it! Mentally strong people have the power to say NO to anything that doesn’t seem right to them. And yeah, they don’t owe anyone an explanation. Not even the moodiest aunt in their family can make them explain their reasons for saying no. The most important things in a person’s life are his/her time, health, and virtue and you don’t want to waste those away, always remember that. Don’t fiddle with those things. It’s fine for others to ”hey bro can I borrow……everything” or “Can you do that for me”. People test others for their “probability of saying yes” to things. When you become a “NO” person, you mostly don’t even have to say NO anymore.

Don’t take these tips as suggestions; take them as small important parts of your life. Or as mobile phones come with the best features and specs; consider these the best ever feature of your great lifestyle. These are just small baby steps to lead you where you want to be. Start trying them out one by one so that it doesn’t get tough for you. These steps are building your foundation of being stronger mentally and leading a much better, happier, positive and stronger life. And who doesn’t want it? So embrace whatever is good in your life and make sure that you fight those troubles with a strong face. Keep the “nothing can beat me down” power alive.

13-Wear a Watch

 Having a proper track of time is really important in today’s world. Even though we don’t really need a watch for it now as our smartphone has changed that need as well. But sometimes, a watch adds much more to your personality rather than that latest smartphone of yours.

Let’s admit the weird fact that even if we have a wristwatch, we shuffle through our pocket to look for our phone whenever we need to check time. You have a watch on your wrist which has actually cost you some load of dollars (If it’s Rolex mostly). Please check that for time, can you? Where a lot of people think that watches are outdated now and who needs one when you have a smart-phone; it can really matter in professional life.

A watch adds elegance to your attire and style and makes you much more attractive. And hey, you don’t have to go into debt to get yourself that Rolex watches for I don’t know like 20 thousand dollars. You seriously don’t have to! You can get an elegant one for cheaper prices as well and just make sure that they are worth looking at. So why it is that people who wear a watch to their workplace are said to be more successful? Does their watch come with a “turn me successful” button? Not really!

A lot of companies focus on your dressing (watch) while they hire you. This happens with ladies mostly! Anyways, men do get the benefits as well. Your suit and tie look much more elegant if you add a stylish watch to it. And if your boss is finicky about looking good; you might make the best ever the first impression on him. Watches with the metal body are great to go with; they simply rock. Just Imagine sunlight coming in and reflecting off your watch and your boss asks what watch do you own… “Oh this watch Sir, It’s a ROLEX,” and you are hired!!! Ok, this is an exaggeration but your watch will definitely have an awesome impression on your boss.

14- Improve your communication skills

Having an impressive and powerful communication is one of the most important skills one can learn. Whether it is communication at work to complete an urgent project or communication with friends or loved ones to build a lasting relationship with problems only stem from poor communication.

It is a skill that has to be acquired from the people around us and not merely something to be taught to us at school.

By poor communication, what I mean is that if you do not have the necessary communication skills you are going to be misunderstood and unheard a lot of times in your life. You will say something and the other person will hear and interpret something else and that is how misunderstanding will take place between the two of you. When you have a good communication level with your kids and friends, you are most likely to communicate with any stranger effectively around you.

Your good communication skills might be also project a good impression of you on the people you are interacting with. Good communication between two people builds trust, respect and strengthens the relationship. Communication is much more than a dialogue between two people. It is not just about sharing a piece of information but to correctly perceive the emotions and intentions behind that information.

Also, communication is not productive until the information is being switched by both people.

It demands both the people talk and exchange information.

It is not a one-way street.

You cannot give someone a message and then expect the other to perceive it just the way you want because for that you would have to communicate, talk, engage and listen to the other person’s feelings as well.

You are supposed to give full meaning to what you are saying and what you are listening to.

Some of the very important benefits of effective communication are:

  • Good communication will always strengthen your ties with the other person in any relationship
  • At the office, it will improve the overall performance of all the employees and improve teamwork.
  • At home as a parent, it will help your children to share their feelings with you
  • Good communication keeps a person happier
  • It also makes you an attractive person and definitely increases the chances of your success
  • It gives you self-understanding as well as an understanding of others

Since communication is a learned phenomenon, I will share 3 unique ways with you that will help you to improve your communication skills and increase the chances of your success at every level.

Don’t hear. Instead, Listen:

There is a huge difference between hearing to someone and being engaged in listening to someone. Most of the time, the central point for people is talking. They talk and try their best to convey what’s on their mind.

But effective communication is much more than that. It is to properly listen to the other person, to give a meaning to their words and to give importance to their feelings and intentions. By listening to the other person, they will feel heard and good about you.

Show interest while the other person talks to you and doesn’t interrupt them also. Try to give feedback.

Focus on the nonverbal signals:

During a conversation, we often overlook the importance of nonverbal signals and completely pay attention to the verbal language.

For effective communication, giving attention to nonverbal signals like body gesture, facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice and even breathing is necessary. You need to understand that we all have individual difference and some people demand extra attention in communication. Therefore, giving importance to their nonverbal signs could make them feel very good. It can also help you to navigate the most challenging situations.

Control your emotions:

Poor communication is the one in which a person does not keep a check on his stress and frustration. For your communication to be productive, you need to manage your stress and keep your emotions aside. If the other person is not getting your point, you don’t need to get frustrated or stressed about it.

Good communication is about respecting the other person’s thoughts. Make sure that whenever you feel stressed out during a conversation, try to return to the calm state.

The more you practice the above-mentioned tips, the more rewarding your interaction will be and the more improved your communication skills will be.  Good communication would also boost your confidence level.

15- Invest In Laughter More

So why laughing is important? What is it’s significance? And why should we invest in laughter? Well, have you ever wondered, how wonderful it will be if there would be a little bit of more laughter around us, right? We all have been there that we laughed so much that it either starts hurting a lot or made us cry (in a  good manner of course). It is not always supposed to be a comedy show that makes the hilarious side of you to come to life. We can also appreciate the smaller things. It’s like when life gives you lemons; say hey, look, free lemons. They are actually quite expensive in real though. Well apart from jokes, investing in laughter just makes your life so much better and happier. Laughing more does actually mean you are happier, right? Silly me!

And if your life is turning too much dull and boring and you need reasons as to why you need to invest in laughter; this piece of article is just for you! Looking for motivation to laugh more is a bit too dumb, to be honest. But with so much up our sleeves and the “oh-so tensed” routines of our lives-we seriously are in need of reasons! I bet if laughing would be a source of earning; everybody would be laughing endlessly 24/7. People would do so while they slept as well. Or at least I would. If I had a penny, for every time I laughed; I could do it forever! But sadly, we don’t get paid for it. You either work you’re (you know what) off or you start hating your life.

It’s free.

We should laugh because it cuts down our stress levels in half. Laughing doesn’t cost you a penny. As difficult as it might seem, you can do it. Just go get some rated comedy season and put it on download on a torrent, it will only take 5 minutes of yours if you have got a good internet speed.

Cut down all those tensions that you have built up in your mind on your own. So basically you have chances to live a bit longer for free. Kudos to that! Stress is the major reason why a lot of people get heart attacks. And it is sad because they forget to laugh indulged in that endless electricity bill and the expenses of their lush life. Laugh, its free dammit!

No worries:

It is simply impossible to worry while you are on a laughing roller-coaster. Laughing is the best therapy of all. it’s indeed the best medicine. A good laugh just pulls out all of your worries for some time. So if you laugh most of the time and appreciate positive things; you get to worry less. But hey, don’t laugh too much that your neighbors need to call the mental hospital for checking up on you. Just keep calm and laugh like a normal person, an excess of anything is bad. That’s a wrong quote then, you know what let me see how first quoted it, nope can’t find it. It’s anonymous.

Laugh your way out:

Having a sense of humor is the best skill for survival. Surviving in this chaotic generation seems so impossible. And I hate those people who laugh and get all their work done by you. Well, you don’t need to get into the list of those over smart people. You just need to laugh at their clever laughter and let it go with the wind. Laugh and blow it in their faces! Nothing kills people than seeing you smile and laugh these days. I know a lot of ladies would just decide right now, that they need to laugh in front of a lot of people. Get the list ready ladies; don’t miss out on anyone of them even!

Healing of mind:

You might be familiar with: “Body heals with play, mind heals with laughter and spirit heals with joy.” Healing the mind is really important. Whatever is in your mind, is what you will yearn at the end. Therefore, it is quite important to have a good laugh and shove of all those worries. If you feel like having a burger; go eat it. Forget about the pennies you could save if you don’t eat it. Healing the mind is vital and a good laugh does that to you!

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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