How to Find your Inner Powers?

How to Find your Inner Powers?: Each one of us is a powerhouse of potentialities and capabilities in ourselves, however, much often a large percentage of people fail to recognize their inner powers and endowments.

A lot of us get demeaned due to such situations and lose confidence in ourselves.

Some of us are pushed in such a mindset by the society or the people around us, while some are just putting their input in the wrong place and expecting a fruitful outcome in return.

And not getting what they desire lets them down.

The feeling of self-dissatisfaction and dismay starts to surface in the people who are not apprehensive of their inner powers.

With that said, today we have a handy, compact, and useful guide for deciphering and identifying the inner powers that are exclusive to you and you only and act as building blocks in making you the person you want to be!

Surround yourself with positivity

Live a positive life

Gary Vaynerchuk once said,

“Positivity always wins…always.”

This pretty much sums it up that not letting go of the hand of positivity and maintaining your confidence in yourself is the only way to always succeed in life.

The human mind is known for shaping our lives in various ways. The type of thoughts that are muddled in our brain is always going to be the driving force behind the essence of our lives.

The most dominant thoughts in our minds are what determine our future and the type of people we develop into.

Yes, it is rightly said that our personalities, the society we live in, the backgrounds we are raised on, and many more are factors that contribute to our development. However, all of them more or less are controlled by the type of thoughts we possess.

There are predominantly two kinds of thoughts: negative and positive and both of them choose our fate accordingly.

Having a positive outlook of life and looking at things with a positive mindset will lead to alike outcomes and success opportunities. Meanwhile, on the other hand, negative thoughts and perspectives of life progressively lead us downwards towards failures and hardships.

The basic purpose behind positive thinking is to help one view the world in an optimistic manner and keep the element of hope, self-confidence, and determination alive in that person. It helps to raise our goals and aims which in turn increases the chances of success.

A positive mind will help you to see yourself in a collected and self-contented light and will aid you to work hard enough to pull every inch of your potential out of you.

It will make you believe that yes, you are capable of doing whatever you want, and then some more.

It will help to push you into becoming the best version of yourself and will enhance your confidence in what you are and things you can do to become what you want.

It will not only assist you in standing on a platform of mental satisfaction and peace but will also force it to radiate out of you so this happiness and positivity touch everyone around you!

And trust me, there is no greater power than being the rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

Be courageous and face your fears

Be courageous

“I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.”  -G.K Chesterton

A lot of times, we find ourselves in a hopeless and self-distrustful labyrinth where the feelings of powerlessness and defeat become the most evident in us.

One of the reasons behind this misery is years and years of trying to fit yourself in a mold that is simply not made for you.

In other words, trying to play in an area that we have chosen simply because it is familiar and known to us restricts us from exploring new places and experiencing new things in life. Frustration roots from this and in turn make us feel like we are not worth anything because we just feel useless, powerless, and insecure about ourselves.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to erase your fears and uncertainties about yourself and release the powers you hold inside you.

It is the only path that allows you to fully utilize your capabilities and make you strive harder and harder to attain success.

If you are courageous and start taking steps that you otherwise would not take, you are opened to a world of endless opportunities to unlock your inner powers.

This boosts self-confidence and cultivates strong values that support us in recognizing our capabilities.

Courageous people also tend to act on their words more effectively.

Whatever they dare to declare, they dare to do as well.

This boils action within them and again, helps them to become stronger in regards to their personalities and mindsets.

And honestly, if we are aware of the heights that we can reach and the things that we can do, it can help us to unveil the real powers inside us.

Once you have become brave enough to face the fear of facing your fears, you automatically become dauntless enough to overcome the fear itself.

It seems confusing, but it is not.

Never stop believing in yourself

What to do when you have had enough of it?

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry

Even though countless paths lead to success, in my opinion, the greatest, easiest, and most effective one is to believe in yourself. The recipe for success is perhaps entirely incomplete without self-belief.

It is true and proved that the world is a rat race and every one of us is struggling to maintain our pace and reach the finish line that is success. Due to steaming competition, the people around us tend to always look down upon us and are constantly trying to find ways to beat us.

The point is, that if you do not believe that you are capable enough to even reach that finish line, how can you expect other people to believe in you? If you do not exhibit the qualities of competency and hard-work, while constantly believing that yes, you can and will achieve success; then trust me, no one else is nice enough to do it for you.

Believing in yourself unravels endless possibilities and opportunities, and helps to release the key to an increased likelihood of various accomplishments. If you believe in yourself, then that is your greatest power, and all of your other hidden powers will emerge into daylight as a result of you believing in yourself only.

Be YOU! – Embrace your uniqueness

Embrace your uniqueness

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” —Emma Stone

It will not be an overstatement to say that fitting in is not the fashion anymore and to be very honest, it has always been extremely overrated.

We have all always been taught that feeling different from the ‘norms’ that society has set up for us is wrong. That is why it can sometimes be kind of unsettling when you get the feeling that you do not fit in with others. It can make you feel misunderstood and can push your confidence down several notches and just make you feel alone and negatively weird for the person you are.

Progressively, it enforces you to do things you are not made for or do not possess the aptitude for. And since you are being forced to do something you are not willing to do, there is a great chance that you will not be able to enjoy it or excel at it which can simply incite feelings of unworthiness inside you.

You are you and no one can ever be like you. Similarly, you cannot be like anyone else even if you try your hardest to fit in. Doing things that you are not quite interested in will restrict you from tasting the real flavor of life. Aptitude truly determines the level of success in your life, hence, it is the best option to do you and embrace who you are as yourself.

Keep it ingrained in your mind that everyone has a unique blueprint and that if you seem to have interests that do not match with the people in your life, it absolutely does not mean that you are the odd one out.

You are your own person and whoever tries to push you into a mold that is not made exclusively for you; needs to be thrown out of your life.

It will allow you to bring yourself up as a powerful, composed, and strong person and open your eyes to what your real power is.

Stomp on what is holding you back

What to do when you have had enough?

Whenever you feel like you are entitled to something to an extent that it hampers you from exploring new things in your life, whether it be a relationship, friendship, old memories with someone; you feel trapped and obligated to do so. Even though you are not.

You are the one who gets to decide if you want to move forward with your life. You are in charge of yourself and your life and the things you do.

So whenever you get the feeling that you have been pushed to the passenger side of the car that is your life and your life is being driven by other things or people, it is only in your hands to regain control of your ride.

And the only right way to do so is to let go of what makes you feel like that.

“Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!”  – Steve Maraboli

We were not raised with so much love just so one day we could let ourselves be pulled back and tied up by things we are not bound to be tied up with.

If we never let go of such toxicity, we will never be able to move forward and establish ourselves. Meaning that we will never actually be aware of the countless powers we have bottled inside us.

We will never be able to live life to the fullest and never realize what we are individually capable of doing. We will never understand the real purpose behind our life or never be able to go places.

Disentangling yourself from whatever holds you back and stepping a foot into your freedom opens your mind to what your inner powers are and how can you rightly use them.

Listen to what your heart says

Listen to your Heart

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ― Rumi

Love yourself. Being so much more than just a pumping device that keeps us alive, our heart is also supposed to be the helpline that facilitates all our life decisions.

However, oftentimes, we are forced to stray away from this belief by external forces. We start to think and make decisions according to the norms that society has set for us. Or according to the aspects that make us similar to the people around us.

The point is that going down that path that you think is the best for you (whatever it may be) is truly what will turn out to be the best for you.

It will encourage you to explore who you are and all the things that you are capable of doing.

Being all ears for the voice inside you gives rise to passion and encourages you to do what you love.

This automatically awards you with a power that is greater than everything in the whole world. It nurtures the self-assurance and confidence that whatever you choose to do is the best for you and it is what you need to help your inner powers emerge out of you.

Once you are unshaken about the fact that whatever you want to happen, you can actually make happen. And that whatever you choose to do is what is best for you, you will feel mighty, potent, and capable of whatever you want.

Listening to your heart and intuition will help you to unleash your inner powers because your insight is the greatest source of guidance and power for you. It helps to nourish puissance and vigor within you and keeps you affixed on the path that leads to success.

Stop judging

Blaming on horoscopes

Another tip to help you tap onto your inner powers is to eradicate the act of judging yourself and other people entirely.

Judgment fuels negativity inside you and negativity is known to feed onto your energy and make the positive side of you much meeker than you think.

Negativity cloaks you and the positivity inside you in a dark cloud of exhaustion, disappointment, and lack of motivation.

Judging yourself for what you think you cannot do means that you are yourself pushing yourself down to defeat. It is the same as the case with believing in yourself: if you keep criticizing yourself, then how can you expect others to respect what you do?

“Every time you judge yourself, you hurt yourself.” -Paulo Coelho

Moreover, judgment does not only have a negative impact on the person who you are judging but also yourself. It not only cooks desolation, shamefulness, embarrassment in someone, but as all negative things do, it exhausts your mental and physical being of the energy to carry on and do something positive for yourself.

So instead of wasting both your time and energy, focus on being happy for others and also for yourself. Hype yourself up and give yourself some credit for how far you have already come and as promised, it will push you to actively seek a greater purpose in your life and liberate the true powers that are hidden under loads of negativity inside you.

Read life-changing sentences that will make you happy.

Make mistakes, but learn from them

Make mistakes, but learn from them

“You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren’t. You take the action, and the insight follows: You don’t think your way into becoming yourself.”  – Anne Lamott

Mistakes are a part of human nature and as unbelievable as it sounds, they do not weaken us.

Never feel defeated if you make mistakes.

Because they are known to lead us to get stronger and better in our lives.

It might sound a little misleading to say that not making any mistakes in our lives will just restrict us from moving forward and preventing further mistakes from the things we have learned from our previous mistakes.

There is no right way to live life and the only way to learn what is best for you is to try everything one by one to see for yourself what is made for you and what is simply not.

A mistake holds the power of a potential experience hence having the ability to help us grow and evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Mistakes open your eyes to more and more realities of life and help you get more in touch with your self. This as a result aids you in birthing out the powers that you hold within yourself.

If you keep on trying new things, it will enlarge your experience of life and expand your understanding of the things that are meant for you and the ones that are not meant to be for you. Moving with this sort of mental clarity and understanding means that you will take steps and decisions in your life that are the best to your benefit because the room for error is minimized, and this sort of decision making helps to bring out the best of qualities inside you that are basically what your hidden powers are.

Conclusively, with the help of some confidence and belief in yourself, the will to never give up, owning up to the mistakes that you make, and all the other points given above, you can get what it takes to tap your inner powers and unleash them!

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