Ways To Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart

Ways To Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart: Relationships are built on the foundation of love and trust. Due to some unforeseen circumstances or negligence and mistake of one partner, it can result in an unfortunate break up. The feelings stay even after the person is gone.

As gut-wrenching as it may be, a lot of people find it hard to move on even if they are well aware of the torment and suffering it costs them.

It is very hard to let go off the feelings that you nurtured for your partner over the lengthy and meaningful course of time.

Despite how severe and stressful your loss might be, you have to know that time never stops, and life keeps moving on. There is no need to punish yourself any further. Instead of being overwhelmed with grief and sadness, use these emotions to make a commitment of becoming the best version of yourself. Cease all contact with your ex immediately no matter how much you miss her. It is much better for you to keep yourself busy and maintain frequent communication with your friends. Watch your favorite movies and listen to some up-beat music to avoid thinking about your ex and have some fun in life. Go on some exotic adventure and meet new people.

For the sake of your mental and emotional peace, it is extremely important for you to move on to better things in life.

Being stuck in the past will stall your progress and growth while eating away at your emotions and sentimentality.

It is indispensable for you to forget the person who broke your heart.

Let it sink in

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Accept the reality of the situation no matter how hurt you feel. You can’t deny what is obvious and apparent to you by now. Remember that the break ups are common and it is natural to grieve and feel despair after you have one yourself.

No matter how hard it is right now, it is only going to get easier from here on out, since you have already suffered the worst.

Realize that it is not worth losing your sleep over.

It is time for you to abandon any wishful thinking and make a conscious decision on how much importance you want to give your ex now, when you already know how much you are hurt because of him or her.

Terminate all forms of contact

No Contact rule on phone

There is no point in holding onto any hope once all the signs point against it. For someone who has hurt you that bad, does not deserve the feelings that you still have in your heart. Breaking off completely is the best thing you can do for yourself at this point. Do not think twice before blocking that person or deleting his or her number. Taking such a giant leap is sure to make moving on much easier for you.

You might experience severe withdrawal symptoms at first, but it gets exponentially easier with every passing day as you see the quality of your life improve. Mentally and emotionally, you find yourself at a much better place by quitting any and all kinds of connections with your ex.

Enjoy your life

Make New Friends

Staying depressed and quiet in isolation will deteriorate your mental health. You need to get your mind off of your relationship failure by simply doing things that you enjoy.

Be it some favorite novel of yours, a sport, or a thrilling movie, dive right into it. Do not hold back on any action and get immersed whenever you are having fun. Free yourself from every care in the world and go all out and relish every pleasant moment you feel.

Do something adventurous and visit exotic places. The journey itself will be refreshing and rejuvenating for you. Any kind of exposure to entertainment and leisure is sure to lift your spirits.

Forgive and let go

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It is not possible for you to let your ex off the hook after the way he treated you. Forgiveness is not about giving him a free pass or exonerating him from his sins, it is about you and your mental solace.

It’s about letting go of the anger and pain you feel when you are dwelling on the past for too long.

Blaming your ex or thinking about how things could have been different will get you nowhere in life. It will only increase the regret you feel.

Instead, forgiveness is what you need to move forward in your life. It is a gift that you give yourself.

You need to understand that sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go. Don’t regret anything, instead be thankful for the lessons you learnt.

Take on new endeavors

Independent Woman

Taking on new challenges will help stimulate your mind and rejuvenate your senses. You will have a definite and tangible target ahead of you to aim at. It is much easier to focus on yourself when your goal is clear to you. You don’t waste your energy thinking about the past and someone who broke your heart when you have deadlines to keep up with.

The uncertainty in trying something different and extraordinary brings a level of excitement in your life and demands a different intensity and extent of physical and mental exertion. Creating new and meaningful experiences can prove quite significant in letting go off any miserable incidents you have had in the past.

Focus on your fitness and health

Hot look

The best approach to start this process is pretty obvious. Join a gym and start lifting weights and stretching your body. Exercising is proven to release endorphins which naturally help in keeping you happy.

Apart from making some mental adjustments, exercising can help you a lot with your much needed hormonal adaptations too. If you have no interest in joining a gym, start a sport that requires a great deal of physical effort.

Pushing your body to the limit will raise your esteem and help you become much confident in yourself. Lastly, get mindful of what you eat. Your diet is one half of your healthy lifestyle and must not be ignored.

It will prove to have physical and hormonal benefits to your body as the exercise. Being physically fit will definitely reflect on your mental strength too.

Meet new people

An exchange of thoughts in diverse conversations is extremely interesting. Meeting new people on different adventures of your life will get you exposed to various and distinct ideas.

Getting new people in your life will definitely help you get rid of some toxic ones from before.

Once you see your input being valued and appreciated, you will find it much easier to forget the person who broke your heart. Form new bonds and share your experiences while looking for mutual interests. Fill your life with positive and vibrant personalities.

Have faith that the best is yet to come

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Feel certain that you will be able to trust someone with your heart again and not get hurt. Have faith that you will be surrounded by people who are just as sincere to you as you are to them.

You will have your feelings returned to you. You haven’t had your best days yet. Believe in yourself and realize that you are not a prisoner of your past. Abandon any sense of foreboding you feel and embrace the action and journey that awaits you.

It is extremely difficult to wipe out memories of someone whom you loved and trusted so much. However, no matter how tough it may be, there is no other option available for you, unfortunately.

Getting depressed and shedding tears while mourning your loss is instinctive. But sooner or later, you will have to make the call of moving forward in life, since that is the only way left. It is always the first step that is the hardest to take.

If you can get through the initial phase, you will not only move on, but also come out of the other end as a much refined human being. With enhanced physical and mental strength and having much more memorable experiences and confidence under your belt, it becomes much easier to take control of your life and steer it in your preferable direction.

Living a dedicated and disciplined life can help you massively. But before that, you must burn all the bridges that connect you to your dreadful past.

You can’t afford to have any second thoughts while deciding to move forward in life. Delete the pictures of your ex as well as get rid of any gifts you received from him. Rearrange your surrounding environment, starting afresh. Be spontaneous and in the moment, fulfilling your task at hand to the best of your abilities. And lastly, be adventurous and sporty.

Is it appropriate to exact revenge on your ex after he broke your heart?

This is straight-up the worst idea one can think of. Focusing your mind and body on something like that with vengeance will not help you feel better. In fact, it is likely to prove counterproductive and leave you in a worse stage than before. Giving someone so much importance who does not care about you one bit, is just insignificant and illogical. In your efforts to hurt him, you will be doing a lot more damage to yourself.

Allowing yourself to be consumed by one’s hatred is putting you under a lot of mental pressure without you ever realizing it. On top of that, you are wasting your precious time that you could have spent building yourself up, instead of plotting a scheme to harm someone. There is no guarantee that you will feel any better even if you get what you want. It might leave you with an even greater regret. It is best for you to tame your anger and give a rest to your quest for retribution.

Is it wise to embrace distractions or avoid them after a heartbreak?

The earlier phase of a break up is agonizing and tormenting. You need to use every bit of help that you can get. Anything that is not too extreme, which helps you feel good even momentarily is quite valuable at this stage. It is best to get distracted as much as possible to avoid thoughts about your ex and failed relationship. On the contrary, staying isolating with a lack of activity can prove to be self-afflicting

However, when the hangover has ended and now you are looking forward to making any serious advancements in life, you must ground yourself and strive for a balanced and disciplined life.

In order to get to the place you want to be, you have to work hard consistently for a long period of time. Distractions and excuses at this stage particularly, are detrimental to your progress and your future goals.

Do not compromise on your dreams and avoid any disturbance and interruption you might face.

The final verdict

Heartbreak is a dismal experience in itself, but it affects a person in more ways than one. The sorrow and grief takes its mental toll and destroys one’s self-esteem. Such circumstances can overwhelm a person with hatred and hostility towards the one who broke his heart. However, there is no other way for you to feel better over time than taking the hard, long road and struggling with yourself.

You must be willing to control your emotions and forgive. Getting your mind off is extremely important so travel around, meeting new faces and getting new experiences. Focus on your body and mind by getting plenty of exercise. Lastly, at the end of this transformation, you will not find yourself losing sleep over the person who broke you heart anymore.

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Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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