10 Signs A Scorpio Man Still Misses You After Breakup

It’s never too late to make things right. As the saying goes, a person is always trying to reassess things that he/she finds meaningful in life. Maybe you broke up or got separated a while back and you are thinking about making up, but you’re not sure if your Scorpio man feels the same way.

So, you’re here, trying to reconsider your options about a Scorpio man because you have never found a better match in your life.

Scorpio men are the most secretive of the zodiac signs, and they are hard to get because their mysterious nature.

The telltale signs, that a Scorpio man misses you: (we discussed them all below, with a few more)

  • He tracks your trail and follows you.
  • He cares about your likes and dislikes.
  • He has an eye for you.
  • He will compete and contest with others for you.
  • He tells you all his secrets. He gets jealous over you.
  • He complements and fancies you.
  • He might just tell you that he misses you and wants to get back with you.

He acts like a cat on a hot brick around you

Beat him at his own game

One of the signs that is his nervousness around you.

Nervous people tend to over react, and Scorpios in particular get extremely nervous when they are around the people they like or love.

They may be really awkward at times, it’s really easy to see right through them like an open book, and find out they miss you.

On the contrary, he might act a bit uptight or tense around you.

It might be that awkward looking away when you meet his gaze, or that reflexive retreat when you accidently touch each other.

All of this adds up to his nervousness around you, and correlates him to missing you.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t feel weird or confused about it.

It’s a sign that he still misses you, and he can’t get you out of his head.

He tails you even after leaving

Guy feeling comfortable in your presense

Scorpio men will trail your tracks if they miss you.

Love makes you go out of your way to do unexpected things.

Scorpios in general, are secretive and self-assertive, yet they aren’t shy to make efforts to watch over their favorite people from the sidelines.

They remain intact and updated with the people they miss by any means possible.

Eventually, keeping watch over you.

In the form of formally following you on social media and remaining active with your timeline, or generally asking his friends about you to stay up-to-date about your condition and circumstances in life.

All of this simply shows his interest in you, that he misses you, and he channels it by remaining in touch and staying well informed about you.

In the long run, putting his upmost efforts to stay in touch with you directly or indirectly, he’s trying to portray that he misses you.

He’s never met a person that was a better match for him.

He feels jealous in defiance of the separation

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Scorpios tend to feel jealous over the person they miss. A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship.

Essentially, Scorpio men have jealousy embedded in them by nature and they feel jealous when they see the person they love around other men.

In any event, he’s sure to feel jealous at several occasions.

Even if it’s at a hangout with friends or on a field trip with your colleagues, he’s bound to feel jealousy when someone gets too close to you or throws a pickup at you out of the blue.

It signifies that he still misses you.

Conclusively, it should be recognized as a healthy response instead of considering it as negative reaction and consequently missing out on the opportunity to identify if your old flame is still kindling.

He is still worried and concerned about you

Knowing what to say

Your Scorpio man will care for you if he misses you, and care is the essence of a durable bond.

Scorpios can easily severe emotional as well as physical connections.

Nevertheless, if they are still hanging on to you, they might actually be hoping to make up, since you are the missing spark in their life.

While caring for you, he’d be worried about the minute things that upset you and concerned about the little things that make you happy.

Being considerate about the stuff that makes you feel insecure, or the things you’re sensitive to, he always knows what to do and what to say.

Consequently, these signs show his care for you and reinforces the idea that he misses you, and he’s relentlessly waiting for you to come back.

He has a special eye for you

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If a Scorpio man misses you, he’ll have his eyes set on you.

The eyes are the ocean of soul, and Scorpios are well-known to speak with their eyes.

When they make an intense eye contact it probably means that they like the person, and they desire to be with that person.

He keeps watch over you and his eyes never seem to leave your shadow.

Correspondingly, continuously gazing at you during a lunch or a dinner when you go out together, or it can be something as little as watching you from the corner or staring you at a karaoke.

His eyes won’t leave your shadow in the slightest of moments because he misses you.

Admittedly, he’ll have his eyes glued to you in everything you do, as you’re  his object of keen interest. It solely exhibits that he misses you.

He speaks his mind around you despite being segregated

A Scorpio man opens up, even to an ex if he still misses her in his life.

We are bound by the secrets we share.

Scorpios are quite secretive, and they are generally introverts.

Regardless, if they open up to you about their personal life it might mean they still like you and miss you altogether.

He is ready to share his personal details, from his slightest problems to the biggest achievements of his life.

Whether it’s his past relations, a small fight at the back of the ally or an upcoming promotion, he will not hesitate to tell you anything if he still misses you.

Successively, it indicates that he misses you, trusts you and wants to strengthen his bonds further by sharing his secrets and brings down those walls, just for the person he finds special.

He gets in on the act for you

Another sign that a Scorpio man misses you is that he will compete over you.

Scorpios are competitive in nature. They will do anything in their power to compete for the person they hold dear and close to their hearts.

At all times, they will try to compete in little yet meaningful ways.

Always trying to be the first to greet you, rivaling with other guys just to ensure you don’t get taken away, always trying to be there for you when feel down.

Given that he misses you, he would be going out of his way to put you first.

Subsequently, all these things add up in his desire to get back with you. He is trying to be noticed by the person he misses.

He cannot cease to admire you despite of everything

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Scorpios admire the people they potentially miss, and to admire is to love with the mind.

Scorpio men are natural thinkers, so they can’t help but think about the people they adore and miss in their lives.

Occasionally, he will naturally complement you, from your eyelashes to the new look of your dress.

Complementing all your efforts and struggles, from your family commitments to your work obligations.

Everything about you just rushes out from his mouth as the wind blows. It’s a healthy sign that he misses you.

In essence, he’s not trying to be pushy about things nor is he trying to creep you out. His commendations are a natural attraction towards you and proves that he misses you.

He keeps you company and values every second spent with you

Given that your Scorpio man misses you and wants to get back with you, he’ll spend more time with you.

Scorpios are known for their intensity and stamina when it comes to getting what they want.

Similarly, they will spend more and more time with the people they miss in their lives.

He will always be looking for opportunities to hang out with you.

Even if it’s helping you out with work or going out for coffee with you, or maybe it’s a shopping spree or a him.

His primary goal is to spend more time with you to show his affection towards you. All in all, he does it all to tell you that he really misses you a lot.

All things considered, he might seem a bit clingy, but it’s just his way of winning you over again, and showing you that he misses you.

He lets the cat out of the bag and makes a clean breast

Your Scorpio man might actually come clean and tell you, that he misses you in his life. Scorpios are truthful, authentic and honest.

They are not afraid to disclose their true feelings to the people they cherish and value the most.

In fact, they want those people to find out.

To put it straight, wishing to get back together, he’ll be straightforward with you.

Scorpio men don’t like to play mind games, they are open and honest with their feelings. If he really is missing you, he will straight up come up to you and tell you that you are the only missing puzzle of his life.

Ultimately, this puts him in a vulnerable spot, so don’t be afraid to back him up and tell him how you feel genuinely.

How does a Scorpio man display his interest?

Scorpios believe in actions and effort, and because of their straightforwardness, they use visual and practical signals rather than being shy and reserved.

Therefore, if a Scorpio man has interest in you, he’ll care for you, support you in need, and never leave your side.

So, don’t take it for granted and return the same feelings before he starts to distant himself.

How does a Scorpio man behave after a breakup?

Timing is everything

If you have recently broken up with a Scorpio man, it is common for him to back off.

He will need time and space to heal his wounds and plan what to do next.

Scorpios can easily severe a physical or an emotional connection. If your relationship was physical, he will simply move on.

But if you still have an emotional connection, he’ll be causal about it because he’s still hiding in a shell.

Final Note

Conclusively, all these signs help you understand if a Scorpio man still misses you, but at the end of the day, the only way you can know for sure is if he tells you himself.

However, most of the times he is not going to tell you since Scorpios possess a secretive temperament.

So, you have to be cautious and aware of the Scorpio’s nature and hidden messages, when he’s trying to communicate them through his actions and behavior, eventually, to find out his intent.