Top 15 Motivational Eric Thomas Quotes

Top 15 Motivational Eric Thomas Quotes: There has been a point in everyone’s life when we searched for motivational quotes on Google because of a lack of inspiration and our lives getting tougher day by day. So we hand-picked 15 of the best motivational Eric Thomas quotes to recharge your life.

Motivational quotes tend to actually create an impact to some extent. For some people, motivational quotes are the much-needed push they required to start progressing for real.

When it comes to motivational quotes and speeches, American Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas comes to our mind immediately. His journey of being a homeless guy back then to the person he is today is itself very motivating.

We have all heard his motivational speeches and used his quotations as our Instagram captions at some point in life.

Eric Thomas is also a critically acclaimed author. He is recognized all around the globe for his motivational speeches. His quotes are based on a common living approach and teach us the principles of living a successful life.

If we relate to a motivational quote or not also depends on our mental state. If we are even 1% determined that we have to get this done, the motivational quote acts as a push immediately. However, if we are not determined at all, it might take time for you to do as the quote says.

Eric Thomas’ motivational speeches and quotes have inspired many people out there to be the greatest version of themselves. Reading his motivational quotes unleashes your inner greatness, kindness, and passion.

We all have a bit of self-determination somewhere in our bodies. All we need to do is to push it out along a dose of motivation. Well, is that not what motivational quotes and speeches are for?

Motivational quotes of Eric Thomas are also really famous around the globe because of the struggles he has faced in his own life. His words depict his journey of struggle, hard work, and success.

Listening to his motivational speeches and reading his quotes gives a boost of empowerment and inspiration. Since his words are based on actual struggles of life, they are relatable to us on personal levels and that is why we resonate with his words.

His motivation quotes can be read in times of despair and hopelessness since that is when we need to be motivated. Reading motivational quotes and mantras can definitely help.

This article explains 15 motivational quotes by Eric Thomas. Each quote is followed by an explanation that will help you relate to it so you can feel the motivation booze you needed.

I hope every quote you read unleashes your inner self-determination and you feel the urge of motivation to continue with your life.

“I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep.”

Hot Shower Can Help You Sleep Better

We cannot expect success to knock our doors while we are busy getting a 15-hour sleep. That is not going to happen.

To climb the ladder of success, we need to compromise on our beauty sleep. Our success begins at the end of our comfort zone.

This quote is aimed at our laziness. Making sure our dreams come true should be our first priority instead of sleeping for 15 hours.

The moment we step out of our comfort zone, we realize the stressors of the world. Hence, compromise on your sleep to make sure your dreams come true.

We cannot complain about our dreams not becoming true when all we do is, “just dream”.

“You are the executive director and screenwriter of your life.”

How to Get Bigger Arms and Muscles?

If we complain about our life when in reality we are reliant on someone else to make us successful, we are naïve.

The only person who can bring a change in your life is; you. It is our dreams and passion that ultimately directs the pace and plot of our life.

A person’s self-determination plays a huge role in ensuring if he gains success, or becomes a failure. This is based on how we plan our life. If we are determined and optimistic, we are increasing our self-determination.

However, if we are pessimistic regarding our life, we are indirectly decreasing our self-determination and motivation to perform in life.

Hence, the way we choose to write the chapters of our life play a significant role in increasing our motivation and self-determination.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

We take success for granted and think of it as a luxury instead of thinking of it as a necessity. That is where we start going wrong.

Being successful is not a choice if you actually want to be successful. The moment when you realize that success is a necessity, you took your first step towards success.

The reference to breathing in this quotation, indicate that aiming for success should be essential and crucial.

As long as success is your top priority, nothing can stop you from getting there. Eric Thomas himself is an example of this. He was determined and he reached where he wanted to be.

Hence, prioritize your success before any other thing and you are good to go. Think of it as a necessity, rather than a choice.

“I can. I will. I must.”

You need to live by these 6 words. If you do so, trust me you will reach the end of your ladder to success in no time.

This quotation is all about self-determination. Your self-determination is your inner motivation to do something. This tends to get lost in times of despair when we are unmotivated.

You need to remind yourself over and over again, that you can do it, you will do it, and you have to do it. To gain success, you cannot give yourself a choice.

You do not give yourself a choice before ordering Pizza, right? You cannot give yourself a choice when it comes to gaining success as well.

“Trust the process.”

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Often we tend to lose motivation because we do not trust the process of gaining success. The process through which you gain success cannot be flowery at all.

The process will be rocky and you will face many hurdles but we cannot let those hurdles decrease our motivation and self-determination. Instead we need to trust the process and accept the fact that it is going to be difficult.

As long as we have faith in our goal and trust in the process of getting there, we will gain success for sure.

The process of getting there is the trickiest part and the only way to get through the entire process is to have faith and trust in the journey.

Hence do not expect it to be easy but prepare yourself for it. Teach yourself the principles of faith, trust, and patience.

“An eagle uses the storm to reach unimaginable heights.”

The word storm in this quotation is referred to our everyday stressors and problems. The difference is that we make those stressors our hurdles and we spend the rest of our time crying and whining about them.

How about if we use those stressors to be a reason for our success? Yes, that is possible and you can do this as well.

Your problems and stressors can be the reason for your strength. In the past, we have been through things we thought we will not be able to survive. Yet we did. Experiences of facing those storms added to our strength in some way or another.

The next time you cry over a problem, instead of whining over it, make it a reason for your strength and success.

“Be stronger than your excuses.”

Implement rules of success

The last time you skipped the gym because of some excuse will not work the next time It is time for you to tell all your sudden body aches that you will be stronger than them,

Our excuses ultimately end up becoming hurdles on our way to gain success. If we want to be successful and motivated, we need to ensure that our determination and strength is stronger than our excuses.

The journey towards success and gain is long and there will be hurdles and excuses on our way however what we need to make sure is that our motivation and strength outweigh our excuses and hurdles.

As long as your determination and motivation are high, no matter how strong the excuse or hurdle is you will overcome it with strength and power.

Gear up and bid farewell to all your excuses!

“Let them sleep while you grind. Let them party while you work. The difference will show.”

Another person’s lifestyle and life has nothing to do with yours. We all have a different set of expectations from ourselves, and we live our lives based on them.

If another person is binge-watching Netflix while you work all night, you will get the reward for your hard work. To be successful, we should never try to join dots between you and someone else.

Life is challenging for everyone, if your life is tough at the moment and your colleague is settled, the tables can turn any moment.

There is this quotation, “Forever is a lie”. Hence we need to make peace with our situations and strive to gain success instead of whining about it.

“Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.”

One Arm Pushups

Your biggest competitor is you, yourself. Look in the mirror, that person you see is your real competition.

The idea of this quotation is to explain to you that to get successful, the first thing you need to do is to gain success over your state of mind and body. Once you have taken over yourself, you can conquer anything in the world.

To fulfill our dreams and make them a reality, we need to ensure that we do not get in our own way.

You can be your own enemy or your own best friend. To gain success, you need to be the latter. You will have to become an ally for yourself so that gaining success becomes easier for you.

Conquer yourself before conquering the rest.

“I don’t ever want you to settle for another average day in your life again.”

Why do we tend to settle for the ordinary when life has a lot more to offer? It is because we do not explore ourselves as well as the opportunities around us. We settle for what is easier to achieve in life.

This life is too short to be spent average. Add color and make it competitive yet exciting,

You are worth a lot more than settling for average and ordinary days. You need to start striving today so your tomorrow can be less average and more perfect.

You do not have to be a millionaire in a single day to make it less average. Take small steps and you will eventually reach there one day.

Start today because living averagely is not for you!

“No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me up.”

How To Get Your Priorities Straight in Life?

This quotation is such a fresh breath of air. It has the perfect element of motivation and determination it.

The sound of our passion for sure is greater than the sound of any alarm clock (the ones our grandmothers had do not count).

If you are passionate about your degree, your career or anything else, you do not need any further reminders. Your passion and determination will drive you towards your goal.

This is why almost every self-help book emphasizes the importance of being passionate. As long as you are passionate and self-driven, trust me nothing is impossible for you to achieve.

Pile up a dose of passion with some extra tablespoons of self-determination and motivation. Do this and no hurdle will be stronger than you and your aim.

“I am gonna make the rest of my life, the best of my life.”

It is okay if your past was not up to your expectations. There is nothing you can do about it since it is gone. What you can do instead is to make your tomorrow better!

Instead of crying and whining over your past mistakes, learn a thing or two out of them, and use them to ensure that you do not repeat them tomorrow. If your life back then was the best, your coming life can be your best life.

All it requires is self-confidence and self-determination. These two things will eventually ensure that the rest of your life is your best life. Moreover, the best life is not only limited to having a million dollars in your bank account.

Your definition of a best life will depend on you. It can be inner peace as well as anything external.

Strive and work hard for yourself so you can live your best life.

“Some of you need to give up your cell phones!”

Let’s keep aside all the benefits of a cell phone, and now ask yourself, do social media not make you a toxic person?

Scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook feeds all day long and seeing the so-called “perfect” life they are portraying on social media, do nothing but reduces our motivation to do something in life.

Social media usage should be limited to a specific time per day if it cannot be eradicated completely. Some of us are more sensitive than the rest, and we tend to idealize their life and ignore what we are already blessed with.

This quote by Eric Thomas can be resonated by many of us. When we decide to believe in ourselves and stop being fascinated by what we see on Instagram, trust me our self-determination will increase.

“Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.”

Is Life Worth Living? A Logical View

This is something we have been reading in books, magazines, and papers for a very long time.

What makes a winner win? It is their self-determination and dedication to their goal.

What makes a loser lose? They lose because of the fact that they are too busy in envying and focus on the winners that they forget to focus on their own goals.

If you want to win, you have to stay determined and strive until the end to give life to your goals and dreams. Your destination is your goal anything else is irrelevant in this case.

Moreover, if you have been losing lately, instead of blaming your fate think about your determination to your goal.

If you are dedicated and loyal to your dreams and goals, trust me you are a winner already.

“You can.”

Last but not least, the secret ingredient for a happy and motivated life is your self-determination and confidence.

If you want to succeed in life and if you want to boost your motivation, all you need to do is to believe in yourself.

You are capable of everything, and the minute you start doubting yourself, things start going wrong. Hence, in order to reach the top of your ladder, start by believing in yourself.

Before you can boost your motivation, you will have to boost your self-confidence. If you think you can do it, you definitely can do it.

I will end by stating my favorite life motto,

“The sky is not the limit, your imagination is.”


It is not true at all when someone says motivational quotes are only words. In reality, they are more than words. If you can resonate with a quote, trust me it does wonders in boosting your motivation.

Motivational quotes are beyond “just words”. They can be the much-needed push we required in order to succeed in life.

They can also be exactly what we wanted to hear after going through something.

And when it comes to motivational quotes or speeches, no one except Eric Thomas comes in our mind.

I am sure a couple of above-mentioned quotes have clicked you. This is because Eric Thomas went through something all of us go through in our lives. Life is not a bed of roses hence we cannot let difficulties be obstacles on our way to success.

Grab your journal or sticky notes, and write any 5 of these quotes which you resonated with the most. Re-read them when things are not working or you start losing hope.

I am sure they will brighten up your life to some extent!

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