What does it mean when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back?

What does it mean when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back?: When we have feelings for someone, it is natural to miss them when they’re not around us. We begin to feel incomplete in their absence and always want to be around them. Similarly, if you are in such a situation and have a guy that you have a soft spot for in your heart, it is undoubted that you want him by your side all the time. You miss him when he’s not around you, and feel giddy when he is.

If you gather up the guts to break it to your guy that you miss him and he unfortunately doesn’t say it back, then it can get very embarrassing and awkward for you and him both. Certainly, he will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, whereas you might start to question where you went wrong. The answer to this question isn’t the easiest though because it is challenging to understand someone’s psyche at times.

Following is a list of common reasons why a guy doesn’t respond when you tell him you miss him and what we think you should do to solve your problem.

Reasons he is not saying it back:

Reasons your boyfriend is not saying back he misses you

  • He doesn’t have feelings for you

Perhaps the biggest and most common reason behind a guy not responding to you when you tell him you miss him is that he simply just doesn’t have feelings for you.

When someone has feelings for you, they will undoubtedly miss you enough to at least say it back when you tell them you miss them.

But if they don’t have any feelings for you, then it is possible that they don’t feel the same sentiments as you do and that’s why they don’t want to say it back.

  • He doesn’t miss you

Another possible reason why he might not respond to you when you tell him you miss him is that he just doesn’t miss you.

That’s that.

Plain and simple.

Perhaps the both of you are not so close that he feels emotionally attached with you enough to miss you.

  • He is busy

Your Co worker gives you time and preference

Not all of us have the time to be checking our phones 24/7 for calls or texts.

So this could also be a reason why the guy doesn’t say he misses you too.

If you have texted him about your feelings, then maybe he has been busy with his work and hasn’t gotten the chance to sit down and check his mail for the day.

Give him time and he’ll surely hit you back up.

  • He is not willing to let someone in his life at the moment

We all go through something in our lives that changes us as a person.

Maybe your guy has faced a similar situation and is not ready to make any commitment at the moment.

Of course, you telling him that you miss him should have put him in a confused state as he wonders what the right answer would be and if he should even respond at all or not.

Maybe he thinks that saying it back to you would put the impression in your head that he is interested in you and wants to take things a step forward with you.

  • He wants to stay just friends

Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You

Yet another reason why your guy doesn’t answer you back when you tell him you miss him could be that he does not want to take your relationship to a higher level and wants to stay friends with you only.

Perhaps the way you told him that you miss him seemed off to him in the sense that it was suggestive of you having feelings for him.

And hence, he got the feeling that answering you back would directly mean that he wants to pursue a similar idea as well. The way you deal with your friendships is quite a strategic task, and possibly, what he did was just a way to prevent things from getting awkward between the two of you and damage your friendship.

  • He is not an expressive man

Personalities are complicated. Even if two people are related by blood, they could have entirely polar personalities, hence justifying the fact that personalities are distinct to each individual and the way they act in certain situations also depends on them.

Supposedly, the guy in question is not an expressive man.

He is introverted, and prefers to not get vocal about his feelings and stay reserved.

Additionally, he could also be a shy person.

All this combined, may give you a man who gets awkwardly silent after you gather up the heart to tell him that you miss him. Despite the fact that in such a situation, your first reaction would be embarrassment and pure contempt at yourself for voicing your feelings; you should consider the kind of a person the guy is and if his personality had a role in what he has done.

  • He is leading you on

The world has all sorts of people in it. Simply put, some are nice and some are not.

And while it might not always be the case, if a guy doesn’t answer you back when you tell him that you miss him, it could also be because he is leading you on.

Some people find joy in knowing that others are pulled towards them and wish to keep on cultivating this satisfaction.

Your guy could also be one of that kind.

Perhaps, he finds it pleasing to know that his absence bothers and affects you negatively, and in order to keep on enjoying the feeling, he doesn’t say it back because he wants you to keep on chasing him and telling him about your feelings over and over again.

Such people only care about their own contentment, even if it deeply humilates someone else, so it’s better to simply stay away from them for your own good.

So what to do about it

What to do to make your boyfriend show emotions

  • Respect their boundaries

Sometimes when we seek a certain response from someone and they aren’t obliging, we get frustrated and try to impose ourselves onto them.

This however, is an extremely unethical and peculiar thing to do from which you need to steer clear of.

You can’t make someone miss you like you miss them so expecting it from someone won’t just hurt you but will also make them very uncomfortable.

It is natural to want a positive response from the guy when you say you miss him but imposing yourself on him is not the way to go by it.

Be careful that you aren’t threatening his personal space because it can make him feel suffocated and even harassed.

  • Don’t be so loud with your feelings

Hearing you say that you miss him can make the guy at hand feel overwhelmed or confused about his reaction.

Some people have a hard time processing things and your guy could be one of them. He might get driven off altogether if you are too imposing.

It’s completely fine and normal to have feelings for someone and miss them,but knowing how to project those feelings is not a walk in the park.

You should never leave respect’s side if you have such feelings and be very very smart with how you act upon them.

If you’re new friends then you should give it time and once you get comfortable enough with each other, you can talk it out with him.

  • Don’t force in any condition

Dont rush a relationship

If you miss the guy because you have feelings for him, then surely you won’t want anything but him doing the same.

We get it.

And we also understand that it can get extremely frustrating if you don’t get the response that you want.

Combined with the embarrassment and awkwardness of no responses, we can guess that you would want to find ways to take matters in your hands and persuade the guy yourself.

However, keep in mind that you cannot let your frustration control you and make you take a step that can be even more awkward than getting no response at all.

Forcing someone will not make them fall in love with you or start missing you so it’s advisable that you act maturely and take each and every step in a calculated manner.

Forcing the guy will simply drive him away to a corner where you can never ever get the chance to make something with him.

  • Understand his psyche

Everyone has a different personality. No two people react in the same way in a situation. Perhaps you are expressive and the guy in question isn’t. Maybe he’s an introvert. Or he’s shy. Or perhaps just not into any cheesy stuff at all.

If you tell him that you miss him and he doesn’t respond, then maybe you should consider the type of guy that he is. It is possible that he shares the same feelings as you but his personality is limiting him from saying that he misses you too.

It could also be that the guy isn’t in the right headspace to be welcoming someone into his life which is why he hasn’t responded to you.

  • Bring the discussion to the table

If you and the guy are at a wavelength where you are comfortable enough in sharing your feelings with each other, then communicating your feelings is a really good option.

Conveying your message to the guy can avoid a lot of misunderstandings and honestly speaking, this is the only case where no one will secretly get hurt and have to bear pain without the other one knowing.

However, when you decide to talk it out with the guy, be chill and civil, tell him about your feelings maturely and don’t expect a response in the same second.

And also be prepared for whatever the reaction may be. You’ve told him about your feelings, but that doesn’t mean that he suddenly owes you something.

  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself freely

Guy letting his guard down

You must understand that whatever the case may be, it is normal if you have feelings for someone.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of and you don’t have to feel scared of anything. Just try to be mindful in acting upon your feelings. You don’t want to creep the guy out and drive him away from you to begin with.

Test the waters before you take any step. And if you think the coast is clear, then you can take the next step with ease.

And when you do talk to him about your feelings, leave no stone unturned in pouring your heart out in front of him. Being true to yourself and your feelings will create a soft spot for you in his heart.

Tell him exactly how you feel, how his presence makes you feel good, and how when he isn’t with you, you feel a little incomplete.

  • Test the waters

If you aren’t at the wavelength where you can simply go and talk to him about your feelings, one thing you can try is to sit back and observe the situation.

Go hangout with him alone or with friends if you guys are friends. Spending time around him just as friends will help you get an idea if he has feelings for you as well.

Understanding someone’s feelings through their body language and the way they act around you is a great way.

If his body language gives the hints that he likes you, then you can tell him about your feelings as well.

But if it makes you feel like he isn’t into you at all, then you have the clear signal to stay in your lane and not pursue him any further.

  • Don’t lose your focus

Investing so much of your energy into something, especially something like this where you’re running after something that might not even return back to you is very exhausting.

It can completely drain you of your energy and also shatter your feelings if the outcome isn’t desirable.

Even when you tell him you miss him and he doesn’t respond, it can deeply hurt your feelings and make you lose your focus on yourself.

Hence, while you’re working around to see if your said guy has feelings for you, make sure that you don’t lose track of the individual you are.

It is fine to invest energy and time into someone if you like them, but it surely gets dangerous if you exceed limits.

Throughout this whole ordeal, you should make sure that you’re not compromising on yourself and your welfare.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you may even lose control over yourself, and then it can get very challenging to trust someone and expect love from them again.

  • Don’t hurt yourself

Nobody can control their feelings. You can’t control it if you like someone enough to miss them, and the other person can’t control it if they don’t feel the same for you.

It’s all in the workings of nature and you can’t really question it.

Hence, torturing yourself is not the best option if you want to stay healthy and happy.

If you blame yourself for the guy not liking you enough to miss you, then it’s just going to damage you and threaten your happiness.

There is no need to put your happiness at risk because of someone.

A lot of times, when people cannot find the love that they wish to get, they start to question themselves and begin to think that they’re not worth loving, and this is something you should strictly steer clear off.

We want the love that we think we deserve, but oftentimes, God has something much better planned for you because He knows your worth and what you deserve, the most.

  • Accept the answer as it is

Mortifying yourself over and over again about the fact that someone doesn’t miss you back is not only exhausting, but also damaging to your self esteem.

Constantly being in a trance and wondering what is the matter with you that the guy you like doesn’t have feelings for you will intensely damage your confidence in yourself.

Hence, if nothing has worked out for you, you should try to accept no as the answer and begin to move on with your life.

That guy will probably not be the last one to hop into your life, so why waste your time for someone who either doesn’t value your feelings enough or doesn’t have the same feelings as you.

Because someone who doesn’t share the same sentiments as you do won’t be able to love you truly madly and deeply.

Other Related Questions:

  • Can a guy miss me and not contact me?

Yes, why not? Could be a whole lot of reasons why he doesn’t contact you.

Like we mentioned before, personalities have a great role in how people act, so maybe your guy does miss you but is so reserved and shy that he is having a hard time breaking the truth out to you.

Another reason could be that he is just waiting for the right time to share his feelings for you.

Perhaps he isn’t in a place in his life at the moment where getting serious with someone is a good option, or perhaps he is waiting to get stabilized in his life, work or finances.

  • Is no response a response?

Some people are bold enough to stand up for themselves when they feel uncomfortable or awkward when you share your feelings with them.

However, not everyone is like this. Some people don’t find it easy to give a shut up call and prefer to just stay silent when you share your feelings with them.

Such might be the case with your guy and the only reason why he isn’t responding back to you is because he doesn’t feel comfortable enough to do so.

You should back off and leave him alone then.

  • Why don’t guys say that they miss you?

Some guys are very open and in touch with their feelings, while some have a hard time expressing themselves.

A reason why you won’t hear a lot of ‘miss yous’ from a guy is because he is a closed off person and emotionally inexpressive.

  • How to know if a guy misses you secretly?

When someone misses you, they will try to find ways to stay connected or close to you.

Hence if you are getting tons of phone calls or texts from the same guy throughout the day, it could be because the guy cannot stay apart from you for long.

He is trying to drop hints so that you can realize that he has been missing you. Other than that, another sign is when the both of you are talking and he doesn’t want the conversation to end.

He will find ways to keep it going, and will often be very quick to reply to your texts or comment on the pictures you post online.

  • Do guys miss you when you walk away?

Well, it really depends on the situation.

If you have walked away from him because of a mistake he made, then it is possible that after reflecting on his actions, he has realized his mistake and now is missing you.

On the other side of the coin, if the relationship has ended on a bad note from your side, then he possibly doesn’t have any reason to miss you.


Telling someone you miss them and not getting a response in return can obviously be very degrading and uncomfortable.

However, if you look at the bigger picture, there are a lot of reasons why someone would do such a thing.

And if you try to understand those reasons, you can be content. Understanding their psyche, their life goals, personality, and other interests can be very helpful in telling you why they didn’t respond.

And no response has a lot of meanings to it, the negative one not always being the sole standing to go to.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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