Why Should You Date A Soccer Player?

Dating, like everything else in the world, has been evolving towards eccentricity. People now do not feel shy in expressing their interests and do not hold back on their preferences either. Today’s dating outlook is getting more complex, as well as the possibilities are shooting through the roof owing to the sharp increase in the number of dating and social apps. With more options available, a person needs to tick a number of prerequisites in one’s checklist before even being considered worth dating.

Dating an athlete or a sportsman is a very new and fascinating trend in the youth of the today. The most impressive aspects of engaging with a player is his work ethic and punctuality in life. The focus and competitive spirit coupled with good looks and shredded physique certainly adds to his likeability. On top of that, the relationship is expected to have much less farce and pointless conflicts.

To secure a date with a soccer player will be an arduous undertaking, but if you manage to succeed, you’re in for an exciting journey.

Things will be pretty straightforward with no meaningless interactions between you two. Beneath the good looks, you will see his animal spirit embezzled with passion and guts that you might not have seen in anyone close to you up until now.

Pros of dating a Soccer Player:

Couple having adventure

Dating a soccer player has lots of pros and cons that one must know before committing. However, the able aspects always outshine the unpleasant ones and are much more attractive and appealing to a vast majority.

Timely and on-schedule

Probably true to the life of any sports person, time is of great value. Sitting around and taking unnecessary breaks is something far off from their active and energetic personality.

To a soccer player, idleness is just as extremely repulsive if not more.

You will see him practice punctuality rather than preaching it to you or someone else. If you have fixed a time for your date and he has given you his word, you can rest easy and just hold onto your end of the deal, without having any second thoughts and doubts about him.

He will come on time to meet you, and leave as soon as the time is up.

Good looking and sturdy

You’ll be lying at this point if you say that you did not fall for him because of his looks. Apart from the ravishing looks, his fine condition and athletic body add onto his attractiveness.

The enticing nature of interaction compounds a lot of anticipation and excitement with every other date that you plan.

Before long, you’ll know that his physical strength is just as alluring as the charm of his looks.

Pride and self-respect

Soccer players are very proud individuals who are always looking to take their game to the next level. They have a tremendous amount of pride for their team and people close to them.

They value their relationships highly, be it with their coaches or their families. The radiant and sanguine personality is what attracts people towards them in large numbers.

There is no compromise on dignity and self-esteem for a soccer player or as a matter of fact, for any other athlete as well. This incredible self-worth and confidence is quite bewitching in itself.

Detached from junk and impropriety

One of the many benefits of living a disciplined life is distancing yourself from anything that is not good for your physical or mental health. It involves staying aloof to any unhealthy food that might be very commonly consumed by others. Any fast food, canned food, or processed food is generally avoided in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The other side of the coin is living a dignified life by setting high moral grounds for yourself. Honesty, transparency, and honor is something highly respected in sports’ circles.

Assisting and helping

Being a team player at the core, a soccer player will not let you work alone while being a lethargic by-stander. You can count on him to help you in the kitchen, even if you did not ask for it. As long as you are in his company, every endeavor you undertake will be mutual which will ultimately strengthen and solidify the bond between you two.

Street smart and reliable

A large chunk of the game requires mental toughness just as much as the physical strength and endurance. A player eventually has to come up with his own last minute strategies and tactics to get through the situation or to thrive in a make or break, critical stage of the game. Similarly, you can count on him to come up with unconventional and atypical solutions to your problems that will simply leave you wondering about the simplicity of that task. This unorthodoxy will become a fun part of your interactions, giving a taste of distinctiveness to your possible relationship.

Fights for you

Sports people are generally very passionate and outspoken. Dating a soccer player would be somewhat similar to that. He will not hesitate to defend you when needed, even in public. Causing a raucous will not bother him in the least if anything related to you is at stake. This forthright nature of his might not be appreciated by a lot of people, but it will certainly be worth it for him to put it all on the line for your sake. And you can expect a lot of people to back down when his intent kicks in, that will prove quite helpful in a number of cases.

Less drama

You can expect conversations to be exact and well directed when dating a soccer player. There will be far less arguments and pointless discussions. Within the first minute or two of your discourse, you will be getting straight to the point without wasting any more time. This also means that there will be no formal greetings or good morning messages that you are accustomed to or you might expect from him.


A soccer player’s day likely consists of two training sessions, a gym session, and the usual schoolwork. This disciplined lifestyle of utmost focus is nothing short of inspiring. His diligent and hardworking nature is bound to rub off on you as well, sooner or later.

It will most likely become a relationship of two workhorses living strict and regulated lives. On the other hand, after a bad day at the office, if he is feeling a bit down, you can be there for him in his moments of solitude and loneliness and console him when he needs you the most.

Emotional and ambitious

For any person pursuing his dream against insurmountable odds, life seems pretty linear. You work hard, you get the reward. It is as simple as that. Soccer players, just like other athletes, believe in hard work over dirty politics.

He aims to achieve big things in life and dedicates his life to his ambitions. For someone like that, emotions are very pure and naturally surface whenever faced with an overwhelming situation. Loving comes naturally to him once he is convinced that you are the one.

Surviving and thriving under pressure

One thing you can expect from a soccer player is to give his best no matter how dire and bleak the situation might look.

When the hope is lost and defeat seems nothing but inevitable, you can bank on him to turn things around. Unlike others, he won’t crumble under pressure. Instead, he will find a way to survive and get through it no matter what it takes. Giving up, be it in a match or relationship is just not in his blood.

Dating a soccer player has its appeal and irresistible charm, but one should be aware of what she is signing up for. Athletes and sportsmen, once they make up their man, will move heaven and earth to get what they want. This stubborn nature is the reason why it is difficult to change their mind or even some preconceived notions and norms that might have been carrying all their lives. It becomes increasingly difficult for a partner to adhere to his level of thinking especially once it starts to put restrictions on the relationship as well as personal lives. Like every relationship, there is a rosy part and an ugly one that the couple tends to ignore in earlier days. Compromise is just as vital as any other prerequisite when dating a soccer player.

How to approach a soccer player to express your interest in him?

It is up to your discretion. Look for some mutual contact and try to get in his friend’s circle. Don’t hold back expressing your opinions on the game. If you passionately follow soccer, it can work for you even better. Always try to engage him in a conversation on a topic of mutual interest, usually the sport that he plays.

The other thing you can do is join him on his practice days and follow him closely. Let him know that you are always there for him. Sooner than later, he will be straightforward about how he feels about you. Do your best and keep your fingers crossed.

What are the things to be wary of when considering dating a soccer player?

Probably the obvious aspect of his personality that makes it to the top of the list is his aggressive temperament. For someone involved in a game on binaries, winning brings great elation, and losing hurts just as bad. If you are close to him after a rough day, it is best not to get caught in his feistiness and give him some time alone to allow him to deal with his anger and frustrations on his own terms.

How to react if the relationship is getting toxic?

If he hasn’t left you himself by now, you should be the one to take charge and sever the ties by your own hands. Convince him on why there is no hope left and also how it’s going to cost both of you in the near future.

Before it gets any worse, have an honest conversation with him and let him know that you are done for good.


You have to be lucky to score a date with a soccer player. It will be nothing short of fulfilling your wildest fantasies and living a dream. But if that relationship is the only source of your self-worth, it will probably cost you dearly when the going gets tough. When the cheerful and auspicious days are over, it will become just another relationship. It will demand sacrifices from both of the partners, as well as expose your true nature once you start to get tested in the deep waters. Under a thin and fragile layer of temptations and pretense, sooner or later, the simple and basic reality of life and relationships will be unveiled upon both of you.