Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Mad At You

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Mad At You: Life is not always rainbows and sunshine, people are bound to have disagreements, and it’s pretty normal to have falling outs. Similarly, you and your boyfriend might have a few skirmishes down the road and he might get mad at you. When he’s mad at you, life may seem so dull and boring.

Now if you are the one at fault, how will you make it up to him? This may cause some strain on your mind, but remember one thing: even though he is mad at you, he still loves you and cares about you. Now it’s your job to make things right and make him smile, how will you do that? We have listed some ways to make him stop being mad at you.

There are plenty of things you can say or do when your boyfriend is mad at you. You can start a conversation, make a sincere apology to him, you should give him space to let off some steam, you can give him sweet compliments, let him express his emotions, you can crack some jokes, cook him a meal or even give him a surprise. Always remember to take care of yourself too. If you’re mentally sound, it’s only then that  you can make it up to your boyfriend.   

Break the Ice:

Couple breaking the ice

Not talking to someone you love can be a weird experience. Life seems dull and you’re just not interested in anything. It’s only natural that your boyfriend will not want to talk to you when he’s mad at you.

The first thing that you can do is break the ice instead of making it an ego issue. It really doesn’t matter who was at fault, you being the bigger person here will only make your boyfriend care about you even more. It’s always the first step that’s toughest and it only gets easier from there.

You can only make the best out of any situation by your actions or your words only if you actually are having a conversation. Once you two are on the talking basis again, it’s a cakewalk from there!

Apologize as you mean it:

Appologize and mean it

You need to think back as to why he could be mad at you. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and you really shouldn’t be embarrassed of accepting your mistake and making an apology.

You should rush into making an apology, no one wants an apology out of guilt, you need to take time and think back on what you could have done wrong and how are you willing to make amends. A sincere apology can resolve conflicts and bring back things to normal in a jiffy.

It’s okay to apologize, it’s okay to be the one at fault as long as you realize that. It’s rather important to sort things out and fathom where you went wrong, it may not always be your fault, he could be mad at something you don’t even realize.

With a well-put apology, you can kill two birds with one stone, you can make things as well as make your boyfriend understand that you value your relationship with him more than your pride.

There is a litany of ways to apologize to your boyfriend, for example:

  1. No one else makes me feel as happy as you do. I’m sorry for giving you a reason to be angry at me. I want to fix this.
  2. I really am sorry for making you mad, it really wasn’t my intention to do so. Can we please make it right?

Give him space:

Make a Scorpio man stop playing games

Let’s be fair for a while here, there’s nothing more tedious than arguing with someone who isn’t in touch with their inner feelings. When your boyfriend is mad at you, you should be open and respectful about his boundaries and should ask your boyfriend to do the same.

You have to establish that he can open up in front of you and you’re not going to judge him. For starters, you can say something like, “it’s okay, you can tell me, it’s just me.

The best way you have your boyfriend open up to you is by giving him time, it’s a known fact that guys don’t like sharing much of what is going on inside that head of theirs, give him time, let him be for a while, maybe he just wants some alone time.

Maybe he just needs some time to cool off, give him the space he wants, you don’t want to say things that you end up regretting,

Compliment him:

Compliment him

Guys usually like to pretend that they don’t like to be complimented but the real deal is, they love it, come on! Who wouldn’t?

Like girls, guys yearn to be complimented, but due to social stigma, they hardly get any. That’s where you come in. When he’s mad at you, you can always woo him with sweet compliments.

Now complimenting a guy is really easy and simple, you can praise anything ranging from his eyes to the shirt he is wearing. Trust us when we say, he’ll be remembering your compliment for months to come. Be extra sweet towards him but try not to be cringe so he’s left with no choice but to smile and forget his anger.

Take the first step:

10 Signs He Is Thinking Of A Future With You

Things can get pretty awkward when there is trouble in paradise. Your boyfriend, being mad, might not talk to you at all, so you have to realize that it’s not an opportunity for you to get mad. Life’s not a competition you can always take the first step.

If your boyfriend is mad at you, you can always start the conversation and take the first step in making things right. It’s not about ego or pride, it shows how much you care about him. You can also tell him what he means to you and to what lengths you are willing to go for him.

Let it all out:

Appreciate his presence in your life

The reason why your boyfriend might be mad at you is not necessarily something you did just today, he’s human, he’s bound to have certain feelings. He might be having a bad day, he might be stressed about something.

Put yourself in his place, how many times have you woke up feeling blue. You can ask your boyfriend to let it all out, you can let him know that you’re there for him if he wants to rant, you shall not be judging him.

You can make it comfortable for your boyfriend to vent out as letting off steam is always a great way to make things right. People usually don’t lie in a heated argument, it’s the moment of honesty and you can make up with your boyfriend for whatever you did wrong.

Be witty:

Guy letting his guard down

When your boyfriend is mad at you, the last thing he wants to come home to is some boring life where you two are not talking to each other. Here, your best bet is to make him laugh. It’s proven that couples that laugh together are much happier in their relationships. So, don’t hesitate to make your boyfriend laugh even when he’s mad at you.

Guys normally laugh very easily without putting much effort into it and what’s a better way to make a guy laugh than to crack some puns, take a witty approach, be open, funny, and respectful. But be careful not to slip any taunt or a remark that he’s sensitive about which would lead to the opposite results. You can say things like:

  1. Do you know humans can’t smile while raising their eyebrows? And when he tries that, pull out your ace and say, I just wanted to make you smile.
  2. You’re such a cute person, too cute to be mad at anyone, especially your girlfriend, can we make up already?

If this doesn’t work, you can always crack some jokes to make your boyfriend laugh. Women are not the only ones to fall in love with men’s sense of humor, men would love to see the lighter side of women, no matter how clichéd your jokes are, your boyfriend will still end up laughing.

Cook him a meal:

Boost up your culinary skills

It’s a known fact that men love to eat and there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal made by someone you love. Remember even though he’s mad at you, he still loves you and is deep down looking for a way to talk to you, but he’s just staying mad because he’s perplexed.

You can make it simple for him by preparing him a home-cooked meal. It really doesn’t matter what you make him, a home-cooked meal can range from a simple pizza to a gourmet dinner. But we suggest you put a little effort into it since you want to leave him in awe.

Put yourself in his shoes for instance, wouldn’t you love a home cooked meal made by your paramour after a long day of being mad? Of course, you would and so would he. So, don’t hold anything back, you’re an artist and the kitchen is your canvas.

Surprise him:

Who doesn’t love surprises? No one, right? So does your boyfriend, you can always plan a surprise for him especially when he’s mad. It doesn’t take much but it will have tremendous effects on your boyfriend’s mood.

Now planning a surprise doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to go out on a limb, spend thousands of dollars, a heartfelt surprise does the same job as an expensive gift. It’s the effort that counts. There are many things you can do:

  1. Take him out to his favorite spot.
  2. Buy him his favorite comic book.
  3. You can give him a surprise massage.
  4. You can leave small notes telling him how much you love him.
  5. Rent his favorite movie.
  6. You can arrange a guys’ night for him. This may come off a bit weird but he will most definitely love the fact that even though he is mad at you, you still want him to have a great time.

Distract yourself:

Relationship issues can be heavy and hard to deal with if you are pretty serious about the relationship, you might not be able to get your mind off the problems.

It is important to think about ways to resolve the issues, but there is only so much you can do if your boyfriend is not actively communicating with you.

Try to find something to keep yourself busy so that you aren’t too preoccupied with the relationship drama.

Relationships are tricky and can take out so much burden on your mind. If you’re in a serious relationship, you might be thinking about your mad boyfriend 24/7 that can not lead to anything good, give yourself a break, you deserve it!

It’s important to think of a way to resolve the fight but you can only do so much if he’s not talking to you, take a respite, it will surely help you to think better. With a clear mind, not only you’ll be able to handle the situation better, but it will also enable you to have a better conversation. Here are some of the things you can do to distract yourself from the issue:

  1. Plan an outing with your friend.
  2. Hangout with your family.
  3. Pamper yourself, go to a spa, go shopping, do something that you love.
  4. Exercise. Work out of any kind is clinically proven to soothe the mind, it will help you calm down.


Life is a roller coaster of emotions and relationships can be considered the part where you fall from the top to the bottom. When it comes to relationships, you need to tread lightly.

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