Never Loose a Pen Again – Cross TrackR Pen Review

The Cross TrackR pen review is here. In this Cross TrackR pen review, we will discuss all the features this TrackR pen provides, including, how to tracker works and how can it be beneficial for you.

Lost pens and obsolete cell phones may simply be a thing of the past after a revolutionary new product has been unveiled by one of the most progressive brands in the stationery industry. CROSS Pens, the revolutionary fine writing instruments brand, has developed its new CROSS Peerless TrackR, which could put an end to the frustration associated with losing a valuable pen.

The CROSS Peerless TrackR works when combined with a state-of-the-art app. It then uses Bluetooth and Crowd Locate technology to keep people in touch with their trusted writing instruments while driving.

If the pen falls out of the jacket pocket or is forgotten in a meeting on the other side of the world, the device can use the TrackR app to alert the owner to its last known location. When the pen’s Bluetooth connection is disconnected from the paired mobile phone, TrackR’s Crowd Locate community automatically searches for your pen.

In addition, the pen can help people find their lost mobile phone. With a simple push of a button on the cap, the pen can alert people to their location even when they are in silent mode.

A built-in tracking device in the upper part of the pen body and the Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen and TrackR Case set, available in Matte Black or Satin Chrome with a TrackR chip and convenient travel pouch, Insert the chip into the pouch pocket with the pen, key, money, etc.

We were really excited at Pen Heaven to get our hands on the Cross TrackR after hearing all about it and what better way we had gotten to test it out.

Cross has tried to address this common suffering of the modern world.

The products that are manufactured in conjunction with TrackR technologies include a tracking device that enables.

It works through a smartphone app that uses location data and Bluetooth when downloading to connect to your writing instrument; Logging his movements or signaling the pen to make a sound and to indicate his position.

With a Bluetooth range of up to 30 meters and the ability to set automatic alarms when the device and phone are disconnected, you can “Found it!” Much more often exclaim.

There’s also a way to keep track of your device if you’ve left the Bluetooth section that I’ll cover later.

The range currently consists of the Peerless TrackR ballpoint pen, available in Quartz Blue or Carbon Black, and a built-in tracking device and Cross Calais ballpoint pen and TrackR Pouch Set in the upper part of the pen available in matt black or satin chrome, with a TrackR ‘chip’ and a handy travel bag; Insert the chip into the pouch pocket with a pen, key, money, etc. We were really excited at Pen Heaven to get our hands on the Cross TrackR after hearing all about it and what better way we had gotten to test it out.

Cross TrackR Pen review – Using the tracker

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TrackR, the technology is “all-in-one”. The pen is characterized by its enduring Cross Peerless. It has a broad profile and is heavy but balanced.

The pen uses Cross Micro ballpoint pen refills available in black, blue and red because the TrackR device is built into the top half of the pen.

The ink refill is smaller than the standard ballpoint pen, but the same smooth cross-link and you would hardly notice a difference.

Downloading the smartphone app was easy. The TrackR app is available for both Android and Apple. Perfect! The app was easy to find and downloaded quickly.

An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to connecting the “device” to your smartphone can be found in the user guide that comes with the pen.

When plugged in, the pen makes a series of noises that indicate the process and then the success.

After a successful connection, I was presented with a map that showed exactly the current location of my pen.

Separation alarms

Disconnect alerts can be set to go off when the stylus and phone are no longer in the Bluetooth range.

You can turn each alarm on and off independently (there is one for your device and one for your phone) and there is even a choice of alarm lengths and alarm noise adjustment. Sounds good!

However, there is a warning that these alarms can significantly reduce battery life and cause false alarms.

While this might be a good feature for extremely forgetful people, the battery life warning, shutdown and instead would only use the basic TrackR functionality.

Finding your pen

The TrackR app on the phone has a large green button for typing and starting the process. A distance indicator indicates how close the Cross TrackR pen is.

The removal of Bluetooth was a bit restrictive – the stylus was disconnected and I had to wander aimlessly until I was reconnected to the device and could use the search function, but I had considered leaving the separation alarms.

Finding your phone

Conversely, it was more difficult. Press the button on your trackable device to turn on the Bluetooth location feature.

For the peerless, this is on the top of the pen, near the clip.

I left my phone in silent mode to test the other function of TrackR technology – the location indicators that override your phone’s sleep mode.

Handy, if you mute your phone and cannot even ring it to find it has fallen off the back of the sofa.

Again, the Bluetooth connection between your phone and pen is disconnected, but a beep from the stylus when you try to find your phone indicates this.

Once it was within reach, the pen made no noise or light, and when I could no longer hear the phone, I began to wonder if it was working properly.

This time it was essentially a mistake and I had to get my phone for myself. It turned out, however, that I had hidden the phone somewhere else, that it was really hard to hear, even with the ear down.

The tracker had worked; I just could not hear it!


Cross TrackR pen review – Simple styling and functionality make the Cross Track R Smart Writing technology the best and you’ll wonder how to do without it.

The straightforward design of the app is easy to use and can track multiple TrackR devices simultaneously.

The only negative side I found was that the alarm sounds were a bit quiet, but I could still find the device I was looking for. Whether you need to use the TrackR every day or just once, it’s a very handy device by your side.

I hope you liked our Cross TrackR pen review.