Things to Remember When All Goes Wrong

Things to Remember When All Goes Wrong: Life is very unpredictable, isn’t it? Sometimes, it just brings you down and you feel defeated and you don’t know what to do. But there are things to remember when everything goes wrong and DOWN!

Including you…

Feels like falling down

When your surfing through the ever-lasting waves of life, things tend to get unpredictable and messy.

Most of us can barely predict the outline of our days even if it is a regular office day.

One way or the other something un-predictable always comes your way.

Whether it is the coffee machine not working in the morning or your company suddenly decided to downsize.

When youngsters step in their practical lives they enter with high hopes, goals, and expectations.

They are welcomed by harsh and bitter realities such as fake friends, heartbreaks, depression, anxiety, rejection, bullies, abuse, and much more.

All this shatters their confidence and throws them in the cruel little galaxy of self-doubt, unhealthy routines, self-hatred and all the negative that there is.

Let us be honest with ourselves for a second, haven’t we all been through such an overwhelming situation where nothing in life seems to be going according to plan?

Well, I tell you, all of us have been there.

All of us who are in our early 20’s or older are aware of this struggle. (Self help books you must read in your 20s)

Words like Depression and Anxiety are no longer alien to us. Are even there are some surefire ways to deal with them. They just get to us sometimes.

Is It Normal to Feel Low?

Is It Normal to Feel Low?

You are human. And feeling low is a part of life for you. You must know that there will be days when you’ll have sleepless nights.

There will be days when you feel forgotten or lonely.

There will be days when crying yourself to sleep will seem more normal.

Then there will be days when you will be showered by love and attention.

There will be days when life will give you rainbow colored surprises.

Days when you will live to your full potential.

Days when you will have the divine feeling of being truly loved.

The point to understand here is that life for you will be a roller coaster ride.

It will serve you with discomfort and constantly test your boundaries to help you step out of your comfort zone, whereas some days life will feel like it couldn’t get any better.

All you need to know and understand is that you will decide what you extract from it.

Feeling low is as normal as feeling happy.

Give yourself time to recover and heal. Give yourself time to figure out things. Don’t be unthankful for the days when you feel low.

Cherish them as you cherish the happy ones.

For, at the end of the day these are the times that will carve you and make you strong enough to fit in the mold of life.

How Can I Feel Energetic and Optimistic About Life Today?

Embrace your uniqueness

By focusing on the blessings. God Almighty has given you a million reasons to be thankful for. So, practice gratitude, practice admiring others, shower positive energies to those around you. This practice has a very strong trickle-down effect. Whatever you offer, the world will somehow reach back to return it to you.

So, make sure you spread positive energies and kindness.

It is understandable that once you have faced tears, sorrows, and hate, welcoming all this positivity will never be easy, but once you let it in, you will no longer fear change.

It will motivate you to adapt to the new developments of life and adjust to new practices to cope with your problems.

A healthy way to stay positive and let things flow as they come in to focus on your physical health.

The mind-body connection enables the positive changes in your body to result in a more positive outlook on life. So instead of sulking in your negativity, perhaps go for a jog.

How to Tackle My Anxiety and Depression?

Negative traits of Type C Personality

If you are facing anxiety and depression and feel that you are hollow and empty. Nothing excites you or cheers you up. You need to understand that it is Ok to feel low, it is ok to be sad but it is never ok to have self-doubts and self-hate.

Have a self-assessment of yourself… What type of personality are you? Read our posts on Reserved personality and Socially inept personality.

If you want to counter and defeat anxiety and depression you need to practice the art of creating happiness. You need to learn how to create your little happy moments. Don’t depend on others for your happiness. Learn to bring it to yourself.

Read a good book in your alone time or enjoy a few minutes of a hot bath or yoga. See these 22 self-help books for people to read in their 20s.

Once you feel confident in yourself, you won’t be so ashamed to spend some quality time alone.

Perhaps you are an extrovert and love the attention, but can’t take the pressure of negative energies, which ultimately leads to self-doubt and anxiety, in this case, you probably need to work on your dependency on other people and build a positive self-image instead.

If you are an introvert, self-time is your forte and while positive human interaction is a must you would much rather be tucked in with a good book, and as long as that serves to improve your mental health that is fine.

8 things to remember when everything goes wrong:

Things to remember when life gets tough

The idea that your conscious controls your subconscious mind is something I strongly believe in. Whatever you feed in your conscious will ultimately decide how your subconscious will grow.

And your subconscious will decide your lifestyle, your behavior and your future.

So be conscious of what you think as your subconscious is dependent on it. Feeding it with positive thoughts will help you gain more out of life.

So, whenever you feel down, demotivated or things get tough, remember that your subconscious is monitoring your thoughts.

Don’t get restless or hopeless about life. Motivate yourself and you will soon see how it impacts your future.

Here are 8 things to keep reminding your conscious mind whenever you feel low.

This Is Temporary and Shall Pass:

Be courageous

The best and the worst thing about time is that it never stays the same. So, remind yourself that this too shall pass. Be aware that as your happy times have not stayed so won’t your bad times.

The cycle of laughter, smiles and tears will always continue. The bad times and good times alike evolve our perspectives and bring our attention to neglected emotions, things or beliefs. So to effectively deal with the lows of life, allow yourself to enjoy the highs to the fullest.

In many phases of life, when your life might seem like it is falling apart, it is mostly just a series of bad events that let your moral down and just like the drowning man, who’s anxious mind convinces him to give up seconds before his lungs actually collapse, a person under pressure convinces him or herself that they are done for.

In times when all is going right, remember that things are bound to go south at some point, although not letting this acceptance consume you is probably the wiser choice.

When things are negative though, try to balance that with positive thoughts and lift yourself up.

Remind yourself of these things every day.

A Healthy Change Is Always Good:

Be grateful and Enjoy little things in Life

Be mindful of what is causing you discomfort. Be mindful of the reasons why you landed in the mess. Once you know it, it will become easy for you to spot your way out.

Moreover, it will help you know if it was your fault. If it was you who ended up troubling yourself!

Once you know the reason. Work on it. Turn this mistake of yours into an opportunity for future progress. Make sure to never repeat it.

Change yourself for the better. It is only you who decides how you feel. You feel down when you have underestimated yourself.

You feel low when you have disvalued or limited yourself and getting rid of all these habits requires you to spend more time with yourself. Be mindful of your abilities and believe in them. This will open the doors to self-improvement thus promising a better life.

You Have Survived Worse Than This:

Live by a motto

Don’t lose sight of what you have been through in the past. Your past experiences can be your biggest lesson for future mishaps. Understand, that you are not alone in this struggle many others are also facing the same struggles

Your conscious mind must know that you are a fighter and a brave survivor and not a victim. You faced hard times with courage and are brave enough to overcome the hurdles. The bitter realities of life no longer have the power to haunt you.

Your worst memories are your trophies today and you no longer hide them but take pride in them. You have survived the worst as life has carved you into who you are today.

It Is Important to Prioritize Your Selfcare:

What to do when you have had enough?

Learn to prioritize yourself. Even if it demands you to be a little selfish, that’s ok. If you want life to show some respect for your feelings. You first need to do it yourself. Looking after yourself, spending time to keep yourself fit, healthy and beautiful is the first thing to start with.

Learn that for others to respect you, you need to respect yourself. Set some boundaries and don’t allow people to exceed them.

Prioritize your time. No matter how busy you may get but don’t forget to take out a few moments for yourself from your hectic routine. This will help you gain more confidence and self-love for yourself.

You Deserve to Be Loved:

Personalize Your Skincare Routine

Often facing things like a tough breakup, or rejection from a pursued interest leaves you feeling worthless and practically leaves your self-image in the dirt.

In times like these maintaining a positive self-image can be quite a task, do not wallow in your sorrows and let them consume you, understand that this is a temporary low and you are more than any blunders or mistakes you have made.

Talking to someone or letting out some heat by venting or crying will really help you feel lighter and allow you to look in a more positive direction once the cloud is lifted over.

Don’t Allow Toxic People Around You:

Inspirational Toxic People Quotes

Stop settling for less than what you deserve. Be conscious of how much people value your emotions and how much somebody loves you. Never allow toxicity in life. Never allow people in your life, who make you feel less than who you are or offer less than you deserve.

Those who underestimate and discourage you don’t deserve to be around you in the first place. But even if you have someone, you need to limit their control & influence over your life.

Don’t allow yourself to deal with toxicity and drama. Move away from people who have no regard for your feelings. Define your breaking point and don’t allow them to push your boundaries

With all the lows life throws at you, there is practically no room for toxic people, these are people who will kick you further down when you are low.

You Have to Create Your Happiness:

Is passion overrated?

Just like life, people are un-predictable, just as you have your highs and lows, your favorite person faces their highs and lows as well, so limit your dependence on people, do not allow other people to affect your mood.

Someone has very rightly quoted

“Learn to carry yourself on your own back. People will drop you quicker than they picked you up”

Social interactions are a necessary part of life and it can not be avoided, however, let people be a passing occasion in your life rather than a constant source of reassurance. This way every time you lose someone close to you, you will not be as affected because you will know how to fulfill your own happiness.

Asking for Professional Help Is Always a Good Choice:

How to stop hating your sister?

The best thing you can do when you feel low is to contact professional help. Never feel embarrassed about seeking professional help for your well-being. Share your feelings with some close ones who may help you get through your tough times.

You can also go for counseling; a counselor can help you figure things out and this might even help you adopt some healthy exercises to deal with your issues better.

If you keep running away from your issues or don’t address the damage they have caused you, then this will only lead them to develop as part of your personality.

If you feel reluctant in contacting or visiting a psychiatrist you may talk things out with a trustworthy friend. However, professional help is still advised.

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