ENTJ Personality – The Commander | In Depth Detail

ENTJ Personality – The Commander | In Depth Detail: Do you see yourself in all the overly ambitious, top of the hierarchy, work-oriented movie characters?

From CEOs to super-villains, each one not only has a constant appetite for success but also the strategic planning skills and work ethic to achieve it!

As different as all those characters seem in retrospect, their similar traits means that they share the commonality of being an ENTJ or better known as ‘The Commander’ personality type. This is one of the extroverted personalities under the Analysts category from the 16 personality test based on Carl Jung’s theory and the Myers- Briggs Indicator.

Commanders are usually at the top, intensely focused, goal-oriented, and generally pretty skilled at achieving their goals. They might not be everyone’s favorite because their standards are often too high to meet in all areas of life but there’s no doubt that they’re highly respected by those around them!

Taking everything in life as a competition (often subconsciously), they’ll trample over whoever they need to, to get their way. Even though they’re great leaders, emotions are not their strong suit which can cause problems in parenthood, relationships, friendships, etc.

Think that you or someone you know might be an ENTJ? Keep on reading to find out!

Personality aspects of an ENTJ

Personality aspects of an ENTJ

Each letter in the acronym of a personality type (e.g., ENTJ) describes a person’s preference in 5 different aspects of life.

These aspects include our interactions with the environment (mind), our view of the world and how we process it (energy), how we deal with emotions and tackle decision- making (nature), how we deal with day- to- day tasks in terms of planning (tactics) and our overall confidence in our abilities and decisions (identity).

In ENTJs, these preferences are Extroverted (mind), Intuitive (energy), Thinking (feeling), and Judging (Tactics).

The Identity trait can either be Assertive (A) or Turbulent (T) and varies from person to person.

People with the assertive trait tend to be a lot more carefree whereas those with the turbulent trait are quite self- conscious.

Now let’s take a closer look at what each of these preferences means and how they work together to give ENTJs their very intriguing personality.

Extroverted (E)

Extroverted people are more likely to draw their energy from people, activities, and gatherings around them which means that they’ll be more open to interacting with the world.

When their determined mind is pushing them towards their goal, the extrovert in an ENTJ will likely want others in their lives to follow suit.

Whether it’s a partner, co-workers, employees, or kids, they’ll drag you along in their quest for success and expect you to come with the same focus and determination as them!

Intuitive (I)

A commander’s mind is highly active even when it’s simply ‘looking’ at the world.

While processing, everything they see and take in goes through a filter of logical and conceptual thinking that allows them to focus on abstract patterns, concepts, and ideas around them.

When this tendency to focus on concepts is combined with their logical and organized mind (judging), they can formulate realistic plans to bring a greater change.

Thinking (T)

An ENTJ’s mind is highly focused on the more logical and rational aspect of things rather than emotional.

When it comes to decision making or reacting to a stressful situation, you can bet that a commander will think it through logically rather than simply ‘following their heart’.

This can make them quite skilled at working under high- stress environments because they can think rationally under pressure to get the job done effectively.

Judging (J)

Commanders like to see structure and organization in all aspects of their lives.

From schedules to deadlines, they like to know exactly where they need to be, at what time of the day, and what’s expected of them.

Not only is staying organized very comfortable for them, but it’s also how they can produce the best results.

Strengths and weaknesses of an ENTJ

Strength and Narcissists

Now that you have a little more insight into the mind of an ENTJ and how they like to work, let’s take a look at how this contributes to their strengths and weaknesses in life.


Efficient and strategic leaders

One of the most prominent strengths of a commander is that their mind is great at finding logical solutions to problems, that’ll suit a large group of people.

It’s their habit to enter a room with an air of authority which immediately prompts others to look to them for inspiration and instructions.

With a lot of faith in their abilities and a very work-oriented mindset, they figure out the most efficient way to do tasks and will give clear instructions on how they can be done.

Great planners and executioners

Whether it’s a short term task or a goal that seems unachievable, commanders believe that with sufficient time and resources, they can plan out how to make their dreams come true.

Unlike other analysts, they’re very realistic and highly logical with this planning. However, if they get too wrapped up in it, their relationships take a back seat!

Time management is never a problem for a commander because they have everything so thoroughly planned out!

Very Charismatic 

Commanders understand that a lot of greater things in life can’t be achieved by working alone.

That’s why they’re skilled at choosing, then charming other people into becoming a part of their mission.

They’re able to do this because their intuition allows them to dig deep into the psyche of other people and figure out exactly how they work upon meeting.

If they spot someone who can be of any use to them, you best believe they’ll be sending a drink their way, and showing them dreams of a great future until the person hops on board with them.

Excellent communication skills

An essential part of being a leader is having great communication skills.

Not only should you be able to command others with ease but you also need to make them believe in your vision.

ENTJs have no problem doing this because they speak with confidence, charisma, and authority that’ll have other’s respect and time, in no time!

Confident and strong-willed

Not only are ENTJs their own motivators but once they’ve made a decision, they will stick by it regardless of other people’s opinions.

Good luck telling an ENTJ that they’re in the wrong because they certainly won’t believe it!

Weaknesses of an ENTJ

Weaknesses of Personalities

Stubborn and Dominant

ENTJs are very firm believers in their ideas and will rarely admit to their mistakes. While trying to project their viewpoints on others, they can often come off as rude and dismissive.

The slightest disagreement with someone immediately invokes their argumentative and confrontational side to come out which will not be concerned about politeness or niceties.

Ruthless with debates and work ethic

The main goal of an ENTJ is a success, so if morals and ethics have to take a backseat for that to happen, they will.

If they need to cross others to make their dreams come true, they will.

They genuinely believe that what they’re doing is for the greater good even if it harms someone in the process.

That’s not to say that they aren’t aware of the consequences of their harsh actions aka pushing employees too hard, making them feel unvalued, etc, but they believe that it’ll be worth it.

Lack of emotional support

Being in any sort of relationship with a Commander can be very exciting until you realize that it comes with very little emotional support.

If you go to them with a problem, their instinct will be to jump to a quick fix, rather than just empathizing which can be quite frustrating if you’re on the receiving end of it.

Explosive tempers and Impatience

Even though they’re good at dealing with things under pressure, if things don’t go their way, commanders can easily get enraged, raise frustration about minor issues and let that rage slip into their personal life.

Additionally, if you break the flow of their momentum or can’t keep up with them, you can expect quite an impatient response.

ENTJs want everything done with minimal effort but maximum efficiency however; they tend to forget that the world does always run on a tight schedule.

ENTJs in Relationships

It’ll come as no shock, that even in relationships, ENTJs have a very hard time leaving the professional, curd attitude at work, regardless of whether its parenthood, friendship, or a romantic relationship.

However, despite that, they do care very deeply about the people in their lives, their rights, and understand the error-prone, human element of them.

Once an ENTJ loves someone, they do it whole- heartedly.


Their professional mindset follows them around even in their ‘off-time’, attracting them towards more meaningful conversations rather than small talks that lack a clear objective.

Dark humor and brutal honesty

ENTJ’s will keep you entertained with their sarcasm and dark humor. However, be prepared to have a few jabs thrown your way if you’re engaging in a conversation with an ENTJ for the first time.

And, keep in mind that they won’t shy away from honesty and criticism so bring a thick skin to the table!

ENTJs are simply trying to figure out what you’re made of to assess a mutual compatibility because they often see relationships as tasks that need to have a long- term mutual benefit.

Emotionally unsympathetic

Their mindset of “showing emotions is a sign of weakness” does not play well in relationships at all. They often fail to see how feelings factor into a lot of aspects of a relationship.

When it comes to arguments, they tend to act cold and harsh because they turn off their emotions which can be frustrating for friends and partners to deal with.

If you’re having an off day, instead of holding you while you cry, they’ll probably be creating a master list of ways to fix the current problems in your life!

High standards

As mentioned before, the standards of an ENTJ as quite high, even when it comes to relationships and the company they keep.

Ideally, they’re looking for people who will value their time and your relationship, but also work towards a better future.

They seek out a typical power couple dynamic and want to figure out how each partner can fit into others’ plans.

If you’re not up to the mark for an ENTJ, their brutal honesty will make you painfully aware of your weaknesses, whether its insecurities, lack of time management skills, laziness, etc.

That’s why they need someone strong, with their own set of goals, and a good sense of self-worth.

ENTJs as Parents

Keep parents complaints to yourself and dont share them

An ENTJ’s goal as a parent is to instill the values they uphold into their kids. These include great time management skills, efficiency, good communication, productivity, hard work, etc.

This can make them quite controlling as parents since they prefer everything to be in order. They have a strict set of rules and you know there’ll be consequences for misbehavior!

However, due to their busy work lifestyle, often, the time spent with their kids at home is quite limited.

Combined with their strict and controlling nature, and their lack of emotional support, they often struggle to form a close bond with their kids.

A great tip for ENTJ parents is to remember that especially younger kids require explanations for how things work instead of simply blindly following rules!

ENTJ’s in a work environment and possible career choices

What makes you a hard worker?

Work is where ENTJs can truly excel because they get to put their entire skill set to use- only when they are in a commanding position.

From a very young age, ENTJs are determined for their work to stand out. They are self-motivated and will get the job done on time, and effectively.

A lot of ENTJs need a job that’s going to push their boundaries and test their skill set to the max.

Similar to ENTPs, ENTJs excel in problem-solving because of their critical thinking.

However, they will not work well under others. If they are not in charge and running the place, there will be power struggles because they simply cannot take orders from someone else.

In their minds, they are better, smarter, more skilled and working under someone while not having complete control over how things are being done can be quite frustrating.

An ENTJ’s work is very organized and structured, which can make them great for positions such as managers.

All their moves are calculated and if you think they’re making a wrong move, chances are, it’s probably on purpose to allow the outcome to work in their favor.

These qualities, combined with their strengths and weaknesses make them ideal for careers such as construction managers, financial analysts or manager, auditor or civil engineers.

Interestingly enough, a lot of the highest salary earners are ENTJs.

Some famous ENTJs you might recognize include Steve Jobs, Tommy Soprano, Gordon Ramsey, Margaret Thatcher, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Harvey Specter, and Paris Gellar


ENTJs are some of the smartest and fiercest people you’ll ever meet who are not afraid to take risks and make the impossible, possible.

However, if you are an ENTJ or know one, remind them to come down to earth once in a while, loosen up a little and enjoy the small miracles in life while they can.

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