Arlo Baby Vs iBaby | Which is the Best Baby Monitor?

Arlo Baby Vs iBaby | Which is the Best Baby Monitor?: Arlo Baby vs iBaby was a very close competition since both have 1080p clear video quality and strong hardware and software systems. Even though our personal recommendation is the Mimo Baby Monitor. Arlo is a better choice between the two monitors.

Their comparison was very close, but clearly, our winner is going to be Arlo Baby which fulfills all the needs of a busy but concerned parent. Its price is higher but, it is definitely worth it. Arlo Baby’s users have given quite satisfactory reviews about it while iBaby M7 hasn’t quite proven to be very intuitive to its customers as it needs some improvements in its system.

Thus, Arlo proves more trustworthy and secure which is the greatest concern of parents.

So all to the parents out there, stay carefree and let your baby monitor keep an eye on your baby 24/7 and inform you of their activity.

Netgear Arlo baby

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By being the cutest and most user-friendly baby monitor in the market, Arlo Baby becomes our top choice.

With features like night vision + night light, two-way audio, lullaby player, integrated sensors (for temperature and humidity), sound detector, smart alerts.

And more battery life (than our second choice), this baby monitor gives all the parents those restful nights that they truly deserve without the slightest worry while their loved one sleeps soundly in their baby swings.

What’s in the box

  • Arlo Baby HD monitoring camera
  • 1 x Arlo Bunny character set
  • USB power cable
  • Wall-mount plate
  • USB power adapter
  • Set of mounting screws and anchors
  • Arlo logo decal
  • Quick start guide (you can check this here.)

Additional Accessories

  • Arlo Baby Stand:- To have a full view of your baby’s crib or the whole nursery, get this stand in good price and place it on an ideal position.
  • Characters:- Grey bunny ears are already present in the box but, you can have some extra fun with green bunny ears, dalmatian ears, and kitten ears.

How does it work?

Arlo Baby monitor is accessed through the Arlo app which you have to download from your phone’s app store. You then access your Arlo account, plug your camera into a socket, pair up the camera with your phone and ta-da, you have it all set up, ready to be used!

Isn’t it simple?

After setting up, place your Arlo baby at the best position to view your baby and control everything with your fingertips as the app gives you all the features for adjustment and control.

These include changing the degrees of vision, zooming in and out of the video, talking to your baby, always listening feature (you can listen to your baby’s sounds even when your phone is locked), saving your life’s precious moments for 7 days, turning on the night light and changing the light’s colors, playing lullabies and so much more fascinating features.

Reminds us of the baby swings for fussy ones, we reviewed.

Also, you can easily access the live feed of your Arlo Baby from any part of the world, whether you are at work, out shopping or running errands, you don’t need to worry now and can easily check up on your baby and the babysitter too using just your phone.

Features that will surely drop your jaw!!

1080p HD Video quality

Watch your baby’s movements and activity in a high-resolution format. The crystal clear videos don’t let you miss all the extra details.

Digital Zoom

Pinch the video using your fingers and zoom into a closer view of your little one.

2-way Audio

Not only listen but, also talk to your baby. Put him to sleep from anywhere around the world by talking to him/her through your smartphone.

Advanced Night Vision and Nightlight

When your baby’s room gets dark, the LED lights in the Arlo baby come to life and let you see your baby. The night light is a multi-colored light that can be dimmed and controlled through your phone.

Integrated Sensors

Get to know the air quality, humidity level – A continuous ambient air quality monitoring system, and temperature of your baby’s room through the Arlo app. Any unsuitable changes are instantly notified through email.

Music Player

Calm your baby down through the lullabies and white noises from the Arlo cloud library or record your own voice and play it to your baby at night to put him/her to sleep.

Instant Push Notifications

Be notified instantly regarding whether your baby is crying or if there are any undesirable changes in its surroundings. You will receive the notifications through SMS and email.

Rechargeable Battery

With a rechargeable battery, you can easily and freely move the camera around the house when it’s charged. The battery lasts for a few hours but, not for an entire night.

Cloud storage for the last 7 days

Save your little one’s sweet memories with Arlo’s 7 days’ free cloud storage in up to 5 cameras. For more storage options

Pros. & Cons.


  • Excellent video quality, even at night.
  • Free cloud video storage for 7 days.
  • Battery lasts for hours.
  • Web access.
  • Digital zoom-in.
  • Instant smart alerts.
  • Monitors air quality and temperature.
  • Plays lullabies.


  • More expensive.
  • Lacks mechanical pan and tilt.
  • No option for local storage.

iBaby Care M7

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The best thing about iBaby Care M7 is its 360° mechanical pan and 140° mechanical tilt so that you can easily adjust the camera lens from your phone’s app and monitor your baby’s activity. It has quite similar features as the Arlo baby like the HD video quality, night vision, digital zoom, sensors and push notifications but where it lacks is the security system. Arlo Baby is more secure and less prone to hacking as compared to iBaby.  Also, there is no feature for crying detection in iBaby, unlike Arlo Baby.

What’s in the box?

  • iBaby Monitor M7
  • Camera Base
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

Additional Accessories

  • Wall mount kit can be purchased separately.

How does it work?

Connect your iBaby monitor to a power outlet using the power adapter and then connect it to your phone’s iBaby app over your personal WiFi network. The setup gets installed within 30-60 seconds and you are ready to use your iBaby M7.

Features that make iBaby M7 stand out

The iBaby M7 has many similar features to the Arlo Baby but, the following features are some add-ons:

Feeding and diaper alerts (its the coolest option ever!)

Set time intervals for feeding your baby and changing his/her diaper.

Do your daily chores without the worry of neglecting your baby. iBaby’s there to remind you to fulfill his/her needs, making your life much easier.

Variety of childhood education

Teach your children early education at your home with the aid of iBaby’s distinct teaching tools.

Moonlight soother

The moonlight soother projects images of moon and stars to soothe your baby and let him/her play around on their own.

Mechanical pan and tilt

Don’t only view your baby but also view your baby’s room. Through your phone’s app, tilt your iBaby and zoom in to look at even the tiniest details at the best quality.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Less expensive than Arlo Baby.
  • Mechanical tilt and pan.
  • Odor alerts.
  • Basic teaching tools.
  • Amazing video and audio quality.


  • Bulky.
  • Very sensitive alert system (can give false alarms).
  • Fewer music tracks.
  • App needs improvement.


Mimo Baby Monitor

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We personally find Mimi baby monitor to be the best out there.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor a product of the Rest Devices Inc. has been a blessing for the parents. This product is obsessed with your baby’s sleep. Allowing you to watch over how well your baby sleeps, looking for its search patterns and providing with insights. Mimo Baby Sleep & Activity Trackers keep parents connected to their little ones in ways they never thought possible.

As the world is getting faster and more hustling, with both the parents trying to catch up with the world. And they try to provide the best future for their kids, demand for tracking and monitoring for infants has increased.

With daily jobs, if your baby is having trouble falling asleep or gets awake in the middle of the night, it means that your sleep is compromised. And this leads to grogginess and lack of energy the following day. However, gone are those days with the latest Mimo Baby Heartbeat Monitor that is a huge advancement in wearable technology.

A connected nursery for parents?

Mimo Baby Heartbeat Monitor is a wearable device that the baby wears. It has got two sensors on the front and a little turtle that clips into the side. And it shows mama or dad their baby is breathing, skin temperature, body position (are they on their tummy or the back) if they are awake or asleep.

You can set alerts that let you know if the baby rolls over, wakes up, if they’re a pause in breathing and also shows the timeline that gives you deeper insights into what the baby’s sleep is actually like and how it’s developing and evolving over time.

The onesies are available in blue, pink, yellow and white colors. When it comes to cleaning, these kimonos are really easy to wash, everything is steam washable you just have to take out that little turtle-shaped sensor and stick it in the washing machine.

How does it work?

The Mimo smart infant monitor connects with your smartphone and is easily accessible from anywhere.

It is shareable, it’s interactive, it is safe for the baby and very easy to use.

The Mimo Baby Heartbeat Monitor sends a baby’s sleep, body position and breathing data in real-time to your smartphone or tablet.

The sensors on the kimono pick up your kids’ breathing pattern and the Snap-On turtle sense the movements and temperature and send all this information via low energy Bluetooth to your phone or the synced device.

Age ranges and the tools

Available in 0 to 3-month-old, 3 up to 6-month-old and 6 months up to year-old sizes. The starter kit contains 3 machine washable organic cotton onesies. One low power Bluetooth transmitter and sensor in the shape of a turtle and WIFI and charging base station.

Mimo App

Focusing highly on keeping the information and analysis accurate, Mimo baby monitor made the app to empower and relax the parents by transmitting them everything the device detects. The app is in a very intuitive simple format and provides all the relevant information. The app shows real-time information about the position, sleep and wake times and audio streams. Stay connected and check-in from anywhere. The App alerts of changes in baby’s breathing, body position, skin temp, and when they wake up.

With Mimo’s audio and push notifications, you’ll be awoken from sleep if something changes in the middle of the night. That is if you really need to know about it. You can also get nightly snapshots and a daily timeline of how the baby slept, how frequently they work up, if any alerts were generated, and captures other notes you enter.

Mimo is made in the USA. headquartered in Boston, they ship out of Southern New Hampshire, with the cotton coming from Tennessee, and everything else hails from New England. They are a local company obsessed with parent-centric design and support. Ideal for the new parents, relaxing them in regard to this new experience of parenthood. Finally, peace of mind, just when you really need it.


In this advanced century of today, you will find many products for your baby’s comfort.

Nevertheless, Arlo Baby is the Clear Winner in Arlo Baby Vs iBaby due to some astonishing in-built features like the Night-Vision, Night Light, 2 Way Audio, Lullaby Player, Integrated Sensors and so much more.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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