Top 10 Best Drill Bits For Metal

Drill bits come in a plethora of sizes, groves, and strength. Drilling through metals and hardened steel is not an everyday job for an average drill bit as it throws back a challenge.

Drill bits that are designed to operate on metal are made of a variety of materials and have special coatings for added strength and durability.

Most power drills that you buy will come with a set of stock bits that will go through plastic, wood, and fairly thin sheets of metal, but to work on hardened metals, you are going to require a completely new set of bits.

Our List Of The Best Drill Bits

Here is a quick overview of several sets of drill bits we’ve reviewed. All of the following mentioned sets will drill through-hardened steel and most other metals, but what makes one better than the other is its durability, ease of use, strength, and other factors that make them the best choice for daily use.

MASTERCRAFT Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

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This set of drill bits tops our list because of very high surface hardness and low torque produced during drilling.

This is because of the High-Speed Steel manufacturing, coated with Titanium. Other than being the most effective at penetrating metals, titanium lubricates the surface to reduce friction.

The titanium coating also gives this set of drill bits nearly six times the longevity of regular bits.

It has a split point tip that reduces walking of the bit on the surface of a metal, making drilling easier. The sizes range from 1/16th of an inch to ½ inch, making them suitable for daily household or even commercial drilling use.

It also comes with an organized case for the drill bits, having labels on the tray for each size. The most compelling factor about these drill bits set is that it cuts out your worry of losing a bit of a certain size, ruining the entire set.

MASTERCRAFT provides you a set of 230 bits that leaves you with enough spares in case you lose one.

BOSCH CO21 Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set

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Unlike Cobalt coated HSS drill bits, this can withstand the punishing of high resistance put up by metals and can drill through many abrasive metals.

It is manufactured purely of Cobalt and will drill through stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and most other high-density metals. It features a split point tip design that gives you clean and accurate drilling holes.

The innovative design of three flat holds it firmly to the shank and gives it a strong grip to prevents the slipping of a bit under high resistance.

The manufacturing of purely out of cobalt raises its capacity to withstand high temperatures significantly, provides superior performance, and gives it a lifetime four times longer than High Speed Steel bits.

This drill bits set also provides a multi-purpose use as they can drill through hardwood, PVC, and concrete, unlike most other metal-specific drill bits.

It comes with an innovatively designed case to hold all the bits in place that have laser-etched markings to categorize each bit for easy pick during use.


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The Dewalt DW1263 is a heavy-duty drill bit set for metal, gaining its strength from Cobalt manufacturing and durability from gold oxide coating.

The coat of gold oxide provides resistance against the dulling of the bits over time and also acts as a lubricant to reduce the friction and torque produced.

The bits, however, are aggressive enough to want to grab, which is why drilling through copper without the right cutting oil or a drill press may ruin your piece and even cause injury.

You will be most comfortable in using them on hardened metals like stainless steel.

It has a pilot point tip for accurate and precise startups in drilling holes and also prevents the locking of bit upon breakthroughs.

It features a lockable case that you can rely on for not opening up while carrying it around. It is ideal for the precise and heavy-duty use of a drill press, which makes them last even longer.

Because of the brittle make, there is a high risk of breaking a bit if you use it on battery-operated drills at inaccurate angles.

Drill America KFDRSD Series Killer Force HSS Reduced Shank Drill Bit

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The High-Speed Steel drill bits set that is both heavy-duty and comes at nearly half the price of Cobalt and Titanium finished bits.

The reason why these HSS drill bits prove to be of great use on hardened metals is because of the black and gold oxide finishing.

The added layer of finishing gives it resistibility to high temperatures and being able to operate on high RPMs. The reduced round shank makes it a perfect fit that can be clamped onto by most drill presses, hand drills, and battery-operated drills.

It has a multi-directional drill bit design with the cutting direction in clockwise. When running anti-clockwise, it will pull out the clippings and chips for a smoother cut, and also reduces the friction produced.

The counterclockwise direction design raises its resistance to getting locked. It has a 135-degree split point tip to prevent it from walking and will drill through clean and precise holes.

It shows high performance in drilling through steel, and thin thicknesses of cast iron, steel beams, and bell housings.

IRWIN TOOLS 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set

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These drill bits are made of a High-Speed Steel and Cobalt alloy making it a stronger option than regular HSS drill bits.

It also has a gold oxide coating that helps with the preservation of the sharp edges and keeps your drill bits from going blunt too soon. The drill bits are designed specifically for drilling through tough metal, such as metal alloys, hardened steel, stainless steel, etc.

The 8% of Cobalt added to the HSS gives it the capacity to withstand high temperatures and fluid motion at high RPMs because of the reduced friction.

This too comes with 135 degrees split point tip to drill immediately upon contact with less force required and minimizes walking.

It features a metal index case with foam cartridge places inside to hold the bits intact and prevent them from damage during an accidental fall.

These are the most comfortable when used in a drill press. As these lack a flattened shank and have sharp edges, these tend to bite quickly on to the metal.

When using battery-operated drills, the bits may grab the metal while the drill keeps spinning because of the lack of friction between the components.

NEIKO 10194A Titanium Step Drill Bit

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This High-Speed Steel drill bit, coated with Titanium is one of the most durable and multi-purpose options on the market.

That is if you are only going to drill through thin sheets of metal, it is not applicable to metals that have thickness more than 5/8th of an inch.

The step drill bit design allows you to drill holes of varying diameters without having to change the bit every time as it offers 10 sizes.

The tri-flattened shank allows the chuck of any drill to catch on to it with a strong grip and eliminates slip completely.

It does take away the worry of having to the run bit counter-clockwise pull out the debris that has been built up due to the TWO-FLUTE design that pushes it out as you drill through.

It will, however, drill through most hardened metals, copper, stainless steel, and iron, provided they are in thin sheets.

Despite featuring a 135-degree split point tip and placing an accurate place for the drilling hole, it requires patience and momentary cooling down as you widen the diameter through the material you are drilling through.

XTREMEPOWERUS 8PC HSS Silver And Deming Drill Bits Set

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If you need a drill bits set for mainly drilling large holes then this is very economical and convenient.

Manufactured of industrial-grade High-Speed Steel makes these a long-lasting and durable option, and a thin layer of black enamel coating prevents wear and tear when a bit bites metal.

These feature a set of 8 drill bits with the smallest size being 9/16th of an inch. The unique factor that makes them worth consideration is the uniformity of the drill sizes and length in the part that clamps on to the check.

Each drill bit is 6 inches long and has the same diameter so that you wouldn’t have to readjust the chuck every time you are changing a bit size.

Having a unique twist design allows for the debris to clear out quickly as you drill holes in metal. As for any bits with large diameters, they are best when worked on a drill press.

The sharp edges and absence of the lubricating layer make them bite on to metals and can do serious damage if you’re using a hand drill on high RPM.

DEWALT DW1177 20-Piece Black-Oxide Metal Drill Bit Set

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Normally a metal manufactured drill bits set is not good on metals, but this has a black oxide coating that provides additional rigidity, durability, and wear protection.

Though they fall behind in the race against Titanium and Cobalt bits, they’re still a great value for the money. This set is ideal for drilling holes smaller than ½ inch as they feature 20 different sizes.

The flute design on the bits reduces friction as you drill through metal by removing the chipped debris efficiently.

The bits are not anti-slip and so the use of a lubricant and avoiding putting pressure on the bits while drilling through is highly recommended.

Because they do not have an anti-slip shank head, they are much easier to mount on to a drill without having to make time-consuming adjustments.

It has a hard plastic case to house all the bits in one place and prevents them from taking damage.

The cartridges have hinges to tilt a bit out before pulling it but the bits are unlabeled which makes them harder to bring together once scattered at the workplace.

CO-Z 5pcs HSS Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set

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These step drill bits complete your drilling arsenal by providing 50 different sizes in just 5 bits. These are Cobalt bits so naturally, they are durable and a thin film of Titanium coating extends their life even further.

These drill bits will drill through stainless steel, iron, aluminum, acrylic board, PVC, wood, and steel as long as the thickness of the sheets does not exceed the size of the step on the bits.

These drill bits feature non-walking tips to reduce walking but do not, however, prevent it completely.

Each step bit comes with different sized shanks, although the bits clamp tight on the chuck and prevent slipping, the different sizes can prove to be a hassle to adjust every time you change.

The drill bits come in a handy case where they can be stored easily without losing a piece since they are not many, to begin with.

Though they may prove to be useful on thin sheets of metal where you have to drill multiple sized holes at the same time, they are of no use against rigid and thick metal pieces.

ATE 8PC HSS Cobalt Silver And Deming Drill Bit Set

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The Cobalt and High-Speed Steel alloy drill bits are strong, durable, and effective when using in metals of less rigidity and density. These are coated with silver and black oxide to increase life by preventing the chipping and blunting of edges.

The smallest size offered by the set is 9/16 inches, so if you need bits of a smaller size then these are not the stop for you. they do, however, prove to be quite effective while drilling larger holes through metals.

The use of a drill press is always recommended because the sharp edges can bite a metal and break or cause a serious injury.

It features 135 degrees split point tips for faster penetration by preventing walking and has a tri-flank shank that holds the bits firmly to the chuck and keeps it from spinning.


There are many different kinds, sizes, shapes, and types of bits that are used for drilling holes through metal and all have their specifications and uses.

The list above provides you with the details of each type of drill bit set that is the best when it comes to the work and duty it has been manufactured for.

After having reviewed customer feedback and looking our self into the effectiveness, pros, and cons of each of the top-rated Drill Bits Above, MASTERCRAFT Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set proved to be the best all-round option.

At the end of the day, it is always what you need the drill bits for and the budget that you have to get yourself one, a drill bit is as good as the person using it!