9 Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You But Won’t Admit

Relationships can bring about great joy to one’s life as well as great turmoil if matters get out of control for both partners. Riddled by an unfortunate turn of events and growing tensions, even a serious relationship can take a devastating blow. If you were in a relationship for a long time and due to some regrettable incidents, you broke up, it is too hard to digest that the bond you shared with your partner wasn’t meant to be everlasting and eternal. You might find yourself wondering if he still has feelings for you or not? Or does he even think about you the same way you do?

If your ex still loves you, you will see him flaunting his new and happy life to you. You are likely to run into him wherever you go. As coincidental it may seem, it is not. He finds some way to stay in your sights and might be spying on you via your mutual friends. You will find him getting nostalgic and reminiscing about the old days when you were with him. Even though he still has feelings for you, he will never approach you directly because he just won’t realize it for whatever reason.

A breakup can trigger emotional disparity between the partners. The angst that follows is just as intense as the love, one feels during the relationship. What makes circumstances even more confusing is when your ex starts dropping hints that he isn’t over you, making it difficult for you to move on as well.

He laments the past

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You can feel that your ex regrets breaking up with you.

You will find him bringing up the past days of your relationship pretty often every time you get to hang out.

The conversation still revolves around how things could have been different for both of you.

The remorse he feels is quite evident from his words.

If your ex still feels that he must apologize for the failure of the relationship, it indicates that he still has a place for you in his heart.

He is always stalking you

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Be it through some mutual friends, or through social media, he is always keeping an eye on you and taking note of the latest events in your life.

Although he won’t comment on any of your posts, you can be sure that he won’t miss any either. When you get a chance to meet him, he will inquire from you about whatever you posted. He will also be asking your friends about how you are doing.

Your ex will be quietly observing you from a distance so that you don’t notice. He is paying attention to your life keenly without letting you know about it. He is always talking about you or something related to you when you are not around.

You will still be receiving occasional messages from him

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If it is your birthday or some other celebratory event, no matter how unlikely it may seem, you will still receive messages from him.

It is just as hard for him to text you since he does not want to look desperate, but he won’t let go of any reasonable opportunity to talk with you. He will make his presence felt at such events. The conversations between you two will be short and to the point, but you can’t keep yourself from feeling the liking he still has for you.

The meaningful interactions of such sort may be few and far between, but they will be effective in sending the message across and letting you know of the feelings in his heart.

He is always there for you

Be it any problem or trouble you are facing in your life, he will always show up to help you in whichever way he can. Keeping tabs on you and observing you avidly, he will probably already know the challenge that you are facing. It will be an unexpected development for you as he is the last person you believe will be there for you in time of need. If you are facing a health crisis, you can already foresee how worried and distressed he might get because of that. It is in moments like these, the feelings he has for you manifest into utmost care and affection for you.

He is expressive with his emotions

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When someone has moved on, the last thing in the world one would care about is their ex. However, it is quite opposite when your ex still carries feelings for you in his heart.

If you mess up or make a wrong choice, you can feel that he gets worried for you. Similarly, he is likely to get angry or disappointed at you when you get yourself involved in some disgusting and unpleasant activities like smoking, drinking, etc.

You still matter to him, which is why it is simply impossible for him not to care about you, even though he might not express it in words.

You keep running into each other by ‘accident’

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It is not difficult for him to know what event you are planning to attend when your friends’ circle is mutual.

You can always find him there even if you don’t cross paths with him physically. He will end up in your sight, one way or another. He won’t admit the reason for being there is you, but you can perceive it once it starts happening too often. If you confront him about it, all you are getting out of him is a mere lame excuse.

Over a few weeks, it becomes quite apparent that he has not moved on from you.

He is still single

Another definite giveaway that you still hold value in his life is the fact that he has not been in any relationship ever since you broke up.

This, coupled with his regretful attitude towards the past, probably signal that he wants to give the relationship another shot. He is refusing to let go off of the feelings he has for you and is still hoping that you will come back. Even though he may not be vocal about it, you can judge from the information you receive from his friends that he is not over you.

He is motivated to improve himself

The guy could be trying to tell you something with Eyes

The motivation to improve is just one of the many ways of earning your second look. He wants you to know that he is a changed person now.

He is taking action to overcome his flaws, especially the ones that you pointed out at the time of break up. You will find him becoming more responsible and mature with every passing day.

He is willing to admit his mistakes and wants you to realize that he has changed for good. His priorities are in the right order and he isn’t taking things for granted anymore nor wasting any time.

You are getting mixed signals

Since he is not willing to admit his feelings for you and also can’t ignore you, it becomes quite a predicament for both of you. One day you might see his social media flooded with posts of grief and loss, the very next day you might find him getting in touch with your friends and acting as if nothing unfortunate ever happened. It keeps getting even more confusing with time and you are left to solve these paradoxes by yourself. In one way or another, he manages to grab your attention often.

When your ex is still in love with you but won’t admit it, he will inquire about your love life via any mutual contacts. Apart from staying interested in your life, he will be bitter and jealous if you’re seeing someone.

There are always a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios that he is thinking about when you are around. He also makes it a point to let you know that he is still single. By hook or crook, he will manage to engage your interest and keep you guessing.

He acts awkwardly around you, making illogical excuses and throwing tantrums at times. By now you can sense that he is genuinely upset about the breakup and wants to make amends.

He won’t communicate what is in his heart for you because he is just as unsure about the reliability of your relationship as much as you are.

There are various parameters that he needs to satisfy before even thinking about asking you for another chance. Plus, he is unsure about how you feel about him. Whether your relationship can make it through or not, such thoughts plague his confidence and keep him from moving forward.

How to get your ex back in a relationship once you are sure that he still has feelings for you?

It is best for you to give him the space he needs and not rush to any conclusion based on any frivolous assumptions.

Once enough time has passed and now he is dropping hints that he is still in love with you, you need to plan your comeback before making a move. You need to analyze the reasons for your break up and the apprehensions he has regarding your relationship.

You can start by giving him enough attention and importance to engage him in a conversation on a frequent basis.

Over time, you can tune your chats to become more serious and meaningful. Lastly, you need to be honest and sincere with each other if you are planning on any reconciliation. Clear all your doubts, set tangible goals as a couple, and leave no stone unturned.

What are the signs that your ex is done with you for good?

When your ex has made up his mind to move on, he will simply delete your contact and block you everywhere on his social media.

He will not have a hard time deciding if he wants to get into another relationship or not. If you confront him asking about his feelings for you, he will not hesitate in telling you that he has moved past you, no matter how much it may hurt you. The response will be precise and cold.

On top of that, he wants to return any gifts and souvenirs you bought for him. The longer you hold on, the painful it is going to get for you. It becomes increasingly apparent when your efforts and emotions do not move him one bit.

Concluding thoughts

A breakup can be a potential blizzard of emotions and uncertainty if not handled well by both partners. No matter what the leading events may be, it is hard for both of the people to dissolve feelings for each other nurtured over time, or dismiss them in a flash.

If your ex still carries feelings for you but is too hesitant to confess, you will find him making excuses for getting in touch with you.

He will be well aware of any latest projects and endeavors you undertook.

One definite giveaway is that he is always available for you in time of need and does not mind sacrificing his time for your sake.

Since he is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea himself, you will be getting mixed signals and it might take some time for you to make out what he wants from you.