How To Find Out If My Boyfriend Is On Tinder?

How To Find Out If My Boyfriend Is On Tinder?: Most girlfriends have not only been able to identify secret dating profiles using this method but have also discovered that some of them have been involved for several years in their relationships.

This is why I suggest using this method as the most accurate way to find out if he is on Tinder.

In this age of technology, many social sites have made it easier to approach the man or woman of your dreams in less or even no time.

There are many dating apps where you can discover the person of your preference, but the prevalence of some of the applications among them is increasing swiftly, and one of them is Tinder.

Possessiveness is one key element that works remarkably in relationships. It is a reality that a woman doesn’t want to share her boyfriend with any other woman.

Therefore, when I find out that my boyfriend is on Tinder, this could be frustrating and annoying.

While you’re in a relationship, the question like ‘if he is evading, or cheating on me?’ ‘Is my boyfriend on Tinder looking for other women?’ Is he bored of this relationship? Then what’s the fix?

These are the type of questions that might be popped up in your mind naturally.

In this article, I’m going to divulge the ways you can use to find the answers for repeatedly asked questions like “is my boyfriend on Tinder or any other dating application? Is he cheating on me and looking for another woman?”

Now, let us dig into some of the less-reliable ways to find out if he is on Tinder.

How to Find Out If He is on Tinder?

How to Find Out If He is on Tinder?

You don’t need to worry much if your boyfriend’s age is above 44 years, but it is troublesome if his age is from 18-44 years he might have using the Tinder.

Surveys show that the majority of people aging from 18-44 are using this social dating application.

There are many ways to answer the question of whether my boyfriend is on Tinder or not? Some of them are listed below.

1- Check Out Whether He Has Updated his Profile Picture, or Not:

All you have to do is to open the Tinder application and go to the search box, enter his name there, and check if he has updated his profile picture.

If he has, it means he is using the application. If he is using the Tinder, there are high chances that he will be talking to someone else.

2- Create a New Profile:

When you are feeling anything suspicious, create a fake profile, and add attractive photos, and information in it.

After that, swipe right on your boyfriend, and wait for the match. If the match happens, that means he is active on Tinder.

3- Ask your Friend, who’s on Tinder, to Keep an eye on Your Boyfriend:

If you can’t spy him yourself, you can ask your mate who is already using the Tinder application to keep an eye on your boyfriend.

He/she can tell you if he ever renews his profile picture or information. As a result, you will know more about your boyfriend and his activities.

4- Use People Search Engine:

Whether he is registered on any dating site or not, you can search on the people search engine.

This website can provide you with details about the complete address of a person, his social profiles, records, emails, etc.

With the help of these people searching engines, you can effortlessly find if he’s on the Tinder or not.

5- Use the Paid Tinder Version:

Using the paid version of Tinder is another effective way to find whether my boyfriend is on Tinder or not?

Unlike the unpaid version, in the paid version, the paid version allows to some really cool features, which can actually help you to find your boyfriend’s activities on Tinder.

In the paid version, you can see all the people who like you. There are high chances that your boyfriend may like you on the application.

6- Install a Cell phone Spy App:

Using a cell phone Spy app is a powerful way to find out your boyfriend on Tinder or other dating application.

These spying apps assist you to see which applications someone is using on his/her smartphone.

If you have asked him already to delete the Tinder application, but still you find him using it, it signifies you have caught him red-handed.

7- Notice his Phone while Meeting with Him:

If you are in doubt that he is cheating on you, then discern how he lays his phone while meeting with you.

If he often keeps his phone screen down or retains it in his pocket, then he might be secreting something that he doesn’t want to confess.

8- Check his Notifications:

While convening with him, text him, and see if notification of your text appears on his cellphone screen or not. If not, then he might have hidden his notifications of the text messages and hiding something.

In this way, if he is trying to hide something, you can easily detect him.

9- Slant to Him:

To detect if he’s using the app or not, lie to him that you’ve heard from someone that he is on the Tinder and see his reaction.

Does he take it as a joke and laugh like how absurd lie it is! Or does he feel guilty about being active on the app?

His reactions will undoubtedly help you to know something about his activities.

10- If he Argues with You:

If he argues with you for no apparent reasons, blaming you for the things that make no sense, remains angry with you, or has suddenly adopted “I don’t care” type of attitude, then it is the implication of something awry.

“I don’t care attitude” often indicates that he has “other options.”

11- Notice Changes in his Behavior:

If he abruptly starts to remain busy or to avoid you, even on Saturdays, then there is a possibility that he is thinking of dumping you and don’t want to perpetuate this relationship anymore.

In such cases, you can search him on the Tinder or other dating application and see if he is active there.

12- Communicate the trouble With Each Other:

Communication is among the three C’s of a durable and ideal relationship.

If you feel that anything is going wrong in your relationship, and things are happening that should not have occurred in a healthy relationship, you must discuss this matter to him.

After all, he is your boyfriend, and strong communications help you resolve the issues without any kind of mishap.

Why is He Active on Tinder?

There are only a few clear reasons why is he active on the application while dating with you for a long time which I’m going to discuss next:

If anyone, who is already in a serious relationship, is active on the dating app, it only indicates that he is looking for someone else either for your replacement, for his sexual desires, or his back up plan.

Why Would Someone Replace you?:

If someone wants to replace you, it means your relationship is not going fine with him. You probably have fought over needless stuff, or you have started loving or caring less about him.

As the relationship is all about caring and loving each other, but you are doing crazy things that might have irritated him.

As a consequence, he has lost his interest in you, and now, he is looking for someone else to replace you.

In such cases, you first have to mend your ways then blame your man.

Try to Fulfil His Sexual Desires:

We all have sexual desires, and they occur naturally.

If your boyfriend is very sexual, but you have reserved or imbalanced relations, then there are probabilities that he may lose charge of his feelings and attracts someone else to fulfill his needs.

Being in a balanced relationship requires love, care, and fun equally. This can be the reason why he is active on the Tinder.

So, if you’re facing this dilemma, then strive to fix it first, but if there is no such problem, then, undoubtedly, he is cheating on you.

For His Back up Plan:

If your relationship is not going well and you do undesired things continuously that frustrate, or irritate him, then he has probably changed his mind about you.

Hence, he started looking for someone else as a backup plan, but if everything is fine and you still find him active on the Tinder, it means he is just cheating on you.

Is it Okay to be Mad If I Find that My Boyfriend is on Tinder?

It depends!

The answer is ‘No!’ if two of you met a month ago, and he has not yet developed the feeling for you in the same way you have caught for him.

Apart from that, if you both have discussed it earlier that being him on Tinder will not bother you after being in a relationship with each other, then this is all right.

The answer is ‘Absolutely Yes!’ you can be mad at him if you catch him active on the Tinder while you both have agreed to uninstall the dating applications after being in a serious relationship.

You should talk to him in this regard as Tinder is reputed as the hook-up app. Nobody is using it for business dealings or making friends.

He can not use the excuse that he is just there for his friends because we all know that what starts as friends, could roll into something serious.

If both of you love and care about each other and you have perfect intimacy, then what is the point of being active on any social dating app.

What Should You Do if the Answer is ‘No’:

The inception of doubt is natural when you are newly entered into a relationship. It will take some time to adjust with that person.

Any immediate action will bring your relationship to the dead end. In this case, you have to act prudently.

Give Him Some Time to Adjust with You:

If both of you met a month ago and still your boyfriend is using the application, maybe he has not yet developed any feelings for you.

Give him some time for adjustment. The more you know about each other, the more you be attracted to each other.

Building a relationship takes time, and you should be aware of that to convince him through your actions that you are the perfect match for him.

Don’t be Clingy:

If you want to be around him 24/7, text him all the time, your life is revolving around him within a month, and you chase him every time then you’re becoming clingy.

No one likes such juvenile behavior. It will irritate him, and you will end up in a breakup with him.

Instead of being clingy, give him some space because some men don’t want over-attachment, especially in the early days of a relationship.

Try to Make a Balanced Relationship:

For a constructive, robust, and ideal relationship, you must first try to equate yourself with him emotionally, physically, and mentally.

It will surely take some time to build this kind of relationship.

If you are successful in making such a relationship, your man will automatically stop craving for other women.

Build your Trust in Him:

The foundation for any relationship is based on trust. A relationship without trust will be shaky and will eventually fail.

Try to build confidence in him as a relationship requires trust in each other.

You won’t feel secure if the trust factor is absent in your relationship. Trusting everyone is indeed dangerous, but trusting no one is even more dangerous.

Take Good Care of Yourself Too:

If you start conceiving him all the time, want him around you every time, want to talk to him 24/7, then you’re expecting much in a newly born relationship.

It will only lead to deteriorating your own mental or emotional health because no one can be available for you all the time.

For everyone’s best interest, you have to focus on self-care.

Be Like the Girl He Wants:

Communicate well about the things and try to contemplate what kind of person he wants in his life.

Try to be like the girl of his dreams, and see what magic happens next.

It is a common phenomenon when you give full authority to your boyfriend; as a result, he falls for you and feels good about the relationship.

What Should You Do if the Answer is ‘Yes’:

I know how heart-wrenching it will be if the answer comes ‘yes!’. The acceptance of this harsh truth is very finicky, but anyways, you have to accept reality.

Take the following steps, if your man is cheating on you:

Endure the Reality:

Don’t go panic! And admit it as early as you can because if you don’t, it will become even more critical.

The predicament with girls is that they don’t want to believe that they have been cheated by their partners and pretend as nothing has happened.

You have to endure it and let yourself out of this toxic relationship.

Don’t Associate it with Yourself:

If you get cheated on, that doesn’t have any correlation with your personality, looks, and attitude.

So, don’t blame yourself if you have done everything to make him comfortable. It only means that your boyfriend has a cheating nature and bequests him yourself before it becomes more problematic.

Don’t Associate it with Another Girl Either:

Thoughts like everything was going well unless that girl came between you and your boyfriend, manipulated him, and made him believe that she could treat her better than you can.

Don’t blame or hate her because the truth is that your boyfriend himself is a useless fellow who can’t keep his commitments.

Listen to Him:

While talking to him, listen to his side of the story and try to understand his situation as well.

Maybe, he has been feeling guilty for what he has done with you, and he wants to apologize for his rubbish act.

If you feel that he will mend his ways, give him another chance. This can save your relationship from shattering.

It’s Okay to Feel this Way:

You don’t have to wear a brave mask and pretend like a superwoman. Unfortunate things happen in our lives, and it is okay to feel grieved and broken.

Take some time to cry, but keep this thing in mind that many girls have been cheated by their men, but that doesn’t mean that their life is over.

Don’t hold this for a long time and let his deleterious thoughts go out of your mind as early as possible.

How to Heal Completely:

Healing is not easy after someone tears you completely, it will take some time, but everything will be okay in the end as Author Henri Nouwen writes,

“When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.”

We heal quicker than our anticipation. People come and go, but life goes on. We find better people and experience more joyous lives.

Spend More Time with Your Family:

A survey shows that spending more time with your family makes women happier. So, try to spend more and more time with your family and your loved ones.

Apart from that, opt for your favorite hobbies that make you happy. Setting alone in altitude is not helping your cause.

Go out, engage yourself in productive and attractive activities. This will help you to overcome your sorrows and grief.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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