16 Signs Your Partner Is Not Worth Your Time

In today’s time and age, finding the perfect partner is nothing short of a challenge. Individuals seem to be so focused on their work and financial status that they don’t have the time needed to indulge in long term relationships. Moreover, it’s not an easy task to know that the person you just met is the right one for you and people just prefer to avoid relationships so they don’t have to face this seemingly impossible task.

While some prefer to boycott relationships entirely, some may enter them however, at the end face failure because of the realization that their partner wasn’t worth their time.

Despite the fact that it is quite daunting to calculate whether or not you’re investing your time and energy in the right person, It’s important to see if he’s willing to get into a serious commitment to begin with. If he’s not, he might not prefer to put a label on your relationship and instead take everything very casually. A man who isn’t worth your time will always bring you down in some way or the other.

It may be through passing comments on your physique and looks or criticizing anything regarding your personality. He may also not let you get involved in his world and keep you away from his family and friends alike. If he makes you feel insecure, lowers your self esteem and doesn’t care about what you want and instead makes everything about himself,  then a man like him is not worth your time.

On the other hand, however, if you find someone attractive and feel like you want the relationship to take a serious path, then you may look out for these red flags.

16 Top Signs Your Partner Is Just Not Worth It

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  1. Let’s keep it causal!

Regardless of the fact how close you are and how much time you both spend together and do things together, when you ask him to officially announce your relationship, he ends up changing the topic and pretends that you both are just ‘good friends.’

This is obviously because he doesn’t want to limit his commitment just to you and close down all of his other options. Simply speaking, it’s time to let that man go.

  1. Maybe I need to change myself?

When you have a non-serious partner to deal with, it is quite easy to lose direction of yourself and start the self blame game. Well, you should really watch out for such feelings. Sometimes, you don’t realize you’re changing yourself for him and that’s seriously a major red flag. If certain things he says break down your self confidence and lower your self esteem, then you shouldn’t be putting up with such behaviors. You are amazing the way you are.

And if he tells you to change how you dress up, eat, walk, talk or perhaps wants you to gym, workout and be someone you are not, then you should just walk away. He is not worth your time.

  1. He’s not interested in your life

He plays hard to get

If your partner never seems to be interested in what you’re doing and what your future plans are or what you’ve achieved in life then honestly, it’s time to say boy bye!

He is not there to settle in with you and in fact, if it’s all about what he is doing and what he wants, then he is just some egocentric and self obsessed man you are wasting your time with.

  1. Superficial things are what matters the most

All he is worried about is how he looks or how much he earns. What people think about him or about others is a major concern for him to the extent that he always tries to fit in and please others to get their appreciation in order to feel satisfied. You need to watch out for such men as they eventually turn you into a show off asset in front of others too and keep asking you to get better, that is, in such cases, to look better, just so that people can say good things to him about who he is dating.

  1. Narcissistic traits

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Some people are obsessed about themselves to the extent that they exaggerate everything, for example, their wealth, their looks, or their followers online.

They just want to look as some perfect model of human excellence, beauty, and popularity.

These are unhealthy traits that you need to look out for because as psychology says, a person with such levels of narcissism always ends up unhappy and unsatisfied.

  1. When I have time, I’ll give you time!

If all your meeting plans are majorly scheduled for when he has the time to meet and he never shows up when you want to meet him, then that’s a warning sign too.

He probably meets you only when he’s free and feels the need to be around someone to have a good time. And to be honest girl (or boy), you need to turn away from that man ASAP!

  1. He doesn’t welcome you into his world

Imagine this: it’s been a while since you are dating him, but he never makes you meet his friends or family.

A man who is sincere with you eventually welcomes you into his world.

He makes plans with you meeting his friends or family.

However, if he’s not doing so, then there is something wrong about it.

  1. He doesn’t make any efforts for you

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If you feel like it’s always you making plans, thinking about his likes and dislikes and doing what he wants only without any reciprocation from his side, then you have a red flag right there.

He’s not worth your time if he doesn’t try to make you happy too or do things for you. Healthy relationships cannot work for long if all efforts are made from one side.

  1. Should we or should we not settle down?

While he might want to marry you, he would also want to not get into a serious relationship and keep his options open.

If such is the case, then this man is definitely not worth your time.

He is confused, immature and just fooling around for a while and not planning at all to settle down.

If he can’t make a clear decision and wants time to think everything out, then it’s time for you to walk out because you can’t wait for a person like him who can’t even decide what is essential and beneficial for him.

  1. Feeling insecure?

In such a case, you may always keep having negative thoughts regarding the relationship and feel as if it might not work out.

There are feelings rooted i anxiety that he might cheat on you or just leave you.

This makes you do things that you think might help you in keeping the relationship going. One tends to fall very low if an attachment is involved, neglecting their wellbeing and happiness just to ensure the temporary success of the relationship.

You might also be suspicious about him having another affair or being into other girls because you think that maybe you are not good enough for him.

  1. He is not emotionally available

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Emotional availability is definitely the base of any relationship. If you can’t share your feelings and secrets with him or he can’t do the same, then it shows the relationship lacks that connection between the two.

You may probably give each other time initially but if the bond doesn’t get stronger with time and he’s just not there for you at an emotional level, it’s time to move on.

  1. Your family and friends don’t like him

Your parents, siblings and friends know you more than you think. If they don’t really like the man you’re dating, then listen to them.

Don’t make quick decisions about your relationship, but take their perspective in consideration as well.

They wouldn’t guide you wrong, thus, count on their suggestions too.

  1. Sorry, I can’t make it

If he has a habit of frequently canceling made up plans last minute without giving a good reason and not even trying to make up for it in the future, then it’s a big sign that he’s not the right guy for you.

Quality time is something very important in a relationship. If he can’t even give you that then what are you staying in for? Not worth it!

  1. Reply back, please!

man pulls away in a long distance relationship

Maybe your first few days of dating him were exciting but then he suddenly, stops texting you or even replying back to your texts.

The conversations get drier day by day and long replies shrink down to ‘hmms’ and ‘yeah.’

If the same happens with you then it’s a sign that your partner may not be willing to commit to you longterm and is just there to pass time.

It could also be because he has lost interest in you and doesn’t like where the relationship is headed towards, so he just prefers to distance himself from you. If you get the feeling that this is the situation at hand, then talk to him about it and make a decision accordingly.

  1. Let’s take this slow

So, it’s been a while now and you both have been hanging out, doing things together and it just seems perfect so you want to step forward and give a name to your relationship, but he avoids this topic completely.

This doesn’t always mean he’s not worth it, but you need to look in closely and find out what he wants because if he keeps on insisting to keep the relationship as casual even for the long term, then that’s his plan only.

You can’t expect to change his mind and get into a serious commitment, so it’s better to part ways sooner than later.

  1. Your interests do not have much value.

It is okay to have interests in different things even as a couple, however, if he doesn’t even support you in things you like to do or want to pursue, then he probably doesn’t even care about you and your happiness.

It is not about if he does the same things you like with you, but about how understanding he is and if he actually is present for you when you need him to be there.

A partner should be your number one fan and should always root for you no matter what the situation, but if your relationship suggests otherwise, then you may want to think things through.

Lastly, not every sign is a warning

Despite the fact that there are a lot of signs that can hint when a partner is not true to you, you cannot just generalize and judge every person the same way.

Everyone is different and so are their ways in a relationship. It’s not easy to decide if he is worth your time or not. Different people react to theins differently too.

That doesn’t mean that if you consider dried up conversations to be unhealthy, then he does too. Doesn’t always mean if he isn’t making you meet his family and friends, then he’s surely not committed to you. It could instead be because he needs time to talk to his family about you.

However, you might want to look closely and catch out the small signs when in a relationship to see whether it is something genuine and worth keeping.

On the other hand, if he can’t respect and appreciate you for who you are, doesn’t treat you like you’re an amazing and charming person he is blessed to have in his life, then he’s not worth to keep.