Top 7 ENTJ Careers to Avoid

Top 7 ENTJ Careers to Avoid: When it comes to temperament, ENTJ’s are known for being exceptionally Rational, and for this very reason, they are also referred to as Executive, Fieldmarshalls, and Commanders.

Dominant traits being Extraversion and Thinking. Makes them logical and highly strategic.

But a poor understanding of feelings makes them exceptionally factual and terrible at dealing with emotions.

They are also known as cutthroat and competitive powerhouses that are tough to defeat. An ENTJ can take life by horns and deal efficiently with whatever life may throw at him/her.

This persona type is known for its strength and will power. All of what makes it really important to guide them to a career most suitable to their persona type.

In this article, we start by pinpointing the major black holes or careers to avoid as this will later make it easier to spot the most desirable career for an ENTJ.

But before we reach there, it is important to know a little more about what being an ENTJ is all about.

Natural Tendencies of an ENTJ and how they affect their career choices:

Personality aspects of an ENTJ

Blessed with natural leadership abilities this persona type is also referred to as The Commanders.

It won’t be wrong to say that ENTJ’s hunt for challenges. They have charismatic abilities to win situations that others might find difficult.

Being leaders in a true sense ENTJ’s live to inspire and motivate others and are thus often loved and respected by their peers.

Another important personality trait of ENTJ’s is that you can never sway them. You may outsmart them or prove them wrong but swaying them is near to impossible.

Once they have decided something they can stand firmly with their decision without buckling under pressure. This is because they trust their decision and are fully aware of the reasons why they took it.

The outside opinion will never haunt them as they are completely open to criticism and won’t take it personally.

Efficiency, determination, and focus are the prime strengths of ENTJ’s. They have the ability to tackle many tasks at a time without spoiling any of them.

They look up to and believe in their success and thus would never give up no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes to reach their goal.

Problems never spook them out rather energize them as they always look forward to forming a strategic plan and reach the solution.

All of this suggests that an ENTJ would always prefer to be in a managing and supervising position. Jobs that demand strategic planning, competence, and logical thinking are ideal for them.

Weaknesses of an ENTJ:

Weaknesses of an ESFJ

Like all other persona types, ENTJ’s also has a few weaknesses that may affect their work behavior.

These weaknesses highly contribute to the reasons why certain careers completely misfit this personality and thus should be avoided.

For instance, ENTJ’s are blessed with sharp minds so understanding the work pace of those slower than themselves can be a bit of a struggle for an ENTJ.

Or in other words, ENTJ’s lack empathy, which can make them look arrogant to others.

They have high standards for themselves as well as for others and when others fail to meet these ENTJ set standards this persona type will quickly turn impatient or sometimes even intolerant.

These people are ruthlessly logical. This means they can prefer logic over emotions anytime and so are a bit rude. Due to this very reason, they often don’t have many friends.

All these weaknesses directly impact the work zones of an ENTJ. Any job that demands an ENTJ to strictly follow guidelines and rules without any independence to work as per their own choice is a strict no.

Top 7 ENTJ Careers to Avoid:

Now that you have a clear view of the core strengths and weaknesses of your personality type, the next step for you is to have an insight into how these strengths and weaknesses may suit your career choice.

In order to help you with deciding your career, we have shortlisted here a list of the top 7 careers that an ENTJ should avoid.

A thorough read through this list will make you clear about what careers you should not opt for and the reason why they don’t comply well with your persona type.

Data Entry:

Boring job

Data entry is more like a clerical job which is quite different from what an ENTJ would prefer.

Data entry requires a person to sit behind a computer screen for hours and to check and enter new data and records into the systems.

This may get extremely mundane and frustrating for an ENTJ because this job will drain all their creative and strategic energy.

This career is not at all an ideal platform for an ENTJ as it won’t allow you to use your management skills or leadership abilities.

In fact, being an ENTJ a career that won’t utilize your abilities will leave you tensed, and withered.

As an ENTJ you prefer developing your own structure in plans of delivering the task but data entry and all other such clerical jobs have work demands that are structured according to some other higher authority.

This not only hits on the leadership qualities of an ENTJ but also contradicts with an ENTJ work zone.

Long-Distance Truck Driver:

Truck Driving Jobs

Like clerical jobs truck driving is also regulated and scheduled by already existing higher authorities. These authorities are responsible for designing the work schedules of other truck drivers.

Does that appeal to you as an ENTJ?

Well certainly not, as a true ENTJ you would never enjoy working on the work rules and schedules given to you by someone else.

This marks the first red flag towards this profession.

And this is not the only reason. Even apart from this a Long-distance truck driver or lorry driver has to sit in a driver’s cabin for hours and has none to talk to.

This is an ENTJ’s nightmare as they are proper extroverts who crave social interaction and any such job that devoids them of it can be seriously mundane and a threat to their mental health.

Moreover, there is not much to manage or lead for a truck driver. This job offers 0 creativity and that is one major point why we kept it on our list of ENTJ careers to avoid.

Strict regulations on breaks and working patterns can also frustrate a truck-driver.

Food Preparation worker:

Food Preparation worker

A food preparation worker is again demanded to work under a team of senior chefs. They are subjected to follow strict guidelines and that is not an ENTJ thing.

ENTJ work zone demands tons and tons of opportunities for creativity, showcasing management skills, and most importantly leading a team all of which are not pros of being a food preparation worker.

Thus this career path doesn’t suit an ENTJ.

Moreover, there is a set menu for every restaurant which is followed by a specifically mastered chef and a team of workers on an everyday basis.

This makes the job monotonous and mundane for an innovation loving individual like an ENTJ.

Dealing with the same flavors and the same dishes every day will frustrate you to your core.

So for this and many other such reasons, we suggest this career as a total misfit for an ENTJ.



Being a receptionist is again not a flattering career choice for any ENTJ.

The work zone of a receptionist demands meeting and greeting people. Which may not appeal to an ENTJ.

Because despite being true extroverts, ENTJ’s don’t share their energies every time and with everyone. So standing at a reception desk and making sure that you treat everyone with a smile and gentle behavior can be a big struggle for an ENTJ.

Moreover how creative can you be while being a receptionist?

You can’t be creative at all and that is where one discrete personality trait of an ENTJ gets distorted.

Zero creativity means no home for creation and innovation, so your ability to make strategic plans and solve unsolved problems will completely get flushed down the drain.

Not just that but a receptionist has nothing to lead and not much work to manage so this will also cast a very negative effect on your excellent leadership and managing skills.

For all these mentioned reasons we consider this career as an ENTJ career to completely avoid.

Healthcare Assistant:

Emergency Medical Services related jobs

First of all, a healthcare assistant needs to be emotionally understanding. They must have empathy and must be humble towards others.

All these characteristics are not what ENTJ’s are commonly known for. Instead due to your extra logical approach, you may look arrogant and rude to most other people.

This contrast in the basic personality traits makes you a complete misfit for this career.

One thing to note here is that there is a difference between being a healthcare professional and a healthcare assistant.

You might somehow fit into the career of a healthcare professional but being an assistant is a definite no for an ENTJ.

We have a lot of reasons in support of this opinion but mentioning a few will clarify the cause.

You will have to work under some healthcare professional as that is what being an assistant means.

You would never enjoy being dictated about what to do and what not to do.

This career path will offer you no creativity, no leading platform, no attention to your managing skills.

So that is how we conclude it is a big no for an ENTJ.

Pre-School Teacher:

Career in Teaching

Just another least common career choice among the ENTJ’s is being a pre-school teacher.

This career path is also very unsuitable because of its demanding nature.

A pre-school teacher is highly required to be understanding, emotionally sensitive, loving, and patient with a lot of things.

Whereas, ENTJ’s are known for their impatience and lack of empathy for others. They would terribly fail at dealing with little kids and can easily get irritated and frustrated with the work demands of this profession.

Moreover, a pre-school teacher is always bound to follow the instructions, guidelines, teaching skills, and syllabus imposed by the higher school and administration authorities.

Not only does this limit the leadership skills of an ENTJ but will highly affect their creative approach.

What is even worst is that ENTJ’s usually tend to get aggressive and won’t hesitate to shout back at their authorities when told or dictated by them to do things a certain way.

This can negatively impact the environment of a school.

Moreover, the type and nature of this job are very sensitive. A teacher that may not fit into the mould of how a pre-school teacher should be is putting the development of his students on steak.

This should completely be avoided.


Become an artist

Being an artist may attract you as it is a job that requires creativity and passion but before you pass on any judgment about it just keep in mind that the creative potentials of ENTJ’s are exclusively different from what being an artist demands.

This means that you may show excellence in your creative potentials when the task is to put forward a business scheme, a good administrative approach, or marketing strategies.

But when it comes to selecting textures, creating excellence over a canvas with colors, you may terribly fail.

Point is that your creativity is inclined more towards business and finance and not towards canvas and colors.

Moreover, this career will put a solid barrier in front of all your creative approaches forcing you into a world that you don’t crave or wish to be a part of i.e. painting and drawing.

Another thing to be noted is that all your leadership qualities will get rusted as they stay unexplored in this career.

With that said, we conclude here our list of ENTJ careers to avoid.

Careers to Opt for:

So, now that we know what we should never opt for being ENTJ’s. Let’s hop into a brief introduction of careers that a person with this persona type may comfortably opt for.

The amount of passion, energy, will power, and strategic mindset these people have, makes them a perfect fit for careers in business, finance, administration, sales, etc.

We have in particular mentioned these fields because the attraction of an ENTJ towards leadership positions, and the passion for developing strategies, managing, and getting into supervisory roles makes them ideal for all these fields.

Also, ENTJ’s can work very well in the agricultural sector, engineering, and other such fields involving life, as well as physical and social science.

This is because these careers can satisfy their ability to be creative and innovate new strategies to deal with new emerging issues.


With that said here, we conclude our research about what careers should an ENTJ avoid.

Just to be a little more precise and accurate in choosing a perfect career for you, you need to be more and more aware of who you are as a person.

Even if you know your persona type do keep in mind that you still can be different from others of your personality in a couple of different ways.

It is important to thoroughly read our list as all the careers that we mentioned in our list of careers to avoid can hint you towards your ideal career.

For Eg, you may not be a good pre-school teacher but can be very good at coordinating a group of pre-school teachers under your command.

All that is needed is a thorough understanding of the type of individual that you are and whatever you require from your future career.

Only then can you land in a career specifically designed for you.

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