Signs That A Coworker Is Falling In Love With You

Workplace can be a good place to make friends, and they can be anywhere from close friends to “more than just friends”. In fact most of the people find their love partners at work, have you ever seen “The Office”, if so, you’d know what we are talking about here.

But what if you are not getting “the signal” and you just think you do…it’s hard to judge the situation or feelings of others around the work place, and what’s going on in their minds. And this is mostly because of the professional environment that sets up the atmosphere of the place.

Some co-workers are just nice, some are more than nice. And some aren’t open about their feelings maybe, due to company’s policy, or for the sake of professionalism, or their occupational status.. the list goes on…

But we are here to help, and here at our office at LifeFalcon we asked the people around to find out the “true signals”, so don’t miss out on a word here, and you’re golden (wink).

(PS. headings may seem obvious, but reading through them would make more sense.)

Sign #1 Your Co-worker gives you time and preference

In the event, if your Co-worker is falling in love with you, he/she will give you time and preference over each and everything, he/she possibility can.

Giving your preference by always sitting next to you during the meetings, or always standing behind your cubicle observing your work to help you out.

As well as, Offering you his/her time and rectifying your mistakes to save you from trouble, later on.

Similarly, your co-worker comes and chats with you more often than others as if you’re the only one that matters.

Your Co-worker gives you time and preference

Even your time tables start to cohere and all of a sudden, your Co-worker’s shift changes to match yours. Well, it’s not all a twist of fate but your Co-worker’s constant effort to stay nearby you because you’re the one for him/her.

Your Co-worker sees you outside work

A telltale sign that your Co-worker is falling in love with you is that your Co-worker tries to find as many excuses as he/she can to spend some private time with you outside the working place.

Your Co-worker sees you outside work

Whether the excuse is to discuss the details regarding work, or to make plans for the project ahead of time.

Likewise, to talk about the presentation that you have to present together, all of these sum up your Co-worker’s desire to be with you.

To escalate things further, he/she is even generous enough to bring you your stuff that you forget in the office, or bring the overdue work files from the office to you.

Nevertheless, it’s just another justification to see you after work.

Your Co-worker wants to spend time with you to get closer to you, it’s a clear cut message that he/she’s falling head over heels for you.

They get Curious about you

An irrefutable sign that your co-worker is falling in love with you is that your co-worker gets curious about you in all sort of things.

He/she wants to find out all there is to know about you.

Whether, it’s about your likes or dislikes, your favorite food, or else your preferable attires, it peeks his her/her interest to know your little yet meaningful secrets.

Furthermore, when the curiosity begins to generate heat, your co-worker would want to know more about your family and friends, your past and future plans.

And more importantly, about your relationship affairs and your current relationship status, which can only mean one thing that your co-worker is potentially falling for you, being in the midst of developing his/her interest.

They help you out in work

Your co-worker lending you a hand in work is a vibrant sign that he/she has grown affection towards you.

They help you out in work

No matter, how busy your co-worker is with his/her own work, he/she always has just enough time to help you out in your own work.

Just like a loyal friend following the principle “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” your co-worker always has your back in the nick of the time.

Regardless, if it’s fetching you some print papers or making a copies of document papers, helping you in your part of the work or teaching you the techniques of work, he/she’s helping you in all sort of ways.

Without any responsibility on his/her behalf but purely out of self-interest, he/she goes an extra mile for you.

At that moment, it’s apparent that your co-worker is attracted to you and wants to be there for you when you need an extra hand.

They fancy you

Exorbitant Compliments and praises from a co-worker to his/her work fellow as an indication that he/she is falling in love with that person.

In the effect, your co-worker compliments and admires you as naturally as the blowing wind.

Admittedly, complimenting your work, your presentations, your meeting contribution, and admiring your opinions on a project at hand.

He/she continuously admires your decisions and your compassion for work.

And It doesn’t stop there, when you’re not around, he/she praises your hard work, and the effort you put in your work, in front of other employees and the management, which gets you in the good books of everyone.

Unquestionably, all of this shows his awareness about you, and the fact that he wants you to prosper and grow in your career.

This genuine concern can stem out of nothing but concern and love for someone.

They Frequently meet your eye

If your co-worker has been caught several times looking at you, it’s a crystal clear sign that he/she is falling for you, slowly but surely.

Guy feeling comfortable in your presense

Mostly, when you look around to see what’s going on in the work place, you often meet the eyes with your co-worker, who is looking at you with upmost awe and interest, without waiting for the eyes to blink he/she looks away.

It can be a coincidence if it’s every once in a while, but you’ve gone through the similar experience over and over again, which signifies gravity of the situation.

What’s more is that you find your co-worker staring at you during the meetings or gazing at you during your presentations, or else looking at you during lunch.

It all adds up to a single point that they can’t get their eyes off of you because they are dead set for you.

They regularly eat with you

Transpiring to successive occasions: your co-worker eating lunch with you, is the real manifestation of your co-worker’s interest in you.

Anytime, you eat lunch, your co-worker gives you the honor of his company.

He/she never ever misses the lunch break with you, and enjoys his/her time around you.

Concurrently, exchanging thoughts and setting the mood with a bit humor, to make you feel at ease and relaxed after a tiring day.

It’s not the first nor the second time, rather a regular event that your co-worker is eating lunch with you, out of all the people he/she could have chosen.

He/she is giving you preference and importance in his/her life.

Successively, it depicts his/her concern about you and wanting to be with you.

They remember your favorite light refreshments

When you are in love with someone you grow fond of that person as well as the things liked by that person.

Simultaneously, you’d remember that person’s favorite things, same is the case with co-workers.

If your co-worker is truly falling in love with you he’d remember all your favorite things, including your favorite light refreshment along the day.

He/she might even surprise you when he/she brings you a cup of coffee in the flavor you like, with the right size of cup.

At the same time, he knows your favorite food from the vending machine, that sandwich with the precise savor or that chocolate with hazel nuts.

Whatever it is, he/she knows it all to the last detail.

Is it a coincidence?

Well, not so much, a keen observation is required before hand to get the details right.

And In the end, observing someone closely is rich hint of attraction towards that person, which generally indicates that he/she is growing fond of you.

They follow you on social media

If your co-worker is falling for you, he’ll connect to you through social media.

Naturally, people don’t follow each other on social media without a proper interest.

Let alone, co-workers don’t even bother going around on social media, liking and commenting each other’s posts, because it just isn’t worth the hassle.

Unless, a co-worker likes another coworker, he/she scrams though the posts, liking and commenting each and every post he/she comes across.

For the next step, he/she’ll try to contact you directly on social media and exchange messages as frequently as he/she can.

It’s a positive sign that your coworker wants to get to know you better and falling for you in the process.

They ask you out on a date

On a final note, if your co-worker is fallen head over heels for you, then he/she might let the secret out , and tell you in person that he/she has started to grow affection towards you.

Your co-worker might even ask you out on a date to take thing up a notch.

So that he/she can be around you to strengthen his/her bonds with you and win you over, because he/she’s thinks you’re the only one who can make his/her life bloom, like the cherry blossoms.

Frequently asked questions

Why do coworkers fall in love?

The substantial reason why coworkers fall in love is because of the large amount of time they spend together.

And Secondly, due to Close collaboration in work and depending on each other for the assigned tasks.

Nevertheless, another reason can be as simple as that he/she finds similarities in his/her coworker.

Is there anything wrong with coworkers falling in love?

Well, there is nothing generally wrong with co-workers falling in love, but it can be problematic in certain scenarios.

Firstly, if your company or workplace prohibits romance, you’re going to have a hard time.

Additionally, even married people can be attracted to their coworkers, which creates a lot problems in their lives.

Conclusively, personal relationships ruin the office environment, and they should be kept outside the working place.

What should I do if I am falling in love with a coworker?

If you think your coworker is single, you should tell him/her that you are falling in love with that person and hope for the best.

Make sure you don’t break any workplace rules.

But, if your coworker is in relationship or even married, then, you should try to focus on other positive distractions and Keep your distance, in time, those feelings will fade away.

Considering all of the above:

It’s quite common a co-worker to fall in love with another co-worker, because of the time they spend together and the composed efforts they put in, with each other’s collaboration.

Which formulates trust, empathy, dependence and other feelings that strengthen their bond.

If you like your co-worker then you should give it a shot, progress things further and hope things work out, keeping in mind, the policies of your company.

But on the contrary, if you don’t like your coworker romantically.

Then you should give your co-worker a head’s up and define a certain boundary, so that no one ends up hurt in the end and the office environment doesn’t get disturbed as a byproduct.