5 Secrets You Should NEVER Tell Anyone

5 Secrets You Should NEVER Tell Anyone: We love to share, whether they are deep secrets or simply what happened during the day. Because we simply love to share.

But some of the secrets are worth saving and there are secrets you should never tell anyone.

Side Note: If you are ever in truth or dare, or something similar where you have to share a secret, you can share these secrets.

You have many normal friends and then you have this best friend whom you love for I don’t know for several reasons. They become the so-called center of your life and you assume them as your source of life, sharing stuff, having fun, and a lot more!

We assume that we HAVE to share every single moment with them…when in actual, we should question ourselves for this behavior!

Secrets you should never tell anyone

dont share your secrets dude

Ok, there’s going to be something that you have never told anyone.

We always have this one side that we keep to ourselves.

But do you question yourself as to why we hide that? This is because some things cannot be told to everyone out there.

There are some things that you really don’t have to share with anyone. Your friends, or your relatives or maybe your best friend forever, you know?

I agree, they become the center of your world and that is great because they are those single beings who don’t really judge you.

You think that all of your secrets are so safe but then again, do you really think they are safe?

Well, yes they are until your so-called best friend forever, turns into an enemy forever!

And things can change course too fast you know.

So here are some things that you should never share with anyone. If you don’t share them with anyone, your life might just be easier, and trust me, it won’t hurt your relation either.

So chill out and don’t forget to keep these things within your tiny little heart and yeah…to keep those lips sealed as well!

Your Desires can be Offensive to A lot of People:

Do not tell your desires to anyone even your friend

Your desires might sound totally perfect for you because you crave them and you have some feelings associated with them.

However, they can be a bit taboo for the outside world.

Keep in mind that your friends or relatives are also a part of this world and they can find some of your desires offensive or bad.

So you just never tell anyone, about all of your desires because they might be judging you for having them.

You might be just okay with them but some people might not be. I hope you are getting what I mean here.

So it is better to keep them buried in your heart and mind.

Admitting your needs or desires to someone won’t make them happen for you, will it?

Your friend might just turn totally judgmental with you on the basis of your desires and you will soon realize that they were better hidden behind the curtains.

And these desires of yours can be utilized as a weapon by your very own dear friend if you get into an argument with them.

Here is a better idea though; use a notebook instead!

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Income – Keep it in your Bank:

Keep your money to yourself

Your economic status can cause a lot of issues for you. It can create gaps. This world runs on money these days and we cannot deny this.

Have you heard that statement; “Money can shift relationships?” I bet you have and even you haven’t, I just told you about it!

Never tell your actual income to anyone. It’s one of the traits of successful people’s mindset.

You know what’s the secret I never told anyone? My income! I have never shared it with anyone because I am smart enough to know that this is something you never share. Why am I saying this?

If your income is low, you might be hurt by different statements like: “you can’t afford that place so we can eat somewhere else.”

And then you will find yourself being totally uncomfortable amongst those people and you will decide to walk out of them as soon as possible to enter a group that has the same income level as yours.

A lot of people will say that my best friend isn’t like that. But here is the reality check; your best friend is also a human and this just falls under human nature!

Parent’s Complaining:

Keep parents complaints to yourself and dont share them

This is again supernatural.

Back in my school days, my friend’s mother used to call my other friend (back in our college days and we were total nerds) to check on his son. Things like “Is he taking drugs or something?”

They were fewer friends and more of brothers and sometimes the college had huge gossips about them as well (you know what I mean right?)

Until one day, the bad thing happened; my friend found out that his mother had been calling his friend.

Long story short, they broke off their friendship after a huge argument.

So if your best friend’s mother decides to talk to you (or even father), make sure that you don’t open it to them or your friend. There are some things that are better hidden.

If they want to discuss some issues with you; let them.

But don’t answer any of their questions. Just listen to them and drop a simple “I’ll see if there is an issue” and just hang up as soon as you can.

Seal your lips and try never to answer their call again.

So the point is. Lock it, and throw away the key! Simple.

Being friends simply means that their secret is safe with you and you don’t tell anyone ok?

Crush on their Man or Woman:

crush on your man or woman

This is the last thing that you should or would want to admit to your best friend or any friend, to be honest.

This is simply going to make your friend distant from you and they will prefer keeping their man or woman away from you.

They might also feel a bit insecure in your presence and it will automatically make them hate you or simply dislike you.

I mean, this is quite obvious, right?

But when you are in the flow, such things just abruptly slip out of your mouth and you just can’t catch them up and put them back in there…right?

Don’t even tell them if their man or woman ever had a crush on you. They just won’t trust you or them anymore.

Stay out of the “a wild cat fight is ready” zone!

This one is for the Ladies (Mostly) “Unsure Dating” :

So dating a guy is something that ALL GIRLS were to spill the beans about!

Dont share your dating life that much

He just wants to take you on your first date and everything is already OUT of your mouth.

Every single detail of how he sat next to you or how he did some cute, romantic gesture goes into talks for hours.

I mean, that call just says call duration: 2 hours but still, there is no end to that gossip.

But what if that guy is so not sincere with you?

And you aren’t even sure about him?

Ladies need to keep that inside somehow.

I know it pains you a lot, I mean it tickles to spill it all out.

But it get easier with time.

So if you are not sure about someone and you don’t think that they are your perfect partner; don’t spill the beans.

Don’t tell your friends all about it. You can simply say that the date went good and let’s see where it leads to. That is it!

This might seem like one of the things you should tell your best friend about; but nah lady. You don’t need to until and unless it starts to lead somewhere good.

Even then, try to stay minimal in sharing the details. You don’t have to tell them every time you go on a date either.

I recommend that you do not tell anyone that you are heading out for a date. Let it remain private and honestly, it feels so good.

I mean, it isn’t a rule of great friends that you need to share whoever you are dating with your best friend. Trust me; it can go on peacefully without it as well.

Sometimes pretending is all the choice you have.

Regrets from the Past:

Secret regrets from past

We all have resentments from the past, don’t we?

Negative stories that turned us into who we are today!

But the blast of regrets from the past should stay there.

You don’t have to share your story with everyone.

Yes, there are some parts of my past that I can share with people.

However, there are a lot of things I will not tell anyone and I think they are better off within me.

It is important that you know how to never tell anyone anything about yourself.

Anything can be everything or you can choose some things or secrets you don’t tell anyone.

Some people might be inspired by your story of struggle but some people might be envious and others might just pick your mistakes and spread them all over.

Past is better where it is; in the past.

Sharing a lot of it will make you feel it all again.

Moreover, you should never trust anyone with your past secrets anyways. What is done, is done; it doesn’t necessarily need repetition. Keep it to yourself.

Yet again, if you feel like the regrets from past are really bothering you, then you can journal about them in your Rocketbook and just let them sit there. The aim is to take it out from yourself and put the negativity out somewhere.

Your Good Deeds:

good deeds

You might think I am low-key crazy (which I am) but this is one of the secrets you should not tell anyone.

We have all heard the phrase, “do good, get good.”

And yes, it is extremely humane to do good deeds but if you start bragging about them all, then the perspective of these deeds changes completely.

Also, people usually start stating you as a “show off” which somewhat makes sense.

If you are doing good to make yourself feel good, then there is absolutely no reason to brag about it.

You can try practicing gratitude here by using the Good Days Start with Gratitude Journal/Planner.

You can write all about what makes you feel good and your amazing deeds in here. This is a very creative way to feel grateful and wonderful.

You really don’t need to share it with other people.

Your arguments with your partner:


Many people tend to discuss their arguments with their friends which usually perks up the situation, making it worse.

Never reveal your secrets about your personal life to anyone.

Whether it is an argument with your partner or it’s his/her different perspectives that annoy you; solve them between the both of you.

Remember one pro tip; it is not you against him/her. It is you both against the problem, looking for a solution. Thus, when the problem is between you two, it should remain that way.

Moreover, you know your partner more than your friend. You can understand their perspective and thoughts better.

Your friend will just give you advice according to what they think which can add fuel to the fire badly.

How to never tell anyone anything about yourself:

So now that we have an idea about the things you should never tell anyone, let’s look into how it is possible to keep all of it inside.

To be honest, it is not important that you have to keep it within but somethings are better off not discussed.

There is still that can be shared.

For example, how your day went at college and what hobbies you are picking up.

Meaningful discussions are better than sharing secrets that you shouldn’t.

So how to deal with a friend who tells your secrets to others?

1- You can try to stir the conversation towards the next person!

If your friend is not letting go off a specific topic, then you can stir the conversation in their direction.

Chances are that they won’t spill their beans either and stay quiet or they will start talking about themselves.

This is not being mean; it is keeping your private life minimal. But this is not as easy as might seem.

They’ll question you again and again. For instance, “how is that date guy going? Are you two still together.”

You can simply answer, “We are just friends right now.

I don’t know what the future holds.” Quick and simple.

2- Another way to ditch the conversation is to excuse yourself.

Some people can be super clingy.

They will be like I don’t share anybody’s secrets with anyone but we all know that they tell the entire world about it. You can simply say that you have to go the toilet and well, not return for a good amount of time or just not at all.

3- The third tip is to give them something so that they don’t feel offended.

This can be done with friends who you have to meet daily at college.

Give them just a little bit of information in way that it seems more than sufficient.

Let the rest be with you.


Secrets, are called secrets for some reason right? They are meant to be kept inside you until it is like really a matter of death and life to spill them out.

Sharing every piece of you and your life with anyone is a foolish act.

Trust me when I say that your life doesn’t even remain yours.

You don’t owe anything to anyone when it comes to your personal life.

So make sure that the next time you start sharing something with someone, you do question yourself.

Never reveal your secrets just thoughtlessly. I would also suggest that you never tell anyone your problems because people these days are sympathetic not empathetic.

Not about whether that person is trustworthy or not but about is it important to tell that to the next person?

Even if you don’t tell your friends, it is completely fine and there is nothing to feel bad about.

Secrets are better kept inside your very personal pocket as they can turn quite messy if handed over to others.

They can change your life upside down and be a bit dangerous in the future also.

There is no reasons why you have to promise your best friend that I am going to share all my secrets with you. NAH NAH!

Private life should remain private and trust me, your life will get easier and better.

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